Consequences (A WWE Kevin Owens Fan Fic)

Backstage at Monday Night RAW, NXT Champion Kevin Owens is walking towards the locker room after another successful defense of his NXT Championship in the NXT Championship Open Challenge.

“Heath Slater is a tough kid”, he thought to himself as he walked towards the dressing rooms. “Good moves tonight too. He deserves to get more television time and better matches… Just not at my expense though.”

As Owens walked into the dressing room, he looked around. R-Truth and Jack Swagger were in the corner of the room playing cards. Titus O’Neill was listening to his tag team partner, Darren Young talk about some mutual friends. Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler were having a friendly argument with Macho Mandow and Axelmania about the NBA Championship series.

But as Kevin walked into the room, everything seemed to freeze. All the talking stopped and everyone seemed to look in his direction.

“What?”, Kevin asked. “Why has everyone gotten so quiet? What’s going on?”

“I think I hear Stephanie calling”, Ziggler spoke up as he walked past Owens and out of the room.

“Wait, we’ll go with you”, Ryder said as he signaled for Mandow and Axelmania to follow them.

“I have to go to the Gorilla position”, Swagger said as he stood up and walked out.

“I think I saw a spider”, Truth said. “I ain’t staying in here with no spider!”

As Truth and Swagger left, Owens turned to the only two men remaining in the room, Titus and Darren.

“What’s going on?”, Owens asked the two Prime Time Players? “Why is everyone leaving?”

Darren looked as if he was fixing to say something, but Titus touched him on the shoulder and shook his head. Darren quickly closed his mouth, put his head down and walked out, followed closely by his tag team partner.

“Damn, that’s weird”, Owens thought to himself. “I wonder why everyone left so…”

And then he saw the shape of a man sitting in the far corner of the room. Older and definitely having seen better days, but sitting straight, tall and proud. The quiet, but strong gravely voice carried across the room. Harley Race was here and he had something to say.

“Mr. Race? Harley? How are you sir?”, Owens started to say, trying to show the proper respect to the former 8-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but Harley raised a hand and spoke.

“Be quiet and shut your mouth”, Harley said.

Owens started to respond, but the cold, hard look on Race’s face quickly made him rethink that decision and he stayed quiet.

“Sit down!”, Race said, pointing towards a bench next to where Race was sitting.

Owens sat down and Race began to speak.

“A few weeks ago, on the TV, you had a confrontation with John Cena. And after laying Cena out, you stepped on the United States Championship belt.”

Owens started to speak to defend himself, but Race quickly stopped him before he could start speaking.

“Just be quiet and listen”, Race said. “I was the first man to hold that United States Championship. I won that belt in 1975 and apart from my NWA Championships, it was one of the proudest moments in my career. Do you understand me?”

Owens again started to speak, but seeing the fire in Race’s eyes, just nodded instead.

“Some great legends have held the United States Championship. Men like Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, Paul Jones, Wahoo, Rick Steamboat, Blackjack Mulligan, Roddy Piper, Snuka, Greg Valentine, Tim Woods and so on. Real men… real wrestlers. And when you stepped on that title, you stepped on every single one of us. And I don’t like it!”

Race paused for a moment and gave Owens a cold, hard stare before continuing.

“Listen, I know that you were only doing as you were told by Vince or one of the agents. I get that. That’s the only reason I’m not in here slapping the shit out of you and am talking instead. I’ll make this to the point. You’re a good kid with a hell of a lot of talent. I’ve watched your matches and you’ve impressed the hell out of me. You’re damn good in that ring and on the mic and I wish like hell that I was twenty years younger. I would love to have a go with you in that ring. You’ve got a big future ahead of you and if I can ever help you out in any way, just let me know.”

Harley paused to take a breath and continued once more.

“But I’m only going to say this once. Talking junk and getting yourself over is fine. Beating the hell out of Cena is fine. Being proud to be the NXT Champion… that’s fine. But if you ever step on that U.S. title belt again, if you ever disrespect me or the other men who have held that championship like that again, you’re going to deal with me and I won’t be so damn nice. Now, you wanted to say something?”

Owens hesitated for a moment and then began to speak.

“Mr. Race”, Owens began to say, but Race cut him off.

“Harley”, he said. “We’re both men here and the only time I ever hear Mr. Race being used is when some damn cop is trying to give me a speeding ticket.”

“Well, Harley then”, Owens started once more. “It was never my intentions to disrespect you or the United States Championship or any of the men who have held that title since it’s inception. My intentions were to put over myself and my NXT Championship. I was told to go out there and convince everyone watching, all of the fans, that I’m the better man and the better champion than Cena and that’s exactly what I did. I was told to make an impact and so I did.”

