Wrestling Q&A – May 31, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
May 31, 2017

I just finished watching the movie, “Dr. Strange” on Netflix. Damn good movie and this version is even better than the bootleg copy I had previously watched. Not having shadows of heads pop up in the picture every few minutes does make a movie just that much better. And now, it’s time to give the eyes a break before I head back over to Netflix to finish up Season 1 of “Once Upon A Time”. It’s not quite “Buffy”, “Arrow”, “Iron Fist” or “Legends of Tomorrow” worthy, but I’m still liking this show. I probably should be going to bed soon. That doesn’t mean I will, but just that I probably should.

So what we got here is a little thing I do sometimes called “Wrestling Q&A”. Questions about professional wrestling, the “King of Sports” that I’ve found over the past couple of days on Facebook, either at the JCP group or at the KOK (Kult of Kayfabe). I find the questions there and I answer them here. Quite simple actually. Well, I like it anyhow. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Anthony Alston asks, “If you were a young up and coming wrestler and you could choose anybody as your mentor dead or alive who would it be?”

A great question to be sure. I’d probably be talking to and trying to pick the minds of every single wrestler / manager / personality I could find and learn all I can, but for the actual person to train me, help me develop my style and character and teach me the right way to do things, based on his success with his “Funking Dojo”, my pick would be former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr.

Castor Parker asks, “Who is the most interesting member of The Shield right now?”

Truthfully, I am not really a big fan of the SHIELD, either as a unit or as individuals. They’re just not my cup of Pepsi, if you will. Ambrose seems to have lost all momentum since his run as the WWE Champion last year and seems, to me anyhow, to just be going through the motions. Roman has great matches and the potential is there to take off and be a fantastic heel, but it just hasn’t taken off yet and it all seems forced. Seth’s voice annoys me and, currently as a “face”, he’s just kind of ‘eh. I much preferred the heel Seth who had J&J Security with him and was a total ass. Of the three right now, I guess I’ll go with Roman as the most interesting just because he annoys me the least.

Stephen Thi asks, “Since the Superstar Shakeup, it seems like the writers also had a bit of a shakeup… Creative-wise, is Smackdown still better than Raw?”

Neither creative team seems to be batting a thousand right now and it’s more hit & miss than anything consistent. But that being said, and I think a lot of this has to do with Smackdown only being a two hour show while RAW runs for three hours each week, Smackdown seems to hit for the bleachers and get it right more than RAW does on a consistent basis.

Scotty James Savile asks, “What was Booker T.’s best singles feud in WCW? Was it Chris Benoit (included the Best of 7 series to determine the #1 contender for the Television Title), Jeff Jarrett or Scott Steiner? Although it never really got going, I really enjoyed the friendly rivalry between him and Rick Martel over the Television Title. It’s a shame Martel got injured.”

You forgot about the heated rivalry for the name “T” with brother Stevie Ray and the former Ahmed Johnson. I don’t blame you though because that entire run really stank pretty badly. Of the three rivalries you mentioned, I think the best one was probably the one with Scott Steiner. Those two put on some good matches and it was always for either the U.S. or WCW title so that made it stand out even more.

Angel Montes asks, “The best NWA World Heavyweight Champion ever?”

It’s a hard call because there have been so many great wrestlers to hold that ten pounds of gold and travel the world as the NWA World Champion. We’re talking about men like Lou Thesz. Jack Brisco, Terry Funk, Dory Funk, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Giant Baba, Tommy Rich, Kerry Von Erich and many others. I think that overall, Ric Flair was the greatest World Champion of all time. But when it comes to just the NWA strap and the men who held that title, I’m going to have to make a different call and give that honor to Harley Race.

Brandon Rhea says, “I’d love to see another female get a push similar to Chyna. Someone that could wrestle the guys and you genuinely not be sure who would win. Who do you think could pull that off with legitimacy though?

It’s a tough call since Chyna was kind of an unique and special person in our business and truly one of a kind. Of the current batch of stars though, maybe Awesome Kong could be used in that manner. Asuka, currently one of the best performers in NXT of either gender, could probably take on and beat most smaller guys and make it believable. I think that she, Asuka, would be my pick.

Mauri Ramirez Wilman asks, “The best normal tag team match you’ve seen?”

