WWE Fast Lane Thoughts & Predictions

WWE Fast Lane Thoughts & Predictions
February 22, 2015

We are just a few hours away from WWE Fast Lane, the newest of the WWE pay per view offerings, and of course that means it’s time to do that prediction thing. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything about wrestling (or anything else for that matter), but it’s got to be done and what better way to stick my feet back into the water than to do it here and now. Let’s just jump right to it as I break out the crystal ball, the cliche’ that is the “Sister Cleo” outfit (does anyone even still get that reference?) and the Gary Spivey wig. It’s prediction time.

Number One Contender Match to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania: Daniel Bryan versus Roman Reigns

The fans want Daniel Bryan in this match and I know that I would love to see a Bryan versus Brock main event as well. But Vince wants Roman in this spot and I have a feeling that what Vince wants, Vince gets. We may end up with the triple threat scenario, but that’s got such a been there, done that feel to it and I’d rather see a singles match with one man versus one man. So where do we go from here. I have faith that Bryan will bring his “A” game and it’ll be do or die for Reigns to step up and match him. The match should be extremely good. And even though Bryan should win, I think the WWE will stick with the original plan and go with Roman versus Brock at the big show. He’ll have to earn that spot with a top notch performance tonight, but I think Roman can make the adjustments and do just that. After a nail biter of a match, look for Roman to walk out with the 1 – 2 – 3.

Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE United States Title Match: Rusev versus John Cena

Rusev has to retain the title here or else there will be no reason to go to Wrestlemania with these two. I’m thinking either a DQ finish or a count-out, It won’t be a conclusive pin or finish though. Controversy will rule and Rusev will still be the champ and Cena will have something to prove to make it all good again in the WWE Universe. I’m thinking that Rusev will be DQ’ed for refusing to release the Accolade and Cena will take home a DQ win, but Rusev keeps the gold, thus setting up a rematch for the ages at Wrestlemania. Hell, that sounds like a plan to me.

Winner: John Cena by DQ (Rusev retains the U.S. title)

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett versus Dean Ambrose

I’m just not sure on this one. Ambrose loses more than he wins these days, at least on pay-per-view events, but I don’t really see him as a viable Intercontinental Champion. I remember when he was the U.S. Champion and that belt was pretty much forgotten and undefended while he was the Champ. He doesn’t need the title and actually for his character, it might be more of a burden than a blessing. Meanwhile, Barrett is a great person to be the Champ and that belt fits him very well. While I can see Barrett maybe trading the belt with Ziggler a few more times in the days and months to come, I don’t think he will be losing it tonight. I have a feeling that Ambrose will be getting a little bad news.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett

WWE Tag Title Match: The Usos versus Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

The Usos are a good tag team and remind me a lot of the classic team of Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood. Everyone loves them and they are fun to watch perform… BUT after a while, they’re kind of white bread and boring. I really like this team of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro and I can see a really good future for them. Tyson is so under-rated and Cesaro is in a league of his own. Throw Natayla into the mix and they could really be one of the best things in WWE these days. If they don’t win the belts here, what’s the whole point, right? I think we’ll be seeing some new champions in the WWE Tag Team Division. Tyson and Cesaro win and take that trip to the infamous pay window… and they’ll be wearing those pretty gold belts too.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

WWE Divas Title Match: Nikki Bella versus Paige

I’m tired of the Bellas. I’d much rather see AJ Lee back but that’s not too likely in the near future so we’ll have to go with the next best thing (at least until Victoria comes back or Ivory decides to come out of retirement… lol) and that’s the young Goth, Paige. New Champion as Paige makes Nikki tap and becomes the new WWE Divas Champion.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Paige

Goldust versus Stardust

Brother versus brother. I wonder if there are any plans to have Dusty stop by and be part of the match? This one is pretty simple. Cody… I mean “STARDUST” wins. His brother demands a “Shades of Christian One More Match” and they settle their differences at Wrestlemania in the match they’ve both been asking for for such a long time with Goldy retiring shortly afterwards. Yeah, Star beats Gold.