“Who’s idea was it to step on the title belt like you did?”, Race asked.

“One of the writers”, Owens admitted. “I wasn’t happy with the idea, but I’m still new here and can’t rock the boat by saying no or arguing too much.”

“Well, if they ever tell you do do something like that again, say no. If they have a problem with that, they can take it up with me personally. I’ll make sure that Vince and Hunter know that too. You won’t catch any heat so don’t stress it.”

Owens nodded.

Harley smiled and said, “Okay kid, we had our talk. Just make sure that when you do your thing and make that climb to the top, you don’t disrespect or step on those of us who came before you. Look to the future, but never forget the past either.”

“Yes sir!”, Owens said.

“Now go get showered and dressed”, Race told Owens. “I’m going to go find Vince and put a little fear of Race into him. And when I get done with that, you’re coming with me, Flair, Orton and JBL.”

“Sir?”, Owens asked.

“Well, if this was twenty years ago, I would be obliged, even though it wasn’t your idea, to slap the shit out of you for disrespecting the U.S. Championship. But this is a different era and I’m a calmer, quieter, more gentle Harley Race now. So you’re going to the bar with me, Flair, Randy Orton and JBL and any other wrestler who decides to tag along. We’re drinking all night and it’s on you. Consider this a wrestling court sentence for the disrespect of the United States Championship. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, I don’t think so”, Owens said quietly.

“Good man”, Race smiled. “Now go get showered and cleaned up. I’m going to go find Vince and have a word with him and then I’ll spread the word that drinks tonight are on the NXT Champion.”

With a nod, Race walked out of the room, looking for Vince McMahon. Owens watched the former NWA World Champion exit the room and then let out a deep breath he hadn’t even realized he had been holding in.

“Too bad Race isn’t twenty years younger”, he thought to himself. “A match between Harley Race and Kevin Owens would be a classic for the ages.”

Then with a small laugh, Owens sighed and added. “Who am I kidding? He’d whip my ass!”

Another sigh and then Owens started getting ready to head to the shower.

“I’d better hurry up and get ready. Tonight is going to be a long night!”


Tossing Salt – Worldwide News: June 12, 2015

Tossing Salt – Worldwide News
June 12, 2015
Doug Maynard

I’m Doug and this is pro wrestling’s most eclectic column, going strong since 2002, Tossing Salt – Worldwide News. Let’s just do this…


I’m not even sure how to start this. Yesterday (Thursday), was a very sad day for the world of professional wrestling. Yesterday was the day that “the Dream” died… literally. I sat down in front of my computer, ready to go check out the amazing world of Facebook and clear out my mailbox when I saw the news and from there, it was just a blur. I checked out a couple of my favorite websites for confirmation, but still didn’t want to believe it. I went to and had it confirmed once more. I could feel a small tear in my eyes slowly running down my face. It was true. Virgil Runnels, aka “Dusty Rhodes”, had passed away.

And for most of the day afterwards, I spent time going back and forth between watching old videos on YouTube with Dusty fighting Harley Race, Dusty winning the Bunkhouse Stampede, Dusty and Sapphire dancing around in the yellow polka-dots in the WWF, a six-man tag from Memphis with Dusty teaming up with Jerry Lawler and Magnum TA to fight Ole & Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson turning on Dusty in the cage in Atlanta and re-sparking a feud that would lay the groundwork for what would eventually become the Four Horsemen, and so on and so on. So many matches and so many memories.

And then I started remembering the great angles with Baby Doll and Tully Blanchard, the infamous “manilla folder” that Baby Doll and Larry Zbyszko threatened to blackmail Dusty with, the teaming with Nikita Koloff as the “Super Powers”, the times Dusty wore a mask as the “Midnight Rider” and then as part of the “James Gang”. So many memories of “The American Dream”.

He was a wrestler, a great talker, a promoter and booker, charismatic beyond belief and truly a legend and superstar in every way, shape and manner of the word. While there were certain aspects of Dusty that I didn’t really care for personally, there is no doubt that he took creativity to a new level and was always entertaining and fun to watch. There are wrestlers and there are legends, but there is only one “American Dream” and his name was Dusty Rhodes.

Rest In Peace Dusty… You definitely will be missed.

It’s kind of ironic to me that just a few nights ago, I was sitting up at my computer, bored and restless, and had a quick whim of an idea for a fan fiction story about “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. I decided to go with it and after about an hour of relentless typing, here is what I came up with: Check it out if you’d like.

