Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – January 30, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
Jnauary 30, 2014

It’s that time again. I’m feeling a little under the weather today so let’s get the disclaimers out of the way. The questions come from 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers come from me. I want to puke. Let’s do this…

1. Batista was the right man to win the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble.

FICTION: He’s been back in the WWE for less than two weeks. His initial appearance on RAW was a bomb. And his Rumble appearance was his first match back with the company and now he’s going to headline Wrestlemania XXX. He didn’t earn that spot and doesn’t deserve that spot. What about the guys who work three – four matches a week and have busted their asses for WWE. Batista just comes back and is immediately shoved down our throats. He’s not that good and almost anyone would have been better to win that match and take that spot. Anyone.

2. WWE made a mistake by not having Daniel Bryan be part of the Royal Rumble match.

FACT: Daniel Bryan is the hottest thing in the WWE right now and to not have him be a part of the Royal Rumble is just stupid-crazy. Just an appearance and a few eliminations would have made the fans happy. Instead, the WWE kept him out of the match and guess what. The fans are not happy.

3. Judging by the rumored top matches for WrestleMania 30, you are not that excited for the show.

FICTION: It’s Wrestlemania and even if the rumored main events were AJ Lee versus Michael Cole or something of that nature, I’d still be excited. Even when the show is less than spectacular and the card looks to be sucky, the WWE always manages to pull it off and put on a good show with Wrestlemania. I expect that this year will be more of the same and even if I don’t like some of the rumored matches, I’m sure that the show itself will be damn good.

4. You are interested in the new “TNA investor angle” which is scheduled to be revealed on Thursday’s Impact.

FICTION: It’s TNA and they’re going to screw this up just like they do everything else. Impact! is on even as I write this and the big surprise is MVP. Whoop-de-damn-doo. This is going to blow.

5. The New Age Outlaws winning the WWE Tag Team Titles was not the right call.

FICTION: The Outlaws are still good in the ring and can still go. They have name recognition and having them come in and take the titles from the Rhodes Brothers works with several of the ongoing storylines. I have no problem with it.

6. Judging by his match with Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt showed he can be a big time player in WWE.

FACT: He carried his part of the match, had a good match and showed that he’s ready for his spot in the upper ranks of the WWE. Wyatt is ready to take that ball and run with it. I just hope that WWE allows him that opportunity and doesn’t screw it up.

7. Following last week’s episode of TNA Impact, you believe that Sting is finally done with the promotion and heading to WWE.

FICTION: I think that Sting is through with TNA and is headed to the WWE, but it has nothing to do with that episode of Impact. It has more to do with common sense, reality and the fact that TNA sucks and is getting worse each and every week.

8. Having John Cena, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan involved in the Elimination Chamber has you excited for the match.

FICTION: I’m excited for the match, but Sheamus and John Cena do nothing for me. I like Bryan and I’m happy that Christian and Antonio Cesaro are in the Chamber match too, but I’d much rather see other names in the match besides Cena, Sheamus or Orton. It’ll be a good match though regardless of whoever is in the event. It’s the Chamber and it’s hard to screw that up.

And with that, I’m out of here. No questions of my own this week because I really do not feel that good and just want this to be over with. Have a great week and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


Royal Rumble Predictions – January 25, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions
January 25, 2014

We’re roughly twenty-four hours away from the start of the “Road To Wrestlemania”, also known as the WWE Royal Rumble. We’ve got four matches that have been announced, one “possible match” and the thirty-man battle to see who goes on to headline Wrestlemania XXX and wrestles for the WWE World Championship title. And of course, all of that means it’s time to pull out the crystal ball, put on the “Sister Cleo” outfit, and make a few predictions. Let’s just jump right to it, shall we?

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) versus The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)

The former five time tag team champions taking on the Rhodes brothers in what should be a classic old-school style showdown in the pre-game match and show. If the long anticipated match between Goldust and Cody is going to take place this year as rumored, then I think the seeds for the split should begin here. I have absolutely no problem at all in seeing Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have one more quick run at the tag champs and I’m definitely thinking that this is the way it’s going to go.\

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn – The New Age Outlaws

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman versus The Big Show

I’m actually interested in this match, thanks to the great build and promo work of Paul Heyman. It should be brutal and smashmouth as hell. But is there really any kind of doubt as to who the winner will be? Nah, I don’t think so.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Daniel Bryan versus Bray Wyatt