Clash of Champions 4, in a tag team main event featuring The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) w/ Jim Cornette in their corner versus The Horsemen (Ric Flair and Barry Windham) w/ James J. Dillon. No stipulations needed. Just four great wrestlers and two top of the line managers doing what they do best, putting on a fantastic must-see match.

Greg DeMarco wants to know, “Is a heel turn the right move for Big Cass?”

I’d love to see Cass turn heel and just unleash his inner monster. He’s got the size and just needs that extra push to be a top singles star. Turning heel could do the trick and be exactly what he needs.

Al Snow asks, “What does everybody want?”

Right now, a good massage from a hot and sexy guy, some Bud Light and maybe some Chinese food. That’d be great.

And with that, I think it’s time to bring this to a close. Netflix is calling. And I’m not kidding about that massage if there are any hot & sexy guys in the neighborhood who want to come over. Just saying.

Have a great night and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Thanks for reading.


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This & That – May 30, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:  This & That
May 30, 2017

Well, I went a few minutes ago to get on Netflix. They just added the movie “Dr. Strange” and although I’ve watched it twice already, via bootleg editions on the internet, I wanted to watch it one more time tonight because I’ve found, especially where the “super hero” movies are concerned, that they tend to get better with each viewing, as you notice more and more of the tiny things and so-called “Easter Eggs” imbedded into the movie. Well, all of the movies with the exception of “Suicide Squad”. I love the concept and characters and was / am a huge fan of the comic version. But the movie was an action packed convulated mess that lacked direction and gets more confusing, making less and less sense with each viewing. Great soundtrack and lots of potential, but the plot was just all screwy and hard to follow. Here’s a tip for movie producers on the next Suicide Squad and other DC movies… follow the Marvel plan and do a K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. Remember, less is more.

So as I was saying, I went to get on Netflix and I can’t. That means that someone else is currently on Netflix and using my account. That’s cool. There are two people who I’ve given permission to use my account when I’m not on it and thus, this happens sometimes. I’m not sure exactly who is on it right now, but I’ll know when I look at the history later. Enjoy it guys. I’m just going to write for a while instead now and get up some material for the site. I’ll watch Dr. Strange later. And if this stuff that I’m currently writing is absolutely sucky, it’s your fault. I wanted to watch a movie, but you took that option away from me for now and thus, I’m stuck with this instead. It’s on you friend.

Condolences to the friends, family and fans of rocker Greg Allman, who passed away this past Saturday. A few weeks ago, while appearing on the SMF Cyberspace Podcast, I mentioned that Allman was reported as being very ill and had been moved into hospice care. Unfortunately, that was a sign of things to come. Rest In Peace, Midnight Rider. You may not have been “an angel”, but you were a true talent, legend and icon in the music industry and you will be missed.

Something else I recently spoke about in the SMF Cyberspace Podcast (available at YouTube), was the recent arrest of former WWE Star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. Waltman was arrested in Los Angeles for several charges including drug possession and trafficking. He has maintained his innocence from the start and claims that the TSA officials were wrong and screwed up. Well, guess what? The pills that Waltman had possession of, the ones that TSA officials claimed were meth, they weren’t meth. All of their tests came back negative and all charges against Waltman have been dismissed. TSA screwed up. The cops screwed up. And Waltman was totally clean and emerges with reputation safe, secure and intact. Airport officials issued a public apology to Waltman for the arrest. I wonder if they’re going to compensate him for the show he was booked for overseas and missed due to their mistake? Probably not. But still, good news for Waltman. Now if he can just make people forget about that “One Night In Chyna” video.

I was talking to a friend earlier today and we were talking about some of the strange flavor combinations that people kept coming up with for Lay’s Potato Chips. Personally, I liked the chicken & waffles combo. Well, he made a suggestion about a “Chicken & Watermelon” combo. It sounds like a perfect picnic meal, but I told him that it sounded kind of racist. Then he mentioned how well they would sell in the urban areas. Again, I called him racist. Then he told me that he voted for Obama in 2012 and Hillary in 2016 against Trump. He doesn’t like Trump. So that means he’s not racist because we all know that liberals can’t be racist or homophobic or bigots or anything bad. Those titles are reserved for the people who don’t agree with their so-very-tolerant opinions and actually have the abilities to think for themselves. So logic says, my friend, who is a liberal, but also racist, isn’t racist at all, but since I called him racist for making a racial stereotype, I’m probably the racist… and a homophobe too, even though I’m gay. Yeppers. Welcome to modern America, folks!

