Zimmerman and Deen: Racial Scapegoats

I’ve got a few minutes here before I have to go to work and want to do some quick conversating about a couple of topics that are dominating the news lately. And before I get started, let me do this disclaimer thing. These opinions and views are mine and mine alone and if you don’t agree, tough noogies! Okay, now that I’ve taken care of that, let’s talk about these two big news items. The George Zimmerman trial for the killing of Trevon Martin and the Paula Deen situation.

Let’s talk about Paula Deen first. She admitted in a court deposition that she used the “N” word probably thirty years ago. And since then, everything has fallen apart for her. Her TV show has been cancelled by the Food Network. Her book, which is a best seller, will no longer be available through her publisher. Her line of merchandise is being discontinued. She’s losing everything and anything that has her name attached… because of something she said thirty years ago.

Damn, the hypocrisy is running wild. We see racism every day in music, on tv, in politics, in court trials (more on that in a moment), with our President, etc. How does the old saying go about “people in glass houses?”. Everyone is jumping on Paula Deen and dropping her like a hot potato, but I seriously doubt that ANY of these people who are talking about her and how “bad” and “racist” she is have clean slates and can say honestly that they’ve never used a racial slur. I know I have and every single person I know, to some degree, has… and I’m talking about whites, blacks and indians. Ours is a racist society, getting worse all the time, and anyone who says different is either lying or delusional.

Paula Deen is just the latest scapegoat for the overly-sensative politically correct morons who live by the motto, “you can’t say or do anything that may offend someone else”. Did I say “live” by that motto. My bad. They preach that motto and it applies to everyone else, except generally the ones who are constantly saying. I’m tired of a polticially correct world where everything has to be censored and a person can’t say what they think, feel, or what comes to their mind without being labeled. I hear racist comments by older people of Paula’s generation each and every day at work, so should I refuse to wait on those customers or whine and cry about how they “hurt my feelings” and are such “bad people”? Nope. I just don’t pay them any mind, consider the context of the statements and comments and go on with my life. Maybe some of these sponsors and offended parties should get a clue and pay heed.

Paula Deen was the big name, the big star, etc and everyone loved her while she was making them money and politically correct. However, as soon as there’s any controversy at all, over something not even specifically aimed at any one person, but just a general “oops” moment, all the “friends” and “fans” scatter like a bunch of roaches when you turn on the kitchen light at night. I hate it for her, but she’s had success and she’ll rebound and be okay. But this all shows, to her, who her real friends are and just how hypocritical and full of bull this world really is. Bunch of hypocritical ass-clowns!

And now, let’s talk about George Zimmerman and Trevon Martin. They had a confrontation. Unfortunately, Martin died as a result. And the press went crazy. Racist morons like Al Sharpton and the MSNBC crowd went nuts in their attempts to portray Zimmerman as a cold-blooded murderer. Even the President had to jump in on the issue, before any FACTS were revealed and talk about how, if he had a son, he would look like Trevon.

Zimmerman has been thoroughly trashed, ripped apart, threatened and dragged through the mud again and again. And poor little Trevon has been presented again and again and again as the perfect angel, who would never do any wrong and he’s so good and righteous and decent that perhaps he was the second coming of Jesus. This is what the “unbiased” media has been telling us over and over and over.

And now the trial has begun. Zimmerman is on trial for 2nd Degree Murder. And let’s note this. Originally, the cops didn’t even charge Zimmerman and then, only relented and pressed these charges after public pressure and political pressure from the media and several prominent politicians, including the one who said that Trevon would look like his son if he had one.

The trial is taking place and so far, all the testimony, from the prosecution’s witnesses, has pretty much backed up everything that Zimmerman has claimed from Day 1. Trevon is NOT an angel. Zimmerman was getting the crap pounded out of him, his head being pounded against the sidewalk, and under the self-defense laws as they’re written in Florida, was not only justified in shooting Trevon, but probably would be dead now or seriously injured if he hadn’t done so.