Looking for this one to be a good match as well. It was a bit rushed with the whole “Bryan joins family only to turn on Bray two weeks later” deal, but still, I’m looking forward to it and seeing what these two men can do in that ring together. I know that everyone is expecting Bryan to win and win decisively, but I have this feeling that it won’t quite work out that way. Bryan doesn’t need to win so long as he looks strong. He’s at the point now that wins and losses don’t really matter. Wyatt isn’t quite there yet, even though with the character he portrays, a loss really doesn’t hurt him too much either. I think this one goes to the crazy man with the beard and it’ll go on for a few more weeks to the Elimination Chamber before it all blows over and they move on. So I’m calling for the upset that really isn’t an upset.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee (c) w/ Tamina Snuka vs. Naomi w/ Cameron

This match hasn’t been announced, but it makes sense given the way that WWE likes to book things, as well as the recent encounters between Divas Champion AJ Lee and Naomi and Cameron. So I’m going to go ahead and call it for the “buffer match” between the WWE World Title Match and the Royal Rumble match. And AJ Lee will take on the challenge and come out on top, cause men like crazy chicks and that’s how she rolls.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) versus John Cena

I don’t like Randy Orton as the “face of the WWE”, but I really do NOT want to see John Cena back at the top guy either, especially going into Wrestlemania XXX. Why can’t they just add a third person… anyone will do – and make it a three-way-dance with the third person winning. I’m so tired of these two as the top guys. But alas, that’s what we have and they’re wrestling in a match where no one can interfere and there has to be a winner. Orton is more tolerable than Cena as the champ so I’ll go with Orton retaining the title. Why the heck not.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Randy Orton

The Royal Rumble Match

So far, only twenty names of the thirty participants have been announced. CM Punk starts at the #1 spot. And the winner goes to Wrestlemania XXX to challenge for the WWE World Championship. How do I pick a winner? Oh vey! Well to start off with, let’s guess who will be # 2 and start the match off against CM Punk. How about Kane? And who will have the most eliminations for this year? I think that honor will fall to Roman Reigns. The #30 spot goes to Sheamus. And the final four will be CM Punk, Sheamus, Batista and Antonio Cesaro. And the winner is…

Winner: Batista

And everyone lets out a big groan. But there you have it. My predictions for the Royal Rumble.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot who will be the “guests” and “surprise appearances” for the Rumble Match. There are ten vacant spots available, but I think we’ll only get maybe three surprises. I’ll pick four names though. I think the “surprises” for the Rumble will be 2 Cold Scorpio, aka “Flash Funk”, Jim Morrison, Matt Hardy and The Disco Inferno. Actually, only one is likely (I read spoilers), but the other three? Humor an old man, will ya. I also think we’ll see the return of Christian, who was out with injuries, but has been cleared and is ready to come back.

And anyhow, there you go. And with that, I’m out of here. Enjoy the Rumble and I’ll catch you later on in the week when I do that “Fact Or Fiction” thing that I do. Later gators!


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – January 23, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
January 23, 2014

And here we are again with the most anticipated, or is that constipated (?) weekly wrestling column in the free world, the place where truth and lies meet and make whoopee, the one and only (sort of), “Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact or Fiction”. As per the usual, I blatantly lifted the first eight questions of this piece from 411mania.com/wrestling. The last four, I made up on my own. And the answers? That’s all me. Whoo-hoo! Plus, I get to put on the fantasy booker uniform (it brings out the green in my eyes) and answer a question I found on Facebook from one of the wrestling groups I belong too. It’s a packed column, full of craziness, insight, pondering and small bursts of wisdom covered in chocolate. Let’s do this…

1. If Steve Austin does not wrestle at WrestleMania 30, he never will return to the ring.

FACT: I honestly doubt we will ever see another Steve Austin match again. Austin has said if he does another match, he wouldn’t want to stink up the ring. He’s seen what happened when Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, etc tried to work matches and come back. It wasn’t good. Austin is too proud of his legacy to screw it up by returning to the ring. Better to sit back, enjoy his success and let the fans keep wondering “What if… ?”.

2. At this time, you have no real interest in Randy Orton as the WWE Champion.

FACT: The only good thing I can think of about Orton being the champ is that it means Cena is not. Other than that, I could care less about having Orton in the top spot.

3. Booking the Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar is a waste of a Brock Lesnar appearance.

FICTION: They have a history. They have that Paul Heyman connection. And Big Show and Brock both need a strong program to tide them over until Wrestlemania. So what the hell. Why not each other. Works for me.

