Wrestling Q&A – December 14, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
December 14, 2017

Let’s talk a little wrestling this AM. Let’s do this…

1. What current WWE superstar has the worst finisher. I am going with Braun Strowman.

Actually, a running power-slam by a guy the size of Strowman doesn’t seem all that bad to me. For me, either Naomi’s “big finish” where she hits a person in the face with her butt or else that knee to the face thing by Seth Rollins would qualify as the worst. I much preferred it when Seth used the curb-stomp or the pedigree. Made much more sense.

2. If you could pick one guy from the WCW roster in the “war” time frame, that you feel WCW and Eric Bischoff dropped the ball with, a guy who could’ve played a much bigger part if given the chance, Who do you pick? I gotta go with Jericho.

There are plenty of folks who could be used to answer this. How about Scott Norton? Man was a monster, but stuck in tag teams with Ice Train as “Fire and Ice”. Steve Austin wasn’t used well and that’s why he left to go to the WWF. Jericho obviously could have been used much better as well.

3. Which title run do/did you enjoy more: Heel AJ or Face AJ?

Probably the “face AJ”. He’s not a natural heel in that he’s cocky, but not really coming across as evil or a low-life piece of scum. The face role is more natural and since people are going to cheer AJ anyhow, the best role for him.

4. Describe Jason Jordan in one word.

Athletic. And now that the “one word” is out of the way, how about a work-in-progress. I’m not crazy about Jordan or this whole angle as Kurt’s son, but it’s slowly growing on me and I’m curious to see where it goes and when they do the heel turn where Jason turns on Daddy to prove himself thing. We know it’s coming, but just a matter of when. Jordan is a good wrestler who is kind of bland in the (scripted) promo department, but there is potential there and while I originally thought (and still do) that this story with Kurt is a dumb one, it may be the one that makes or breaks the man. We’ll see.

5. Which was the more electrifying finishing move? Tully’s Slingshot Suplex, Arn’s DDT, Nikita’s Russian Sickle, or Magnum’s Belly to Belly.

The belly-to-belly by Magnum and Arn’s DDT always seemed to just come out of nowhere and while they were hot for the time period, being turned into just regular moves by the current product has lessened the effect for me over the years. Tully’s slingshot was exciting and exceptional for the time, but again, time has made it less impressive. I’ll go with Nikita’s “Russian Sickle”. Just like Stan Hansen’s “Lariet” or JBL’s “clothesline from hell”, it’s just brutal and effective and is almost painful to watch. You feel sorry for the victim. I’ll go with Nikita on this one.

And that’s all for this. Short, I know, but this is my warm up. More is coming (I hope). Thanks for reading. Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time.


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Wrestling Fact or Fiction – December 11, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
December 11, 2017

Let’s do this Fact or Fiction thing. Thanks to 411mania.com/wrestling for the questions. And the rest of it, that’s just me baby. Here we go…

1. Roman Reigns is The Best In Ring Performer in The World.

FICTION: Roman is a good wrestler and better than most people want to give him credit for, but best in the world? Give me a break. So long as AJ Styles, Cesaro, HHH, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Kevin Owens, etc, are all active and performing, Roman isn’t even the best in the WWE. He’s getting better each and every match, but he still has a ways to go.

2. WWE running live events for the 205 Live brand, even on a limited basis, is an idea destined to fail.

FICTION: Running limited shows might just be the right thing that will get the 205 Brand over the humps and make it more viable and stronger. Having Enzo and Itami as the top guys is a good move as well and I could see the shows doing well and giving the Cruiserweights a big boost. It’s putting another option out there for the fans of the lighter, faster high flying wrestlers and if booked correctly, with strong stories and great wrestling, could be successful. It also could bomb, but at least the WWE is trying here and that is a good thing.

3. Paige’s Absolution stable has been booked very well so far.

FACT: So far, so good. The Absolution stable has taken out everyone and looked very strong. Paige wrestled a long match on Monday night and looked great, showing very little ring rust after her long break from the ring. I’m sure that eventually, WWE Creative will find a way to screw this up and bury these three ladies, but hopefully, it’ll be later rather than sooner. So far though, they’re batting 1000.

4. The Shield reunion is only being done in order to bayface “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns to the WWE Universe.