The first night of the trial, I went and watched some of the coverage on HLN (Nancy Grace) and MSNBC and they were repeating the same old claims and ignoring the testimony given that day. They’ve already convicted Zimmerman of murder. Yeppers, never let the facts interfere with a good story or rant, right? And the next night, as more testimony came forth that showed not only was Trevon the one on top during the fight between Zimmerman and Trevon, but thatTrevon was the first to make racial comments and bring racial slurs into the situation, well…. they’re not talking about it quite so much now. Now the argument is that facts don’t matter and who threw the first punch doesn’t matter and who provoked the physical confrontation doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a white guy (Zimmerman) killed a black guy and needs to be convicted.


If Zimmerman had been black and Trevon had been white (or more accurately hispanic), there wouldn’t have been a peep from the media or anyone else. It would have just been a two-minute mention on the evening news and then never heard about again. The race-baiters have jumped on this and Zimmerman is their huckleberry. And if justice truly prevails and Zimmerman is found not guilty, the shit is going to hit the fan because the racist media, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, etc are going to whine and cry and bitch. And to prove that they’re not racist or violent (or possessing of much intelligence), riots will start, protests will start, and Zimmerman will have to live the rest of his life watching his back and fearing for the safety of himself and his family.

I sense another reaction like the Rodney King trials, where in protest of a court decision that they didn’t like, the black community rioted, destroyed their own neighborhoods, burned down their own homes and businesses and stole, looted, vandalized and just acted like total morons. It was a petty, immature and childish tantrum because they didn’t get their way. And have the people matured since then? Nope, we’re in an entitlement society where everyone expects to be given everything and if things don’t go how they like, they show their ass until they get their way.

Zimmerman should never have been charged. It’s all politically motivated and this whole trial and situation is nothing but a farce. It’s a shame what happened with Trevon, but he’s not the total innocent or angel he’s been made out to be. The trial continues and I think the testimony, as it continues, and as the facts continue to come out, will prove that Zimmerman was in fear for his life and acted accordingly. And then… let the chaos and whining and crying begin… because we all know it’s going to.

I’ve got to go get ready for work. Questions and comments are welcome.


Wrestling Fact or Fiction: June 27, 2013

Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
June 27, 2013

So here we are again with another one-man edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction. As is my routine, since I’m a habitual offender (lol), I “borrowed” the majority of the questions from the 411mania.com wrestling website and their column that goes by this same name. I added four questions / statements of my own. And the answers are, as always, one-hundred percent my own. Let’s do this…

1. While well-performed, the CM Punk/Paul Heyman interview on Raw failed to connect with their audience.

FACT: I think that the people watching on TV will get it, eventually, but the audiences of today are not used to subtle methods. It’s argue, chair-shot, punches and chaos and to have two men calmly spill their guts and “discuss” their issues and resolve things with a hug, it’s unheard of in today’s world of sports-entertainment (unless it’s Kane and Daniel Bryan, if you will!) The whole segment between Heyman and Punk was about words, body language and being subtle, the way things used to be. I got it and I’m sure that some of the old-school fans did. Start off quietly and gain momentum, eventually ending with a big climax. That’s the way wrestling should be and both Heyman and Punk are true masters of the game. It was just but a whisper, but I’m more excited for the Punk / Heyman / Brock triangle now than I ever was before.

2. The Rock was the right person to feature on the cover of WWE 2K14.

FACT: While I personally would have preferred Punk or Daniel Bryan or even Sheamus, the Rock has the mainstream appeal that no one else, aside from maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin (barely) can match. The current WWE roster is full of wrestlers and superstars. The Rock is a movie star and media darling. Use him and make more money by selling more games. It’s just that simple.

3. Daniel Bryan going over Randy Orton on Raw solidifies him as a main event talent.

FICTION: Bryan is already a main event talent. He’s a former World Champion. In a place like the WWE, no single win or loss matters, regardless of the opponent. It’s how you sell merchandise and get over with the WWE Universe (and Vince). Bryan is doing well on both counts and that’s what matters. He’s main event because people like him and he can put butts in the seats. Nothing else matters.

4. Matt Striker didn’t get a fair shake as an announcer with WWE.

FICTION: He was used all over the place, as a commentator, back-stage interviewer, working on DVD’s and other projects. He had great opportunity and a great run with the company and I have a feeling that he’ll be back eventually. It’s just not in the cards for now. It’s part of life and shit happens.