4. TNA {reportedly} hiring Tommy Dreamer as a new agent, replacing Jeff Jarrett in that role, was a good choice.

FACT: Dreamer knows the business better than most, he’s popular with the other wrestlers and he can do what TNA needs to do. He’s a great pick.

5. WWE should bring in Sting, not to wrestle, but to induct the Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.

FACT: As much as I’d love to see a Sting / Undertaker match, I really don’t think it would work at Wrestlemania. Sting isn’t that good and Taker is too banged up. Let Taker beat someone else to keep the streak alive. Sting can induct Warrior into the HOF and they can lay the seeds for a future Sting / Taker match when both men would have plenty of time to prepare and when it really wouldn’t matter so much if they stink up the ring.

6. The WWE creating Divas Tag Team Titles would be a bad idea.

FACT: They barely have enough girls who can actually wrestle for the singles title. A tag title would be a waste of time and money.

7. You like the fact that the Wolves (Richards and Edwards) signed with TNA instead of WWE.

FICTION: WWE’s loss is TNA’s gain and it’s good for the Wolves, but I think I would rather have seen them with WWE instead.

8. Now that he is medically cleared, Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

FICTION: Last that I heard, he’s not even going to be wrestling in the Rumble, instead wrestling in a singles match against Bray Wyatt. If he’s not in the Rumble, he can’t win. Simple as that.

9. WWE should make a special induction and incorporate the WCW Hall of Fame into the WWE Hall of Fame, thus giving all the members of the WCW Hall of Fame WWE Hall of Fame status.

FACT: Every single member of the WCW Hall of Fame is worthy of that position and since the WWE owns WCW and everything that is / was WCW, they own the WCW HOF too. Make a special induction and give all the WCW guys their due. They deserve it and it’s the right thing to do.

10. Given their recent comments towards each other on Twitter, you’d be interested in seeing an Ultimate Warrior versus Jake Roberts match at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: While I would like to see Jake get to appear at the Rumble and maybe do some work in commentary or in a managerial role, I do not want to see him try to work a singles match at this point. And I never want to see Warrior in the ring again. So let them argue on Twitter if they must, but no match… ever!

11. The much heralded return of Batista on RAW Monday night was a huge bust.

FACT: Batista got a nice pop and then… nothing. The segment died. And then he botched moves when going after Del Rio later in the program. And what the hell was he wearing anyhow? I don’t think it went quite how anyone may have hoped on Monday. It just bombed big time.

12. Jeff Jarrett will make a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

FICTION: He won’t be there, but damn if that wouldn’t be one helluva major surprise that I’d love to see… lol.

And now, it’s time for some booking magic. Let’s go for it…

It’s March 29,1987 you’re JCP (JIm Crockett Promotions) and decided you’re going to put together a card to go head to head with Wrestlemania 3. What would be the matches on your card?

This would be roughly a year before Crockett starting airing the “Clash Of The Champions”, so I guess we’d have to find a name for this event. We’ll go with NWA SuperShow. And the matches would be…

NWA World Champion Ric Flair versus “Total Package” Lex Luger
NWA World Tag Team Championship: Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard versus The Rock & Roll Express
Ole Anderson versus Dusty Rhodes – Greensboro Street Fight
Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane w/ Jim Cornette versus The New Breed (Chris Champion & Sean Royal)
Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez w/ Paul Jones versus Jimmy Valiant and Dick Murdoch
Nikita Koloff and Ivan Koloff versus The Road Warriors
Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner versus The Fabulous Freebirds
Kevin Sullivan versus Barry Windham

And there you go. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Catch you on the flip side. Thanks for reading.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – January 16, 2014

Tossing Salt – Worldwide News Presents:
Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
January 16, 2014

A lot of things to address so I’ll skip the small talk and get ‘er done. Let’s do this…

Wrestling Hall of Famer and legend Johnnie Mae Young passed away yesterday at age 90. This is a sad day for all wrestling fans and anyone who loves the world’s greatest sports because there truly is no one more iconic and deserving of the title, “The Queen of Wrestling” than this true wrestling legend. Mae started training and wrestling, I believe, in 1929 and had her last match just a few years ago. And never slowed down along the way. Her last televised appearance was for the WWE at the “Old School RAW” show for 2013. She was scheduled to appear at the “Old School RAW” episode a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t due to illness, which unfortunately ended up being her last great battle. Coldolences and prayers go out to the friends, family and fans of this oh so very tough woman woman. She didn’t make it to that infamous match she was hoping for at age 100, but no doubt, if there’s a wrestling heaven, she and best friend Fabulous Moolah are teaming up in the main event tonight, kicking ass and taking names. I’ve always looked forward to her appearances on RAW and for the WWE because I knew that no matter what she would be doing or what role she would be playing, it would be entertaining and I knew she was having a blast doing it. Mae Young loved wrestling, loved the fans and loved entertaining us. Rest In Peace.

