I Know More Than I Forget – Part 6: Money, Political Incorrectness and Lotion vs Baby Oil

And now, we’re back again. Well, actually it’s just me. I’m saying “we’re” in order to give some representation to the other members of the “Tossing Salt Media, Inc” family like… well, actually it is just me. And my hand puppet, Hobbes. And my alter-ego, Vincent Paul Phillips. And the voices in my head that haven’t been named yet, but are always lurking around and making their presence felt. So this isn’t really a one-man show after all. Way cool. Now what was I here to talk about?

Oh yeah, this is Part 6 of the “I Know More Than I Forget” series. I wrote Part 5 earlier, went and ate some weenies wrapped in biscuit dough (get your mind out of the gutter, you pervs), and now I’m back to write some more. And the topics are… Money, Political Incorrectness and Cell Phones on the Job. Three diverse subjects once more and I hope that I can entertain and also do these topics justice. Let’s do this.

I Know More Than I Forget – Part 6: Money, Political Incorrectness and Lotion versus Baby Oil…

The first topic of conversation is money and what I want to speak of is not what you might have been expecting. We all know what money is and what it’s used for and all of that stuff. It’s a necessary evil and we all use it / need it and want more of it. But I call it a necessary evil for a purpose. It can ruin friendships and destroy families and cause people to do very stupid and nasty things. But if we don’t have it, and the risks that come with it, we can’t live or survive. It’s quite the quandry and I’ll probably go more into all of that at some later date.

The thing I want to talk about now is where people store their money. Summer time is coming up and people are coming into my store wearing less and less clothing. (And by the way, it’s not the people you’d want to see wearing less clothing that are doing it. It’s the ones that should cover up more and more that are doing it. And they’re kind of disgusting. I don’t mind big people. Hell, I’m a big guy. But I don’t walk around with all my shit hanging out everywhere. I have some self-respect and know how to cover up and dress semi-respectively.

But the worst thing about how people dress in the hot weather, aside from the general appearance factors, is where they stash their money. Mainly its the older women who do this and it makes me want to puke just thinking about it. Money stuffed in their bra. And they’re usually large breasted and them big old monsters sweat… a lot. Nothing is more disgusting than watching a large, sweaty woman dig into her dress and bra and pull out a soaking wet piece of money and try to hand it to you. Oh wait, yes there is. When a guy takes off his shoes and pulls out the wet, sweaty money that’s been in his shoes, under his feet, while he’s been walking around. I’m ready to get sick now.

And there’s one thing that even worse than all of that and I’ve actually seen it more than once. When a guy is wearing shorts with no pockets and the money is stuck in his crotch. And he digs in, gropes around, and pulls out these bills that have essentially been tucked away under his balls and tries to hand them to the cashier waiting on him. Uugh! What the hell are these people thinking.

Here’s a big newsflash. There are creations that are designed for holding money. And now, we’re not talking about the 18-hour bras or furry panties. We’re talking about (for men) a small leather item that folds into 3 parts and not only can hold cash, but also ID cards, credit cards, business cards, phone numbers, etc. And for women, there’s an item called a purse. It’s big and looks fashionable and will hold a little bit of anything and everything.

I do NOT want to touch money that has breast-sweat, foot fungus or scrotum juice all over it. And the mere fact that you’re trying to hand it to me after reaching in and digging all through your stuff makes me question your cleanliness as well It’s disgusting and people really should know better. The bottom line, in my opinion anyhow, is that if you’re thinking about stashing money in your bra, in your drawers or in your shoes… or anywhere else besides a wallet, purse or pocket, please always remember these three simple words. “Don’t Do Deet!”.

So far as political correctness and incorrectness goes, the way the world is today, we’re not supposed to have thoughts or opinions or ideas that might hurt anyone’s feelings or be offensive. We can have them, but we don’t want to speak or share those feelings because we might make someone cry or they might be unhappy with us. My thoughts on this are simple. I say what I will and do what I will and speak how I will about whatever I choose. And if you don’t like what I say, then don’t read what I write. I don’t care.

