Notes To Myself – January 15, 2018

Notes To Myself
January 15, 2018

Good morning and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yay! That means I have the day off as we pay homage to one of the greatest Civil Rights leaders of all time. Yeah, he wasn’t perfect, but he was the right person doing the right thing at the time and we are all better off for his efforts. Treating people differently because of something like skin color is just plain stupid and people who judge others based on the color of skin are stupid idiots. ‘Nuff said. The way people act towards others and behave, both in public and private, is reason enough to judge and critique. That stuff matters, but skin color and race? It’s just the cover of the human book. It’s the contents and what’s inside that matters.

I wonder though what King would think of how the world is today, with people taking his dream and his hard work and warping it to such crazy proportions. Would he agree with Black Lives Matter and their militant agendas? Would he shake the hand of his former associates like Jesse Jackson or John Conyers (D-SC) and their antics or the behaviour of people like Maxine Walters or race-baiter and habitual con-cartist / criminal Al Sharpton or be disgusted and shake his head in amazement and shame? I don’t think he’d be happy at the way things are today. Not at all. And a large amount of the blame can be placed at the feet of the former President of the United States, the first “black President”, although Bill Clinton also claims that distinction in the eyes of some people. Obama and his rhetoric and playing the race card sent race relations in this country back almost twenty years and I don’t see things getting any better any time soon.

But enough of this. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day so enjoy the day off from work and go spend time with your family and friends and have a great day. And while your at it, take a few minutes and remember what King stood for and the good intentions he had. All men are created equal and should be judged by their actions and behavior rather than the color of their skin. Racism is stupid. Racists are stupid. And I’m going blank on where I was headed with this, but I think I’ve aleady said everything that needs to be said on this topic for now. Now, on with the column before I run out of time.

This is called “Notes To Myself” and what it is, literally, is a listing of several notes that I’ve written to myself about great ideas or topics that I would like to write about for the site, but just haven’t gotten around to for some reason, mainly lack of time. So I write these notes to myself whenever an idea hits and then I stack them on my desk, next to the computer and for the most part, that’s as far as they go. But in this particular piece, maybe once or twice a month, I’ll go through my lists and notes and talk briefly about them here. That way, even if I never actually do the full and drawn out piece for each topic that I wanted to do originally, I’ve still kind of, sort of covered the topic here at the site. It’s not a perfect system and it’s a work in progress, but I’ll take what I can get. And it also helps me clean some of the clutter off my desk so there’s that part of it too, definitely a good thing. So, let’s do this…

Notes To Myself…

The first “note” says Medicine and side-effects. This comes from a conversation I had with my co-worker about how they have these “miracle medicines” on television and do the advertising for these wonder drugs, but then when they start listing the possible side-effects, they’re worse than the actual disease or issue the drug is supposed to cure. It’s like, this pill cures heartburn,but will make you break out in hives, lose your hair and want to commit mass genocide. Or this one cures depression, but will cause liver failure. Just crazy stuff to be sure. I’ll save this one because it will make a great, long form piece of literary magic one day.

Why do women slap themselves on the top of the head? This is a black woman thing, but I’ve seen it so many times. A woman was in the store this past weekend and was patting herself on the head, smack after smack after smack, it looked like she was playing bongo drums. And it wasn’t light little smacks either. It was hardcore pounding and bee-bopping. What the hell? I know it’s supposed to help with itching and what nots, but it looks crazy and messed up. Would someone please explain to me why the women do it? Why use a hair product or wear a wig or anything that requires you to beat yourself in the skull to make it bearable? I don’t get it.

This note I wrote was an idea about placing ads on MeetMe, Craigslist, and a few other social media / dating sites about trying to find a good man for me to start dating and maybe go out with. Then I would blog about my experiences, the responses to the ads, etc. I’m tired of being alone all the time and single and I figured that this would be a way to meet new guys as well as have something to blog about. But then I realized something. Meeting people would involve actually “meeting new people” and being sociable and coming out of the house at times and actually interacting with people. Dougie don’t do that so the idea is shelved for now. I still need a good man in my life, but I’ll hold off on this particular experiment and option.

The song “Glory Days” came on the radio and I wrote myself a note that maybe I could do a blog about my own personal “glory days”. It might happen one day or it might not. The good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems. Yes, I did just steal a line from a Billy Joel song. After all, I’m “keeping the faith” here. Songs on the radio are always sparking ideas in my warped little mind. Only a few ever actually see the light of day though.

And I’m quitting here. Only one actual “note to myself” has been eliminated from the stack, but between my phone constantly going off, being interrupted by family members asking about people I don’t know and subjects I could care less about and a few other things, I’ve run out of time for myself. I have to go pick up for the Food Bank at Food Lion now and run a few other errands and while it shouldn’t take long, I know better. The world is conspiring against me and no one wants me to write or so it seems. I’m glad I don’t depend upon my writing to make a living and pay my bills because no one will leave me alone and in peace long enough to actually get anything actually written. I guess I need to move my computer to an isolated place, throw away or turn off my phone and just vanish first if I ever actually want to be able to write without interruptions. It sure as hell isn’t going to happen around here.