Speaking of Trump, and I did briefly mention him in the last paragraph, I would love to see all of the so-called News organizations be forced to report only straight up actual news, meaning things that have happened and can be confirmed and supported with real, tangible evidence when talking about the President (and any politician) and when it goes from actual facts to opinion, a huge disclaimer would appear on the screen noting that the comments are now only opinion and should not be taken as serious, important or even worth wasting time listening to. Journalists should not be reporting opinions – they should only be reporting news… period! If it’s a “talking head” or a blogger or noted as an opinion piece, then say what they want and go for it, but pretending to be real reporters and journalists when all they do is echo the party line and moo like mindless sheep, (yes, sheep can moo. I saw it in a cartoon once), just totally sucks.

And while I’m on the subject, why do the people at MSNBC talk about the news at Fox? And the folks at Fox News talk about the people at CNN? “And CNN talks about the Washington Post? And the Post folks talk about the Wall Street Journal? And so on and so on. There should be a ban in effect where newscasters don’t mention other newscasters and networks quit talking about other networks. Instead of reporting on the reporters, why not just report the news? Wouldn’t that be a novel idea.

Local politics are starting to get in full swing around here. I’m sure I’ll be touching more on all of that as the political season progresses, but for now, NO NEW CITY HALL, support our Mayor, Dr. Matthew Block, and #Team Kersey. ‘Nuff said!

The past few days have been really, really hot. I don’t like hot weather and damn it, it’s still only March. Wait until July or August. We gonna die out there in that sweltering humidity and hot air. Somebody crank that A/C up, stat.

And this is enough for now. I’m going to go see if I can get on Netflix now and watch my movie. If I can’t, then I’ll be back. I have two Q&A things to do. One is a Wrestling Q&A and the other is answering questions I found on my Facebook feed from a couple of groups I’m a member of. As I’ve said before, anything goes here. So I’m down and gone. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back when I’m back. Have a great one.



Out Of The Rain – Jessi Colter, Waylon and Tony Joe White

Originally recorded by Etta James, this is a beautiful rendition of an amazing song.  Along with Tony Joe White, who wrote the song, Jessi Colter is at her absolute best, alongside her husband, the legendary Waylon Jennings.  This is also one of the last songs Waylon recorded before he passed away.  So good, real and inspirational.  Out of the rain, where I long to be…


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25 Thought Provoking Questions / Interesting Survey…

25 Thought Provoking Questions / Interesting Survey!
May 29, 2017

(Sourced from 25 Questions that Provoke Thought)

After sleeping most of the day (I was having issues), it seems that now I’m going to be up most of the night. Wow! What fun. I was going to spend the rest of the night binge-watching “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix and I may still will, but for now, my eyes need a break. So what better than to come over here to the site and write an earth-shattering piece of literature. Or maybe do a survey. Whatever works, right? I found this survey and the questions are definitely thought provoking and interesting, hence the title. It could be fun. Let’s find out, shall we? Let’s do this…
1. What is it like to wake up every morning and pretend that you aren’t dying?

As opposed to not waking up and actually being dead, I guess it’s kind of a good thing. Hell, every day I wake up hurting and in pain so that’s how I know I’m not dead. Well, that and having to pee. If I ever wake up and don’t hear the snap, crackle and pop of my bones, plus feel that ready to piss all over myself if I don’t get up soon feeling, then it means that the reaper has shown up and I’m dead. Hope that doesn’t happen for many years to come though. I’ve got things to do.

2. Do you believe in the death penalty? What if someone murdered your mother in cold blood? What if someone murdered a stranger’s mother, but saved your life the month before?

I do believe in the death penalty, but it should be the ultimate last resort, reserved for those who are just total scum with no sense of remorse or hopes of redemption. Shit happens and sometimes it’s bad stuff. I get that. And accidents happen in the heat of the moment. I get that too. But if someone takes another life, just to be doing it, because they’re an evil bastard, kill them. It’s not a big loss. And if doesn’t matter who the victim is, be it my family or a complete stranger. It also doesn’t matter what they’ve done in the past. If they’re killing just because, then they deserve to die. ‘Nuff said!