5. There should only be one Money in the Bank ladder match.

FACT: I remember when MITB took place at Wrestlemania and one of the big stories each week following that event was which title belt, be it WWE or World, would the MITB winner decide to go after. It added intrigue to the event and expanded upon the possibilities. Two matches for one event is too much and is, in my opinion, overkill. Have one match to headline this PPV and let the winner make a decision as to which champion to pursue. It just works better for me.

6. Rob Van Dam is justified in taking shots at TNA in interviews.

FACT: So long as he’s being honest and truthful, let him say what he will. He’s a grown man and has an opinion and there’s no reason to remain silent if he’s got something to get off his chest.

7. Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray will get back together.

FACT: Uugggh! Yeah, and I won’t be watching because as good as I think Bully Ray is (and he is), when you add a Hogan to the mix (any Hogan), my interest just plummets to nothing.

8. Ring of Honor ceasing their live iPPV business is a good move.

FACT: It seems like every iPPV event that they had was hampered by technical difficulties and problems, so until they can get those issues worked out, it’s probably better to just go to filming and then releasing the material a few days later in some other format. It cuts out many of the headaches and will allow them better control over the final product.

9. Mark Henry should be the next WWE Champion.

FACT: After that great performance on RAW two weeks ago, Henry should be given anything he wants. He’s a legitimate tough guy and bad-ass and a man that the fans would accept easily to take the place of the over-exposed John Cena for a while. He should be the WWE Champion because he deserves it, he’s earned it and that’s what he does.

10. Taz should leave TNA and go back to working for WWE.

FICTION: I want to say fact because Taz is a damn good color-guy and he would be better in WWE than TNA, but right now, WWE has Lawler, JBL, Miz, Alex Riley, etc all working as analysts for different shows and Taz, as good as he is, would be lost in the shuffle. And let’s don’t even talk about the rumors of Colt Cabana being considered for an announcing job. Of course, if the WWE would use Miz and Riley as, I don’t know… WRESTLERS, that would open up a spot and Taz could move back into a main-role rather easily. I like Taz and wish he was part of the WWE scene so I could hear him again more often, but until things settle down a bit in the WWE, he’s better off as the main color-analyst / announce guy in TNA.

11. TNA should help Zema Ion with his medical bills?

FACT: If Ion worked for the WWE, his bills would be covered. Hell, WWE even picks up and covers medical bills for former employees, under the Wellness program. Ion is a TNA employee and his original injuries occurred under the TNA banner. TNA needs to help him out with those medical bills. Hell, just have Hogan, Bischoff, Dixie and Sting each make a donation and set up a website under the TNA banner to help raise money for those medical expenses. It’s the least that they could do.

12. Having the McMahons / HHH appear on RAW more often is a good thing?

FACT: I hate to admit it, but having Vince and Steph and HHH pop up in their roles as leaders / administrative folks, does add interest to the product. I’m curious to see where these small conflicts between Vince and HHH are headed and I like seeing Steph be a bitch to AJ and the Divas. I like the McMahons – I just wouldn’t want to work for them. But they do help the product.

And there you go. I guess that’s it for me now. It’s starting to storm and I need to head uptown to get some movies and then over to see La Krew Familia. Catch you on the flip side, my peeps. Later.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: June 20, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
June 20, 2013

Yes, I took the questions from 411mania. (I’m too lazy these days to come up with my own… lol). But the answers? They’re all me, baby. It’s Fact or Fiction time. Let’s do this…

1. You totally bought into Mark Henry’s “retirement”.

FICTION: It was a master ruse from the World’s Strongest Man and while I admit to having a doubt or two while he was speaking, the back of my mind kept saying that Mark has never been the WWE Champion and I can’t see him leaving the WWE roster without having at least one run with that title. And considering that he came out to interrupt a John Cena promo to do his “retirement thing”, it was pretty obvious that he was going to end up laying Cena out. But the speech, the whole segment, was great. And I loved that jacket. Mark Henry just broke that glass ceiling and cemented his spot in a future Hall of Fame.