Okay, I know I’m whining and getting bitchy. I was almost in the zone and in the mood to be creative, but it’s gone now. They killed it. I’ll just call my creative efforts “Kenny” from here on in cause, “OMG! You Killed Kenny! You Bastards!”. I’ll probably be back this afternoon or tonight to try to do a “Notes To Myself”, Part II. Thanks for reading thus far though. Any comments, thoughts, ideas for future pieces here at the site, dirty jokes or anything really, please give me feedback and let me know, either with the comment button or at my personal e-mail, I’m out of here for now. Take care and stay safe.



Wrestling Fact or Fiction – January 14, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
January14, 2018

Happy Sunday morning to each and every one of you. It’s far too early to be awake and out of bed, especially on a rare day off from both jobs, but here I am, sitting at my computer, wiping the sleep from my eyes and contemplating what to have for breakfast. Should I fix spaghetti or cook a TV dinner? The life of a single man. Gotta love it!

But while I decide that, I’ll also prove to the world that I can multitask with the best of them and do that Sunday thing with the Fact or Fiction column, wrestling style. The statements and questions come from my good friends over at And the rest is just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

1. Neville Will Not Return to WWE in 2018.

FICTION: He’s still under contract to the WWE and they haven’t gone out of their way to bury him yet so there is still hope that he and the WWE powers that be will reach an agreement and Neville will rightfully return to his spot on top of the 205 Live Universe, challenging Enzo and helping to keep that division rolling alone. While there is money to be made outside the WWE, Neville is NOT Cody Rhodes and while he would have some success I’m sure, it won’t be at the level he’s probably hoping for. Neville is best for now to remain with WWE and I think he’ll realize that before all is said and done.

2. What is your excitement level for WWE Mixed Match Challenge?

Maybe a “5” right now. It’s an interesting concept and I love tournaments so it’s growing on me as time goes on. I probably won’t watch it on Facebook because time is limited for me as it is so I’ll just have to depend upon the wrestling media for results and then catch the matches when I can, but it sounds as if it could really be fun to see.

3. Daniel Bryan will not return to the ring for WWE.

FICTION: All of this stuff with Shane has to be leading somewhere and WWE will need to have an eventual payoff that will most likely involve Bryan back inside that ring. WWE let Kurt Angle get back into the ring several times this past year and we all know his medical history with the neck injuries. They also let Bret Hart “wrestle” Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania a few years ago and that was after Bret had suffered career ending injuries and a stroke so if they don’t allow Bryan, if he continues to pass all their medical exams and requirements, the same opportunity, it makes the WWE look like total hypocrites. Damiel wants to wrestle and when his contract expires, if they don’t give in, he’s gone from the WWE and then, nobody wins. Use a lot of smoke and mirrors and allow Bryan to wrestle a “safe match” (no head shots, safe worker) with a lot of smoke & mirrors if need be, but he’s going to end up back in the ring eventually. Best to be as part of the WWE where he can be protected from himself and give the fans what they want than anywhere else. I think it will happen.

4. Who is your pick, as of today, to win the men’s Royal Rumble?

I don’t think it will be Roman since he’s already penciled in to wrestle Brock, as we keep hearing and has no need to win it. John Cena is a possibility, but I don’t think the fans of 2018 would buy that ending and we keep hearing rumors that (hopefully) Cena will challenge Undertaker to one final match at Wrestlemania. That takes both of them out of the title scene. Shinsuke Nakamura is a strong favorite and against AJ Styles, would tear the house down at Wrestlemania, but I’m just not into that right now. How about Dolph Ziggler, making a surprise return and sneaking in? Nah, that would be too good. Is Kevin Owens even in the match or is he just wrestling AJ that night? It’s getting hard to make a choice here. I’ll just go with Bobby Roode here. After all, that would be “glorious”.

5. Dolph Ziggler will return at or shortly after the Royal Rumble, challenging the winner of the US Title tournament, leading to a WrestleMania match to crown the “real US champion.”

FACT: I don’t think he’ll be back at the Rumble, but maybe on Smackdown Live the following Tuesday or maybe a few weeks later down the road. But what the hell, this sounds like a plan and then we can have Shawn / Razor 2.0. Works for me.

6. Who is your pick, as of today, to win the women’s Royal Rumble?

It won’t be Charlotte or Alexa since they’ll be busy defending their titles at the Rumble and waiting to see who the winner will be. Asuka is the most logical choice, but that sounds way too easy and obvious, even for WWE. I think we might see Ronda Rousey make an appearance and cause Asuka to be eliminated, thus setting up a Ronda / Asuka match at Wrestlemania. That would be awesome to see. So no Asuka or Ronda. I predicted Paige the last time I did this question, but unfortunately, injuries are forcing heer to retire and she’s out of the picture as well. It won’t be Sasha because, rightfully or not, I think she’s going to suffer some de-pushing for a while due to her role in the Paige injury. I’ll go with Mickie James to win. Why the heck not. She’s a former 6-time Divas Champion and a match for the title against Alexa or Charlotte for the belts would give her a chance to tie Trish Stratus’s record 7 Women’s titles. That’s a story there that the fans can get into and what the hell, Mickie deserves the opportunity. So Mickie James is my pick to win.