In other news, the Ultimate Warrior was announced on Monday as the first name for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014. Other rumored names for induction this year, who seem to be locks, include Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Paul Bearer. If it was my decision and I was able to pick the rest of the Class of 2014, including the three already named or strongly speculated on, here’s who I would have: The Ultimate Warrior, Paul Bearer, Jake Roberts, Cyndi Lauper (as the celebrity inductee), Kamala, Stan Hansen, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko and current TNA star / Icon Sting.

Of course, I’ll probably change my mind a million times between now and April, but as of this moment, that’s the group I’d put in. All deserving. Oh wait – and I forgot Ivan Koloff. Why isn’t he there yet? He should have been inducted a long, long time ago. He was the 3rd WWWF Champion and beat Bruno. So take out Zbyszko and put Ivan in there instead. The Living Legend is still fairly young and can wait a few more years. So there you go with that. Moving on…

Tonight on Spike TV, it’s TNA and they’re having a big night with their latest (not a) pay-per-view offering. It’s TNA Genesis 2014. And since I do it with the WWE big shows, I may as well do it with TNA too. And of course, I’m talking about predictions. So far, only five matches have been announced, so let’s tackle those and see if we (I) can predict what’s going to happen. Here goes…

TNA Genesis 2014 Predictions

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a Steel Cage match

Angle is reportedly needing surgery and is also working out the last eight months of a contract,which if he follows the examples of so many others, will not be renewed when it expires in August. Roode is loyal to the regime and is a helluva talent. Kurt hasn’t really been back long, so I don’t think he’ll lose the match. How about this? Kurt manages to win the match and take home the win, but in a post-match attack, Roode attacks Kurt and sends him out on a stretcher (injury angle), so Kurt wins the match, but Roode can claim he won the war. Works for me.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Sting vs. Ethan Carter III

Carter is the new big guy and the apple in Dixie’s eye. Sting? Who knows if he’s even going to be around in a few months. The new kid wins through shenanigans.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Gunner vs. James Storm in a Ladder match for Gunner’s World Title Feast or Fired Briefcase

I love to watch Gunner wrestle and he’s a great guy, but in the charisma department, he’s not quite there yet. For top level main event challengers, it’s sizzle and spark over actual ability. Storm is thought of as a top guy and they want to keep him in the top guy roles, thus he’s going to win, by whatever means necessary, and get that contract. And as for Gunner, sorry about your damn luck!

Winner: James Storm

Gail Kim (c) (with Lei’D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

Madison won on the tv a couple of weeks ago. Thus, using wrestling logic, plus the fact that she’s pretty much maintaining a stranglehold on that Knockout’s Championship, Gail Kim keeps the belt and wins. And Madison, she meets de’feet!…

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Should be a good match and lots of brawling and craziness. Either man can win and it wouldn’t be an upset in the least, but I never have been a big fan of Mr. Anderson… Anderson and I think Bully is one helluva talent who has done a great job of reinventing himself and earning his spot at the top, so I’m going to pull for and say Bully Ray… just because.

Winner: Bully Ray

And there you go with my predictions? Am I right? Am I wrong? Guess we’ll find out tonight.

And now (finally), it’s time to do that infamous “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction” thing that I know that all of my loyal readers (both of you) came here to read. It’s a very special “king sized edition” of the column with sixteen questions. As usual, eight of these questions (the last eight) came from a column over at 411mania.com/wrestling. The other questions (the first eight) come from deep inside that twisted little thing that I call my mind. And the answers? Who the hell knows where they come from. Probably deep in the heart of Texas or something like that… lol. Okay, let’s do this.


Jesse Sorenson is right to badmouth Dixie Carter in recent shoot interviews.

FACT: Jesse was injured in a TNA ring, on a TNA show, while under the employment of TNA. He should never have even seen a hospital bill, much less have had his mother forced to declare bankruptcy trying to keep up with said bills. Dixie promised that he’d be taken care of and she lied. So he should feel free to say whatever he wants now. He doesn’t owe TNA or Dixie Carter anything.