2. Alberto Del Rio turning heel & Dolph Ziggler turning face is the right move.

FACT: In my opinion, Del Rio sucks as a face. Ziggler is a heel, but he’s likable and has that “it” going on where you want to pull for him, no matter how “heelish” he’s acting. This double-turn was well done and was the right thing for both men and their characters.

3. You’re excited about Rob Van Dam returning to WWE.

FACT: And the bad thing is that I’m not really what one could call an RVD fan. His ring-work is sloppy and he seems to move in slow motion, missing as much as he hits with the moves. BUT it’s RVD and like him or not, he’s a name with a reputation and adds excitement and some new energy to the WWE product. Just like Chris Jericho is now doing, RVD adds a veteran presence and main event quality to the product. It can’t hurt and just adds more flavor to the mix. This should be fun.

4. AJ is the more likeable performer in her feud with Kaitlyn.

FACT: AJ has a personality. Kaitlyn is just kind of there. And who doesn’t like crazy chicks, right?

5. CM Punk & Paul Heyman parting ways is for the best.

FACT: And I hate saying this because I like the Heyman / Punk partnership, but if Punk is going to be a face, or at least a tweener, he doens’t need Paul Heyman there by his side. As Punk himself said, he’s not Paul’s client and doesn’t need Heyman. Brock needs Heyman to be his mouth-piece because he’s not there every week and not good on the mic. Punk is there and kicks ass on the mic. Curtis Axel needs Heyman because he’s just starting to establish this character and isn’t really over that much yet. Punk is way over, the best in the world, whether Heyman is there or not. This gives Punk a chance for new feuds with Axel and Brock (and maybe another Paul Heyman guy named RVD) and us fans some amazing and excellent matches to match and witness. With Heyman and Punk both involved, the promos and matches are going to kick ass for some time to come. Right idea and right time to do it. You’re welcome!

6. You’re looking forward to Sting re-forming the Main Event Mafia.

FICTION: I wasn’t impressed with the MEM the first time around and I could care less now. Leave the old angles buried and come up with something new… please!

7. The TNA Gut Check Challenge has been successful thus far.

FICTION: While I like the idea and concept, the actual product thus far has been highly forgettable and a waste. Who has TNA gained with this that has stood out and has the makings of a big name for TNA? I can’t think of anyone. I like the concept as I’ve said, but it’s nothing special.

8. The Bound For Glory Series has a good roster of talent.

FACT: TNA has some great performers and talent. That’s never been an issue or in doubt. It’s just the way they book their talent and who they choose to push that leaves me scratching my head sometimes. The wrestlers are good and I have no doubt that the BFG Series will be exciting and interesting. But who wins in the end and is left standing, that’s generally where the problems lie. With the right powers and booking behind them though, the TNA roster is strong and does know their craft extremely well.

And that’s it… Yeppers, it’s short and sweet. I was going to do more, but “House M.D.” just came on the tube and it’s an episode I haven’t seen yet so I’m going to go watch that. Yeah, I have my priorities. Catch you later, Peeps!



Sometimes, you just need to look at the big picture…  the good versus the bad, the truth versus the lies, and how things really are when the rose-colored glasses are taken off.  It totally changes the dynamics of everything.  Relationships and friendships should be give and take and mutually beneficial to both parties.  When it’s all give and no take and only one person reaps the benefits while the other is taken for granted, that means it’s time to either make major changes or cut the ties.  I’m not comfortable with having to change, but I’m even less comfortable with being someone’s bitch.  Enough is enough and it’s time to make a move, one way or another…

WWE Payback Predictions: June 15, 2013

So I’ve got about twenty minutes before I have to leave for work. Hmmmm! Plenty of time to do this. So…

Tossing Salt – Worldwide News presents: WWE Payback Pay-Per-View Predictions
June 15, 2013

Let’s do this…

WWE Championship Match – Three Stages of Hell
John Cena versus Ryback

So we’ve got Cena and Ryback doing three matches in one. I think we’ll see Cena do the dreaded “five moves” and take the first match pretty quickly. Ryback will make the big comeback and win the “Ambulance Match”. And it all comes down to the Lumberjack match and Ryback has less friends than Cena so Cena gets some aid (from Zack Ryder – one of Ryback’s victims perhaps?) and takes the final pin to retain the gold.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: John Cena

World Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler versus Alberto Del Rio

If Dolph loses the title this quickly after coming back from his concussion, they may as well just terminate his contract and send him to TNA because that will be a major bunch of crap… period! Dolph and Del Rio have a great match and Dolph retains.