And there you go. That’s all for now. Time now to go shower and find some grub. I’m hungry. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. And until the next time, take care and stay warm. It’s cold outside. Catch you later.


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Wrestling Q&A – January 5, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
January 5, 2017

Blasting in my ears right now, via a set of cheap earphones and YouTube, is the Village People “Live And Sleazy!”. Say what you will about the characters and images that the Village People presented as their gimmick. These bitches can freakin’ sing! The music is good. I’d love to get together with a few of my friends and create a cover-band that pays tribute to these amazing talents. The only problem is that I’m fat and can’t sing or dance. I can do the innuendo and gay stuff really well though. If anyone is interested in getting together with me and doing some kind of Village People tribute, let me know and we’ll talk and figure something out. I’m serious, my Peeps. And now, the reason we’re all here tonight.

We all love pro wrestling, right? And I’ve come across a few questions from my Facebook timeline, mainly from the Kult Of Kayfabe (the KoK), but also from the Crockett Facebook group and a few other places as well. And since I fancy myself an “internet wrestling journalist”, whatever the hell that is, and a legit smark on all things wrestling, it”s time to give these questions some answers. After all, that’s one of the things I do, right? Yes, it is and so that is what we shall do, right now. Let’s do this…

What did you think of Jeff Jarrett as a World Champion?
Did he deserve any of his reigns?

Honestly, I didn’t really see Jarrett as World Champion material, but he kind of grew on me and considering who the other top dogs of WCW were at the time, like Nash, Scott Steiner, DDP, Booker, Bret, Sid, Goldberg, etc., Jarrett wasn’t really all that bad a choice. I sure as hell didn’t want Hogan or Flair to be the head guy in WCW and I was not a fan of guys like those I mentioned earlier, for different reasons, so by process of elimination, he was the right person at the right time to be champion.

So first MITB, First Hell in a cell, now First Royal Rumble…. could the return of the women’s tag belts be next?

If the WWE only had one “brand” and all of the women were part of that brand, tag team titles would be a possible idea to work on, but as it is now, with roughly only 10 or so women on each brand, there really aren’t enough women to justify tag team titles. Maybe at some point, but not now.

Paul Jones’ Army versus The Dungeon of Doom. Who wins?

Jim Cornette was asked this question and spent about ten minutes talking about the pros and cons of this battle and who he thought would win. Jones’ Army was big for the NWA and Crockett and had some interesting characters such as Mighty Wilbur, Baron Von Raschke, Tejho Kahn, Ivan Koloff, The Powers of Pain, Shaska Whatley and a few others who I’ve probably forgotten. For a territory, they were what they were, a chance to give Paul Jones a job with the company and give Jimmy Valiant someone to feud with for over five years. The Dungeon of Doom was formed by Kevin Sullivan and had Jimmy Hart, The Giant, The Shark (John Tenta), Zodiac, Hugh Morrus and so many others. They were formed to destroy Hulk Hogan and ended up at war with the Horsemen for a bit. I don’t care who Paul Jones and his Army brings to the fight. Sullivan has The Giant. The Dungeon wins.

With 22 women on the main roster and 2 of them being champions, only 20 can fill up the RR. So the question that remains is who will fill up the remainder? My guess is mostly Mae Young Classic competitors with a few NXT wrestlers and either 1 to 3 surprise legends or returns. What do y’all think?

There are roughly ten spots to fill in the Rumble after all the WWE main roster women are brought out. I’d go with a few NXT standouts like Ember Moon, Billie Kaye and Kairi Sane. So far as “legends and surprises”, I’d get Trish obviously. Maybe Kharma to have a “GLOW” connection and I’d have Victoria and Jackie Moore since they both still wrestle on occasion and would be in great shape and ready to go. That leaves three spots, right? One for one of the Bellas (probably Brie), Tessa Blanchard (she was backstage at Smackdown this past Tuesday night) and the final spot? Ronda Rousey. And there you go.

Who was the most over tag team in jcp? Thoughts.

Ole and Gene, The Anderson Brothers. They set the bar and standard for tag team wrestling in the NWA / Crockett and everyone else just tried to keep up. ‘Nuff said!

New PPV Ideas Anyone?

I think an annual special event, like “Slamboree” was for WCW, with legends, older stars and wrestlers and personalities from years gone by making up all the matches and participants would be a great thing for WWE to consider, especially since they have The Network to showcase the event on and it could easily be made as a part of the SummerSlam or Wrestlemania package, or better yet, as a part of something like the Survivor Series. Book a place like the Barclay Center and run five nights straight, with the Legends Show on Friday, NXT Takeover on Saturday, The Survivor Series on Sunday, RAW on Monday and Smackdown on Tuesday. It could be a big part of something huge and help make the Survivor Series as big as the other shows.

