WWE Hell In A Cell Thoughts & Predictions: October 27, 2013

WWE Hell In A Cell Thoughts & Predictions
October 27, 2013

We’re less than twenty-four hours away from the most recent WWE pay per view offering, live from Miami, FL. It’s the WWE’s “Hell In A Cell” event and it’s a stacked and loaded card. Why does the term “stacked and loaded” make me think of Chyna? Hmmm. Time for the predictions. Let’s do this.

*Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton inside Hell in A Cell with special guest referee Shawn Michaels to determine the new WWE champion.

The WWE needs to have a champion and it’s time for this rivalry to be finished, or at least taken to the next level. HBK has promised that there will be a new champion and as the guest referee, his presence adds a lot of energy and attention to the match. Who will be the “face” of the WWE. Well, if Orton “wins”, it’s over. What’s the point for the Bryan fans to continue to pay attention and care? I think we’ll see Orton provoke HBK and in a “fit of anger”, HBK nails Randy with some patented “sweet chin music”. Orton is out and Bryan capitalizes to take the pin, the win, and the WWE title. And thus the rivalry with “The Authority” continues and the fans of the goat faced wonder cheer and rejoice. Daniel Bryan becomes the new WWE Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

*World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

I DO NOT want to see Cena back in the ring as a champion of any sort, but at the same time, lets be honest. Del Rio sucks as the “World Champion”. So let’s have a disqualification finish that sees a third party get involved (Mark Henry would be great here, thus starting a feud with Cena in the process.) Cena wins the match, but since the title doesn’t change hands on a DQ, we see Del Rio retain. Yeah, that works.

Winner by DQ: John Cena (Del Rio retains the World Championship)

Bonus Match: World Championship: Alberto Del Rio versus Damien Sandow

At the end of the Del Rio / Cena match, we have Mark Henry come out and do what he does and destroy John Cena. And destroy Del Rio as well, sending a message to everyone that Mark Henry is back and everyone is going to get their ass kicked. With Del Rio down from being caught between Cena / Del Rio, we see Sandow show up and he’s got that “Money In The Bank” contract. He cashes in and takes out the dazed and beaten Del Rio, thus winning and becoming the new “World Heavyweight Champion.”

Winner and NEW World Champion: Damien Sandow

*CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman inside Hell in A Cell.

I’m so tired of this by now and it’s not Heyman or Punk’s fault. Ryback just sucks! So here’s how it goes. Ryback drops the ball and Punk gets his hands on Heyman leading to a major ass-kicking and a win for Punk. Tomorrow on RAW, Heyman deals with Ryback and we have Curtis Axel and another “Heyman guy” (Brock Lesnar?)take out Ryback. Thus Punk can move on to the WWE / World title picture and Heyman and his crew can help “make stars”, while this whole Heyman / Punk feud gets put on the back-burner for a few months leading up to Wrestlemania.

Winner: CM Punk

*WWE Tag Team champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield vs. The Usos.

This should be a helluva match since all three teams can really go. I don’t see the SHIELD winning back the gold just yet. They control the U.S. title and are part of Steph and HHH’s “Authority” so they don’t need to be tag champs too. I love seeing Goldust and Cody as the champs, but for some reason, I don’t see them being long term champs. So… The Usos? They’re getting some strong pops and can really go (and I’d love to see a six-man tag between The Usos and their dad, Rikishi versus the Rhodes boys and their dad, Dusty. Maybe it’ll happen down the road somewhere. As for this one, I’ll just say that the Rhodes boys continue to keep that belt for a few more weeks as the tag team scene continues to pick up and get crazy.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

*WWE Divas champion AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella.

I can see where they would want to put the Divas title on Brie because of the “Total Divas” connection. Also, the fact that she’s dating Daniel Bryan might be a strong factor towards giving her the title. But AJ (and Tamina) are really just hitting their stride as the face of the WWE’s Diva division. I don’t want to see CM Punk’s (alleged) new girlfriend lose her pretty little belt just yet. Save the Bella win for when the show returns to the air and for now, keep it on the crazy chick… cause guys dig crazy chicks.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

*WWE Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston (Kickoff Show)

Big E. Langston is hot and on fire and going to be a big name for the WWE. He’s a great talent, but for now, the IC title should stay exactly where it is and that’s around the waist of the “perfect” Heyman guy, Curtis Axel. He still hasn’t really caught fire yet, but the time is coming. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

*Los Matadores vs. Real Americans.

