Wrestling Fact or Fiction: August 30, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
August 30, 2013

I’m awake (barely). It’s 6:33 am. Let’s do the Fact or Fiction thing.

1. Bill Goldberg will wrestle in WWE again.

FACT: He’s talking about it. The fans are talking about it. It would make money for both Goldberg and the WWE. So why the hell not. If not for a short run, at least a cameo or one-up match, like everyone and their sister was doing with Heath Slater last year. He’s got the itch. He’ll be back.

2. Ted DiBiase Jr’s WWE run was disappointing.

FACT: It started off great and ended with a whimper. DiBiase is a money guy if used right, but WWE dropped the ball. He’s right to take a break and see what else is out there. He’ll be back in a few years though, I hope.

3. Sami Zayn needs to be called up to WWE’s main roster ASAP.

FICTION: He’s a great talent, but there are so many names right now fighting for that spot and TV time, that he’d be lost in the shuffle on the main roster. Better to stay in developmental and wait for the right time and situation rather than get lost in the crowd.

4. AJ Styles should not re-sign with TNA.

FICTION: Almost said fact because there isn’t much left for him in TNA, but what would he do in WWE? He’d be much like Sami Zayn as I mentioned above and end up stuck in WWE Developmental or lost in the shuffle. At TNA, he’s a big fish in a small pond, but it’s got stability and he’s one of their top guys. At WWE, he’d be just another name and body. Better to deal with the devil you know.

5. Brooke Tessmacher is a step up from Brooke Hogan for Bully Ray.

FACT: Tessmacher is better looking, better established, can actually wrestle and is not named Hogan. Definitely a step up for Bully Ray.

6. John Cena deserves to be #1 in the PWI 500.

FACT: Again, I almost said fiction because he’s not, in my opinion, the best wrestler by any means. What about Punk or Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels or Kurt Angle or anyone else? But Cena is the most recognized face in wrestling right now and the face of the WWE (despite what they’re trying to say about Randy Orton… lol). He’s a good guy and busts his ass for the business so why not be ranked #1? It’s all opinion anyhow.

7. Jerry Lawler wrestling Austin Idol on the one-year anniversary of his heart attack is a good idea.

FICTION: It’s probably not a good idea, but for a sixty-plus year old man to be wresting at any point probably isn’t a good idea anyhow. But that being said, if the doctors say it’s okay and Lawler wants to do it, then so be it. He’s an adult and knows what he’s capable of better than I do and who am I to judge anyhow? If it makes him happy, what the hell. Go for it!

8. Eric Bischoff is right when he says the IWC hurts wrestlers.

FICTION: Eric is a smart man and knows more about TV production and pro wrestling than most of us, but he’s wrong here. The IWC can hurt wrestlers, but it can also help and be a positive thing as well. It’s all in who the person is and how they use the internet and social media and such. Could be good – could be bad – it’s one of those things that could go either way.

And there you go. I’m done.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – August 23, 2013

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
August 23, 2013

Got a few minutes to do that ‘rasslin’ thang. Congrats to my co-worker and all around cool dude Eric Barton on the birth yesterday of his beautiful new daughter. As usual, most of the questions have been “borrowed” from 411mania.com. And the answers? Well, that’s just me, me and me. Oh yeah, and me too. Let’s do this…

1. Randy Orton cashing in on Daniel Bryan after his match with John Cena was the perfect move.

FACT: As a fan hoping to see Daniel Bryan get his big moment of glory, I hated it. But it got the attention of the fans, it set up storylines and events that can last until Wrestlemania, it took attention off the John Cena injuries, it set up HHH, the McMahon’s and Randy Orton as the coporate heel team and it will help cement Bryan as top babyface. So while I’m not personally happy with it, it’s “good for business” as Vince and HHH would say and the positives outweigh the negatives.

2. Daniel Bryan will succeed as a top babyface.

FACT: Yep! The fans love him and he’s an amazing wrestler. He might be the perfect man for the role of top face right now.

3. Triple H will be very effective as a heel authority figure.

FACT: HHH is a great heel and the role of the top heel / authority figure has gone from Vince (over the past couple of decades) to him. HHH should do a great job.

4. CM Punk & Brock Lesnar had the best match on the SummerSlam card.

FICTION: Almost said “Fact”, but it’s a toss up between the Punk / Lesnar match and the Bryan / Cena match. Both matches were great and it’s hard to pick out exactly which was the best one of the two.