TNA was correct to terminate the contracts of Jay Bradley and Wes Brisco.

FACT: And add Mike Knox and Garrett Bischoff to the list too, if rumors are to be believed. TNA is cutting costs and slashing bills and if they can’t use the person and have no plans for them, let them go so that they can try their hand somewhere else. If TNA won’t even pay hospital bills for their employees who get hurt on the job (Sorenson, Dafney), then why pay checks to people they’re not using. Let them go now.

The WWE should reach out to former announcers and commentators to work on the WWE Network.

FACT: It’ll be great from a nostalgia point of view and who knows better about the old shows and historical points of the WWE and WCW and ECW than the men who where there and originally called the action. Besides, it would be good to see folks like Scott Hudson, Todd Pentigill, Matt Striker, Larry Zbyszko, The Coach, etc on TV again.

Matt Hardy will be a surprise at the WWE Royal Rumble.

FICTION: I’d like to see either Matt or Jeff return to the WWE at the Rumble and it would a great moment, but I don’t think it’s going to happen… yet!

Triple H was the reason that the New Age Outlaws walked out on CM Punk on RAW this past Monday night.

FACT: It will all be revealed in the storylines over the next few months, but HHH and Punk are going to end up wrestling and what better way to set it up than to use HHH’s friends?

Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble.

FICTION: It would make sense and be great, but it’s too predictable. Always look for the swerve. I’m still hoping for Bryan to take on HBK at the big show in April.

The WWE should go back to the forty-man format used for the Royal Rumble a few years ago rather than the traditional thirty-man match currently used.

FACT: More guys get to compete. More spots for surprises. And it just makes it a bigger deal than ever. I liked the 40 man deal and wish it was the regular thing.

WWE should unify the United States and Intercontinental Championship titles.

FICTION: With the elimination of the World Championship, there are only three singles titles in the WWE right now. That is a good number and works well if properly booked, giving all the WWE talent something to strive for and work for. It should always be about titles and money. Spread things out so that the champions defend against a variety of challengers and build the titles that are there. Eliminating or consolidating the belts will just cut more potential challengers from the picture and in my opinion, that’s definitely not what’s “best for business”.

Judging by what has been announced, you have faith that the WWE Network will be a success.

FACT: Based on everything I’ve read and heard so far, I have no doubt that the WWE Network is going to be a huge success.

If there is so much heat on Ryback for being reckless in the ring, WWE should release him immediately.

FICTION: How much of this is real heat and how much is just hearsay and speculation being blown up for storyline purposes? Accidents happen in the ring. That’s just how it is and while Ryback might not be the safest guy in the WWE, he’s not the worst either. If he doesn’t pick up his game and continues to work recklessly, then they might want to take another look at his contract, but for now, I think it’s mostly hype and storyline and should be treated as so.

You have no interest in Chris Jericho returning for WrestleMania.

FICTION: Anytime that Jericho is in the mix, it’s entertaining and good for the WWE. If it’s true that he’s coming back for a while, I’m happy and more power to the WWE and to Jericho for making it so.

WWE running a live NXT event the week of the WWE Network launch is a good idea.

FACT: Absolutely. A live show will draw fans and help put over the NXT product while also promoting the network. It’s a great business move and makes perfect sense.

The Ultimate Warrior deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

FACT: He’s not one of my favorites, but he’s a big name who made a big impact during his time in the ring. He deserves the spot.

The booking of last week’s Impact main event was a complete mess.

FACT: It took what… eight men to help Magnus win the TNA Championship? This is supposed to make him look strong and dominant? *sighs* It was a total cluster-f*ck that made Magnus and TNA look like idiots. It was just plain dumb!

Daniel Bryan is the most over guy in all of wrestling.

FACT: At the moment, I would be inclined to agree. The fans love their bearded warrior.

You marked out for Jake “The Snake” Roberts appearing on Old School Raw.

FACT: Damn skippy I did. It caught me totally off guard and I popped like a nymphomaniac prostitute at a novelty toys sales convention. It was definitely a great moment for the WWE and RAW.

And with that, I think this is the end for today. Let’s see. Talked about Mae Young. Check. Mentioned the Hall of Fame. Check. Did some predictions for the TNA Genesis event tonight. Check. And did the whole Fact or Fiction deal. Check. So I’m through and out of here for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – January 10, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
January 10, 2014

It’s the second week of the new year and it’s time to do that infamous “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction” thing. A big shout out to my best friend and little bro, the original “Smooth Operator”, K-Mak, who turns 23 today. Happy Birthday bro… I love ya! And now, back to the column. The first eight questions came from 411mania.com/wrestling. The last six came from deep within my head. And all of the answers are just me, cause that’s what I do. Let’s do this.