I’m a nice guy and I respect what others say and think, but they have to give me the same courtesy. It’s just that simple. I don’t like President Obama and think that he’s the most unqualified person ever to hold that office. I’m not a big fan of abortion, but I think that decision is not mine to make, but should be left to the mother, father, their doctors and their faith. I support same-sex marriage. I also support immigration reform and think that if a person is in this country illegally, they should be deported back to their homeland. I think our political system is corrupt and broken and I know that our legal system is totally corrupt and (at least here in Scotland County), there is no such a thing as justice. I think that pot should be legalized, that the drinking age should be 18 again and that we should be able to choose if we want to wear a seatbelt or helmet when driving our cars or riding motorcycles. Photo ID should be shown when going to vote. Spanking should be allowed when necessary and so should prayers in school, as well as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Teachers should be allowed to teach and not have to dumb down their teaching plans to accomodate standardized tests. Kids should be taught to write cursive and do basic math without a calculator. People who collect food stamps and government aid should be drug tested. And so should all cops, magistrates, judges and politicians. If you get a government check or aid, be ready to pee in the cup. And if you’re a government employee in ANY capacity, also be willing. I’d love to see what turns up in Obama’s pee. I’m willing and ready to do so so and take my chances so why not everyone else?

So anyhow, my thoughts and opinions change as I learn more and grow as a person. You might agree. You might not. It’s all cool and we can agree to disagree, but if what I say hurts your feelings and you want to whine or cry about it, then take a walk because I really don’t care.

Politically correct? Me? Yeah, dream on my friends cause it’s not going to happen.

And finally, baby oil versus lotion. Two of my most awesome friends were talking about it and, coming in on the tail end of that conversation, I was kind of amazed and shocked. I thought that they were both straight. Damn! And then they set me straight – the conversation was about what is better on the skin. Not what I was thinking about at all.

For what entered my mind, of the two choices, baby oil is definitely the best. It’s messier, but won’t dry up as fast. But for what they were actually talking about, the better of the two is the lotion. It rubs into the skin and leaves it looking and feeling refreshed and non-ashy. And it’s nicely scented. All the baby-oil will do is make you look and smell like a turkey that’s just been basted and is ready for the oven.

So for what most people use it for, lotion over baby oil. ‘Nuff said!

And that’s a wrap.

I’m out of here for now. The sun is coming up and it’s time for bed. Have a great day and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


I Think More Than I Forget – Part 5: Saggy Pants, Refreshing Beverages and Fingernail Polish

So how was this whole “I Think More Than I Forget” series going to go again? Ten parts… ten blogs in ten days. Can you say “Ooops”, boys and girls. Guess what? It just didn’t quite happen like I had hoped. I think you can call it an “epic fail”. But here’s where I get my act together and at least get two more parts completed. Yeppers, my little saltines, I think I’m going to do Part 5 now and maybe even try to get Part 6 completed tonight too. I’m in a mood to write. Yay! (Actually, I’m in a mood to cause a good looking guy to have multiple orgasms – I’ve got it on good authority that he likes those things… lol.) But I can’t do that tonight, so I’ll resort to my second favorite hobby and talent and that is this… writing for your entertainment. Let’s do this.

I Think More Than I Forget – Part 5: Saggy Pants, Refreshing Beverages and Finger Nail Polish…

Three very different topics of discussion that all come from one fun night of chillaxin’ with my extended family a couple of nights ago. Actually, during the course of the night, based on our conversations, actions and just general small-talk discussions, I came up with a list of about thirty topics worth talking about here at the Tossing Salt / ImFamousTV blogsite. I have some weird friends and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, maybe a white panel van, a half million bucks in cash and a Mexican pool boy, but nothing else. They’re full of ideas and interesting pieces of conversation. And to them, I dedicate this blog.

Oh geez, now that I’ve dedicated it, I have to worry about it actually being good and readable. Damn it, I hate this kind of pressure. I can’t deal with it. Aauuuughhh!!

Okay, I feel better now. And this will be good so no worries about that. If it turns out to be a sucky blog, I’ll just blame it on former President George W. Bush. That’s what President Obama does, blames everything on Bush and if it works for him, maybe it’ll work for me too.

You know what? I really wish that someone would transcribe the U.S. Constitution on President Obama’s teleprompter. That would really piss him off. Of course, it’d also probably be the first time he’s ever actually read it, but still…

Let’s do this.

Saggy Pants: We all see them far too often as men (and some women) walk around with their pants sagging and their rear ends hanging out. And my feelings on this are mixed. I like to see an attractive rear end on a man. Yes, I am an “ass man”. I admit it. And every so often, I’ll see a guy with his pants just barely hanging on and the ass hanging out and I smile to myself and let out a big old “YES!” deep inside in head. That’s when saggy pants are a good thing. But unfortunately, it doesn’t generally happen that way.