What do you think are the chances of WWE signing James Storm, given his age and that he turned down WWE in 2015?

Storm parted ways with HHH on good terms in 2015 and was told he will always be welcome to come back if he wanted. Storm may not be a spring chicken, but he still has a few good years left on him and could have a good five – six year run with the WWE if that’s the way he wants to do it. I think if Storm wants to come to the WWE, they will not hesitate in the slightest to sign him.

And that’s all for now. I’m feeling a little “sleazy” so it’s time to give up on the wrestling stuff and go talk dirty to some young twenty-somethings on Meet Me. I really do need to find a boyfriend. *sighs* Thanks for reading. Any comments, questions, thoughts or feedback at all is welcome and appreciated. I’m out of here. Have a great one and stay warm. It’s cold outside. Take it easy.


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New Year – New Me: Resolutions For 2018

New Year – New Me:
Resolutions For 2018
January 1, 2018

Good morning and welcome to 2018, a brand new year and a brand new beginning, not only for, my site, but for the man himself, aka “Me!”. Don’t you hate that, how people always start off the new year with all sorts of promises and proclamations about this and that and how since the last number for the date has changed, all of a sudden it’s a new start and they’re a different person and blah, blah, blah! I hate it too. Well, hate is a strong word, but it does get kind of annoying. I would never, never, ever do that.

Or would I?

Since I have a little time to kill before I head out to do my volunteer stuff, I realized that this would be a great time to see how hypocritical I can be and make a few New Year resolutions. It’s the start of a new life, a new beginning, etc. Hell, it’s just stuff that I know I need to change and be better with, but for whatever reason, mainly my procrastination, mixed with my anxieties and fear of all things new and different, keep me from doing. Maybe a little laziness too, but I’m not admitting to that part of it. I don’t have time to be lazy. I need a freakin’ nap.

So with all of that in mind, what I think I’m going to do here is list a few changes that I’d like to make in my life and maybe, just maybe (naughty girls need love too!) – Sorry, I just had a Samantha Fox flashback moment. I had her poster on my bedroom wall. I’m gay. That tells you just how hot she was back in the day. Not quite George Michael, during his WHAM! days, but still, she was a looker. Now, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, I’m going to list a few resolutions for the new year, the year of our God, 2018. Some are serious. Some are not. Some, I shall strive and work hard to achieve and accomplish. Some, I shall blow off, something I’ve been told I’m quite accomplished at, and within the next forty-eight hours, they shall be naught but a faded memory. That sounds really bad, doesn’t it? I’m going to keep all of these and accomplish each and every one of these in the following year. I am determined. I am proud. I am woman – hear me roar! Hmmmm… forget about that last one. I’m all man and proud of it. Ask your ex-boyfriend. He knows.

And to put some controls in place and to keep this from being all over the place (too late), I’m going with a tried and true established format. We’re talking “Shades of David Letterman” Top Ten style. Yes, a “Top Ten List!”. And you probably thought I was going to go with doing the Dougie, didn’t you? Nah, despite the name, I’m far more of an “Electric Slide” type of guy. Let’s do this and to really make it true and original…

From the home office in New Haven, CT…

Top Ten Dougie Resolutions For 2018…

10. Finish the stories I have started writing and are sitting alone and neglected on my computer. The Avengers, Dr. Druid, The characters from Dark Shadows, the covert group known as the new “Freedom Force”, Cloak and Dagger and so many more, will be highly appreciative. They want their stories told and I need to finish up and do it.

9. Lose weight. This is one that everyone has and I’m not an exception. I’m not too bad right now, running about 230, but I need to get rid of this belly. Hell, a few years ago, I was up to 338 lbs and thanks to the miracle of diabetes, I lost most of that. I’m not quite an elder version of Taylor Lautner yet (yum), but I’m trying. I want to lose and I’ll work on that, but so long as I don’t gain, I won’t complain either.

8. Find someone to love. Sex is easy, especially with stuff like Meet Me and other social media, but I don’t care about sex. I want someone to trust, respect, be with, hold, talk to and to fill the emptiness and major void that is in my heart. I hate being alone, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to settle. I’ve done enough of that over the years and when I look back, oh vey! I’ve met some amazing people and have some great stories I could tell, but that’s not what I need or want. I’m too old for that kind of crap. Somewhere out there, be it man or woman (but preferably man), my soul mate is waiting. And this year, I’m going to find him.

7. Clean my room. It’s not dirty per say, but a little “lived in” and messy, yes, it is. I have books everywhere and other items I’ve picked up over the years and well, my pack-rat nature is taking up a lot of space. I need to just go in there, box up the books and donate them to Habitat, put my old notebooks and magazines in the attic (or the spare bedroom) and turn my room into a bedroom again. I also need to clean out my desk, but I think that just setting it on fire might work better.