And now, let’s talk about this Sunday and the latest WWE pay-per-view offering, “Money In The Bank”. It’s available on pay-per-view and also on the WWE Network. Isn’t it ironic that the last big WWE show / special event featured a so-called “Dusty finish” in the main event of Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose? I just thought about that. And on this Sunday, we move on to the next stage and that’s “Money In The Bank”. For my predictions for “Elimination Chamber”, I only went 2 out of 6 correct. Hopefully, with this event, I’ll do much better. So now, let’s put on the Gary Spivey wig and get to doing that predicting the future type thing. Are you ready? Let’s go…

WWE Money In The Bank 2015 Predictions…

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

A ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Rollins, who now walks alone after alienating all of his team mates from The Authority, faces the “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose. No doubt that this will be a hard hitting and stiff match that will leave both men bruised, battered and sore for weeks to come. It will be fun to watch and see if Seth can truly do it on his own and defeat his former “Shield Brother”. Yeah, right. Do you really think that The Authority is going to send Seth out there alone? These arguments are all a ruse to give Ambrose false security. Ambrose will dominate the match and Seth will take a beating, but when it comes time to see who climbs that ladder and wins the WWE World Championship belt, look for J&J Security to make the save. Ambrose goes down and Rollins makes that climb, grabbing the belt and retaining the title “all by himself”.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Seth Rollins

Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Kane.

This one could honestly go any way or to any of the participants. It’s being billed as an “All Star” match and this is one time that the billing on the Marquee is not over-hyped. I don’t think we’ll see Randy Orton or Dolph win. They have both already won previous MITB matches and there’s a “been there – done that” air about them. I also don’t think that Neville will win since he’s still primarily seen as a NXT guy and hasn’t really paid his dues on the WWE roster yet. I just don’t really care for Sheamus so that will eliminate him from contention, at least in my eyes as well. So that leaves Kane, Kofi and Reigns.

I love the idea of Kofi and the contract, especially as part of the New Day where they would all three try to use the “Freebird rule” and all go after the WWE World Title. It could be extremely entertaining and fun, but is the WWE ready to take their top prize in that direction? Probably not at this point so that probably eliminates Kofi from the picture. And now we have Kane and Roman. The smart money says it will be Roman. He’s the man they’ve strapped a rocket to and are pushing towards the top of the card. But think about it with Kane. He’s already part of The Authority and the Director of Operations for the WWE. His dislike of Seth Rollins, the WWE World Champion, is extremely well known and part of all the current storylines. Just imagine the turmoil and tension in The Authority if Rollins is the champ and Kane has that briefcase. Roman is starting to get over and doesn’t need the briefcase at this point. There’s far more intrigue and story if Kane wins and holds that contract in his demonic little hands. I think I’m going with the “Big Red Machine” on this one.

Winner: Kane

WWE United States champion John Cena vs. WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens.

And here we are with Cena – Owens II. Common sense says that since Owens won the first match with a clean pin, then Cena should win this one to even up the score and set the stage for a rubber match at SummerSlam. That’s the way WWE likes to do things and most likely that’s the way they’ll go here now as well. I hope not though. I don’t want to see Cena win against Owens. I’d like for it to be established that Owens is the one man that Cena “can’t beat” so they can really expand on this in the future and establish Owens as the “Anti-Cena”, much like it was with Flair and Sting in WCW. So I’d like to see either Owens get another clean pin on Cena or else win by maybe a count-out as he just leaves Cena laying out of the ring and just watches non-chalantly as the ref counts the fallen U.S. Champion out. It won’t happen though. Look for another great match and lots of hard hitting, in your face action. And Cena gets the clean pin to tie them up at 1 – 1 and sets up the rubber match for the next big show.

Winner: John Cena

WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback vs. Big Show

Ryback is the new champion and for some reason, the humanoids like him. Big Show is… well, he’s the Big Show. Unless a Divas match is added to the card, this is the designated bathroom break match of the night. Show is big, but Ryback eats him like a plate full of chicken salad at the backstage buffet. ‘Nuff said!

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ryback

WWE Tag Team champions The New Day vs. The Primetime Players.

While the Players are entertaining and could be fun to have as tag team champs, I think they’ll have to wait for another time and another day because this day belongs to the New Day. The act is still fun and fresh and the New Day folks (Woods, Kofi and Big E) are really growing into their characters and getting over big time. It’s too soon to take the straps off the champs. Sunday will be a winning day for the New Day.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth (Kickoff show)

Ever since becoming WWE King Of The Ring, Barrett has been losing to everyone. Will the mighty ruler regain his standing and proclaim his standing as the King of the WWE Universe once more with a mighty victory over Little Jimmy’s favorite tag team partner? Nah, I don’t think so either.