1. If the Undertaker wants to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, WWE should honor that request.

FACT: At this point, Undertaker knows his character better than anyone. He also knows better than anyone what he’s capable of still doing in the ring and who he could have the best possible match against, but with the least possibility of getting seriously injured in the process. He’s the freakin’ Undertaker and of all the WWE alumni, he’s the man who should have the most say in his career, apart maybe from HHH. He wants Daniel Bryan, then give him Daniel Bryan. It’s definitely what’s best for business.

2. Even with two title changes in the last month, you aren’t that interested in the current TNA X-Division.

FACT: It used to be one of the best parts of TNA< but bad booking and lack of attention or direction from the TNA powers that be have made it into just a weak joke compared to what it once was. They crippled it and there’s little to no chance of any kind of miracle revivial at this point.

3. WWE is making the right move by airing Chris Benoit footage in the future, since they will run an advisory before the show including the footage.

FACT: Like it or not, Chris Benoit is a big part of the WWE (and WCW) timeline and history and when they leave him out, it leaves a big hole in the stories and a big void. It’s impossible to do anything about the Horsemen’s last few years or the WWE during the early 2000’s without featuring Benoit. This warning label and then show the footage is probably the best way to go.

4. With Batista’s inclusion in this year’s Royal Rumble, this is the most interesting the match has been in years.

FICTION: I’ve always liked and been interested in the Royal Rumble, but so far as Batista goes, he’s never been one of my big favorites. My interest in the Rumble has absolutely nothing to do with him or his presence. He’s just there.

5. With his TNA contract reportedly ending in eight months, and TNA looking to cut costs, Kurt Angle will leave TNA to work a part time schedule with WWE.

FACT: It’d be the best move for both him and the WWE if it works out this way. Angle still has a lot to offer, but he’s not capable these days of a full-time schedule. His best days are behind him and a part time schedule would allow him to be used as the big star he is, but keep him from being burned out as quickly or risking injury quite as badly. It’s a win – win deal and I hope it works out that way.

6. It would be “best for business” for Brock Lesnar to win the WWE World Title and, at least for a short time, work a more full time WWE schedule.

FICTION: Brock’s a good talent, but I think he works best in small doses and with his appearances spead out. Right now, everytime he shows up, he’s built to be a beast and a monster and can dominate and come across as fresh. If he works the full time schedule, it’s exposes his weaknesses and turns him into “just another guy”. That wouldn’t be good.

7. Considering how he has been booked over the last few years, Wade Barrett will not be with WWE at the start of 2015.

FICTION: He’ll still be around and be working the mid-card and used as an example of how NOT to book a good talent, joining the likes of Drew McIntyre, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel, all of whom were getting over at one point and looking great, building a strong fan base until killed by the so-called WWE Creative teams.

8. Jeff Jarrett trying to start a new wrestling promotion in 2014 is not a good idea.

FICTION: If Jeff can get the financial backing he needs and line up national TV, it’s as good a time as any. Jeff knows the business as well as anyone and better than anyone not named Vince. He’s a smart guy and would have a better chance than anyone to get a new promotion over. He proved with the experiment in India a couple of years ago that he knows what to do. Now he just has to do it.

9. You were surprised when Jake “The Snake” Roberts appeared at the end of RAW on Monday night?

FACT: I had no idea that Jake was there and to be honest, when he came out, I marked out like it was 1984 all over again. Jake looked great and it was a great moment for the WWE and for wrestling in general.

10. You plan on subscribing to the WWE Network when it begins in February?

FACT: For ten bucks a month, with access to all the old WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per views… I’d be a fool not to get it. It’s a wrestling fans dream come true. I just hope that they get to the regional stuff (Georgia, Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Mid-South, World Class and AWA) stuff soon.

11. The SHIELD will still be a faction after Wrestlemania XXX.

FACT: Despite all the teases and rumors to the contrary, I think there’s still a lot of life left in the SHIELD faction and the current threesome. Keep the teases and unrest coming, but in the end, they’re stronger together than apart and I think they should hold off on any split for at least until maybe Summerslam.