Winner and STILL World Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho versus CM Punk

The match of the night as both men will do their best to (with all apologies to Dolph) “show off” and steal the show. I think we’ll see the start of a double-turn as Punk moves more to “face” mode, while Jericho becomes more of the classic egotistical maniac we all know and love. And Punk wins.

Winner: CM Punk

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Shield versus Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

More problems between Bryan and Orton. Should be one helluva great match, but SHIELD retains.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield

United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose versus Kane

Kane is looking better now than he has in a while and the match will be good. Ambrose is amazing and a future World Champion – no doubt. Kane doesn’t need a belt and it’s too soon to take the belt off of Ambrose. He can make it mean something again. Ambrose retains.

Winner and STILL U.S. Champion: Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett versus The Miz versus Curtis Axel

Curtis takes out Miz and pins Barrett to become the new IC Champion and life is absolutely “perfect” as it should be.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Divas Championship Match
Kaitlyn versus AJ Lee

AJ is way over and great in her psycho-role. Kaitlyn, to be honest, sucks! AJ wins and we get a new champ.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: AJ Lee

and finally…

Sheamus versus Damien Sandow

Sheamus is kind of played out and on the downslide right now. Sandow is on the rise and it begins here. You’re welcome!

Winner: Damien Sandow

And I finish with six minutes to go. Gotta go to work now. Have a great day. Ubuntu! And you’re welcome…


I could have said no and probably should have
but I let the heart overrule the head
and gave in… again
I’m not mad at you
I don’t think I can ever be… really
but I’m tired of being taken for granted
I’m tired of being unhappy
I’m tired of being a means to an end
so what the hell am I supposed to do
I don’t freakin’ know
it’s not my responsibility
I can’t take care of you when I can barely take care of myself
but I still try
still say “yes” when I want to say no
and still try to be part of your life
when all I feel is alone
you mean a lot to me
you are a lot to me
I just don’t like the way I’m feeing right now
it would just be nice to be appreciated sometimes
instead of just a tool for your amusementImage

You Know You’re A Liberal If…

Okay. I found this blog over at http://www.AddictingInfo.org. The topic is “You Know You’re A Liberal If…” I think that anyone who knows me already knows the answer to this question, but I’ve decided to take a look at each of the qualifications and see if they apply to me. Is it possible that I’m actually a liberal? I know that on social issues, I tend to lean to the left, but on most other issues, I’m more on the conservative, right-wing side of things. So let’s find out for sure. Let’s do this…

You Know You’re A Liberal If…

You can discern the geographic distance between Kenya and Hawaii.

I know where Hawaii is. I know where Kenya is. That just means I know geography and has nothing to do with my political leanings. I get it that this is about whether Obama is a citizen of the U.S. or not, but that’s a dead issue to me. His father was Kenyan, but his mother was American. Thus, dual citizenship. It’s that simple. Now as to if that birth certificate is real and trying to explain why he has a CT based social security number, that’s another issue altogether.

Bernie Sanders is one of your favorite senators.

Bernie Sanders? Nah, I don’t think so.

You’re seriously considering dropping Verizon and switching to Credo Mobile.

I don’t use Verizon. I don’t use Credo Mobile. I just use a piece of crap Tracfone. And all of the phone companies are intertwined where it counts. The Feds and the Obama administration are still going to be illegally monitering the calls and invading our privacy so the brand doesn’t matter.

You get much of your news from Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher and/or Jon Stewart.

Rachel Maddow doesn’t cover news. She does opinion based commentary. Bill Maher is a comedian (and not even a funny one). And Jon Stewart – he’s funny and pretty cool most of the time. But I get my news from actual newspapers and from on the web and occasionally TV (Shep Smith on FOX – actually a journalist and not just a talking head). The shows on Fox and MSNBC don’t actually cover news very often. Fox does more than MSNBC, but both are extremely biased and tainted. CNN is better than either, but they’re so damn boring. The written media (daily newspapers) are generally the best way to get real news, where you can read and make up your own mind and opinion.