Winner: R-Truth

And I guess that’s it. So far, as I write this, no Divas match has been announced for the event although I do expect that WWE will realize this and throw one out there at the last moment before the show starts on Sunday. If this does happen, I’ll post my thoughts and predictions on my Twitter account (@doug28352) and on my Facebook page ( as soon as I can. Or I can just do it here. Whatever the match is, the Bellas win or the Bella wins or however that goes.

And with that, I’m out of here. I have to go ride uptown and pay some bills. Uugh! What fun! So this is a wrap. I’m Doug and thank you for reading. Comments and thoughts can be sent to or else at the Twitter and Facebook pages listed above. Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on the flip side. But for now, “dat is all de’ people need to know!”


Flair versus Rhodes: One More Time

A/N: ¬†Suppose Ric Flair wanted to wrestle Dusty Rhodes one more time? Had a late night inspiration about that possibility and well, here’s what came out of it if you will… A little Nature Boy / American Dream fan fiction. ¬†Enjoy…


“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes was in the mass video library of WWE Headquarters.

“I know that video is around here somewhere”, he said to himself as he looked through the archives for Florida Championship Wrestling. “Me and ol’ Jack Mulligan putting a whoopin’ on that nasty ol’ devil, Kevin Sullivan and the Purple Haze!”

As Dusty looked through the videos, he heard a noise from a small room off of the main library. Dusty got intrigued and followed the noise until he came upon a familiar platinum blonde head hunched over a small tv screen, chuckling and letting out the occasional “Woooo!”.

“Nature Boy”, Dusty spoke up. “What is you doing here, hiding in the dark like a common snake in the grass, watching video and laughing like a looney-toon crazy man?”

Ric jumped up at the interruption and had his hands balled into fists, prepared to fight. Upon seeing it was only his old sometimes nemesis / sometimes friend, Dusty Rhodes, Flair relaxed.

“Dream, you startled me”, Flair said.

“Nature Boy”, Dusty repeated. “What are you doing here hiding in the darkness. What are you watching?”

“Watching some old matches between myself and Harley Race”, Flair explained. “I’m going out to Kansas in a few days to work with Harley at his training camp and wanted to refresh my memories of some of our matches to use as examples for his students.”

“You and Race sure put on some classics”, Dusty agreed. “But hell, so did you and I?”

“Very true”, Flair agreed. “Too bad we can’t get Vince to let us do it again. We could show all these young kids in the WWE how to really wrestle and prove what I’ve been telling them for years.”

“Less is more?”, Dusty asked.

“Exactly”, Ric said. “Pick your spots and tell a story. That’s how you do a wrestling match. It’s not high spot after high spot after high spot. Make the moves count and sell.”

“No matter how much I tell those kids down in Florida that, they still want to hit move after move and not sell anything”, Dusty agreed.

“And forget about working a body part or chain wrestling”, Flair added.

“Don’t I know it”, Dusty agreed once more. “I would love to see just one kid pull an Anderson and work on the arm or leg. That would make my day!”

“The kids can wrestle and are athletic monsters”, Flair said. “But the powers-that-be, Vince and Hunter, want flash and sizzle instead of technical skills.”

“What they should do is mix it up… have some high impact mixed with the chain wrestling. Make the big moves count when you use ’em and tell a story with the wrestling holds.”

“I thought I already said that”, Flair noted. “I’ve talked to Hunter until I’m blue in the face though and while he mostly agrees, he says that it’s Vince that wants sports-entertainers and not wrestlers. Vince is the one who wants the flashy high impact and larger than life moves.”

“And we all know that ain’t no one talking Vince into changing anything if he don’t want to”, Dusty said.

“We ought to do something to try and change his mind”, Flair smiled.

“Like what?”, Dusty asked. “Do a Flair versus Rhodes match one more time? My body is too old for that stuff and yours is too!”

“I feel great and could still put in a good thirty minute match”, Flair said.

“Well, I can’t”, Dusty said. “I’m nearly seventy years old. My days of gettin’ funky like a monkey are over and done!”

“Hell, Dory Funk is a lot older than you and he still wrestles in Japan several times a year, plus has his own promotion and Dojo!”, Flair threw back at Dusty.

“That’s Dory and he’s funkin’ crazy!”, Dusty laughed.

“You mean to say that I got Vince or Hunter to agree to let us go one more time, Flair versus Rhodes, the Nature Boy versus The American Dream, man versus man, legend versus legend, on an episode of RAW or even NXT, you wouldn’t do it?”, Flair asked.