This could be a fun match. There’s not really any kind of prediction to make as to who wins. It’s Los Matadores all the way. They’re new and hot and just getting that push to get the ball rolling. A loss here and now would be counter-productive to any kind of sustained push and promotion. So we see Epico and Primo, in their new characters, take home the win. And the mini-me dude in the bull suit gets to get a personal one-on-one meeting with Zeb Coulter and his old friend, the whip once known as “Shoe-Baby”. Matadores win the match, but the real Americans win the battle. We the people….

And there you have it, my predictions for Hell In A Cell. It looks like it should be a good show. So what do you think? Who will win and who will lose? Will Cena be a champion again? Will Sandow cash in? Will we see an actual appearance by Zack Ryder or Christian? Opinions and thoughts appreciated. Let me know what you think. I’m out of here so until the next time, stay just too sweet.


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – October 24, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
October 24, 2013

A belated Happy Birthday to my super-fantastic Mom, Evelyn, who turned 76 yesterday! Love ya Ma… Let’s do this…

1. You are excited for Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.

FICTION: I’m more excited for this than I was, say Bound For Glory, but too many pay per views in too short a period can be a little overwhelming… and is. Hope it goes well for the WWE and I’ll be watching on Monday night, via DVR, but I’m not too hyped on the whole deal. Might change before Sunday, but I doubt it.

2. Following the events of the TNA Bound for Glory PPV, you have more interest in the TNA product.

FICTION: A good show, but nothing has changed. They still are WWE Light and seem second rate compared to the WWE in my eyes.

3. Randy Orton will walk out of the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV as the WWE Champion.

FICTION: They’ve dragged it out too long. If Randy wins, we riot!

4. TNA planning to return to Universal Studios (possibly long term) is for the best.

FACT: Being on the road costs too much and they need a home base to operate from if they want to stay alive and kicking. Universal was and is a good deal for them and they should be happy to be back there again.

5. John Cena will NOT win the world title at Hell in a Cell.

FICTION: He’ll win. Del Rio will be buried. And everyone will get pissed off, but still tune in on Monday to say in unison, “The Champ is here!”

6. Kurt Angle “turning down the TNA Hall of Fame” on PPV makes the entire thing look bush-league.

FACT: Could you picture anyone coming up on the stage for a WWE Hall of Fame Induction and turning it down on stage? It wouldn’t happen. TNA is the minor leagues and this is just another example that shows it.

7. You believe that the WWE Network will actually launch sometime in 2014.

FICTION: I’ll believe it when I see it and not a moment before. Hope it’s sooner rather than later, but I’m not holding my breath.

8. Big E. Langston will be a success as a babyface.

FACT: He’s a good performer with talent and charisma and was over like a mo-fo in NXT. There’s no reason he can’t get over in the same manner with the WWE Universe and be a solid, mid-to-upper card face. If it doesn’t work, it’ll be the WWE Creative and their screw-up because Langston definitely has that “it” factor about him. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go.


(Not So) Sunny Days…

Yesterday, on her Twitter page, former WWE Diva and Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch posted a couple of cryptic tweets. One said, “8am appt with my Oncologist to check and see if there are any more cancer cells in me.very, very scared and nervous tonight.prayers please.” and the other said, “Back from the Oncologist,,,, let’s just say the diagnosis and prognosis were not good… very upset…gonna take a nap.”

And I feel for Tammy. I really do. But in the back of my mind, I just keep remembering just a few weeks ago where this same person, tweeted and lied to everyone about being mugged and about adopting a foreign child. She lied to us, her fans, because she wanted to pull one on the wrestling dirt sheets. Her purpose for planting these false stories, aka “lies”, was becase she was tired of being in the public eye and tired of the “internet wrestling community” posting stories without confirmation. Never mind that these breaking stories came from Tammy herself so they wouldn’t need to be confirmed by a third party since they came from the actual person involved instead.