3. If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

Probably not very long. I’m one of my harshest critics and a pretty tough judge on myself and some of the stupidity I’ve been involved in. I’m pretty open minded towards others and try to be easy going, but for myself, I give no quarter and have little mercy. And if anyone else judged me one third as much as I do myself, they’d be gone and gone quickly. It’s that simple.

4. Would you rather be rich and paralyzed from the waist down or poor and able bodied?

Money isn’t that important, so long as I’m able to get by and handle my responsibilities. I like my legs and below-waist activities and wouldn’t want to give them up, besides I’m used to being poor. I’d go with the poor and able-bodied choice.

5. What’s the most expensive gift you have ever received? Is it the best gift you have ever received?

Material items have never really matted much to me. The most important and expensive gift a person can give is their time, their love, their presence. It means that you matter to them and it is truly the best gift of all.

6. When was the last time you lied? Is it possible to lie without saying anything at all?

I honestly can’t remember when my last outright lie was. I try to not lie or at least not give the blatant lies. And guess what? That’s a lie right there. I don’t lie much, but if the situation calls for it to not offend or hurt someone else or to make things easier or more convenient, then I’m just like anyone else and will do that “little white lie” thing. Anyone who says that they don’t occasionally lie or work around the truth is, guess what, a liar. And yes, some of the biggest lies are told by not saying anything, thus giving agreement.

7. Stealing is immoral, right? But what if stealing was the only way to feed a starving child?

Stealing is wrong, but there are times that you do what you have to do. If it was the only option and all other options have been tried and failed, there are circumstances where decisions must be made and it isn’t always the one you’d like or prefer, but it happens.

8. If I gave you $20, what percentage would you – really – save? If I gave you $200,000, what percentage would you save? Should there be a difference?

With $20, it would probably be all spent pretty quickly because the bills I have exceed that amount and I would use the money to pay said bills. As for the bigger amount, I would try to save a good portion because after taking care of my responsibilities, there would be money left over and could be used to provide a nest egg for future events. I’m pretty much good with money so what isn’t needed immediately would be kept for times I do need it.

9. If someone could tell you the exact day and time that you are going to die, would you want them to tell you?


10. If you found out you were going to die today, would you have any regrets? Would you be happy with the way you spent the last 24 hours of your life?

I have plenty of regrets about the direction my life has gone in as of late and I’m currently working on making it better and resolving those regrets so yes, I would be upset with not being able to complete the goals I’ve set for myself.

11. What’s your single greatest moment of personal failure? Looking back on it now, did it make you weaker or stronger? What did you learn?

I’m not sure what moments to choose because there have been some totally messed up moments in my life. I think I’ll go with the DWI’s back in ’97. I was stupid, let a lot of people down, and went without a license to drive for almost 18 years as a result. It hurt me in so many ways, making me depend upon others so many times when I’d rather have been independent and I lost out on so many opportunities. It weakened me and made me feel like less of a person for so damn long. But I survived and I’ve gotten past it, mostly, and I’m back on the right path now.

12. Do the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ mean not being persecuted or discriminated against, or do they mean doing whatever you please?

I think it means to be able to live as you desire, with no presecution or discrimination, but also realizing that your rights can’t infringe upon the rights of others and there has to be a happy medium. We can live as we desire, but there are still laws and rules that apply to us and actions have consequences.

13. Have you ever discriminated against someone? Imagine that a street gang notorious for wearing purple shirts has robbed and murdered several hundred people in your town. If a man wearing a purple shirt just rang your doorbell, would you answer it?

I think that everyone has at some point, discriminated against someone else. It’s human nature and if someone acts different than us or dresses differently or is a different race or religion or gender or anything really, we look and judge and act accordingly. Anyone who says different is a liar and a dumb-ass as well. None of us are perfect and we all judge. It’s true, it’s damn true. And hell no, I wouldn’t answer the door. I rarely answer the door anyhow and never answer the phone and that’s for people I know and like. For some stranger wearing a purple shirt, they can just keep on knocking.