You’re in favor of tax increases to support the common good even if you have to pay more yourself.

If the tax increases were actually used to help people (with real accountability), I’d be happy to pay my “fair share”, but when all of these tax increases are just used to pay for higher government spending and promotion of agendas that I don’t agree with, I have a problem with that. And why does this person pay one rate, this person pay another and then this other person pay yet another rate. To hell with “income tax” – how about either a national sales tax where everyone pays the same based on consumption or else the “flat tax” where everyone pays the same percentage… period. Abolish the IRS and make things truly equal and fair.

You recognize that marijuana is physically less harmful than either cigarettes or alcohol.

This is true – marijuana should be legalized and regulated, just as cigarettes and alcohol are. It’s not good for you, but it’s better than the other two “cash-cows” that the government loves so much so why pick on the potheads? It’s messed up!

You understand Citizens United is about 5 conservative justices who are united against citizens and who favor the corporate control of elections.

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I know who they are, but I don’t know enough about the organization to actually agree or disagree with such a far-reaching statement. I don’t agree with the unlimited spending that the PAC’s are allowed in political campaigns and I think there should be a cap on what corporations are allowed to contribute. But from what I know about CU, they’re no better, or no worse, than any other PAC organization, be it conservative OR liberal.

You get that Ron Paul is no better than the Tea Party.

Ron Paul is a very intelligent and capable man and we’d be much better off if we had more Ron Paul’s in the world. He uses common sense and logic rather than pandering or playing games, like most other politicians do. I’d much rather see Ron Paul in the White House than the current occupant.

You’ve pissed off a conservative in your life by railing against Fox News or Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin was not a good choice to be the VP candidiate in 2008, but I don’t necessarily think that she’s all that bad. She did do a good job as the Governor of Alaska and if she hadn’t gotten pulled into that circus that was the 2008 election, she would probably be one of the top Republican figures and much more powerful and credible than she currently is. It was the wrong time for her and she’s still paying for that fiasco of an election. Fox News? It’s definitely more fair and honest than the other news organizations (MSNBC, CBS) and while it does lean too far to the right sometimes, it actually makes an effort to cover and report the news rather than just ignore any bad things that happen in Washington and act as the Obama cheerleading squad. At least no Fox reporter was ever reported to have a “tingle” up his leg because of the President.

You have an “Obama ‘08” or “Obama 2012” logo riding on your bumper.


You are a fan of a dozen or more liberal pages on Facebook.

If you count the GLBT pages and the hot man pages (not the mention the smart-ass pages), I probably do have more than a dozen liberal leaning pages on my Facebook. I like to hear and learn from all points of view.

At some point, you wore dreads or went barefoot in public – or you know a few people who fit this description.

I know several people who fit this description. I don’t like going barefoot and I have the wrong kind of hair to do the “dreads”. I like to wash my hair at least twice a day and be clean. The thought of dreads? Uugh! I did once have a long-ass rat-tail that could circle around my neck. That was pretty cool.

You read food labels.

Sometimes, when I’m bored.

You have gay friends and you respect them.

Hell, I am gay and yes, I have some gay friends who I respect a great deal. I also have some gay “associates” who I think are a bunch of idiots. And I have straight friends, who I like and respect a great deal. And I know some straights that aren’t (in my opinion) worth the air that they are allowed to breathe. Gay or straight has nothing to do with if I respect or don’t respect a person. How they act towards me and others has everything do with it.

You probably graduated from college and your degree probably isn’t in marketing or business administration.

I didn’t graduate from college and the classes that I did take were in accounting and book-keeping.

You post to Facebook and Twitter in support of liberal causes. A conservative friend may have un-friended you because of your posts.

I post about several causes and the only person that unfriended me because of my posts was a very liberal gay guy who got mad because I don’t like the person currently in the White House. So who’s open-minded and tolerant?

You support the middle class.

I am the middle class. Well, the lower-middle class (I’m a poor, broke, single white guy), but yeah, I support anyone who works for a living and pays their own way.