FICTION: That is part of it to be sure, but it’s also about merchandising and making money, plus giving the fans something different and a blast of happy nostalgia. Also, it keeps Roman, Seth and Ambrose relevant and on top of the card while allowing the title scene to be dominated by others for a change. Yes, I know that Roman won the Intercontinental Championship from Miz, but that was because Miz is off making a movie with Becky Lynch and HBK. He’ll find a way to get that title back when he returns and we’ll see Roman and his Shield buddies continue in their battles against The Bar and Samoa Joe and or The Miztourage with no titles involved as we build to the Royal Rumble and then Wrestlemania.

5. Keeping Nia Jax away from the Raw women’s scene while the Absolution group takes time to get over is smart.

FACT: Nia has a tremendous upside and is a very special woman on the RAW roster so when she does end up confronting Paige and the Absolution group, it should be a big and special moment that stands out and means something. Building towards that moment and protecting Nia as the resident “monster” of the Women’s Division is smart and good booking by WWE (for a change).

6. What is your current level of interest in “Woken Matt Hardy” in WWE?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m going with a solid 8. Matt was more entertaining this past week than he has been during his entire return to WWE. He’s having fun and it’s DELIGHTFUL to see Matt able to just cut loose and bring the Broken Universe to the WWE and especially against Bray Wyatt. If Vince and Creative just back off and let Matt and Bray book this feud, it will be EPIC beyond all measure. This is either going to be really really good or else it’s going to fizzle out and die a painful and agonizing death. I’m going positive here and can’t wait to see how Matt tries to DELETE Wyatt’s evil presence from the WWE Universe.

And that’s all the Fact or Fiction stuff. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Talk to me, my Peeps! Thanks for reading and until the next time, have a great one. Take care.


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Flashback: Wrestling Survey – December 10, 2011

I found this old wrestling survey I took way back six years ago… Enjoy!

Flashback:  Wrestling Survey – December 10, 2011
1.How long have you been a Wrestling Fan?

For as long as I can remember. My older brothers and sisters used to take to me to see the weekly live shows at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC when I was barely able to walk and I grew up watching stars like Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan, Ivan Koloff, Paul Jones, The Andersons and so many others each and every week. And I was hooked from day one. That’s been well over forty years now.

2.What got you into Wrestling?

I think I answered that in the last question.

3.What was the first Wrestling match you saw?
I have no idea. But the first match I can remember seeing live that really stood out and made a major impression in my youthful mind was the legendary Brute Benard (look him up) against “The Dean Of Professional Wrestling” Johnny Weaver, in Raleigh, NC at one of the Tuesday night shows. I think I was maybe five years old.

4.Who is your favorite Wrestler?
Of all time or current active stars? Of all time, it would be Harley Race, Ric Flair,. Blackjack Mulligan, The Masked Superstar, Jamie Noble, Larry Zbyszko and Arn Anderson. Of current wrestling stars, the top guys on my list would be CM Punk, The Miz, Juventud Guerrera, Ethan Storm and a local Indy Tag Team called BD Productions. And a man named Hunter Holtzclaw who is just too damn sexy for words to describe. I want to rock his world!.

5.What is your favorite Wrestling Company?

I grew up with the NWA and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (Jim Crockett Promotions), but unfortunately, the NWA is a shell of what it once was and Crockett is out of business. So be default (mainly because it’s the only true big time international company left), the WWE gets the nod. Also, a small but damn good group from here in North Carolina called “American Championship Wrestling”.

6.Favorite Wrestling Tag Team|Faction|Stable?

My favorite tag team of all time is The Midnight Express (Eaton and Lane). My favorite faction is the infamous Four Horsemen, but I do have to admit a soft spot for The Dangerous Alliance as well.

7.Who is your favorite Female of Wrestling?

Anyone who knows the slightest thing about me already knows the answer to this one. Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, my one true love and beloved. No one else even comes close.

8.What’s your favorite Wrestling finisher?

Either the claw (as used by Baron Von Raschke or Blackjack Mulligan) or the Cobra (as used by Masked Superstar).

9.How often do you watch Wrestling shows?

Every Monday night for sure and occasionally on Thursday and Friday for Impact and Smackdown if there’s nothing better to do.

10.What is the greatest wrestling match you’ve seen?