5. Ric Flair should not be hired by WWE after his actions at Saturday night’s WWE 2K14 symposium.

FACT: I love Ric Flair more than most – he’s a true legend and icon, but showing up allegedly intoxicated at a public forum and essentially hijacking the event as he did shows that Ric is out of control. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions and while I’m sure that the WWE has a place for the “Nature Boy”, he shouldn’t be rewarded for being an ass. It’s so sad to watch Flair now. In the ring, he was truly one of, if not the very best all around performer / pro wrestler of all time, but it seems as if he’s intent on destroying his legacy and proving just how sad and pitiful a person can be. Flair, the wrestler, is a legend. Flair, the man, is a joke. WWE has tried to help him repeatedly, but it’s time for them to step back and let Flair pay the fiddler for a bit.

6. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil deserve to be featured performers on WWE television regardless of the PR created by Young coming out last week.

FACT: They’re a good team and entertaining. Use them (and Zack Ryder) and help build up a solid mid-card for the roster.

7. Chris Sabin gained nothing from his TNA World Title run.

FACT: I like Sabin and he’s a good wrestler, but he didn’t seem like a potential World Champion to me before he was given his run, and he still doesn’t seem like one to me now. He’s the “Tommy Rich” or “Ronnie Garvin” of the TNA World title line. Just a name and statistic – nothing more.

8. ROH is on their way back to the level of Internet acceptance they had when Gabe Sapolsky was booking.

FICTION: They were on the right track with Jim Cornette, but they’ve got a long way to go to get back to where they once were. Not headed in the right direction either.

9. WWE will be strongly hurt by the absences of John Cena and Sheamus over the next six – eight months.

FICTION: Actually, I think this will help the WWE because it will allow other talents to step up and build their characters / reputations, etc. There’s a void and opening now and all the mid-carders and lower level superstars will step it up and put out 150% to move in and help fill that void. And the winners will be us fans because we’ll be the ones to get to benefit and enjoy the experience.

10. Goldberg will be at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: It’s not going to happen. He’s too old and has been away from the business too long to be ring-worthy and wrestle. I just can’t see Vince or HHH going for it.

And there you go. Another column in the books. I’m out of here. See you on the flip side.


SummerSlam 2013 Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents: SummerSlam 2013 Predictions
August 16, 2013

We are just a few days away from the WWE’s biggest event of the Summer, SummerSlam 2013, coming on pay-per-view this Sunday and that means, of course, that it’s time to break out the crystal balls and put on the Sister Cleo robes. Yeppers, that means predictions. And along with my predictions for the eight announced matches, I’m going to do a possible spoiler prediction at the end. I’ve heard some rumors and this would make sense so… Let’s just jump right to it and take care of bid’ness. Here we go.

United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose versus Rob Van Dam

This is the pre-game show and they’ve really picked two great talents to get the ball rolling and to get the audience fired up. RVD is going after that prestigious gold belt held by Shield member Dean Ambrose. This should be a helluva match too since RVD has been wrestling great and looking inspired since returning to the WWE and Ambrose is just an amazing talent who rarely has bad matches. Look for this one to go to the wire and end up in a DQ finish when Ambrose’s partners decide to get involved. And that’s going to lead to that spoiler match I talked about in the intro, so I’m shutting up now. As for this match, Ambrose is DQ’ed and keeps the title. But your winner is RVD.

Winner: RVD

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee and Big E. Langston

No offense to the talented wrestlers in this match (and Kaitlyn), but who cares? Dolph, AJ and Langston all deserve better than this designated bathroom break match. Ziggy turns on Kaitlyn, reunintes with AJ and they make Kaitlyn look like an idiot. So there you go. Heel turn by Dolph and AJ pins her rival to win the match.

Winners: AJ Lee and Big E. Langston

Inferno Match
Bray Wyatt vs. Kane

Kane loves to play with fire, but he sucks at winning these kind of matches. Kane will take a fall and move on to “See No Evil” 2. And the Wyatt family continues to follow the buzzards on their climb to the top of the WWE ladder. Look for the guy who hangs out with Goat Face to walk away the winner.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

World Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

I’m tired of Del Rio and think that he’s a poor excuse for the World Champion, but Christian just hasn’t really been setting the world on fire for anyone lately either. I can’t really see him as the World Champion right here and now. So, I’ll predict some outside interference by Ricardo, Del Rio’s former ring announcer and it will be revealed that it was all just a ruse. They’re still together and Ricardo will allow Del Rio to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and retain the title. And the Peeps, including myself, will shed a tear because Del Rio sucks!