But anyhow, Tammy was the little girl who cried wolf and lied to us, and then laughed about it. And now, just a few weeks later, she’s here asking for our prayers and attention and sympathy. And though I want to reach out and offer support and say “Go Tammy Go”, I just can’t help but wonder, “what if she’s doing it again?” Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. And I hate to say it, Tammy’s credibility is shot and her words mean absolutely nothing to me anymore. I want to believe her, but she’s already proven she has no shame and doesn’t mind lying to those of us who supported her during her career, through the ups and downs, and consider ourselves fans.

So if it’s true and the cancer has returned, I wish you the best Tammy Sytch. I don’t wish cancer or suffering on anyone. But don’t ask for my sympathy or pity either. That comes along with trust and respect and you don’t respect your fans and can’t be trusted. It may all be a joke to you, but as you’re fond of saying, karma can be a bitch. I think you’re realizing that now.

Okay, I’m through.


TNA Bound For Glory: Thoughts And Predictions

TNA Bound For Glory: Thoughts And Predictions
October 19, 2013

Tomorrow night will be the first TNA pay-per-view offering and arguably their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory 2013. And that means it’s time to channel Sister Cleo and do that wacky prediction thing that I like to do sometimes. So forget about the chit chat. Let’s do this…

TNA champion Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles – No DQ

So we have AJ Styles who’s the face of TNA and no longer under contractto the company. And he’s on Dixie Carter’s shitlist. Bully is the ultimate heel and on one of the best runs in his career. It’s no disqualification so that means lots of outside interference and plunder and plenty of chaos. And for some reason, the whole “CM Punk wins the WWE title and leaves the company” comes to mind. Since TNA loves to rehash the WWE storylines and considers itself WWE-Lite instead of trying to be their own company, I think this one will go the same way. Lots of craziness and in the end, AJ wins the title and walks out of the company with the belt in tow.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

Sting vs. Magnus

The legend and icon versus the up-and-coming new star on the rise. It’s just like Flair versus Sting at the first “Clash of Champions”. Except for Sting isn’t Flair and I don’t think he’s going to be as willing to pass that golden ring.

Winner: Sting

Ultimate X for X-Division championship: Samoa Joe vs.Jeff Hardy vs. Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries

Probably the match of the night, if it’s not overbooked and ends up being a cluster-f*ck. Anyone could win and it’d be a good thing for TNA. I’ll just flip a coin and go with Austin Aries. I like his initials (Double-A), which remind me of another true legend and bad-ass dude. And he needs to get himself back into the main event picture.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode

No way that Kurt is coming back after a lay-off and a stint in rehab to lose his first match back. Angle wins. Yawn!

Winner: Kurt Angle

TNA Knockouts champion ODB vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim

I like ODB, but I wish she’d quit hitting her breasts all the time. We see ’em and know that they’re big and huge and massive. Get the hell over it. Brooke isn’t much of a wrestler yet and is the weakest of the three in the ring, but she’s getting a push of sorts for now so she’s got to be a favorite. And Gail is the resident top knock-out for TNA and probably THE favorite here. I’ll go for a shocker of a pick and say that ODB retains. Why not?

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

Gauntlet Match To Determine Challengers For TNA Tag Team Championship: Eric Young / Joseph Park versus Chavo Guerrero / Hernandez versus Kazarian / Christopher Daniels (Bad Influence) versus Robbie E / Jessie Godderz (BroMans)

Forget about the BroMans. They’re a one-trick comedy joke team. So are EY and Joseph Park, but at least they, or EY anyhow, can wrestle. I don’t think Chavo and Hernandez are going to be the ones here. So it’s EY and Park or else it’s the best damn regular tag team in TNA, Bad Influence. Survey says, one more for the bad (influence) guys. Daniels and Kaz are going after the gold.