Most often, when you see the guy (or girl) walking into the store, just barely hanging on to keep their pants from falling to the ground and the butt hanging out, it’s not one of the butts that you might enjoy seeing. Instead, we get dirty drawers, huge asses that should belong on a baboon, and just nasty, nasty sights that no one should ever have to see. Do these little thugs and hoodlums think this makes them look sexy? Or grown? Or tough? Or macho? I’ve got news for them. It’s not working, playa! Instead of looking tough or sexy or like a thug, you look like a retarded idiot who needs to buy a damn belt.

Don’t these people know where the whole sagging pants routine came from and what it represents? It originally started in the prisons where the inmates who were looking for a little “bang bang up the butt” action would wear their pants sagging to let the other inmates know that they were in heat and ready to get pounded, in a very hardcore sense. So by imitating those inmates and wearing the sagging pants, all these little thuggies are saying to everyone is that “my ass needs some man-loving.”

Let me be the first to say that I have no objection to men making mad, passionate whoopee to other men. And if more men did it, especially the cute ones… with me, I’d be a happy camper. But is that really what the saggy-pants thugsters are looking for? If not, then they need to pull up their pants, wear a freakin’ belt, learn to speak proper english, take a shower, get a freakin’ job and quit ruining my life.

Okay, let’s move on to my newest favorite, refreshing adult beverage. It’s called “Bloody Orange” and it’s a limited edition, seasonal drink put out by the Mike’s Hard Lemonade folks. I found some at Food Lion on Saturday and drank them with some friends that night and well… they’re good. Very good. I couldn’t taste the alcohol and they had a nice little kick. And did I mention that they taste great? When I go to Food Lion in the morning to pick up for the Food Bank, I’m going to see if they have any left. And if they do, they’re mine. I’m not a big drinker much anymore, but those things… YUMMY! I want more and you know what? Until this store runs out and they go out of production, I’m going to get some. They’re called “Bloody Orange” and if you see them, try them. You’ll like them. Or hell, just buy ’em and send them to me. That’ll work too. They are good!

And my final topic for this particular column is finger nail polish. On Saturday night, I noticed that a friend of mine, who happens to be a male, was wearing fingernail polish. And some guys have the knack that they can pull it off and still look very manly / sexy / etc. with fingernail polish on. And if a daddy lets his daughter or a guy lets his girlfriend paint his nails, that’s cool too. But what I saw on Saturday…. hmmmmm? What’s the words I’m looking for? How about “don’t do deet!”. Yeah, I think that about sums it up. (Actually, the polish looked very nice and my friend pulled it off quite nicely. I just wanted to find a way to fit that expression, the “triple-d” comment, into the column and this seemed like the best way. I’m not a fingernail polish type of guy, but whatever floats the boat. It’s all good with me.

And that’s all for now. Fixing to head into the kitchen and make some poor man style pigs-in-a-blanket. Hot dog weenies and biscuits. Yummy! And then, unless I get sleepy or get involved in another FB chat with a sexy man (that would be nice actually), I’ll be back with Part 6 of this series.

And on that, I’m outta here hippies. Go listen to Mod Sun. Be a happy hippie.


Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – April 27, 2013

Okay, so here we are and it’s another feeble attempt to keep my status as an “internet wrestling journalist” (whatever the hell that is) alive. Maybe I should just give it up already and announce my retirement for good. And then, like Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, etc, I can come back in two weeks and announce my “unretirement”. And then do it again and again. It’s a pro wrestling tradition. Hmmmm! I’ll have to think on that.

But for here and now, it’s no retirement needed. It’s time for the one-man-band edition of “Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction”. If I can ever get myself motivated and back on a mainstream wrestling website, I could call back up my former tag team partner, Russell Jackson and we could get the band back together and be awesome and do the back and forth like we used to. But since this is just for my blogsite (and Facebook), I’ll go solo again today.

The questions, with the exception of the last two, come from the column at 411mania.com by the same name, called “Fact or Fiction”. The answers though, are all mine. Let’s do this.

Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
April 27, 2013

1. The Post WrestleMania Hangover is in full effect.

Fact: After all the build for Wrestlemania and all the hype, things now in the WWE are just somewhat bleh! Rock is out and injured. Punk is out and injured. Cena is the champ and still sucks! Jericho is back with Fozzy and on a part-time schedule. Miz is off filming a movie. And 98% of the WWE product right now is just downright crappy, to say the least. Things will hopefully pick up soon, but right now, there isn’t much worth watching or paying attention to in the WWE. It’s just not doing it anymore.