12. Using Ric Flair on RAW was an effective way to build towards the Orton / Cena match at the Royal Rumble.

FACT: Flair stayed on target (for the most part) and since he’s the former “mentor” for Orton, as well as a known John Cena fan, it was a good way to use him. His comments to Orton about defending the title 10 times a week was dead on and while I know that Flair was from a different era, it puts emphasis on how important those titles are and how a champion should be. The segment worked and helped build the match for Orton and Cena, while using Flair’s status as a legend and 16-time World Champion effectively. Good move by the WWE.

13. Kaitlyn leaving the WWE is a major blow to the Divas division.

FICTION: It’s a shame to see her go since she was actually turning into a semi-decent wrestler, but the Divas division isn’t what it once was or could be and unless your name is AJ or Bella or maybe Vickie, any role that the Divas have is generally limited and interchangable. The WWE scarcely noticed when Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly left. Think anyone really cares about Kaitlyn leaving? Think again.

14. You enjoyed the “Old School” edition of RAW this past Monday night.

FACT: I’m a big nostalgia guy and seeing the former stars and legends pop up from time to time makes me happy. Plus they actually used Flair, Piper and Roberts effectively in roles to promote the current storylines and feuds which was cool, plus the DDP / Booker / Simmons segment was funny. Kind of annoyed me when the fans picked Sgt. Slaughter (yawn) over Arn Anderson for the special referee spot, but it’s the WWE fans. Arn was known as “The Enforcer” so who better to be a special guest referee? I think the voting was rigged. Also would have liked to see an encounter between Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) and Bray Wyatt. That would have been a mark-out moment as well, but it never happened. Maybe next year. But aside from that, it was a good and fun night and I enjoyed it.

And there you go. That’s it for me today. Catch you on the flip side.


A Pre-Royal Rumble Rumble? Hmmmmmm!

I was sitting here thinking about WWE Monday Night RAW for tomorrow night. It’s “Old School RAW” and will be a night filled with older stars and lots of nostalgia. It’s a big night for the WWE. And then, in just a few weeks, from Pittsburgh, PA, it’s the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, featuring thirty WWE Superstars looking for that shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX. Both are big events, but I think that I’ve found a way to make the “Old School RAW” just a little better while hyping the Rumble and helping to promote that show at the same time. Hear me out.

The whole thing about “Old School RAW” is the nostalgia factor. Everyone loves to see the old stars come back for a night and to have a chance to remember the “good old days” of the WWE and pro wrestling before it was “sports entertainment” crap. It’s a big night for the older fans and usually does well in the ratings. Well, how about this to fill out one of the hours, help lure the old school fans back, and promote the Rumble all at the same time. A “Legends Rumble” for the old school RAW two weeks before the actual Rumble.

Here’s how it works. We have twenty former WWE stars, legends, and other guys who are not a part of the WWE Universe compete in a Royal Rumble match. The winner gets a spot at #30 in the real Royal Rumble at the pay-per-view. This would be a chance to use Hall of Famers that can still work, former superstars who still compete, but are not “big enough” to really get a chance as surprises for the real show, and a big name or two that will just drive everyone crazy and get the fans talking and speculating. We would still have two or three “surprises” at the actual Rumble, since the WWE has so many big names to choose from for those spots, but this would be a chance to give a few mid-card guys and old-timers who can still go a chance for the spotlight one more time, competing for a spot at the big show, plus possibly for a few of them, getting a chance to show WWE management and the fans that maybe they deserve an opportunity to pull a “Goldust” and come back to the company.

It’s just an idea, but it would be good for ratings, good for bringing back some of the old-school fans who might not regularly watch wrestling anymore, and would promote the Royal Rumble event by giving the fans a preview of what to expect, but with legends instead of the current WWE superstars. So what do you think? Would it work? Would it be a fiasco? Should I quit having ideas and fantasy booking? Comments are welcome.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: January 2, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: January 2, 2014

It’s the first edition of “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction” for the year of 2014. A few changes here though. As per usual, the first eight questions have been borrowed from 411mania.com/wrestling. The last four questions are from me. And there are three “bonus questions” at the end as well… just because I can. Now, let’s just jump right in and get it done.

1. The Randy Orton vs. John Cena rematch at the Royal Rumble has you excited for the show.

FICTION: I’m excited for the show anyhow because it’s the Royal Rumble. Cena versus Orton will be a good match and all that, but I’m honestly tired of both of those men and the thought of another match does nothing for me.