Winner and STILL World Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Brie Bella vs. Natalya

The Bella are riding high on the reality show and while Natayla is a part of that show too, she’s more of an afterthought with the WWE, when it really should be the other way around. Natayla is a good wrestler and deserves better. Look for some “Twin Magic” and Brie steals the win.

Winner: Brie Bella

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Former best friends collide. Rhodes is ready for a big push and I think this will be the start. Damien will dominate, but the man with the ‘stache will take that trip to the pay window. And yes, you’re welcome!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk

It’s “The Best” versus “The Beast” and it really could go either way. Regardless of the outcome, I expect we’ll see Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel both be heavily involved. Would love to see a Punk ally (Colt Cabana perhaps?) make an appearance and get involved as well. Be a helluva way to make a WWE debut, wouldn’t it? Or even a Punk girlfriend (Lita) make an appearance to kick Heyman’s ass. But regardless of who else is there or not there, this will be a brutal and stiff match. And I don’t think it’s going to end in just one match so it really doesn’t matter who wins here. My gut says that Brock will win this one so that’s who I’m predicting. Time for CM Punk to feel the pain.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

WWE Championship Match: Special Referee: Triple H
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Why is HHH even involved in this match? I still don’t get it. But it’s the WWE and I guess he can do whatever he wants so we get HHH as the referee. Bryan is hotter than ever and on a big roll right now. Cena has a nasty looking elbow that needs medical attention and time to heel and will probably be taking some time off soon. I hope so anyhow. So look for a great match and lots of close calls on the parts of both men. And in the end, the fans scream “Yes Yes Yes” as John Cena is foreced to tap, tap, tap. Bryan wins the gold.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

And no, I don’t think Orton will cash in the Money In The Bank contract on Sunday. Maybe on Monday night, but Sunday will be Bryan’s night to shine in the spotlight and have his moment of glory. And now, on to the possible spoiler match. As I said earlier, I expect The Shield to get involved in the RVD / Ambrose match and cause Ambrose to be DQ’ed, thus retaining the U.S. Championship. Well, rumors are making the rounds that RVD will be “saved” in that situation by Mark Henry and The Big Show. And thus, a six-man tag match will be quickly made and added to the pay-per-view show. It’s just a rumor but it works for me and sounds like a helluva possible match. So I’m going to do a prediction on it.

Possible Spoiler Bonus Six-Man Tag Match
The Shield versus RVD, Mark Henry and The Big Show

Great match with lots of action. And the good guys win when the Shield decides to take a walk and gets counted out, thus setting up rematches for RAW the following Monday night.

Winners: RVD, Mark Henry and The Big Show

And there you go. My predictions and thoughts for SummerSlam. So what do you think? Any comments? Predictions? Let a brutha know.


WWE Superstar Comes Out…

WWE Superstar Comes Out…

All righty then. So you’ve all heard the “big news” by now, right? WWE Superstar Darren Young, one half of the “Prime Time Players” spoke to a reporter from TMZ and outed himself as a happy, gay male. And everyone is coming out in support of Darren for being so brave and honest and true to himself, etc.

I wasn’t even going to bother commenting on it because it’s not really a big deal to me. WWE has had openly gay superstars before. What about Pat Patterson? Okay, bad example because he was long retired from active competition before he was publicly revealed to be gay. Well, there was Orlando Jordon. Okay, another bad example since he was openly bisexual, but it wasn’t public knowledge until after he left the WWE. Well, what about Kanyon? Who betta? Okay, that’s another bad example because he only came out long after leaving the WWE and when he was officially retiring. But there is always… ummm… I don’t know. Maybe this is a bigger deal than I thought. How about X-Pac? He’s not openly gay and never came out, but look at the “One Night In Chyna” video. I still swear that she has a bigger dick than he does.

But enough jokes or trying to be funny. This is a big deal for the WWE and pro wrestling in general because even though there are many, many gay and bisexual men and women who compete in that squared circle on a regular basis, Darren Young is the first man to come out while on the roster of the leading professional wrestling company in the world, the WWE. And for that, I say congratulations to Mr. Young. You’ve done the hard part by coming out. Now the rest is just going with the flow and taking each day as it comes.

