Real Life Stories From Convenient Store Hell – Part III…

Real Life Story From Convenient Store Hell – Part III: Customer Service

(Another repost from my MySpace blog from February 7, 2006)

This is a true story – it actually happened a few months ago – and I wrote about it in my wrestling column “Six Minutes” – (check out Wrestle-Zone.Co.UK) – but I was just reading through my old columns and found it and thought it might be worth sharing. This is typical of what I deal with every night!


Last night, I was at work, ringing up my customers as always. Typical Friday night. The store is packed and customers are lined up back to the fountain drink machines. I’m ringing them up and moving them out as quickly as I can. A young lady, and I use that term loosely, got to the register and asked for “a soft box of Newports”…

OK, so I got the pack of smokes and asked for an ID. She said, “I don’t got no ID!” So I told her I can’t sell her the cigarettes. Sorry about that. And start to move to the next customer. She starts screaming that I’m “racist”. I won’t sell her the cigarettes because she’s black. I simply said that I need to see some ID – that’s my job! Then she called me a “racist, redneck cracker!”. Geez! Who sounds like the racist here? I ignored her and went about my business, taking care of my customers.

She came back a few minutes later and came up to the counter, cutting in front of everyone and slammed her ID on the counter. I told her very quickly that she needs to get in line like everyone else. That really set her off. Here she goes again with the mouth about how I’m “racist’ and a “redneck”. She gave the money to a friend of hers that was standing in line. Her friend tried to buy the cigarettes for her, but I refused the sale. I told her to get back in line – and I’m not making this sale.

So they both started that I was “racist” because I wouldn’t allow the woman to cut back in line or let her have her friend pay for her stuff ahead of everyone else. I finally just quit what I was doing and said, “Yeah, I’m racist! I don’t like loudmouth idiots!” I refused to ring up either of their purchases and they left the store, cussing me like two sailors the entire time they were headed out the door.

I’m expecting a phone call to my manager at any time now. But she just laughed about it and told me how proud she was that I didn’t lose my temper and cuss them out. The moral of this story? Nothing! I just thought I’d tell it! I really LOVE my job!


  1. Doggie…I read your blogs….then I count my lucky heart ❤️…I would still be there if it was open…well built again…hehe

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