2. The Shield will not lose a match until SummerSlam.

Fact: As a team, they shouldn’t lose any matches. Keep them strong as an organized and dominant wrecking crew. Losing the occasional singles match will be okay so long as there is retribution at the end (as on Smackdown this past week). But there is big money and a strong future with the Shield, if they’re kept strong. So losses should be few and far between. ‘Nuff said!

3. You’re interested in “Total Divas”, a show following the personal lives of the Divas that will air on E Network.

Fiction: The current batch of Divas have zero appeal for me and I could care less about this show. If they bring back Ivory, Molly, Lita, Kharma, Beth Phoenix, etc, then I might be interested. But with what the WWE Divas division has to offer now, it’s just a waste of money and TV time.

4. A heel turn is exactly what Zack Ryder needs to revitalize his career.

Fact: It’s at least a year overdue and may be too little, too late at this point. But Ryder needs anything he can get right now to get back to at least mid-card status and if being a heel is what it takes, so be it. Do it. Do something with him anyhow.

5. CM Punk taking time off makes you less interested in WWE television.

Fact: Punk and his promos are one of the very few bright spots left on RAW each week that can be counted on and depended upon to be entertaining. Without Punk, what’s left? Cena? Orton? Big Show? Please hurry back soon Punk. RAW and the WWE desperately need you.

6. You want to see Hulk Hogan wrestle Bully Ray.

Fiction: Hulk Hogan should never, ever, ever wrestle again. He needs to just go away and make more sex tapes or something. Just please… leave! ‘Nuff said!

7. More wrestlers should have mustaches.

Fact: Mustaches add character and charisma. Okay, so they don’t really, but they look cool and I like kissing guys with facial hair. It turns me on. So I think that would be a “yes”…??

8. Davey Richards would be a good performer in WWE

Fact: He’s a good wrestler with a helluva lot of charisma and talent so for those reasons alone, I say yes. Of course, WWE wouldn’t know how to use him and would totally f*ck things up so it’d be a waste of everyone’s time, but one can think and about the potential anyhow.

9. Randy Orton should be back in the main event / title picture and used as a “top guy” again.

Fiction: As good as Randy is in the ring, he bores the hell out of me. If they want to re-push a wrestler who is being wasted, use William Regal instead. He’s a better wrestler, can talk, can do serious or comedy, and people actually respect, like, and are entertained by him. Randy has two strikes and is an ass-clown in his personal and backstage behavior (or at least was). Use him if you must, but also give the people who actually deserve credit and a strong push (like Regal) a chance too.

10. Fandango is the hottest new star in the WWE.

Fact: It’s a hit or miss gimmick, but it looks like Vince may have been right on this one. Fandangomania is sweeping the world and everyone seems fascinated and enthralled by his music and the character. I would love to see a skit (for a few weeks) where old dancing legends from the past (Rikishi, Disco Inferno, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, Alex Wright, Norman Smiley) come to the WWE to help “teach” Fandango how to dance, only to end up having to wrestle him (or have dance-offs – whatever works… lol). Do the Heath Slater “One Man Band” gimmick that they used to build to RAW 1000 and have Fandango appear each week and challenge “legends” to pronounce his name or whatever. It could give us some fun moments and also some great matches since some of these guys were excellent wrestlers. I want to see some ultimate fandangoing. Make it happen, Vince.

And there you go. That’s all for me folks. Time to go to Wally-World and get some stuff. Please shoot me now. I’m out of here.


Thirty Thing Tag-A-Lot (Part II)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 30 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. Just quit the internal whining and do it. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 30 random things, tag 30 people [in the right-hand corner of the app.] then click publish. If you do not have a Notes tab on your Profile page, you can create one by clicking on the + tab. It will let you choose Notes and will create a tab for you. This thing takes one-tenth of a second)

Okay, I did this once before way back in 2010. Now it’s three years later and here we go again. I hope I can think of 30 (or even just ten) things that I didn’t use the first time (or can at least re-word the description to make it sound semi-interesting and fresh… lol). By the way, I’ll re-post my original tag post thingy here too immediately after this one – so you get sixty random things for the price of thirty. As my old boss at the CFM used to say, “Watta Deal!”. Let’s do this…

Thirty Thing Tag-A-Lot… (Part 2)

1. I need a haircut.

2. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that work-wise, I’m in a rut with a dead end job and no future. Changes are on the way.