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian – Bad Influence

TNA Tag Team champions James Storm & Gunner defending against the winners of a Gauntlet match

Another possible match of the night because the teams of Storm and Gunner versus Bad Influence have great chemistry and can both go. I like Storm and Gunner, but it seems to me that they’re being wasted as a tag team. Meanwhile, Bad Influence are an ideal tag team and totally rock. I think they need to be wearing the gold. It’s their time. So let’s give say one more title change and we are going to have new tag team champs.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Bad Influence

And there you go. That’s how it’s all going down. ‘Nuff said!


Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: October 18, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
October 18, 2013

It’s that time again. As per the usual, I “borrowed” most of the questions from 411mania.com/wrestling. I added a couple of my own as well. And now, let’s crank this mutha up! Let’s do this…

1. You are excited for Sunday’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV.

FICTION: TNA has done a lousy job of building and promoting this pay per view. All everyone is talking about with TNA is will they stay in business and is Hogan staying or going. No one and I mean no one is talking or thinking about the show on Sunday. That’s bad because it’s going to be a good show most likely, but no one cares and that’s all TNA’s fault.

2. With Shawn Michaels being introduced as the special referee at Hell in a Cell, WWE is setting up for a Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania XXX.

FICTION: HBK says he’s retired and not getting back into the ring. I believe him. He’s going to be around and working in different capacities with the company, but as a wrestler in the ring, wrestling… it’s not going to happen.

3. Due to the contract status of AJ Styles, Bully Ray retaining the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory would be the right thing to do.

FICTION: Put a great match on and have the right man to carry TNA along is the right thing to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bully or AJ – get the fans interested and people talking about TNA again. AJ may not have a contract at the moment, but he’s not going to bail on TNA and go anywhere so just have the right person win. Do what’s right for business.

4. John Cena returning to challenge for the World Title at Hell in a Cell will give a much-needed feel of importance to that title.

FACT: I hate seeing Cena back so soon, but he’s the WWE’s top guy and if he’s challenging for a title, it adds value. That being said, I hope that Del Rio convincingly beats Cena and “puts him out” for a while. Then someone else, like Cody Rhodes, Christian, Mark Henry, Bray Wyatt, etc can move into the title picture and they can do what they do and steal the show, making the title look important, even without Cena being involved.

5. The Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory, featuring Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Manik vs. Samoa Joe, will steal the show at Sunday’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV.

FACT: With those talents involved, it will be a letdown if it doesn’t steal the show. That’s some damn good talent right there.

6. WWE potentially bringing back Goldberg for a WrestleMania match with Ryback is a good idea.

FACT: People are talking about it and want to see it so make it happen. A match (and win) over Goldberg, if they can put together a great match, could make Ryback’s career and really get him over as one of the “top guys” in the WWE.

7. Due to his issues with injuries over the past two years, Christian’s days as a full time in ring performer for WWE are likely through.

FICTION: I think that Captain Charisma has at least one / two more good runs in him and his spot as a top mid-card / main eventer is secure. I know the injuries are taking their toll and that clock is ticking where Christian makes the move to agent / trainer, but I’m hoping that those days are still far, far away…

8. Even though they were reportedly the standouts of the latest tryout camp, the WWE will not sign Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

FACT: They’re on the radar now and their time will come, but I just don’t think that Richards and Edwards are what the WWE needs. They have a ton of great talent waiting right now in Orlando ready to move up to the main roster and until some of those talents are worked out of developmental, there just isn’t a place or room to really devote the time to bring Richards and Edwards around to the WWE way of doing things. It’ll happen, but just not now.

9. Despite reports that the WWE offered Hulk Hogan a lowball offer, he will end up leaving TNA and resigning with the WWE.

FACT: Hogan is not an idiot and despite the lower money offer, WWE still offers far more options for the “Hulkster” to take advantage of and use to extend his career. TNA is a sinking ship and WWE is the “Queen Mary”. Hogan has money, but his ego needs to be stroked and though the money isn’t as good, the chance to be a part of Wrestlemania XXX and be an “Ambassador” for the WWE will end up being too tough to resist.