I don’t really think that this will impact Mr. Young’s career, as it is. He and partner Titus O’Neal are a popular tag team and mid-card act as the “Prime Time Players” and I expect that will continue. And this may even help Young as he can be even more of a prominent part of the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign and the whole “Be A Star” campaign as well. A gay black man on the roster is a public relations dream come true in today’s politically sensitive world.

And will this affect his status in the locker room? Maybe, if this was ten or fifteen years ago, but apart from a few old-timers who still live in 1978, the majority of the WWE locker room and staff are younger, open-minded and professional. Young is an athlete and professional wrestler first and their friend and peer and has been for a few years now. If I’m judging correctly, the feeling I get is that the majority of the WWE locker-room will just shrug and say, “whatever”. Friends and people don’t change and if Darren is a cool guy before to someone, this won’t change anything. And if it does, it’s their problem and not Young’s. ‘Nuff said!

And I guess I’ll stop here. I was going to talk about gays in pro wrestling in general and how many “names” I know of personally who are either closeted gay or bi (or open to suggestions as I’ve found out quite a few times), but why bother. Wrestlers are people too and there are good, bad, ugly, pretty, gay, straight, faithful, ho’s, etc of all types in the business, just as there are in every wake of life. It’s not an issue worth talking about now and I’m getting tired.

So good luck to Darren Young, one half of the “Prime Time Players” and a WWE superstar with a big future ahead of him. You’re here, you’re queer and that’s not a big deal. Just do your thing, live your life and be the best you can. And that’s really all the people need to know.

‘Nuff said!

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: August 15, 2013

Wresting Fact Or Fiction
August 15, 2013

As usual, the statements and questions come from 411mania.com. The answers and opinions. They belong to me. You know the drill. Let’s do this.

You would read Lex Luger’s auto-biography.

FACT: I love to read wrestling based books and Lex has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I remember when he first started and followed his career to the end and even though, based on reviews, he doesn’t really touch on anything too controversial or spill any dirt on anyone, it should still make for some good reading. I’m looking forward to seeing what the “Total Package” has to say.

Chris Sabin will lose the TNA World Title this week at Hardcore Justice.

FACT: Sabin is a fantastic wrestler, but Bully Ray is the top heel in TNA and the stipulation for this match says if Bubba loses, he never gets another title shot. I know this is TNA and stipulations mean about as much as a promise by President Obama, aka “nothing at all”, but Bubba is too good and too hot to keep out of the title picture, even in kayfabe terms. Bubba is getting the belt back.

Sheamus taking time off with an injury will be good for him long-term.

FACT: Right now, he’s stale. He needs to take a break and we need a break from him. In the big picture, this injury could be a blessing in disguise. John Cena needs to take time off too and give a break before we all want to commit Cenacide!

Michael Cole will make it to the top of the Middle Palisades Mountain.

FACT: He’s with JBL. He’ll make it or else he’ll never hear the end of it and JBL will make his life (clothesline from) hell. Go for it, Cole!

E! should not air a new episode of Total Divas against SummerSlam.

FICTION: Maybe it doesn’t make sense to air a WWE show against a WWE pay-per-view, but I doubt that it’ll hurt the viewership of either program. E wants ratings and WWE wants people to watch SummerSlam. Everyone is happy.

Triple H will turn heel at SummerSlam.

FICTION: Why is HHH even involved in this match? Cena and Bryan don’t need him to be a part of their match to make it great one. They’ve got it covered. HHH will be the ref and call it down the middle, thus pissing off Vince and Brad Maddox. And we’re getting a new champion.

There will be a new WWE Champion after SummerSlam.

FACT: Look at Cena’s elbow. He needs to get that treated and take some time off. And the best way to do that is injury angle and losing the title. So Bryan wins the title at the pay-per-view. And Orton? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

SummerSlam will be the best WWE PPV event of 2013.

FACT: WWE has had some great pay-per-view shows this year so far, even though the follow-up shows (RAW and Smackdown) have been hit and miss. I think the winning streak will continue and this event will be the biggest and best so far. It looks great on paper. Now they just have to live up to the hype and make it happen. With the talent and matches involved, I think it can and will happen.