3. I still love to read my old comics.

4. I have a stuffed spider (“Legs”) that’s in my bedroom on my bookcase – I’ve had him for almost 26 years.

5. People annoy me.

6. I keep running out of socks.

7. I take at least two showers every day… sometimes more.

8. I need to buy a new belt. I’ve had to add four new holes (so far) to my old one to keep using it.

9. I like hairy legs.

10. I’m getting a headache pretty quickly here this morning.

11. I still love to write.

12. Wrestling has become (gads) boring to me as of late.

13. Mod Sun has joined my “Big Six” of entertainers and it’s now officially a “Big Seven”.

14. I want to move away from this area and especially Scotland County.

15. Being around Kayden makes me wish I had kids of my own.

16. I very rarely drink anymore.

17. The Kevin Smith movies (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob, Chasing Amy, Dogma) are still my favorites, followed closely by the Zucker Bros. films (Airplane, The Naked Gun series, etc)

18. I don’t take ultimatums very well and if given one, I will always choose what I was asked to forsake and give up, whether I actually want to or not.

19. My favorite colors are black, purple and hot pink.

20. I can get more accomplished if left alone for thirty minutes than I can in a full day with lots of “help”.

21. I think “InFamousTV” is a bust due to lack of interest from all parties involved. Hating that though – so much potential being wasted.

22. I think that people who lie and cause hurt and pain to others deserve to be smacked in the face with a hot iron… repeatedly.

23. I love walking the streets at night and enjoying the moon, stars, cooler air, darkness, etc.

24. I like old graveyards.

25. For a person of my advanced age, I look (physically) far better and younger than most of my peers. (Yes, I am a sexy beast – get used to it!)

26. I’m occasionally delusional at times.

27. I drink far too many soft drinks and not nearly enough regular water.

28. I forgive pretty easily, but I do not forget and even I eventually have a breaking point where I say, “enough!”

29. I’ve been working in c-stores, off and on, for going on twenty-eight years. One day, I’m going to get a real job though.

30. It’s 5:00 somewhere.

And there you go. I’m not tagging anyone (probably), but read and if you want to take this challenge and come up with thirty-things about yourself, feel free. Here’s the original one I did back in 2010. Enjoy…

1. I’m an ordained minister through the Progressive Universal Life Church. Got my certification on September 10, 2000. It’s amazing what you can get through the back of a Rolling Stone magazine .

2. I currently have over five thousand comics dating back to the early 70’s.

3. I’m a (currently on hiatus) part-time internet wrestling journalist and pro wrestling’s most eclectic columnist.

4. I’ve been working for the past year on an fan-fiction story with the “Avengers” and “Dark Shadows”. Everytime I think I’m ready to wrap it up and publish it, I think of something else and the story continues.

5. I’ve written two complete screenplays so far (and one porn). It’s all a work in progress as I develop and learn my skills.

6. I love apples.

7. I’m a volunteer at a local food bank and have been doing so for over two years now. It was supposed to be a one-time thing and well… iI just never quit.

8. I drive a 1987 Chevy Blazer.

9. My windshield wipers don’t work. I keep planning to get them fixed, but I only think about it when it rains. Ooops!

10. I despise talking on a telephone.

11. I miss my cat, Stinky, who died a few months ago. I had him 19 years and he was my baby.

12. I’m in love with a guy I can’t be with and it hurts… a lot.

13. I don’t like driving, but I hate not having a car. Go figure.

14. I would love to run for political office.

15. I have far too many skeletons in my closet (and out walking around) to ever run for political office.

16. I hate for anything to cover my forearms. No matter how cold it might be, I keep my sleeves rolled or pushed up.

17. My cell phone is nearly out of minutes so I’m “borrowing” my sister’s “Obama phone” for the next week or so. She never uses it and I need to have a phone (even if I do hate talking on it.)

18. I value my friendships very much and have some wonderful people in my life (even if I am an anti-social asshole far too often and never tell those people just how much I really do appreciate and care for them.)

19. I’m supposed to wear glasses (but rarely do – I hate those damn things).

20. I know I’m a big dude (but I also know that I’m a truly sexy beast where it counts and no one can tell me any different.)

21. I love music from the 40’s and 50’s – the “lounge music” and “big band” acts.

22. My “Big 6” of music are (and will always be) Alice Cooper, Waylon Jennings, Sublime, Rickie Lee Jones, Frank Sinatra and the greatest M.C / Rapper to ever come out of the New York area, the one and only Andrew Singer, aka Soce the Elemental Wizard.