6. Get out of the house & socialize. If it was up to me, I probably would never leave the house at all, except to work and maybe go grocery shopping when the food supplies get low. It’s not that I don’t like people, but my anxieties get all worked up at the very idea of having to talk to people, make conversation, be sociable, etc. Now I understand why I used to drink so much. It was my crutch and made interaction with others easier and enjoyable. Now I just go in there, exposed and raw, for everyone to see and it’s scary. Some people can do it. I get anxious going to get the mail or trying to order a pizza over the phone. But I used to have friends. I used to be very sociable and part of the group. I was always doing something and was on the go. I was happy. I need to be happy again and staying here in the house, hiding from the world isn’t going to do it. I need to get out more and just be me. And I will.

5. Write the “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” column again. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a full column. It’s been a while. I’ve gotten spoiled by doing the site here, with either shorter wrestling pieces, aka the “Fact or Fiction” or the “Q&A’s”, but I haven’t been focused on a long, real and insightful wrestling column in quite a while. You should always dance the the one who brought you to the dance and for me, it was pro wrestling and “Tossing Salt”. I’ve been neglectful and distracted. I need to change that.

4. Take better care of myself. Now that I finally have insurance, I’ve already taken the first steps with regular Doctor appointments and treatment for my diabetes, as well as medication for my cholesterol and blood pressure. The next steps are getting my eyes fixed and the dentist. I plan on being around for a long, long time to come and I need to be in peak condition if I’m going to be here, right? So I’m working on that.

3. Start returning phone calls and text messages promptly. I am the world’s worst about this and it’s not because I don’t want to talk to anyone because I actually do, but the thought of speaking on the phone, even to someone that I love and respect and enjoy talking to, just puts my nerves into a frenzy. Once we start talking, I’m okay, but the build plays havoc with my mind. And then, if I’ve delayed a call or returning a message already, there is that anxiety that adds on to the original anxiety and the delay and procrastination just gets longer and stronger. I’m better than this though and the people who reach out to me deserve better than this.

2. Go to a concert / live wrestling show. I started thinking about it and I love live music. I love live wrestling events. And it’s been far too long since I’ve attended or been to either. That will change this year. Even if it’s just a local Indy wrestling show (Hey Kipper… that’s a hint, my friend) or someone singing over at St. Andrews University… or even the Elvis impersonater that performs each week at Captain Larry’s… it doesn’t matter. I need to start getting out again and events like these will be a great way to start.

1. Be happy. Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, I am tired of being sad and depressed and all funky like a monkey. I’m Dougie and this is my world. It’s going to be a good and happy place for me, my brother, my friends and whoever else wants to tag along for the ride. I used to be “the Man!”. I will be “the Man” again. And 2018, it’s a great time to start. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. My resolutions for the upcoming 525, 600 minutes of my life. I might not accomplish them all, but at least I’m going to give it a try. And what more can one ask for, right?

And with that, I’m closing this up and putting baby to bed. Time to head out and do that “Food Lion” thing I do each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and any suggestions about ways to make this life a better one are welcome and appreciated. And I will reply. Until the next time, stay warm and safe. I’ll catch you later. Happy New Year!


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Notes To Myself II – December 24, 2017

Notes To Myself II
December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends. I’m waiting for a phone call right now so I can go chill for a little while with my bo and the Mini-Me, but what oh what shall I do while I wait? How about a little random writing stuff. I did this last week for Day 11 of the “12 (Dougie) Days of Christmas” blog series and it was kind of fun so I’m going to do it again. Hey, I have to get this stuff cleared from my desk some how, right? Let’s copy and paste my intro from the earlier piece and then I’ll get busy.

As anyone who knows me well knows, I am constantly writing things down, either in a notebook or on scraps of paper. It’ll either be notes or lists so I won’t forget to do something or pick up something from the store since my memory is terrible or else it’ll be an idea that I had for something to write about for the site. And I have got a huge stack of papers and notes that I’ve written, mainly at work, for ideas and future projects for my blog. Isn’t it crazy how the best ideas come when you can’t do anything about them or act on them. That’s the way it works though and so I scribble down my idea and put it to the side to be acted on later, hence they are my “notes to myself”. What I’m going to do now is run down a few of these ideas, do a quick comment or two, and move on. Thus, they have been “acted upon” and can be thrown away, thus clearing off my desk for a bit and also, it gives me content for this which I am currently writing. Does that sound like a plan or what? Let’s do it…

Notes to Myself II…

Bert is evil. This is the Bert of “Bert and Ernie” fame from the streets of Sesame. No big secret here. Anyone who collects bottle caps has to be an evil, vile, disgusting and corrupted soul. I know. When I was a kid, I collected bottle caps. ‘Nuff said!

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem was a great radio show. It’s still good to listen to onYouTube or on the radio, still in syndication, even though Casey is no longer with us. He was also the original voice of Shaggy of Scooby Doo fame too. A legendary performer and radio personality.