“No”, Dusty said.

“Walking that aisle, stylin’ and profilin’ as only you and I can do?”

“Nope”, Dusty repeated.

“Limo riding, jet flying, kissing the girls all night long. Woooooo!”

“Not gonna happen, Naitch!”, Dusty said one more time.

“Well, I’m going to bring it up to Hunter and suggest we do it. We can put on a wrestling clinic for those kids at NXT and those new kids, the Tough Enough ones, and show ’em all what being a legend, being the American Dream, being the Nature Boy… Woooooooooo, is all about!”

“You’re crazy… crazy as a loon!”, Dusty laughed. “Ain’t no way that Hunter or Vince would ever go for that.”

“But what if they do?”, Flair asked, a big smile forming on his face. “If I can get them to say yes, are you in? Will you do it? Will we see Flair versus Rhodes headlining, on the marquee one more time?”

“It ain’t gonna happen. They are not gonna say yes!”, Dusty explained.

“But what if they do? What if they do? One more time. Are you in?”

“If you can get them to say yes… well damn it all, the Dream is in and will go one on one with the Nature Boy one more time, one night only!”, Dusty smiled.

“Woooooooooo!”, Flair belted out loudly. “And there you go! I’m going to Vince’s office right now! Wooooooo! The Nature Boy and the American Dream! One more time! All night long! Woooooooooo!”

And with another “Woooooo!” for good measure, Flair strutted out of the small room and headed upstairs to the offices of Vince McMahon and Triple H.

“One more time! Wooooooo! The Dream and the Nature Boy! Woooooooo!

As Flair headed for the elevator to take him upstairs to the offices of WWE Management, Dusty just watched him go. Shaking his head and smiling to himself, Dusty let out a big chuckle.

“Naitch is still crazy as hell!”, Dusty laughed. “And now, time to get back to finding that footage I was looking for!”

About an hour later, Dusty was finishing up his search, having found and copied the wrestling footage he had been searching for. Suddenly, the sounds of “Family Tradition” by Hank Williams Jr. filled the room. Dusty reached down and seeing that the call was from Ric Flair, he flipped open his cell phone.

“Nature Boy”, Dusty said. “What’s the word, if you will!”

“Well, I talked to Vince and Hunter”, Ric said. “I asked them about having us wrestle and going all night long, stylin’ and profilin’, Wooooooo!”

“And?”, Dusty asked.

“They said no”

“They said no?”, Dusty repeated. “Did they say why?”

“I’m not sure”, Ric said.

“Why aren’t you sure?, Dusty asked. “What did they actually say?”

“I don’t know”, Ric said quietly.

“Why don’t you know?”, Dusty asked. “What happened?”

“Well, I was talking to them about having you and I wrestle and I got a little excited and started taking off my clothes….”

“No, you didn’t? Please say you didn’t?”, Dusty sighed.

“And then I elbow dropped my jacket on Vince’s desk”, Ric continued.

“Oh lord!”, Dusty laughed to himself. “I wish I had been in that office.”

“And about the time I did my flop into the potted plants in the office, Vince started freaking out!”

Dusty just chuckled as Flair continued.

“And then Hunter just said, ‘No!’.”

“So no more matches between the Dream and the Nature Boy?”, Dusty laughed. “I wish I had seen that! Can’t say I’m disappointed though.”

“But don’t worry”, Flair said.

“Why should I not worry?”, Dusty asked. “And why does you saying not to worry make me worry?”

“I’ve got an idea”, Flair said.

“Should I even ask?”, Dusty wanted to know.

“I’ll tell you later”, Ric said. “Now I’ve got to go. There’s Stephanie and Linda. Vince and Hunter may have said no, but once I turn the old Nature Boy charm on to the ladies, I know I can get that match for us.”

“Don’t do anything crazy”, Dusty warned his old friend. “It’s not that important!”

“When have I ever done anything crazy?”, Ric asked.

“A few minutes ago in Vince’s office”, Dusty reminded him.

“I’ve got to go. We are going to main event one more time! Wooooo!”

Ric hung up the phone and Dusty heard the click.

“Should I head upstairs and try and run interference for Steph and Linda or should I let Ric make a fool of himself?”, Dusty asked himself.

Memories flashed through Dusty’s head of Ric defeating him to win the NWA World Championship in 1981, of Ric and the Andersons beating him down in the cage in Atlanta, of Ric and the Horsemen jumping him in the parking lot of Crockett promotions in Charlotte, etc.

“I think I’ll let Ric handle this on his own”, Dusty smiled. “If you will!”