23. I like cats.

24. I have a large collection of wrestling action figures and wrestling magazines from the 80’s and 90’s.

25. I generally live my life with a “if it feels good, do it” type of attitude.

26. I hate to be late (and prefer to be early) for all appointments.

27. I wish I had kids.

28. I consider the movie “Clerks” to be autobiographical. That movie describes a large part of my life so well… “36?”

29. Baby snickers are my favorite candy bars.

30. Never call my bluff, especially when I’m talking dirty. I don’t bluff…lol!

And that’s a wrap. Have a great day!


Does Boston Bomber Deserve Miranda Rights?


 I’ll make my point short. This guy is scum and deserves no mercy… BUT he is a naturalized American citizen and as so, has the same basic rights as any other citizen, including the right to remain silent, etc. If the Government can pick and choose who gets afforded those rights and who doesn’t, what’s to stop them from picking up you or me and trashing our basic rights too? Not a damn thing. Our government is corrupt and by allowing them to trample this guy’s rights, whether he deserves them or not, only sets a precedent that says that our individual rights don’t matter and it’s okay for the FBI and the feds to pick and choose who gets protections and who doesn’t. It’s similar to me as Freedom of Speech. I don’t have to like or agree with what someone says, but I’ll support their right to say it. He’s a citizen and should be treated as such. Our rights are trampled upon by the government each and every day and if we give them an inch, by allowing them to do as they will with this guy, where will they stop? And my other point is this – he was not given his Miranda rights and thus, there is a strong possibility that if this guy ever comes to trial, the case could be damaged or even tossed out because evidence and “statements” made under duress and no basic rights can’t be allowed or used. I’m sure the government feels that they have an airtight case and they probably do, but it only takes one soft-hearted judge tossing out evidence because of the failure to read the Miranda and the guy could walk. Not likely, I know, but not impossible either. It’s just that damn crazy these days and the way our screwed legal system is, never say never. Something to think about, right. Hmmmmm!

I Think More Than I Forget (Part 4): Respect & Stretch Armstrong

I Think More Than I Forget (Part 4): Respect and Stretch Armstrong

It’s six thirty in the morning and this is definitely my favorite time of the day, with the sun just starting to come up. The house is quiet as no one else has waken up yet. This feels so awesome and relaxing. It’s not often that I see this time of day. Well, I actually see it quite often, but it’s usually at the tail end of a long night at work / taking care of bid’ness day and not like now, where I actually just woke up after (for a change) going to bed at a semi-decent hour and sleeping. Yeah, my usual Sunday night routine of watching three hours of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” just wasn’t doing it for me last night so I was in bed by 1:30am. And now, here I am, up and alert and feeling great (even if it is a Monday… lol).

Before I get started on this little piece of literary composition called, “I Think More Than I Forget (Part 4)”, I want to send a shout out to La Krew Familia, my extended family also known as Kenneth, Tamara and Kayden. Tam’s grandmother passed away a couple of days ago and they’re having a hard time of it. My condolences for your loss. I love you peeps so much and wish I was able to take away the pain of your loss. Please keep these most incredible and awesome folks in your thoughts and prayers.

Saw the most incredible and sexy-ass dude at work on Saturday night, heading out to the woods with beer, ice and a Bootlegger. I wish I could have went with him. He’s so cute and with the most amazing personality too… and if I’m sensing correctly, despite having the face of an angel, there’s a twisted little devil hiding inside too. Would love to hang out and chill and see how well our inner-demons could get along and play. It would be crazy fun. So, “Mr. Hideous”, if you see this, hit me up. Let’s rock!

And now, let’s do this. Instead of my usual routine of picking three topics out of the “Magic Box”, I’m going to pick three topics from the “Magic Box”. Damn, that sounded like a “Lil’ Wayneism”, didn’t it? What I mean to say is that I’ll still be picking three topics from the box, but rather than do them all at once, I’m going to pick a topic, write about it, then pick another topic and write about it and then close this bad mama jama up. Only two topics today since I’ve already written four paragraphs in just my introduction piece and I’m sure that I’ll manage to ramble out at least a couple more on this and that before I’m done as well. Don’t want to talk too much, do I? Oops! Too late.

First topic of discussion is… “Respect”. Or as Aretha Franklin would say, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T… find out what it means to me”. Two definitions of the word respect, from Dictionary.com are: esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability; deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment. So essentially, what’s being said is if a person has some value to you and you think they’re the shit, you can be said to have some level of respect for them.