14. Is it crazier to choose to be poor or to spend 40 years of your life hating 40 hours a week?

That’s one thing that I’ve always been lucky about in that almost every job I’ve ever had, I’ve actually enjoyed it and if I didn’t like it, I didn’t stay there long and moved on. While there have been moments and situations that I didn’t like (Nic’s # 2 – I’m looking at you!), the people I’ve worked with and what I was doing was actually not too bad. I’ve always been poor though and that sucks, but it’s not crazy. It’s just life.

15. Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time? How many hours a week do you spend watching TV, or playing video games, or…?

I often feel as if there isn’t nearly enough time to get what I need to get accomplished, but it’s just bad time management on my part. I rarely watch TV and don’t play video games, unless it’s getting my ass kicked by my bestest and favoritest 5-year old. I just let myself get distracted and procrastinate and that’s my own fault. I have no one else to blame.

16. Do you ever celebrate the green lights?

What the hell does that even mean? Drink a beer at the traffic light when it turns green? Or maybe let out a cheer when the aliens appear in the sky and I know it’s time for an anal probe? (I really need to find a good man and quit being single.) I don’t get this whole “green light” thing. It must be one of them “young people” things. Whatever. Pull your damn pants up!

17. If you could be given another talent or ability, what would you want it to be? Have you ever – really – tried to perfect this ability in yourself?

I wish I could talk to and relate to people. Would that even count? I struggle so much with dealing with simple human interaction at times, it’s not even funny. I have tried to work on it and get better and I’m not as bad as I once was, but it’s not easy and gets harder all the time. I’m good with some people, but the world in general, not really.

18. No matter how bad things get, are you aware that someone always has it worse than you do?

Yes. I have a lot of shit going on sometimes, but I have a job, a place to live, some good friends and my penis works. Life isn’t perfect, but it is what it is and I know that I can’t dwell or get upset about what I don’t have, but instead should focus on what I do. There are always people who have it worse. They might not even have a penis.

19. When you help someone, do you ever think, “What’s in it for me?”

Sometimes, yes. It depends on the person and the situation. When I’m doing something for a person that I know is just using me and taking things for granted, I often stop and wonder what am I getting out of this deal. Is this really worth my time and effort? And sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t and I act accordingly. And then there are the times that the person just really needs help and is really sincere and appreciative and there are no ulterior motives. Those are the times that you just want to be there and help in any way possible and no reciprocation required. Those times and moments are pure pleasure in themselves.

20. Joy is found with simple awareness. What does your joy look like today?

For today, my joy was just being to myself. I had that urge to be alone and lost in my thoughts with no distractions and for the most part, it worked out just that way. I did get lonely a few times and wanted to call a friend, but at the same time, I knew that would spoil the moment and thus, I didn’t. I needed a day for myself and I had it. And tomorrow, life as usual resumes cause that’s the way it is.

21. What’s the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing?’

Living is when you feel what you’re doing, experience the pleasures and even the not-so-pleasures of life and take in every sound, touch, smell, feeling, emotion, etc and make them a part of you. Existing is when you don’t care and lost hope and feeling, just going through the motions.

22. Are you willing to sacrifice the life of your child or lover to support a war?

Any sacrifice that is made, by my child or lover, is their decision to make and not mine. I would support any decision that they made for themselves. It’s not my call.

23. Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?

It depends upon the topic or subject. If my interest is strong, I ask questions or else use my resources to search for answers and information myself, If it’s something that I have no or only marginal interest in, I’ll settle for what I know and let it go.

24. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?


25. If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?

If it was a novel, it’d be called “Tossing Salt” because that’s my theme and brand and what is life but tossing salt into the wind and experiencing the consequences and effects? And how would it end? With the house in the country, the white picket fence, a man that I love and who loves me by my side, and a career as a writer where I’m making tons of money, working my own schedule and just content and happy.

And there you go. That’s the end of the survey and it’s time to close this up and go to bed. Or back to Netflix. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Take it easy my friends and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



Wrestling Fact or Fiction – May 28, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
May 28, 2017

It’s bright and early on Sunday morning. It’s Memorial Day weekend and it looks as if it will be a great day for cooking out, drinking beer and chillaxin’ with the family. And more importantly, it’s a day to pay homage to and remember those who sacrificed so we can enjoy the freedoms and life we have. Some gave all and all gave some. Let’s don’t let their sacrifices be in vain.