An indian dude was in the store on the day I wrote this particular note to myself. He was freeballing, big time. Damn, he was hot. Don’t know what freeballing is? Look it up. And if you’re a cute guy and decide that you want to do it, send me a pic. This is strictly for research purposes of course. I’m going to do a future blog one day on freeballing and I need to do research. Lots and lots of it.

The Pina Colada Song. I did the blog about this last week. I would be so pissed off.

Why do all the characters on Peppa Pig fall down like they’re having a seizure when they do that big family laugh thing. That creeps me out.

Could you imagine Mr. Roger’s having a show, as he did, in today’s world. I think it might be slightly different than the show we all remember and loved.

When I wrote this particular note, it was the Monday before Thanksgiving. A woman came into the store, all decked out, wearing a big old sweater that said, “Happy Holidays”. This was before Thanksgiving. I thought it was just odd.

Here’s an idea for writing the “Perils of Being A Writer”. I think I’ll hold on to this one. It sounds like it could make a fun topic to write about and I can already feel the sarcastic comments forming in my mind.

Here’s a note to go online and look for UNC and Duke Christmas tree figurines and ornaments. One of the guys I work with brought a small NC State Santa to hang up in his work area for the holidays and it’s pretty cool. I was thinking about trying to find the same kind of figurines to represent the teams that the rest us like to even things out. I looked for them online, but they cost more than my cheap ass was willing to spend. Maybe next year.

Here’s a note that says, “Forget the Doctor. If It aches, put some fatback on it!”. Why did I write that down?

Here’s a note to talk about Christmas trees and two of the trees that I had in my earlier years. A real-life “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree and a tree when I lived at Briarwood Apts, now known as Blue Farm Estates, that was decorated in Natural Light Beer Cans, tinsel and fake snow. It was aweome and I did this blog as part of the “12 (Dougie) Days of Christmas” series. Go check it out.

The chip reader on our credit card machines at work… they work.

Here’s a note about doing the “12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas” blog series. I did.

My dream house. It would be moderately sized, but lots of privacy, some woods and be located in Maine. I want Collinwood. Yeah, that’ll work.

Here’s an idea about doing a blog about coming out of the closet. I did it over thirty years ago. The idea for the blog is how it was then compared to how it would be now. I might do this one at some point. I’ll save this note.

How can someone come up and ask for money, panhandling, and saying that they haven’t eaten and don’t have any food, but were in the ABC store, where I work, buying liquor less than an hour before. Only the Cinnerator Gang and only in Laurinburg. They’re a freakin’ mess and that’s putting it nicely.

Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise a kid. In fact, it’s cold as hell.

And that’s all for now. I just got the text I was waiting for and need to head out for a little while. Family stuff, don’t you know and I’d better hurry before someone decides to go spend the night with the person who thinks that Bears Don’t Disco. He likes her better than me. It makes me a sad Panda. So anyhow, thanks for reading and please, have a safe and very Merry Christmas. Until the next time, take care and stay sexy.


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One On One Triple Threat: AWA vs WCW vs ECW…

One On One: Triple Threat
AWA versus WCW versus ECW
December 20, 2017

Way back before Vince McMahon the WWF / WWE won the “Monday Night Wars” and gained dominance over the wrestling landscape, there were several other groups and companies who were recognized as top companies in the United States and around the world. They were as big and powerful as it could be at the time and controlled their own spot and place within the world of wrestling. In the Northeast, operating out of Philly, was the land of extreme, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), controlled by Paul Heyman. Down south in Atlanta, we had the Turner / Time Warner owned World Championship Wrestling (WCW). And up in the Great Lakes area, it was the American Wrestling Association, controlled by the legendary Verne Gagne. Three great companies, all different, but all leaving a mark and a legacy that is beyond reproach in the Annuls of Professional Wrestling.

So what I’m doing here is taking a look at the last ten men to hold World Champion status for each group. And with a little fantasy booking, I’m going to book ten triple-threat matches where it’s AWA versus ECW versus WCW and based on my memory and knowledge of each of the men involved, try to decide who would win in each encounter. Pretty simple, right. So stand back as we get the best of the best of the AWA, WCW and ECW, as the final ten from each group face each other in the ring, my ring, and go “One On One”.

One On One – AWA versus ECW versus WCW – Triple Threat Rules…

Representing the AWA are the last ten men to hold that legendary championship, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko, Mr. Saito, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Curt Hennig, Nick Bockwinkel, “The Lariat” Stan Hansen, Rick Martel, Jumbo Tsuruta, Otto Wanz and Verne Gagne.

Representing the Land of Extreme, ECW, we have Rhyno, The Sandman, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, Mike Awesome, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow.

And finally, representing World Championship Wrestling are the last 8 men (and two non-wrestlers) who last held the title when it was truly part of WCW: Booker T, Scott Steiner, Vince Russo, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, David Arquette, Diamond Dallas Page, Sid Vicious and “The Crippler” Chris Benoit.

