The Sheriff, The Deputy, Racism and Sweepstakes

There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep and deciding to come play on the computer, only to log into your blog and find a message from “Anonymous” attempting to cause problems. I won’t repeat everything this charming piece of work said, but I will repeat one part and then address the topic. I was considering doing a blog about this anyhow and now, I actually have a reason.

Let me cut and paste the main part of this message: “How come you hadn’t said nothing yet about your precious Sheriff Kersey and his deputy cussing that man out? If Shep was still Sheriff, you be posting all sorts of stuff blaming him for everything, but Kersey taking over and you ain’t saying nothing now!” Then the message went on to talk about how racist I supposedly am against blacks, how I only opposed Shep Jones because he’s black and threw in a few more names and insults for good measure. At first, I was just going to ignore this, but there are so many things to say here so instead of biting my tongue and being the better man, I’ve instead decided to make a response. My only problem is where to start.

Let’s begin with the simpliest part. I haven’t said anything about Sheriff-Elect Kersey and “his deputy” because Deputy Blalock is NOT Kersey’s deputy yet. Sheriff-Elect Kersey won’t be sworn into office until Monday, I believe, which means that Shep Jones IS still the Sheriff and in power until then. That makes the deputy in question, David Blalock, a deputy under the watch and control of Shep Jones until Ralph is sworn in. As this happened this past weekend, it happened under Jones’ watch as Sheriff and that makes it Jones’ responsibility. It’s just that simple. But of course, Jones has already commented in the paper that he is passing the buck and not going to take responsibility or action, instead allowing Kersey that responsibility instead. Mighty big of him, don’t you think. Jones IS the current Sheriff and this incident in question happened under HIS watch so HE should be the one handling things. But I have no doubt that Kersey will handle the matter in an appropiate way and if he doesn’t, he will be called out on it, just as Jones’ would be.

As for the situation itself, I may as well address it while it’s on my mind. I’ve watched the video and listened to it many times. And quite simply, Deputy Blalock WAS out of line and his language and behavior was extremely inappropiate. Was it bad enough to cost him his job? Well, based on my own personal experience, I would say yes. Dealing with the public is hard sometimes and sometimes, it gets overwhelming and you snap. Been there and done that and when the smoke cleared, I was unemployed and lost my job as a result. And the words that cost me my job weren’t nearly as bad as what Blalock was saying to that bondsman. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that Blalock is a representative of our local law enforcement and like it or not, is expected to act and behave in a certain way. Is it a higher standard than the rest of us. Yes, it is. But that’s part of the job and if he’s not capable of controlling his temper or being professional in his words or manner, he doesn’t need to be doing that job.

I do think that Blalock needs to be shown that for every action, there are consequences. What those consequences will be, who knows? I do expect that Sheriff Kersey will investigate the matter and act accordingly, be it termination, suspension or simply a write-up of some kind and firm warning that if anything like this incident happens again, termination will follow. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

As for the other charges that “Anonymous” decided to level against me, let me tackle those now one by one.

On the idea that with Kersey as the Sheriff, I won’t be saying anything, that is totally wrong. I know Sheriff-Elect Kersey and know that he’s an honest and straight up guy who means what he says and says what he means. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll be getting a free pass on anything and I know that he doesn’t expect to. If cars start magically appearing out of nowhere, if a slush fund is discovered and money is used for parties, alcohol and jewelry, if murder cases are going unsolved due to errors in the police reports or to the media, if people inside the jail are getting killed, if jailers start getting busted for drug possession, if Sweepstakes businesses are raided and machines are confiscated, yet no charges are ever pressed, etc… if the crap we’ve dealt with regularly for the past eight years continues to happen under Kersey’s watch, I’ll be just as quick to call him out on those things as I was with Shep. I don’t think we’ll have those kind of problems to worry about anymore though.