10. Sting will end up facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: As a nostalgia match, that would be great. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see Sting make the jump before his career ends and make a WWE run, albeit a limited one. And if that happens, he’s going to work Taker at some point. But Sting’s contract doesn’t come up until December and I think that, like Hogan, TNA will make a hard effort to keep him securely in place with their company. They need him. WWE, although they want him, do not really need “the Icon”. So Sting will negotiate, eventually sign with the WWE, but far too late to be the Taker’s opponent. But the night after Wrestlemania, after Taker has gone on to another win and keeping the steak alive, look for the Stinger to pop up and make his presence felt. And then, the build for the dream match of Sting versus Undertaker will truly begin.

And that’s all for me. I’m gone.


Wrestling Fact or Fiction – October 11, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
October 11, 2013

Let’s just jump right to it, okay? The questions come from the column of the same name at 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers come from that dark and dismal place I call my mind. Whoopsie-doo! Let’s do this…

1. The ending to the WWE Battleground PPV was an insult to paying customers.

FICTION: It sucked, but it made everyone interested in watching RAW the next night and up until that screwball ending, it was a helluva good match between Orton and Bryan. I didn’t buy the pay per view and I’m not going to be buying any pay-per-views until Wrestlemania (unless there’s a Disco Inferno, Juventud Guerrera or Ivory cameo in the works) so I don’t care how it ended. It sucked, but it could have been worse so no worries here.

2. You are shocked that John Cena has been announced as returning to the ring at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

FICTION: Nothing the WWE does anymore shocks me. I’m not happy about it. Cena should enjoy his vacation and take more time off, at least for another month or so. But he’s back and in the World Championship picture. Yay for us! Maybe we’ll luck out and it’s just a one-shot. I hope so.

3. Having Shawn Michaels as the referee for the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan Hell in a Cell match has increased your interest in the match.

FACT: I’m not even a big Shawn Michaels fan, but as soon as he came on stage at RAW, I was hooked. He has that charisma and energy and “it” that’s, for the most part, lacking in the current WWE roster. He’s a unique personality with a unique situation – he’s HHH’s best friend and trained Daniel Bryan. It’s really upped the stakes for this match and I’m looking forward to it.

4. Ryback challenging Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX would be a horrible idea.

FACT: At this point, Taker’s matches are few and far between and should be special moments. Ryback doesn’t fit the bill and it would be a total waste of time for all parties concerned.

5. Hulk Hogan’s departure angle on last week’s Impact Wrestling made the company look stupid.

FACT: TNA doesn’t usually need any help looking stupid anyhow, but having the CEO of the company grabbing Hulk’s leg and begging him not to leave the company. That’s taking being a dumbass to a new level. What the hell were they thinking? How can Dixie be a bad-ass heel leader when she’s doing things like that? Answer is… she can’t!

6. If you were running a wrestling hall of fame, you would NOT induct the Ultimate Warrior.

FICTION: I’m sure that the Warrior would be inducted at some point. First though, I’d start getting a few folks like Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, Mr. Wrestling II, The Masked Superstar, Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Wahoo McDaniel, Paul Jones, Baron Von Raschke, Crusher, Stan Hansen, etc. in there first. But Warrior made an impact and eventually, he’d get his spot.

7. If TNA were to wipe the slate clean and start fresh from a creative standpoint, they should bring in someone like Mike Quackenbush (CHIKARA) or Gabe Saplosky (ROH, EVOLVE, DGUSA) to head the creative team.

FACT: Two good choices who have great wrestling minds, but why stop there. Look at the smaller, Indy groups and see who has that “it” factor going on and fire. Look at the wrestling sites and see who seems to have a knack for creativity and wrestling storylines. Look at the superstars of TNA and use their ideas and suggestions. Don’t limit to just one or two person’s, but find a person who can delegate and lead, but get the ideas from anywhere and everywhere. Don’t try to be the WWE – try to be new and fresh and real. It would really make a difference.

8. You want to see Ken Shamrock make an in ring WWE return.

FACT: If Shamrock can still go in that ring and would like to work a limited contract like Chris Jericho and RVD did, then why not go for it. Actually, a rotating cast of former WWE, WCW and ECW stars mixed with the current roster of WWE Superstars could really add some life and spice to the product. RVD and Shamrock could be just the beginning and it could really help to draw some old fans back while adding some excitement for the new and current ones.