I’ll draw a name from each group, one at a time to make the matches. The selections will be random. And here are the matches and who I think will win each one as we find out who was the best non-WWF company of all time. Will it be the AWA, WCW or ECW? Most matches won by a company makes the winner. Let’s get busy and do this…

The Matches. Triple Threat Rules – No DQ or Count-Out. First wrestler to score a pin or submission wins…

Nick Bockwinkel versus Jerry Lynn versus Vince Russo

Russo wouldn’t even be a factor here and I think Bockwinkel and Lynn would take turns tormenting Russo before tossing him to the floor and out of the way. Then the real wrestling would start. Few men were smoother and better at chain wrestling than Bockwinkel. Jerry Lynn though is one who could match Nick move for move and a match with these two would be the proverbial wrestling clinic for fans of all ages. Jerry is faster and better with flying around, but Bockwinkel would keep control and be able to stop Jerry before he gets going too well. I think in the end, Nick would side-step a dropkick, causing Jerry to crash and burn. A roll-up with a handful of tights and Bockwinkel gets the pin.

Winner: Nick Bockwinkel (AWA)

Jerry Lawler versus Taz versus Diamond Dallas Page

Can you find three more obnoxious people to perform in that ring or three more diverse folks? Jerry is a brawler from the start and would be throwing fist after fist. Taz is the human submission machine and was taking people on tours of Suplex City long before Brock ever found the place for the first time on the map. And DDP, he just wants people to feel the bang. Another good match with three very unique people. I think Page would catch Lawler with the Diamond Cutter from out of nowhere and score the pin to take home the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page (WCW)

Stan Hansen versus Steve Corino versus Scott Steiner

Steve Corino is a very talented and exciting wrestler, but matched up against two powerhouse brutes like these two men, I think he’d be way outmatched and out of his league. Steiner is a great wrestler, but by the time he started winning World titles, he was mostly power moves and brute strength. Against most people, that would be fine. Hansen can wrestle, but why bother? He’s just power and brute force personified. I think this match would end when Hansen knocks Steiner to the floor and then turns around and levels Corino with the lariat to knock the man out and collect the pinfall.

Winner: Stan “The Lariat” Hansen (AWA)

Larry Zbyszko verus Justin Credible versus Jeff Jarrett

For me personally, this would be a dream match on many levels. I like Jarrett and I like Zbyszko, especially in his heel days as the AWA Champion. Justin is a helluva performer in his own right and way under-rated, but I think he’s here just to take the fall. I think that this match would be a brawl with mostly Jarrett fighting Credible with Larry getting in the cheap shots from outside the ring, avoiding the action when he can. Finally, we see Jarrett with the guitar shot and he lays out Credible. Larry in, but Jeff catches him and has him cornered. From out of nowhere, here is the Ninja Go and he’s in the ring. Jarrett levels Go with the guitar and turns into a spinnng kick by Zbyszko. Larry with the sleeper to get the win.

Winner: Larry Zbyszko (AWA)

Mr. Saito versus Bam Bam Bigelow versus Booker T

Three powerful veterans from three eras going at it. I think Saito and his martial arts would confuse Booker and allow Saito to take an early advantage. Bigelow, who spent lots of time in Japan, waits for his spot and manages to level Saito and knock him from the ring. Booker goes for the Harlem Hangover, but Bigelow uses his power to catch Booker and plant him with a running power slam to get the pin.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow (ECW)

Verne Gagne versus Kevin Nash versus Rhyno

Nash has the size and power. Verne is the old-school technician and mat wrestler. And Rhyno is somewhere in between. Nash would use his size to try and overpower Verne, but Verne would take the legs out and keep Kevin on the mat to keep the advantage and keep Nash tied up. Rhyno would be in there, taking shots, but would be the odd man out in this match until the end. Verne would have Nash in the sleeper and out on his feet. Rhyno from out of nowhere with a big gore that takes out both men and sends them sprawling across the mat. Rhyno covers Verne and gets the pin.

Winner: Rhyno (ECW)

Curt Hennig versus Mike Awesome versus David Arquette

As with Russo earlier, Arquette gets taken out early by Awesome and a powerbomb. Hennig moves in before Awesome can pin Arquette and we see a virtual wrestling clinic of power versus technique. Finally, Awesome tries for a running powerslam, but Curt manages to slip out at the last second and Awesome goes through the ropes to the floor. Rather than follow Awesome out of the ring. Hennig spies David Arquette trying to get up and runs over and uses the fisherman’s suplex to get an easy pin.

Winner: Curt Hennig (AWA)

Rick Martel versus Tommy Dreamer versus Chris Benoit

Forget about Benoit as a person and look strictly at him as a wrestler / performer and there were few in his league. Dreamer’s whole schtick was that he could take a beating and keep coming back for more. Martel was a great technician and wrestler, but was not comfortable with brawling or when things got a little out of hand. Benoit would win this one easily when he caught Martel in the cross-face and made him tap out.