And as for the “racist” argument, that’s a load of crap. Anyone who knows me or has known me for any length of time will tell you that the only way I judge people is pretty simple. If you’re cool and respectful to me, I’ll be cool and respectful to you. And if you’re an ass-clown in any way, shape, form, etc… I have little use for you and respond in kind. Pretty simple, right. And I guess I can use the old “I have black friends” argument too, but there’s a twist. I have friends – some just happen to be black. Some are white. Some are indian. There are also some Korean, Japanese, Canadian, British and Australian folks that I’m friendly with. Some are males and some are female. Some are straight and some are gay. Some are Christian, some are Muslim, some are Jewish, one is Hindu and I believe a couple are athiests. And I even have a midget friend that I talk to semi-regularly. I don’t give a damn about race, religion, social-status, money, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If I like you, I like you and if I don’t, I don’t. I’m not the most sociable or lovable person in the world sometimes and I do have my issues with people, but the color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter. It’s the behavior and character that counts and if that’s a problem, get the hell over it. ‘Nuff said!

And now, with that being said, I think it’s time to (finally) try to go get a few hours of sleep. Oh wait, I do have one more thing.

In July, a task force led by District Attorney Kristy Newton and other law enforcement officers forced the closing of twenty-one Internet Sweepstakes businesses, putting over a hundred people out of work. One of the businesses that did NOT close willingly was the Cyber Sweepstakes business on Academy Road. The Task Force took it upon themselves to raid the building, confiscate computers and shut the business down. And despite the confiscation of machinery and equipment (I call it stealing), NO charges were ever brought against the owner of the business, Robert Outlaw. In the middle of September, Outlaw, with court documents in hand signed off on by a sitting District Judge, reopened his business. The paperwork, which has been signed off on by Judge Regina Joe, says that the computer software used by Outlaw in his business is LEGAL and in compliance with current state gaming laws. A judge says that Outlaw’s Internet Sweepstakes business IS LEGAL!! Days later, a Swat Team force of Scotland County Sheriff Department deputies, under the leadership of Sheriff Shep Jones and District Attorney Kristy Newton, raided and closed the business. Machines were confiscated (stolen) and the business was shut down once more. And again, NO CHARGES have ever been processed and brought against Mr. Outlaw. So when will Mr. Outlaw have the opportunity and chance to have his constitutionally demanded day in court? What kind of games are Shep Jones and Kristy Newton playing here? When will they DO THEIR JOBS and FOLLOW THE LAW? Sheriff Shep Jones needs to go ahead and either explain to the community why he’s allowed this miscarriage of justice to go on so long OR go ahead and press charges, thus allowing the Sweepstakes owners their day in court. Time is running out and Jones needs to do the right thing here and let our legal justice system do it’s job. If he can’t or won’t, then District Attorney Newton needs to either file charges and let the system work or make a public statement explaining why she’s denying the sweepstakes owners their rights? We, the citizens of Scotland County, deserve to know.

And now, with that being said, I’m going to bed. Have a good night (or morning).



you know why I’m still able to smile?
even though i’m crying on the inside
and i know i’ve lost you for good
it’s okay
because you finally seem to be happy
and in the end
that’s all that really matters to me
or as they say in the funny papers
‘Nuff said!

WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Predictions: December 13, 2014

WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Predictions:  December 13, 2014

Coming up tomorrow night is the WWE pay-per-view (or special event, depending upon who you ask), WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs (oh my!). Honestly, I had totally forgotten that there was even a pay-per-view going on this weekend. I haven’t watched RAW or Smackdown in almost two weeks (and based on the recaps that I’ve read, I haven’t really missed a thing.) But that being said, this is a big weekend and a big deal and thus, its time to shake out the cobwebs, come in out of the rain and do that prediction thing… cause that’s what I do. So let’s just keep it short and sweet (like my ex) and get right to work. Where my crystal ball and Sister Cleo outfit at? Let’s do this…

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. Gold & Stardust
Pre-Show Kick-off Tag Team Match

So far, with the New Day team, I’m not that impressed. They’re all too happy and too cheerful and dare I say it, too stereotyped with the gimmick. All that’s missing is the Reverend Slick leading the team in a sing-a-long of “Jive Soul Bro”. The 1980’s called and they want their gimmick back. I’m glad to see the WWE doing something with Big E and Kofi, but is this really the best that they can come up with? I liked the ideas for a new “Nation of Domination” far better. And I hear that JC Ice is looking for something to do. Okay, maybe not.

As for this match, the New Day guys are the new (day) guys. Goldy and Cody have had their run with the gold belts and now, it’s time to start putting over the other folks as we build to (hopefully) a Dustin versus Cody match at Wrestlemania 31. Yeah, I’m still hoping to see the brothers have their big match, maybe a Dusty on a pole match, against each other. The Rhodes boys are headed for a split somewhere down the road and the new guys start their “New Day” with a big win in the pre-show match.