And there you go. I’m out of here for now. Take it light!


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: August 11, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
August 11, 2013

And here we are now with a deluxe, Vader-sized edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction. I snagged the questions from 411mania.com and not only got their “FoF” questions, but also got the “Buy or Sell” questions too. I’m just in a mood to analyze and express some opinions about the world’s greatest sport, but I’m too lazy to write a “real” column (aka ‘Tossing Salt – Worldwide News’) or think up my own questions. Hell, I don’t work for anyone right now and nobody reads this stuff anymore so what does it matter anyhow? Happy Birthday to “Hulk Hogan”…

Let’s do this…

1. Randy Orton will cash in his Money in the Bank title shot at a date other than SummerSlam.

FACT: SummerSlam is going to be a big night and a big show full of “moments”, and while the idea of Randy cashing in that contract sounds good, it would just be another big spot in a show full of big spots and kind of get lost in the shuffle. I think it would be more memorable and work more for Randy to do it at a RAW or Smackdown event. More people would see it that way, since the shows get more actual viewers than the pay-per-views, and it would stand out more that way.

2. Alberto Del Rio is better off without Ricardo Rodriguez.

FICTION: I’m not a big Del Rio guy to be honest, but the presence of Ricardo is one of the few things I like about him that sets him apart from the crowd. It used to be the cars, but it seems that WWE has stopped doing that. Without the “personal ring announcer” at his side, Del Rio just fades away and blends into the woodwork. He’s a good wrestler, but nothing special.

3. WWE should be doing more with Rob Van Dam.

FICTION: WWE is using RVD as a featured player and having him wrestle some great matches. He’s motivated and over with the fans and everyone seems to be happy. Why screw up something that’s working fine?

4. WWE should not call up people to the main roster before they turn 21.

FICTION: Age should not be a requirement. Maturity, ability and professionalism is what matters and some people have it at a young age, while others never quite seem to get it.

5. Kurt Angle going to rehab will fix the problems he’s had over the last few years.

FICTION: It can’t hurt, but the only thing that can “fix” Angle’s problems is Kurt Angle himself. The rehab is a tool – lets just see if he can use it and make it work properly for his situations.

6. Tito Ortiz as the #August1Warning was a disappointment.

FACT: What the hell were they thinking? It sucked!

7. A piledriver on the ring apron is never a good idea.

FACT: It’s a dangerous move in a dangerous spot. While I don’t have anything against piledrivers, if done properly and safely, risking permanent injury for the sake of a quick pop or spot is not very smart.

8. You enjoy watching old wrestling.

FACT: Old “wrestling” beats “sports entertainment” anytime.

9. Despite his sterling reputation, Ric Flair relied too heavily on too few signature spots to be considered a worker of the highest caliber.

FICTION: Ric may have used signature spots a little heavily at times, but he earned his rep as one of the best by being able to have great (or at least passable) matches with anyone and everyone. He kept the fans going for sixty or ninety minutes, time and time again and they always left happy and satisfied, knowing that they had seen one of the greatest “ring generals” of all time doing what he does best. Flair is the man. ‘Nuff said!

10. Although the NWA had a reputation for featuring only the absolute best as their world champions, Ron Garvin was most likely the single worst world champion of the classic era.

FACT: Although some might bring up Tommy Rich or GIant Baba as examples of bad NWA Champions, Rich defended the belt during his reign (four days) and Baba was a legend in Japan so they get some leeway in my eyes. Ronnie won the belt to little fanfare and didn’t defend it at all in the two months he held the title, only to lose it in his first defense (rematch at Starcade against Flair). It’s not Garvin’s fault so much as the bookers, but still, he has to take the lumps. Ronnie was the worst.

11. Despite being known as the premier show of the NWA/WCW, Starrcade never had the aura that WrestleMania had.

FACT: The first few Starcade’s were great shows and there were a few more out there that really went above and beyond, but the power and hype of the WWE publicity machine is a monster than few can match and they created an image and hype for Wrestlemania that the folks at Crockett or WCW could never hope to compete against. It’s not the show that mattered so much as it’s the hype and build and nobody does that better than the WWE.

12. Hulk Hogan has often been accused of looking out for himself rather than for the business. However, because Hogan was a proven draw for so long, in most cases the two were often the same thing.