You don’t think NPR is biased.

NPR is extremely biased. They make MSNBC look “fair and balanced”… lol

You think the Koch brothers are evil.

Of course they are. They’re billionaires. But then again, so is George Soros.

You’ve been following the dogged and brave uprising in Wisconsin.

You mean the cowards and union-stooges who don’t want to allow a free and competitive market in their state and would rather see companies go out of business rather than focus on supplying a need and actually trying to be successful and make a profit. Or are you talking about the idiots who tried to repeal and take their Governor out of office because he did exactly what he said he would do if elected and was working to make Wisconsin stronger and more healthy? I kept up with the stories, but I think they’re a bunch of ass-clowns. Nothing brave about them.

You prefer to breathe non-cancer-causing air and drink non-toxic water.

I’d prefer it – yes!

You value a good standard of living for the public over corporate profits.

If the company isn’t allowed to make money and be profitable, they’re not going to hire people and they’re going to cut jobs. And everyone loses. There’s no reason that companies can’t make money and pay their people fairly, but when everyone starts getting greedy, everyone gets screwed and hurts. It’s pretty simple – if the company doesn’t make money, there are no jobs. People need to use some common sense sometimes.

You believe people should be able to choose, in private, the family planning option that’s right for them.

To have a family or not have a family is a decision that is for the mother and father. The rest of us may have an opinion one way or the other, but we need to step back and MYOB! It’s their call – not ours.

You use hash tags like #p2, #p21, #topprog, and #taxtherich on Twitter.

Nope! I actually think they’re kind of stupid!

You are serious about recycling.

I recycle plastic, cans and pretty much everything else. I also do the compost thingy. Not really sure if it helps or not, but it can’t hurt.

You actually care that the ice caps are melting, coral reefs are dying and bio-diversity is diminishing.

No – not really. Global warming is a myth!

You can find Iraq on a map while realizing that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

I know where Iraq is. And while Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, I do think that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world. He did kill hundreds of thousands of his own people and the world is a better place without him. And getting rid of that walking personification of evil is and was a good thing.

You’ve been called a hippie, a bleeding heart or a tree hugger.

My BFF calls me a “hippie” sometimes, but I think that’s just a “Mod Sun” thing. Bleeding heart or tree hugger? Nah!

You believe education and health care should be subsidized for the common good.

Education? Yes, but the government needs to back off in the schools and quit trying to over-regulate everything and rewrite history. Don’t editorialize. Just use simple and basic facts and let the kids make up their own minds. Let the teachers actually teach instead of forcing them to go by a mandated agenda. Public schools can be a good thing if the government backs off and we forget about political correctness and get back to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. As for health care, socialized medicine does not work and the people suffer. Obamacare (subsidized medicine) is NOT the answer to solve our health care problems and if anything, it’s only going to make things worse and worse.

GOP voter suppression is ticking you off enough to mobilize the vote within your circles.

What GOP voter suppression? The only supression I’ve actually seen was when the Black Panters stood outside a voting center and intimidated voters (something Eric Holder and the DOJ refuse to prosecute and follow up on.) Requiring people to show ID to vote is not supression. It’s common sense. We need an ID for everything else in our lives and everyone should have some form of ID. They need it to buy alcohol, pay bills, open accounts, visit people in hospitals, write checks, walk into a bar or club, rent a place to live, get a job, get government assistance, cash checks, etc. So who doesn’t have one? Again, the only people that would be supressed are those with something to hide.

You’ve given to a homeless person – ever.

I have done this… yes!

You cringe when you hear Obama referred to as a “one-term president.”

I cring when I hear him referred to as “The President”. How did America get this stupid. And then, they re-elected his corrupt butt. What the… ? Our national anthem shouldn’t be the “Star Spangled Banner”. It should be changed to “Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa” becaue this is a nation of mindless sheep.

You have gotten into a heated online debate with a Republican troll and even though you didn’t change their mind it still felt good to defeat their logic.

I’ve debated both Republican trolls and Democratic sheep online. And it was fun… yes!

And there you go. My thoughts on each “qualification” to be a true liberal. So do I make the grade? Hmmmmm! I don’t think so. Oh well.. lol

Talk at you later…