And there you go. I’m gonna go eat some ribs and talk shit to a sexy man. Later gators!


Top Ten Comic Book Characters I’d Love To Write About…

So here I am and I have about twenty minutes, give or take, before my sister shows up and we have to head out to do Food Lion. And by “doing Food Lion”, I mean pick up their donations for the local food bank at which I volunteer. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to help feed the masses and the folks at Hope In Christ Ministries do an amazing job each and every week. Big kudos to Sue, Pastor Larry, Bill, Mr. Nelson, David and everyone else. Ya’ll are some amazing and wonderful people. ‘Nuff said!

And anyhow, now let’s get back to what I’m here for. We all know that I love to write, be it wrestling articles and commetary, political rants, talking about my adventures at work and in life and sometimes, the occasional fan fiction story. I’m into Dark Shadows, NCIS, wrestling and Marvel Comics with the occasional extra side item thrown in for good measure. If you’d like to read some of my fan fiction stories, over forty of them are posted at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1847290/TSFiction19.

Anyhow, since now I have only about fifteen minutes left, I’d like to very quickly talk about the top 5 comic book characters I’d love to have the chance to write about on a professional level, just to see what I can do with them and be a part of their history. This was going to be a top 10 list, but time isn’t on my side, no matter what Mick Jagger constantly says. Oh what the hell, you want a Top Ten? So do I. So let’s do this Top Ten style. And away we go…

Top Ten Comic Book Characters I’d Love To Write About….

10) The Suicide Squad: This is one of the few DC titles that I absolutely fell in love with when it debuted back in the 80’s and the concept has so much play with it, it’s just too good to pass up. The idea was, for the characters involved, that you go on this mission for the Government. You survive and keep your trap shut, then you have your criminal sentence commuted to time served and are released. This allowed for super-villians such as Captain Boomerang, Poison Ivy, The Penguin and Deadshot to work alongside such heroes as Nightshade, The Bronze Tiger, Speedy and Nemesis in an uneasy alliance to take care of the world’s problems, by almost any means necessary. People died almost every issue and the world of DC comics went from the usual black and white to varying shades of gray with this group and concept. Allow me to pick and choose my own characters and I could have a helluva good time with this group and concept. I’ve actually started on a couple of fics with my own “Marvel version” of the Suicide Squad, but unfortunately, those stories (rough drafts actually) were lost when my computer fried and died. But the ideas are still there in my head and waiting to come out and be heard.

9) Northstar: This long time member of Alpha Flight (and occasionally the X-Men) is just fun to write. He’s an asshole, pure and simple. He’s bitter, spiteful, and doesn’t have much use for anyone save his sister and a few friends. He’s also gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that… lol). I just love the character and the complexity of his life and all that it beholds.

8) Captain Cold: For reasons I can’t explain, this character has always been one of my favorites. I know he’s a villian and his only “powers” are a special gun that radiates cold, but there’s something about Mr. Leonard Snart that fascinates me and makes me feel that he could be a fun and interesting character to write about. He’s a bad guy, but he has character and morals and isn’t someone you can define with black or white. He’s one of those shades of gray that I spoke of earlier. I’d love to play with this character and see what my inner muse could come up with. It would be fun and interesting to be sure.

7) Mantis: To be really honest, I just love writing dialogue for her and using her unique manner of speaking in the third person. Anyone who refers to themselves as “this one” has potential to be sure. And then when you add her role as the Celestial Madonna, a former Avenger, the former love interest of the Silver Surfer, the empathatic powers and the ability to communicate with plants,,, wow! There is so much untapped potential there just waiting to be used and touched upon. And that’s not even including the things you can do with her “son”, the Celestial Messiah, her former lovers (Swordsman, the plant-aliens Cotati, Silver Surfer, etc). She’s a million stories waiting to be heard.