FICTION: While Hogan may have occasionally did what was right for the business, every move he made (or makes) and every action is primarily about one thing first – and that’s “Hulk Hogan”.

13. Jim Cornette enjoys a reputation as a wrestling genius, but his relatively average track record at booking and promotion mean that Corny ain’t all he’s cracked up to be.

FICTION: Some of his ideas might be a little dated in this world of “sports-entertainment”, but Corny know “professional wrestling” as well as any man alive and deserves that reputation. His problems and failures are probably more accountable to his temper and habit of speaking bluntly, albeit politically incorrectly (he don’t kiss ass) than any lack of knowledge or bad ideas. If I had a wrestling promotion, I would love to have Cornette on board to help run things. He’d be well worth whatever it may cost.

14. Given the recent focus on WWE’s Total Divas, the company should produce more shows in the semi-kayfabe vein of the Rock and Wrestling era classic, Tuesday Night Titans.

FICTION: I liked “Tuesday Night Titans” and I like “Total Divas”, but the WWE should focus on more good wrestling and entertaining storylines that make sense and draw fans. Reality TV and mock talk shows are well and good, but the wrestling has to come first.

And there you go. Another column in the books. I’m Doug and I’m out of here.

RIP: Cathy Dunn Maynard… Love ya!


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – August 3, 2013

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
August 3, 2013

As is usually the case, I “borrowed” the questions (the first eight anyhow) from the fine folks at 411mania.com. The answers are mine. Let’s do this fact or fiction thing before I have to head out to work.

1. Undersized talent can succeed in WWE.

FACT: Maybe it wasn’t quite as true in the Hogan era, but in today’s WWE, talent will succeed regardless of the size factor. Look at Daniel Bryan. Look at CM Punk. Look at Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit. Look at Chris Jericho. It might not be an easy ride to get past that glass ceiling, but if the wrestler has the skills and charisma, especially with HHH running the show now, they’ll get their opportunities.

2. Stacy Keibler would bring new fans to WWE programming if she was brought back.

FICTION: They might get one or two new faces tuning in for the sake of curiousity, but unless she’s bring her ex (George Clooney) along for the ride, having Stacy back wouldn’t be a big ratings changer. It would just be “she came back. oh well” type of deal.

3. Daniel Bryan’s corporate makeover will result in his beard being shaved.

FICTION: The beard is part of his character and helps set Bryan apart. It gives him a distinct look. He won’t shave it until he wants to shave it.

4. WWE Total Divas will last more than one season

FACT: The ratings were great and it doesn’t really take much to be a big hit on E. Total Divas will be around for a while.

5. TNA’s release of Jesse Sorensen was a mistake.

FACT: Despite all the perfectly valid reasons, it’s a P.R. disaster for TNA, especially with the current rumors and other issues surounding the company. Dixie made a promise to Sorenson and she lied. It’s that simple.

6. Twitter wrestling fans went too far with their usage of #AskDixie.

FACT: Dixie knew what she was getting in for when she offered to answer questions and despite some of the fans being a bit overzealous, Dixie set herself up for this. She made the bed and now she gets to lie in it, with “lie” being the operative word. She will be allight!

7. The mystery man entering TNA on August 1 will be Low Ki.

FICTION: These questions were written before the big reveal on Thursday night. It wasn’t Low Ki, but considering who it actually was, Low Ki would have been a big improvement.

8. SCUM disbanding will lead to better times for Ring of Honor.

FICTION: SCUM was a formidable group in ROH and while the lack of their presence won’t hurt ROH that much, it won’t help either.

9. Steve Austin versus HHH will be one of the headlining matches at Wrestlemania 30?

FICTION: If Austin does decide to come back for a program and a match at Wrestlemania 30, he should be against CM Punk. ‘Nuff said!

10. TNA should terminate Kurt Angle after Angle was arrested for his 4th DWI Thursday night?

FACT: TNA should have gotten rid of Angle a long time ago, period. I’m glad he said he’s going to rehab (will believe it when I see it), but Angle is a big liability for TNA that they don’t need. So is Jeff Hardy for that matter. I’m all about second chances, but Kurt’s had 2nd and 3rd chances already. This is strike # 4. If they can fire Jesse Sorenson and refuse to help Zema Ion, why keep a proven liability such as Kurt? Boot his ass already.

And that’s it. Short and sweet and to the point. Back later. I’m outta here.