Winner: Stardust

Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins (The Authority) versus Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler

Talk about a been there and done that feeling and matches being thrown together just to give someone a spot on the pay-per-view. This one could really go either way, but I think I’ll go for the Team Cena team of Rowan, Dolph and Ryback taking home the win here, thus setting up a couple of possible scenarios. How’s this for fantasy booking. Kane gets pinned so Big Show gets pissed off and knocks him out, thus setting up a match of Kane versus Big Show for Wrestlemania? That gives them both a match for the big event and given their history, actually makes sense. And let Dolph get the pin on Kane to win the match. Then, tomorrow night on RAW when Daniel Bryan is dejected about his loss to Roman Reigns, we can get a little needling from Dolph about he “won his match” and then the good natured joking can lead to a physical interaction, thus setting up the rumored match that Bryan has allegedly been asking for, Dolph versus Bryan at Wrestlemania. Everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy so why the hell not. Or we have the Team Cena folks win just because. Whatever… lol

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback

Triple H confronts Sting

And finally, we have the confrontation that everyone has been waiting for. It’s HHH and “The Vigilante” Sting going face to face. HHH gets put on his butt again and they set up their match for Wrestlemania. And there you go.

And I guess that’s enough for me today. I didn’t mention about the pre-show with Paul Heyman on MizTV, but it’ll be Miz being an ass, Mizdow being entertaining and Heyamn showing why he’s arguably the best talker in pro wrestling today. Maybe they’ll sneak in a surprise match too on the pre-show. One can only hope. I’d like to see the reunited Prime Time Players take on The Ascension again. Hey WWE, make it happen.

And now, I’m out of here. I’ll be back.


I Believe In Destiny: 2015 Edition

Rules are you enter the letter into the search box and first name to appear(or at least one of the first) you must answer truthfully..(if the same person comes up twice use next down the list) Tag each person you mention, and title the note I Believe in Destiny. Let’s begin…

I originally did this in December of 2010 – Now it’s just a little over 4 years later. Time to try it one more time and see what comes up… lol. ┬áIt’s supposed to be a Facebook thing, but I don’t feel like getting all Facebookie – I’ll just do it here at the blogsite… lol

A – April
1) Do you love this person? I think she’s pretty awesome and a great neighbor.
2) Is this person your enemy? Nope – not that I’m aware of. She’s a Duke fan though so….
3) Would you kiss this person? I don’t think I’m her type… lol

B – Bryan
1) What do you really think of this person? I think he’s a great guy, fun to be around and reeks of awesomeness.
2) What’s their favorite color? Blue
3) Ever danced with them? Nope, I never have…

C – Christopher H.
1) Do you have a crush on this person? I did for a long, long time. Not any more. (don’t you love denial… lol)
2) What do they like to do? Apparently dig themselves into a hole by telling lies and stealing.
3) How old are they? 33

D – Robin
1) How long have you known him/her? A couple of months.
2) Biggest regret? For me, that she got stuck in the middle of the BS that was going on around here between myself and our mutual friend.
3) Do you hate this person? Nope – I was trying to, but she’s actually pretty cool and the crap that was going on wasn’t her fault. She was just dragged into it.

E – Keri
1) Have you met their parents? Nope, I never have. I don’t do “parents” that much anymore.
2) Worst thing about this person? He’s done got all stuck up and never comes to Lbg. anymore.
3) Best thing about this person? Great sense of humor and personality.

F – Matt
1) Explain them in two words: Sexy Beast
2) How long have you known this person? About 7 years or so, give or take a year
3) How did you meet this person? Through a mutual acquaintance.

G – Greg C.
1) Are they a good listener? I think so – he sure listened to me bitch and complain all the time when we were younger… lol
2) Are you close to this person? Been friends for over thirty years – he’s my lil’ bro in everything except for blood. He’s family.
3) Is this person nice? Too nice sometimes… he’s a great fellow.

H – Heidi
1) What grade are they in? No longer in school – she’s a working girl and great mom now.
2) Is he/she attractive? Yeppers. If only I was straight… lol
3) Ever done something illegal with this person? There might be one or two things that are / were questionable in their legality back in the day. I’ll never tell…

I – Cecil
1) How long have you known this person? Since 10th grade in high school – that’s what – almost 32 years?
2) Are you close to this person? Back in school, we got along pretty well and hung out sometimes.
3) What is a favorite memory about this person? Hanging with him and Bartley at school, chillin’ with him and Jenny away from school… lol

J – Carman
1) Do they have any siblings? I’m not sure, but I think so.
2) Do you know their favorite song? Nope, but I’m sure it’s something metalish performed by a band with big hair, spandex and lots of make-up. Oh wait, that was Carmen when I first met him… lmao!
3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? Be very excited and happy… But he’s got a great woman, two beautiful children and a great life going on so I seriously doubt that it would ever happen. He’s awesome though and I’m proud and honored to count him as a friend.

