Music Fact Or Fiction: April 8, 2017

Music Fact or Fiction
April 8, 2017

I like doing these “Fact or Fiction” things. They’re fun. I miss the days that the “World’s Most Dangerous Man” Russell Jackson and myself used to team up weekly and do analysis of the world of professional wrestling via this “FoF” format. Maybe someday, we’ll do it again. Until then, I’m doing it solo with some “Fact or Fiction: Wrestling”, “Fact or Fiction: Politics” and what you’re reading here, “Fact or Fiction: Music”. Some of the questions and statements come from my good friends at Others come from deep inside my fragile and innocent little mind. And the answers and comments that follow, that’s all me baby! Are you ready to do this? Let us proceed.

You’re surprised that Barry Manilow has come out as gay.

FACT: I’m also surprised that the sky is blue, rain makes you wet, politicans lie and that Maxine Walters wears a stupid looking “James Brown style” wig and is a complete and total moron. Barry Manilow started out in his career working in the gay bath houses playing piano for Bette Midler. He makes Boy George look like Macho Man Randy Savage in comparison. He’s freakin’ gay. His fantasy is to have Tom Selleck as a proctologist. He refused to work with Latifiah because he wanted to the Queen. Liberace met him and asked, “who’s the homo playing piano?”. He’s here, he’s queer and he’s proud! Just wave that Pride flag and call the Westboro Baptist Church already. I think everyone already knew or at least suspected. Okay, I’m kidding here and my apology for the gay jokes, but I love a good gay joke. Just look at my exes and you’ll understand. Barry is a talented singer, musician and song-writer. And so he’s come out as gay. Who the hell cares? So long as he’s happy, yay for him. ‘Nuff said!

Jason Aldean was the right choice for the CMA Entertainer of the Year.

FACT: He wasn’t my choice, but then again, there are few artists in today’s country music that would be. Jamie Johnson would be great and I’d love to see Shooter Jennings get some awards, but he’s too much like his father and that would piss too many people off. Besides, he’s not really traditional country, but more just “I like this and I’m playing this… F*ck You!” in his music. I’m old school and want to see men like Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Hank Jr. Big & Rich, etc, get the kudos they deserve and all of these new kids, like Aldean, Luke Bryan, etc. I like some of their stuff admittingly, but it’s just not what I consider “real country”. Aldean is good though and from what I understand, puts on one helluva show so if someone had to get that award, I guess he deserves it as much as anyone. He just wouldn’t be my first pick.

Streaming services such as I-Tunes and Spotify have rendered CD’s and albums obsolete.

FICTION: While the production of CD’s and more traditional types of recordings, such as vinyl, isn’t nearly as important as it once was, there will also be those, like myself, who prefer to have their music in a physical shell, where it can be carried around, played in the car, listened to on the Walkman (and yes, some of us still have Walkmans), etc. Kayne West has shown that traditional forms of recording are not really necessary to be successful or to go “Platinum”, but most performers are not Kayne West and still will use these methods, as well as radio, another old-school method, to get their music to the masses. Whatever works best and so long as they keep having some kind of demand, CD’s and physical music will never truly die.

South Park Producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker are right when they say that John Travolta, Tom Cruise and R Kelly need to “come out of the closet!”

FACT: If Barry Manilow can do it, then Cruise, Travolta and Kelly can do it too. By the way, my apologies for this question, but I was watching that episode of South Park last night and couldn’t resist.

Mainstream country music will never accept artists such as Steve Grand as legitimate country music artists.

FACT: And it’s sad, but true. Artists like Grand, who is a very talented singer and musician, will always have other labels on him and his work so that no matter how “country” his music is, and it is fantastic and as country as it gets for some songs anyhow, will never be totally accepted. But that’s cool because Grand has found his niche audience and just keeps making good music and getting better and better. I can see Grand with a breakout pop hit at some point and even making the country music charts, but he’s too extreme, too liberal and too gay to ever be accepted as part of the Nashville family.

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo going platinum is a huge accomplishment.

FACT: I’m not a Kayne fan by any means, but he went Platinum, solely based on sales via the streaming services and online services. That’s a remarkable achievement for any musical artist andKayne deserves much kudos for that.

You don’t buy Suge Knight’s claim that he was the target in the Tupac shooting.

FACT: If Suge Knight says that Barry Manilow is gay, then maybe there is hope for your sister to still start dating him and becoming Mrs. Manilow. He lies about anything and everything. He’d make a great liberal politician, but even The Clintons and Obama think he’s a liar and don’t want to be associated with him. I’m sure that many, many people want Suge Knight dead, but even so, I think the intended target in that particular shooting was Tupac. And Suge, he’s just trying to steal some attention and the spotlight. What a maroon!

The video for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” was a good one.

FACT: I went and looked it up. It’s not too bad.

It feels too soon for Blink 182 to put out another new album.

FICTION: It’s only been a little over a year since the release of “California”, but so what? That album was a success and did really well so Blink 182 is wanting to strike while the fire is hot and the interest is there. Can’t blame them for that and I say, what the hell, go for it!

You’re interested in the musical based on Pharrell Williams’ life.

FICTION: Who? Oh yeah, he’s the “Happy” guy who wears the funny hat. Has he done enough in his life to warrant a musical being made? Does anyone even really care at all about this guy? I don’t and I’m a guy who loves musicals. Forget about it, Pharrell. When someone makes a musical about Van Halen and the changes from Roth to Hagar to Cherone to Roth again minus an Anthony, but plus a Wolfie, then give me a call. That, I’d like to see. But Pharrell WIlliams? I don’t think so.

And there you go with another edition of “Music Fact or Fiction” in the books. Thank you for reading. Thoughts and comments are very welcome. I’m Doug and dat’ is all de’ people need to know. I’m down and I’m gone.


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  1. Hey there Doug……anytime you want to team up on the wrestling portion of Fact or Fiction, hit me up on doing it with ya……as far as me being the “world’s most dangerous man”, that is Ken Shamrock’s monicker & i don’t feel like having that man to track me down & have my ankle bent & twisted in ways it shouldn’t be bent & twisted courtesy of the ankle lock lol

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