6) The Avengers West Coast: The Avengers are without a doubt the premiere super human team. But unfortunately, if you’re dealing with the Avengers, you have to adhere to certain guidelines and there are certain characters that have to be included such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, etc. And while working with those characters would be fun, there’s only so much that you can do with them and so many places you can go. That’s why I wouldn’t want to use the main Avengers team from New York. That’s the A-Team and things are more formal and under the spotlight.

But the West Coast Avengers (or Avengers West Coast) was different. They were looser and had a lot more fluidity with their membership and the missions that they went on and the potential for chaos was / is so much more there and ready to be exploited. With characters like Tigra, The Living Lightning, USAgent, the original Human Torch,etc and Hawkeye as the go-lucky, act before thinking leader, it was a great comic and I’d love to see it back again.

And now, here is it several months later. I never finished this piece which was started on April 10, 2013. It’s now October 4, 2013. I’m going to finish… lol. So I did the first five. Here are the other five characters / groups I’d love to write about.

5) The Wonder Twins: Technically, Zan and Jayna aren’t so much comic book characters as they are cartoon characters. They were created to be part of the Super Friends cartoon in the late 70’s and aside from a few appearances in Super Friends and Justice League comics, they’re not really part of the mainsteam DC Universe. But I like the characters. Two teenagers who come from another world and have to have physical contact to make their powers work. And their powers, the abilities to become the shape of any animal and to take the shape of water, while portrayed as kind of wimpy on the cartoon, have the potential to be major kick-ass abilities. There is so much uncharted territory with these two. How did they come to earth and why? What happened to them after the “Super Friends” disbanded. The potential that’s there is limitless and waiting to be explored. I had them appear briefly in my “Avenging Shadows” universe over at the FanFiction site as a link between Magneto and Barnabas Collins. I’ve been meaning to go back and do more with them.

4) Dr. Druid: He’s the master of the unknown. He’s a mystic and a psychologist. And he’s also an arrogant ass-hole. I think that’s what makes him so appealing. So much potential there and assholes are the most fun characters to write. If I write a super-hero fiction story, he’s going to make an appearance. Druid has been around since the early sixties and even pre-dates the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spiderman and Avengers as a Marvel Comics superhero, but he’s still so largely untapped and has so much potential and character available. He’s definitely one of my favorites.

3) Barnabas Collins / Quentin Collins: These two characters from Dark Shadows are not really comic characters either so much as they are TV characters and book characters, but they’re so awesome and so much fun to write. And there was a comic published based on the Dark Shadows title and Barnabas in the late 70’s so they qualify as comic characters as well. I’ve used them both so often and plan to use them far more often in the future. There are so many directions I can fo with this tortured man with the vampire curse and his immortal cousin, who just happens to be a werewolf. And the history and allure of the Dark Shadows magic, the spectre of Collinwood, the supporting characters of Julia Hoffman, Willie Loomis and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Just too damn good to ignore.

2) Magneto: Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Who knows? His methods are wrong and evil, but do the means justify the ends? His goals are noble and he is so complex and so detailed, it just makes him so fun to play with and write. He can be your best ally at one moment and your worst nightmare come true the next and none of it would be out of character for this man. So many levels and all of them appeal to me as a writer when looking for a character that has meaning and depth. Magneto is definitely among the top of the line.

1) The Defenders: A non-group, led by Dr. Strange, who’s members have included The Beast, Iceman, The Angel, Hellcat, The Son of Satan, The Gargoyle, The Valkyrie, The Hulk, Nighthawk, The Submariner, Moondragon, Cloud, The Devil Slayer. Anyone could be a member and probably was at some point. The only requirement seemed to be that you knew Dr. Strange or one of the other “core” members and showed up for a battle, or a cook-out as the case may be. If there was a lot of fluidity with the West Coast Avengers, then the Defenders were a absolute title wave of membership changes. But the group was cool and off-the-wall and I liked reading their adventures. And I like writing about their adventures too. Just a great title to use as motivation and influence when writing. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. The top ten comic book groups / characters I like or would like to write about in my fics. What do they all have in common? They rock! And that is definitely ’nuff said! I’m going to bed. Good night and good luck!