As for the piece today, the statements come from my friends at 411mania.com/wrestling. I will either agree (fact) or disagree (fiction) and explain why. It’s what I do. And now, let’s do it.

1. The Tommaso Ciampa heel turn on Johnny Gargano was excellently pulled off.

FACT: Who saw it coming? The DIY went through hell with a fantastic, albeit losing effort against the AOD. They had a fantastic match and the crowd was so jakked for the team, chanting for them and giving them all sorts of love. The show was over and the credits were ready to roll and it just seemed to come from out of nowhere. Ciampa blasted his partner and not only turned on him, but tried to take him out for good. It was one of the best heel turns I’ve seen in a while and was done so well, telling that story and building the anticipation for what we all know will be one hellacious feud. In a night of great wrestling and great matches, it was a stand-out moment that will be talked about for years to come. That is how to do a heel turn and feud and the WWE needs to take notes. Just very well done.

2. As a complete show, NXT Takeover: Chicago kicked WWE Backlash’s ass.

FACT: Don’t get me wrong. Backlash was a solid show and as usual, the action was good and everyone worked hard and busted their asses, but the NXT show was just a text book sample of how a show should be booked and put together. A variety of matches, all different in many ways, but all telling that story, all entertaining and just a solid and fun, start to finish show. Only five matches and running only two hours instead of the three-plus that the WWE shows usually run helps too. Both shows were good, but with the Takeover show, I’ve gone back and rewatched several of the matches, especially the Asuka match and the DIY cage match / heel turn at the end. With Backlash, once was enough. That pretty much says it all.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura’s main roster, in ring debut at Backlash was an overall failure in terms of presenting him as a big time star.

FICTION: While it wasn’t the squash that I’m sure a lot of people were looking for, Shinsuke got a great reaction from the crowd, a solid and good match against one of the most consistent guys in WWE in Dolph Ziggler, and won in the end. What more could a person want? It’s setting the pace for what should be a long and solid, strong career in WWE for Shinsuke, as a strong upper mid-card performer. That’s what it was supposed to do and I think it was mission accomplished.

4. You’re 100% behind WWE running a women’s MITB match this year.

FACT: Over the past year or so, we’ve had the women in cage matches, Hell in the Cell matches, Iron Man Matches, and probably every other type of speciality match there is. The women regularly and rightfully headline the shows at times and have proven time and time again that they’re just as good (and in some cases, better) than the guys. It’s a natural progression and while I would have cringed if the WWE had tried to have a MITB match with the Divas back in the day, the ladies of here and now are certainly ready and can pull it off as well as anyone. Make it happen.

5. At this time, what is your excitement level (1-10) for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV?

I’m probably floating around a “6” right now, but it’s still early. The 5-man Extreme Rules match is an interesting mix of talent and should be really, really good. The Hardys in the cage against Sheamus and Cesaro should also be good and fun to watch. As we get closer, I’m sure that my anticipation and excitement will grow larger. It looks to be a solid and strong show on paper and although admittingly, I’m somewhat suffering from WWE burnout right now, with too many shows and PPV’s going on in too short a period of time, I think this will be a really good show by the WWE and really worth seeing.

6. Considering his failed MMA debut, CM Punk should accept 5 Star Wrestling’ offer of $1 million to return to the ring and take part in their 128-man tournament.

FICTION: If Punk was to decide to do it, more power to him. A million bucks would be a hard offer to pass up. But I honestly don’t think it would do anything but cheapen his legacy and name. Punk is a big name and he left the business on his own terms, albeit in a bad way. But still, he has the name value and if he was to ever decide to come back to professional wrestling, it should be for a major company and an event worthy of his reputation and legacy. Being part of a tournament for a group like 5 Star Wrestling would be such a big comedown from what we would expect from Punk. He may as well just be wrestling at the local high school gym in front of 25 people. There’s not anything wrong with that, but it’s not what one would hope for with “The Best In The World”. If Punk decides to come back, I think it should be either something like New Japan or the WWE. Anything else just wouldn’t be or feel right.

And there you go. Another FoF column in the books. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Let me know what you think. Follow me on Twitter at @doug28352. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully, you’ll check out the rest of the site and read some other stuff. It’s not just wrestling, but a little bit of everything, because that’s who I am and how I roll. Check it all out.

And with that, I’m down and I’m gone. Have a great one.


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