It’s a double-edge sword, this word “respect” though. I know many people who I don’t particularly care for personally, but I appreciate what they’ve accomplished or how they act (most of the time) and have a grudging respect for them. And there are some people out there, who I like personally and love their company and presence, but have learned to take what they say or do with a grain of salt and respect isn’t necessarily a major factor in our relationship. I’d much rather be respected than liked. If people don’t like me, I’ll get over it. My personality and habits are not necessarily the most endearing or charming at times. But I do want to be respected… for what I’ve accomplished with my writing, for my work-ethic, for keeping my word when I give it and being a straight up kind of guy. I’m not an angel by any means, but I don’t lie and I will do anything I can to help anyone until they burn that bridge or make me feel that they’re just taking advantage and using me for their own purposes.

When people take a person for granted and keep trying again and again to play a person, they’re not showing any kind of respect for me or themselves and it gets old after a while. Pretty damn quickly, actually. And then, to maintain my own dignity and self-respect, the brakes come on and things change. And life goes on.

I generally tend to like people. (Just don’t let it get out because I have a reputation as a loner / anti-social hermit to protect.) But it amazes me sometimes to watch and observe people, especially in my job capacity where I deal with the public for almost nine hours a day, and see just how little self-respect that people have these day. No respect for themselves or anyone else. They come into the store, yelling and screaming and reeking of three-day old sweat and looking nasty and smelling worse. And they don’t care. Clothes are dirty and appearances are rumpled and trashy. The profanity is shooting out in every direction and they’re hitting up complete strangers for change to give them money to get cigarettes or a beer. And these are the women.

What the… ??

Maybe it’s just me, but when we were young, I was taught that there’s a certain way to act in public. Be clean. Be respectful of others. Be self-reliant. Have a sense of pride and care about how others might see you. Watch your language. And treat others like you’d like to be treated. And now? None of this matters. People don’t care about themselves or anyone else. It’s all about what they can get for as little effort or putting out as possible. It doesn’t matter how rude they are or if they have to scream, lie or absolutely disrespect people they should be showing some sort of reverence for. It’s a “me, me, me” society and respect? It’s just like common sense, self-reliance and minding your own business – it’s just a casualty in the war of life and nearly dead in the water.

Some people have called me rude or cold or unfeeling because I’m not overly friendly and don’t socialize much. It’s not because I’m really cold or being spiteful – it’s just that it’s hard to be around and act nice to people who could care less about me or themselves. If they don’t give a damn, why should I? If you need to ask my help, that’s fine and dandy, but if you depend upon me time and time again, but can’t help yourself and don’t even care to at least make an effort to pay back, why the hell should I bother? Simple. After a while, I won’t. Something to think about, right?

Let’s move on to the next topic and then wrap this thing up. The other topic is “Stretch Armstrong”.

Oh wow, does that bring back memories or what? Back in the seventies, there was an “Action Figure” called Stretch Armstrong that did exactly as the name implies… he stretched. At least the arms and legs did. You could pull them and stretch them and then, slowly, they would go back into shape. He was a cool toy to have and I remember using him, along with my GI Joe’s of course, as a “hit squad of heroes”,with all sorts of adventures and battles against the evil Barbie and her minionn (my other action figures). Whatever my imagination at the time could come up with and it was total gang warfare. So cool and so much fun.

You know, I never really did find out what was used to make “Stretch Armstrong” stretch like that. Probably some toxic chemical waste that all of us kids were exposed to at the time, but didn’t care. Hang on a second and I’m going to go Wikipeida this and see what I can find out about this classic 70’s toy.

Here’s the Wikipedia thingy: Stretch Armstrong was in the shape of a small well-muscled blonde man wearing a pair of underwear. Its most notable feature was that the doll could be stretched from its original size (about 15 inches) to four or five feet. (If a tear did develop, it could be fixed with an adhesive bandage. Information on how to repair Stretch can be found inside the instruction booklet that was originally inside his box.) The original Armstrong figure was held in place inside its box by two polystyrene inserts; it could be placed back inside the box for storage.

The original Stretch Armstrong figure was conceived and developed by Bill Armasmith, and was in production from 1976 until 1980 when production was stopped. The original 1970s Stretch is very collectible now and commands high prices on the secondary collectors’ market, selling for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. However, finding one in mint condition is hard. Through storage and play, the figure can become damaged and rendered useless. There are still Original Stretch Armstrongs that have survived the passing of time and are remarkably preserved through sheer luck or being stored at the correct temperature. The figure keeps best at room temperature so thirty years later, collectors are still using Stretch.