2. AJ Styles appearing on an ROH TV taping sends a bad message for a potential TNA return.

FACT: It’s just another nail in the coffin for the AJ Styles / TNA relationship.

3. You would rather see Undertaker vs. John Cena over Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

FACT: Absolutely, because it would be a good match, it makes sense, and it would keep Cena away from any title scenarios.

4. You were shocked when Jeff Jarrett announced his departure from TNA Wrestling.

FACT: This is like Vince leaving the WWE. TNA was founded by Jarrett and friends and when he’s given up on the product, the end must really be near.

5. Constantly bringing back so many part time performers at WrestleMania over the last few years is part of the reason that many of the WWE’s current roster members are not considered to be “draws” or “bankable stars”.

FICTION: They’re not draws or bankable because of stupid storylines, bad booking and failure to connect with the audience, largely because of their scripted promos and fear of punishment if they happen to get over (see Zack Ryder). Part time stars bring in the audience. It’s up to the current stars and the WWE powers-that-be to keep that audience coming back.

6. AJ Styles and Chris Hero working several dates for ROH in 2014 makes you more interested in the promotion.

FICTION: I like AJ and I like Chris Hero, but I just don’t have any attraction to ROH. I can catch the AJ / Hero matches on YouTube. ROH just doesn’t float my boat though.

7. Goldust’s WWE run has been the best feel good story in wrestling for 2013.

FACT: Great to see him back in the WWE and doing so well. It’s a great story and I agree with this statement.

8. If what Jim Cornette says is true ROH will never truly improve under the ownership of Sinclair Broadcasting.

FACT: Cornette is a smart man and when it comes to wrestling, people should take note. ‘Nuff said!

9. Hulk Hogan should be in a match at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: Hogan should be AT Wrestlemania XXX. That’s a given, but there’s no way that he should be stepping into a ring and trying to wrestle. The best scenario I can think of is have Hogan there as the special guest of Roddy Piper, in a Wrestlemania XXX edition of “Piper’s Pit”. Hogan and Piper exchange comments and rejoice in the spotlight for a moment and then have the Real American’s come down and cause a disruption. Hogan and Piper clear the ring and the fans are happy. Real American’s get some major heel heat and the rub from the two legends. And we don’t have to see Hogan (or Piper) attempt to wrestle. Works for me.

10. You are excited about the possibility of a Brock Lesnar / Mark Henry feud.

FACT: Brock may have dominated Mark on this past Monday night, but I’d like to see Mark come back for some revenge. Could be a fun series of matches to watch.

11. Daniel Bryan “joining” the Wyatt family is a good move.

FACT: It keeps the storyline moving along and it makes the fans wonder what happens next. If the WWE creative doesn’t fuck it up, it could make for some very interesting moments over the next few months.

12. You’re looking forward to the “Old School RAW” coming up on Monday night.

FACT: Yeppers. I’m a big nostalgia buff and am anxious to see what happens. Old school is my school… lol.

Bonus Questions:

If you could pick, right now, five possible names to make “surprise appearances” at the Royal Rumble ppv, who would you pick?

Right now, my picks would be Jeff Jarrett, Jake Roberts, The Sandman, Matt Hardy and The Disco Inferno.

Vince wants to have a twelve-diva tag match at Wrestlemania XXX with the current WWE Divas facing six former Divas. Who would you have in this match?

It would be current Divas AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, Natayla, Kaitlyn and Layla versus Lita, Ivory, Victoria, Maria, Molly Holly and Kharma.

Vince calls and tells you to put together the card for Wrestlemania XXX. You have ten minutes to decide who wrestles who. What would your card look like?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus CM Punk versus Alberto Del Rio
The Streak versus Career: The Undertaker versus John Cena
United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) versus Mark Henry
Intercontinental Championship: Big E. Langston (c) versus Ryback w/ Curtis Axel
Tag Team Championship (Four Corners): The Rhodes Brothers (c) versus The Real Americans versus The Usos versus Christian & The Miz
Six Man Tag: The Shield versus The Wyatt Family
Teacher versus Student: Daniel Bryan w/ William Regal versus HBK w/ HHH
Brock Lesnar versus Batista
Divas Championship (Six Pack Challenge): AJ Lee (c) versus Natayla versus The Bella Twins versus Tamina Snuka versus Layla El
The Rock versus Chris Jericho
Fandango w/ Summer Rae versus
Piper’s Pit: Roddy Piper with special guest: Hulk Hogan

And there you go. I’m out of here. Until the next time…