Winer: Chris Benoit (WCW)

Otto Wanz versus The Sandman versus “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Wanz was a strong man who used mostly power to win his matches. The Sandman was a brawler, pure and simple. And Flair, he’s Ric Flair. What more needs to be said. Sandman would get winded as the match progressed. Wanz was a good wrestler, but get him off his feet and he was like a turtle, stuck on his back. Flair would chop the legs from under Wanz, get him in the figure four and win by submission.

Winner: Ric Flair (WCW)

Jumbo Tsuruta versus Shane Douglas versus Sid Vicious

This match would be surprisingly good, given the wrestlers involved. Vicious was one dimensional as a character and lazy in the ring, but I don’t think Douglas or Tsuruta would let him rest too easy or get lazy in this match. Sid definitely has the power andstrength advantage. I think the speed and endurance would go to Jumbo, who was used to long and hard matches in New Japan every night. Douglas was a combination of wrestling and brawling and wasn’t called “The Franchise” for ECW for nothing. It’d be close, but when push comes to shove, I think Sid and Shane would work together to weaken and take out Tsuruta and then Shane would turn on Sid, chopping his legs out from under him and laying him out with a title belt to capture the win for his company.

Winner: Shane Douglas (ECW)

And there you go. In these potential fantasy matches between the last champions of the AWA, ECW and WCW, we end up with the AWA winning four matches and WCW and ECW both winning three matches each. And if the people in each match had been changed up even slightly, it could have went differently in almost every match. What if WCW had ten legitimate wrestlers representing them instead of eight wrestlers, Russo and Arquette? Who knows what might have happened then. But each group had strong champions during their histories and has a valued spot in the history of the world’s greatest sport, pro wrestling.

So did I call the matches right as to who probably would have and would have not won in each match? What do you think? Comments, thoughts, questions and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think and how you would have booked these matches differently.

And now, I’m calling it a night. It’s late and I’m getting tired. Again, thanks for reading. I’m down and gone and I’ll catch you later, my friends.


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Wrestling Fact or Fiction – December 17, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
December 17, 2017

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m wide awake. I’ve got a meat loaf cooking in the oven and just finished watching the movie, “Mixed Nuts”. And no, it’s not a porn. So what else can I do? Well, I’m single and alone so that rules out the fun stuff. I guess I’ll just do a “Fact or Fiction” column, wrestling style. Does that sound like a plan or what? The questions, as per the usual, come from my friends over at And the rest of it, that’s just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

1. Jinder Mahal will regain the WWE Title at Clash of Champions.

FICTION: I said that Jinder would win in my prediction column and I hope that I’m right there and wrong here because I would like to see Jinder get one more run and chance as the WWE Champion. Yes, I admit it. I’ve become a Jinderholic. But let’s be honest here. I want to see Jinder do it one more time, but he won’t. AJ will retain and my heart will be broken, as will the hearts of a billion people in India.

2. Kane is only being inserted into the Royal Rumble Universal Title match to take the loss.

FACT: We don’t know for sure if Kane will be in that match or not, but given the finish of his match with Braun this past Monday, it’s most likely and makes sense. That way, Kane can take the pin, Braun stays the “Monster Among Men” and Brock keeps the title and stays Champion. Works for me.

3. The Usos will lose the tag team titles at Clash of Champions.

FACT: The Usos have easily become the most dominant team in the WWE, but with that also comes a bit of being stale. I think we’ll get a little shake up in the match and the Usos will lose their belts without being pinned, one of the perils in these multi-tag title matches. And the new champs will be Rusev and Aiden English. Why? Because Sunday is Rusev Day. Why else?

4. Chris Jericho’s involvement has made you more interested in the NJPW product.

FACT: Well, sort of anyhow. I still don’t watch and can’t name the New Japan champions, but I am interested in seeing how Jericho will fare against Kenny Omega and I’ll also try to find a way to watch this match. I’m a Jericho guy and by default, I guess I’m a New Japan guy for one night anyhow when he faces Omega.

5. Carmella will successfully cash in at Clash of Champions.

FICTION: She could, but there are so many things going on right now with the new addition of the Riott Squad, that her title win would be lost in the shuffle. I think we’ll see her wait for a different moment when it can be all about her instead.

6. What is your excitement level for The Clash of Champions PPV?

I’d say probably a six or maybe even a seven right now, due mainly to the Owens / Sami versus Randy / Shinsuke match. It’s going to be a solid show from top to bottom, no doubt about that. I’m hoping for at least three title changes (in theWWE, Tag Team and U.S. title matches) and a good brawl with Zack and Mojo to start things off. But even if I’m wrong about the winners and losers, it’ll be action packed and fun from start to finish. Of that, I have no doubt.

And with that, I’m closing this baby up. I still have something else left to do and it’s nearly time to take my meat loaf out of the oven. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay just too sweet. Love you – mean it.


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