K – Kipper
1) Where did you meet this person? I’m not sure, but I’m positive that pro wrestling was involved. Probably at a show or something. It seems as if I’ve just known him forever.
2) Ever danced with this person? Nope – I’m pretty sure that I’m not his type and wouldn’t be his first choice of dance partner… lol
3) Ever kissed this person? Again, I’m not his type and I wouldn’t want to screw up a friendship.

L – LeAnne
1) What would you do if you had never met this person? Probably be a happier person.
2) Do you like him/her? Not really… No.
3) Would you go to Disney World with this person? I think I’ll pass on that particular trip.

M – Tamara
1) Is this person older than you? Nope – much younger.
2) Do you know this person’s favorite sport? Facebooking… and beating up ho’s… lmao!
3) When’s the last time you’ve seen this person? It was this past Monday evening.

N – Davis
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope. He’s cute, but he’s also straight and kind of a pinhead sometimes too. Better to leave that one alone.
2) Is this person single? He’s got a girlfriend.
3) Do you know this person’s favorite sport? Not really, but for some reason I’m thinking Nascar.

O – Robert
1) Would you travel around the world with this person? If he’s picking up the bills, I’m ready to go… lol
2) What kind of car does this person drive? A pick-up, I believe..
3) Does this person have any children? Yes

P – Josh
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? Nope…
2) Are you fairly close with this person? Not as close as I would like to be. He’s a sexy beast. A little hairy though… lol
3) Does this person have a job? At the moment, I’m not sure. He did, but I think he’s preparing to move to SC and gave up his jobs here.

Q – Lois
1) Is this person fun to be around? She’s always been really nice and cool to me so that would be a “Yes”..
2) Can this person dance? I don’t know – I would think so though.
3) Do you like him / her? Yes – she was one of my “Mom’s” back in the day – an incredible woman.

R – Tian
1) Have you heard this person sing before? Yeppers
2) Do you think this person will repost this? Nah, I don’t think so.
3) Whats one thing you would change about this person? Would like to spend more time hanging out with her if we could, but the crazy schedules we keep… SMH.

S – Christopher S.
1) Is this person taller than you? Yes, he is.
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her? Haven’t spent any time with him since our job closed down, but would love to hang out sometime. He’s a great guy and so damn sexy… If only he wasn’t so young.
3) Do they live close to you? About 4 miles or so…

T – Theresa
1) When is the last time you saw him/her? It’s been far too long – several years in fact. Need to do something about that.
2) Have you been to his/her house? Her current house? Nope. I’ve been over to her Mom’s place a few times though, but not recently.
3) Do you like this person? Absolutely. She’s one of my best friends of all time and my little sister all in one charming, smart, amazing package.

U – BJ Windham Mulligan
1) Does this person like to drink? I’m pretty sure he did back in the day. As for now, I don’t know but I don’t think it would be a regular thing.
2) Best thing about this person? One of the greatest pro wrestlers in the history of the business and a true icon and legend. Also the Grandfather of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.
3) Is this person your neighbor? Nope – just a great wrestling legend that I follow on FB.

V – Chad
1) Do you see this person a lot? I’ve never actually met him in person – just via the computer and originally the Yahoo groups (DXSI).
2) When did you meet her/him? See my last answer for that. He’s a wrestling guy who wrestles, promotes and knows his stuff in and out though.
3) What is this person’s favorite food? Not a clue here.

W – Larry Wayne
1) Do you Love this person? I think he’s an awesome guy and a true friend. Wish we were closer and could hang out sometimes. Just an all around good dude.
2) Have you ever been to their house? Yep, though admittingly it’s been a while now.
3) Do they have siblings? A sister.
X – No “X” person
1) Does this person dress well?
2) Is this person fun to hang out with?
3) Would you kiss this person?

Y – Yancy
1) How long have you known this person? A few years, but mainly through FB and online..
2) What was the last thing you did with this person? I think share some FB comments about the recent Sheriff’s election.
3) What do you think about this person? A good guy and a great daddy.

Z – Zan Mueyan
1) Who is this person to you? A guy on FB who sent me a friend request – he’s very cute and sexy so I accepted.
2) Where is this person from? Somewhere in the Phillipines, I believe.
3) Is this person in a relationship? I have no idea. Probably. He’s way too sexy to be single.