Stretch Armstrong is made of latex rubber filled with gelled corn syrup, which allows it to retain shape for a short time before shrinking to its original shape.[2] The later 1990s figures had small beads inside them.

An interesting note here – there are plans for an eventual “Stretch Armstrong” movie and actor Taylor Lautner was said to be involved in the movie, but has since dropped out. A projected release date for said movie is listed as April, 2014.

So the toy was only out for about four years, but they’re making a movie about him now. Way cool. And I went through about three figures in those four years too. (I was rough on my toys.) I wish I still had them now. Wow! This is bringing back some memories. I think I might go dig out my pro-wrestling “action figures” and my GI Joes and my X-Men / Alpha Flight “action figures” too and check them out. The X-Men versus GI Joe and Stretch Armstrong. That would be a battle of epic proportions that I think my then ten-year old self would really have been able to appreciate. Hmmm!

And I think that’s all for now. Time for a shower and some other fun activities to get the day rolling. Have a good one and I’ll see you on the flip side.


More Than I Forget (Part 3): Terrorists or Pawns?

I Think More Than I Forget (Part 3): Terrorists or Pawns?

Before I get starting doing my thing and looking into the “Magic Box” for a topic of discussion, I just want to briefly hit upon a couple of things. First off, they captured one of the guys responsible for the bombings in Boston and killed the other one. I’m glad they caught the guy, although admittingly, I am surprised that the second one, the younger of the two brothers, is still alive and wasn’t “accidentially killed” when he was aprehended. I guess someone didn’t get the memo. It would be far easier for the propaganda police to wrap things up and cover things up if both men were dead and there was no one left to answer any questions.

Yeah, I do feel that there is much more to this than what’s been revealed to the public. It’s more than just a couple of crazies who decided one day to set off some bombs and blow people up. I think they’re just idiots and stooges of a bigger plan and listening to higher-ups. Does that sound like a conspiracy theory? Well, that’s exactly what it is. I don’t have any kind of proof or anything except for a gut feeling, but more often than not, when the spider-sense starts to tingle, it pays to listen.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what I think or even what the actual truth is since we’ll never get to hear it. The mainstream media and press will blame everything on the teabaggers or the NRA and totally forget about the background of the older brother, that he was on a “terrorist watch list” and was supposed to be deported, but wasn’t. The backgrounds and terrorist leanings of those two men (oops, forgot that we can’t call anyone “terrorists” anymore) aren’t important. The lives lost and the injuries suffered are not important. It’s all about the spin and how each side of our political system can use this against each other to score propoganda points and to get their names and faces in the paper and on tv.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who suffered because of this cowardly act of terrorism and to the people of Boston, who have been hurt and suffered. And I’m even sending up a little prayer for the two idiots who caused this tragedy… because they will pay for what they were responsible for… and much, much more. I’m not denying or doubting their guilt and complicity. They were stupid and evil and hurt a lot of people and deserve to pay for those actions and what they did. But I just feel, in my hear and soul, that they’re just pawns in a much bigger game, the extent of which, I doubt we’ll ever truly know.

The FBI and government, led by Eric Holder, will cover up anything that might embarrass the government or else not contribute to their policy arguments and efforts to control and change our country. The surviving brother will be tucked away and totally isolated and hidden from view, and be forgotten about as the next tragedy or big news story comes along. Facts will be hidden and buried. The truth will be forgotten and so will this entire incident. At least it will if the government has their way.

I can’t wait to see what Glenn Beck has learned and will “expose” on Monday. I’m not a Beck fan and I think he’s a bit (okay, more than a bit) of a total nut-case in many ways, but he’s always able to back up his theories and statements with facts, slightly twisted as they may be. He’s never claimed “fire” when there wasn’t some sort of smoke pouring out and at least some flames. In today’s world of lies and crappy journalism, he’s as good as anyone else and better than most. And he claims that he’s learned about ties with these patsies (my word, not his) that lead up as far as the White House itself.

Am I surprised? Nope. Should anyone be? Nope? Do I think that people in the current administration are cold-blooded and ruthless and would be capable of killing and injuring innocents? You don’t even need to ask. Maybe Beck is just blowing smoke up our ass to get ratings? Who knows? But is it possible that some higher-ups in our Government might be the brains behind this tragedy? I’d take those odds and nothing would surprise me anymore.

I think I’m starting to ramble now so it’s time to move on and change the topic.

And you know what? Forget about the “Magic Box” and the “topic of discussion” for this blog. I’ve written enough and I have things to do. I’ll be back after work tonight.