I don’t know if it’s the greatest, but my favorite match of all time came from a Clash of the Champions event and pitted The Midnight Express (Eaton and Lane), accompanied by Jim Cornette against The Horsemen (Ric Flair & Barry Windham), who were accompanied by J.J. Dillion. After that, my other favorite match was on WCW Saturday Night with Larry Zbyszko taking on Lord Steven Regal for the WCW TV Title.

11.Favorite match stipulation?

I’m not a big fan of gimmicks or crazy stipulations so I’ll go for something simple and to the point – how about a good old fashioned street fight.

12.Have you ever been to a live Wrestling event?

I’ve been to literally hundreds of Indy wrestling events and several WCW shows back in the 90’s. I have yet to make it to a live WWE or TNA event though so that’s on my future agenda.

13.What is your favorite wrestling manager?

Of all time, it’s got to be Gary Hart. The man just did an amazing job. And following closely behind Hart would be Woman (Nancy Benoit), Sir Oliver Humperdink and Jim Cornette.

14.If you were a manager, who would be your top star?

If I had the chance to be a wrestling manager for the WWE and could bring in who I want for my stable (which I wouild model after the Dangerous Alliance, it would be Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Ethan Storm, Mike Knox and Lisa “Ivory” Moretti as my co-manager.

15.Did you want to be a wrestler when you grew up?

I wanted to be either a wrestler or a writer. And as I got older, I found a great compromise. I write about wrestling. So there you go.

And there you go…


Wrestling Q&A – December 9, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
December 9, 2017

Before I get started on the Wrestling Q&A, I have two things to say. First off, my condolences to the friends and family of Fred Fox, long time local radio personality who passed away earlier today. First with WEWO and then later, as the owner of WLNC, Fred was truly and will always be the “Voice of Scotland County”. RIP Fred.

And secondly, we are just hours away from the Scotland High School “Fighting Scots” playing for the 4A State Championship. I graduated Scotland, Class of 85… and best of luck to my former High School. Bring it home guys. GO SCOTS!

And now, let’s do some wrestling…

1. With the end of the year coming to a near… who would you say are you top ten wrestlers in the world?

I’m mainly a WWE guy, but I do try to pay attention to the rest of the wrestling companies as well. In my opinion, the Top Ten right now would be: Brock, AJ Styles, Miz, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Jay Lethal, Asuka, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Neville, subject to change of course, but all of these folks can always be counted on to put on a top notch match and work well with anyone.

2. CAN or WILL Broken Matt Hardy work in WWE ??

So long as Vince refrains from getting too involved and allows Matt Hardy the creative control he needs, I think Broken Matt Hardy can and will do very well as part of the WWE Universe.

3. Who’s the top ten best tag teams in the world currently ?

This is only opinion and speculation on my part, but if I was trying to get together the best tag teams in wrestling today for an event, I would go with Cesaro & Sheamus, Gallows & Anderson, The Usos, Nick & Matt Jackson, The Revival, The Miztourage (Axel & Dallas), Harper and Rowan, The Hardy Boyz, Briscoe Brothers and Owens / Zayn.

4. Hypothetically: If WWE were to create a shoot, modern day version of the Brawl For All tournament, with MMA instead of boxing, (EXCLUDING BROCK) who would be some guys you would like to see compete and who do you think would win? Who would fill out your 16 man bracket?

Sixteen WWE guys that I think would do well in an MMA style “Brawl For All” type tournament? I think I’d go with Sheamus, Karl Anderson, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Drew McIntyre, Rhyno, Jinder Mahal, Big Show, Roman Reigns, Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman, Curtis Axel, John Cena, Rusev, Luke Gallows and Cesaro. And my winner, at the end, I think would be either Joe or Nakamura.

5. Do you see Batista be as big of a movie star as the Rock?

What the Rock has achieved goes above and beyond almost anyone in Hollywood history, much less anyone from the world of wrestling. Batista will and is doing well, but will he ever be as big as The Rock? Nope!

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, questions and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take it easy & have a great one.


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Wrestling Q&A – December 7, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
December 7, 2017

It’s Wednesday night. How the hell are you? Let’s do some wrestling Q&A, shall we? And if you’re not down with that, two words for you. Woo Woo Woo! Wait, that’s three words. Oops. My bad! The questions come from the KoK and the JCP group on Facebook. Let’s do this…

1. Name your picks for the 3 greatest recognized world heavyweight wrestling champions. (NWA, AWA, WWF/E).

For the NWA, it comes down to either Harley Race or Ric Flair. It’s a tough call, but I think even Harley would agree that Ric should get the nod here. For the AWA, there is no doubt that Nick Bockwinkle would be recognized as the greatest AWA Champion of all time. And for the WWF/E, I want to say Bruno Sammartino, but I have to be honest and admit that Hulk Hogan was and will always be the man where WWE is concerned.

2. I think Daniel Bryan is already cleared to wrestle and they are leading up to him vs Shane McMahon. What do you think?

I think it’s just a matter of time before we see Daniel Bryan back in the ring (if WWE doesn’t want to lose him), but I hope that Shane isn’t the one he comes back to wrestle. Shane is reckless at times and to be honest, who cares about Shane? I would prefer for Bryan to come back and take on Miz or Owens or maybe even Shinsuke or Balor. Make it a match worth watching and not a Shane-McMahon spotfest.

3. If you were to get into pro wrestling (provided you aren’t already) and could choose one veteran trainer, who would you choose to be trained by and why?

I think I’d try to get trained by Lance Storm if possible. He’s a great wrestler who knows everything there is about the business, knows what the WWE and Impact expect and look for in a wrestler, can teach locker-room protocol and has a track record and background that few could equal.

4. Who was the greatest Television champion during the JCP era?

I really want to say Arn Anderson, but to be honest, it was his teammate, Tully Blanchard, who really elevated the TV title first and made it stand out as extra-special.

5. Besides The Rock n Roll Express & The Midnight Express , Who’s The Best Team 2 Hold The NWA World Tag Titles?

An easy question – Ole and Gene Anderson, aka The Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

6. Who Is The Best Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion?

I remember a few people who held the title such as Buzz Tyler, Black Bart and Sam Houston, but in my mind, the most memorable from my younger days was the Olympian, Ken Patera. Patera was also at the time, if I remember correctly, half of the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions with John Studd, although I may be wrong about that.

7. Name the greatest wrestler, in your opinion, who NEVER held a World Heavyweight Title.

This honor would fall either Lord Steven (William) Regal or “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson. Both men had different styles and personas, but were easily among the best in-ring performers of their era.

8. Wouldn’t it be great if Dean Ambrose became the Lunatic Fringe again and took on Matt Hardy? Crazy vs. Crazy….

I’m not a big Ambrose fan and he bores the hell out of me. I’d rather see “Broken Matt” versus Goldust, Bray Wyatt, R-Truth and Little Jimmy or even Miz and the Miztourage first.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the other side. Take care.


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12 Dougie Days Of Christmas (Prologue)

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Tomorrow, it begins anew. It’s the “Twelve Dougie Days of Christmas”, exclusively here for your pleasure, at my site, DougMaynard.com. Are you excited? Are you ready? Are you wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Well, the answer should be yes for the first two questions and as for the last one, I’ll explain.

We already know what the twelve days of Christmas are, right? The whole song thing with ducks, geese, maids and five golden rings. Well, take that song and the whole Christmas spirit for which it embodies and mix it up with a recurring theme here at the site, the whole “(Insert number here) Days of Dougie” thing that I do occasionally, where I, for a certain period of time, write every day and it’s totally random. I draw the topics of discussion from a bag of scraps of paper I have called the “Magic Bag” and whatever comes out, that’s what I write out. No advance knowledge or warning – just here’s the topic and go. It’s always a challenge, usually entertaining and makes for a great writing exercise. That’s what we will be doing here, but with a bit of a Christmas theme and twist. It’s my Christmas present to you since I’m too cheap to spring for cards or anything else. And it’s a present to myself as well since it gives me an opportunity to cut loose and just see what happens. Any topic is possible and no limits or political correctness allowed. It’s just a free as a bird concept and we’re going to run with it.

So starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6, 2017 and running for the next twelve days, until December 17, 2017, be sure to watch your Facebook timeline or Twitter Feed for the “12 Dougie Days Of Christmas”. And if you’re not following me on Twitter, you should be at @doug28352. I’ll follow back. Just saying.
But anyhow, it’s coming and just like Santa Claus, it’ll be bringing all sorts of Christmas goodies for your enjoyment… I hope. You’ve been warned. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

And now, work beckons so I must depart. Keep watching and thanks to everyone who comes to and reads the site for your support. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all of that. I’ll catch you later.