Winners: The New Day

(Champion) Rusev w/ Lana vs. Jack Swagger
United States Championship Match

We’ve already been there / done that with this match and though I’d love to see Swagger make the big comeback and kick Rusev’s ass all over the arena, it’s not going to happen. Swagger will look great in his quest to get revenge for his mentor / manager Zeb Colter, but in the end, his best won’t be enough and he’ll end up falling victim to the power of the Putin-loving modern day Hulk. Rusev smash… and retain the title.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Rusev w/ Lana

(Champion) Nikki Bella w/ Brie vs. AJ Lee
Divas Championship Match

Why are Nikki and Brie friends again after all that happened? What happened to their “bitter feud”? And what’s up with AJ? Are the rumors true and will this be her last hurrah with the WWE? I hope not. Anyhow, Brie gets involved and gets an AJ sized ass-whooping. Nikki takes advantage and scores a sneaky win, thus retaining the Divas title.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

Ryback vs. Kane
Chairs Match

Chairs matches are just no disqualification matches with a lot of attention focused on the chairs. Ryback is getting the big push now and Kane is winding down a great career so that means the “Big Goof”… I mean “Big GUY” gets to take that trip to the pay window and be the “Chairman” of the night. Poor Kane. He deserves better, but it’s part of the job.

Winner: Ryback

(Champions) The Miz & Mizdow vs. The Usos
Tag Team Championship Match

This should be a fun match with lots of high impact and action. I love how they’ve created a love-triangle story with Naomi and actually made this into a match that has something more than titles as the main focus. The tension with Miz and Mizdow is getting better every week and will hopefully continue for sometime to come, at least until the Royal Rumble. This match MAY end up stealing the show and could easily go either way. I don’t think we’re ready for a title change yet so I’ll go with Miz & Mizdow retaining after Uso Jealousy gets the better of the Usos and we get a count-out. If Naomi comes to ringside with the Uso’s at the start of the match, count on the guys with the “money-makers” to retain.

Winners by Count-Out… and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz & MizDow

Erick Rowan vs. Big Show
Steel Stairs Match

Steel stairs match? Really? Really? Really? This is a stupid gimmick / stipulation for the match. Just say No DQ and leave it at that. Steel steps? Shaking my head over and over. Really? Big Show bores me. Rowan isn’t much better, but he’s got a cool nickname, same as my second favorite type of gum, so I’ll lean towards the fuzzy-faced red beard as the winner… just because.

Winner: Erick Rowan

(Champion) Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Another match that could really go either way. Dolph is on fire (again) and I think we’re really starting to see the start of a big Ziggler push here. But then we have Harper who is kind of a unique character and makes an odd, but fascinating pick as the Intercontinental Champion and it’s too soon for him to lose that title yet. Both men are climbing that ladder and neither can really afford a major loss right now or else all of the momentum they’ve gathered will be shot to hell. I think Dolph can stand a loss more than Harper can at this point and time so I’ll go for the Brody 2014 edition, Luke Harper to find a way to climb that ladder and retain the gold. Maybe we’ll get some outside interest in the match and a new spokesperson with Harper who can cause a distraction and allow Harper to capitalize and take the win. I wonder what Christian is doing tomorrow night? And wouldn’t Luke Harper make an interesting “Heyman guy”? Hmmmmm…

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Luke Harper

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match

This will be the smash-mouth, hard-hitting, kick-ass, Pier Six brawl of the night. Both men work stiff, hit hard and put on a show second to none. And both need a big win here… or at least to not lose. There are so many ways this could go and could be argued for Wyatt and Ambrose alike. Who to choose? I think Ambrose and his crazy-train antics will allow him to recover from a loss easier than Bray would be able to so I’ll go with Ambrose taking the fall in the match of the night where there are no winners or losers, just survivors. And maybe we’ll see the WWE pay-per-view debut of the NXT Tag Team Champions, come to join Wyatt’s cause… maybe? It should be one helluva match.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
Tables Match- (If John Cena loses he is no longer the # 1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Somehow, I don’t see Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar as a headline match for a WWE pay-per-view. Rollins is good, but his character works better as the ambush-while-the-back-is-turned type of guy. Cena versus Brock has already been done, but the anticipation is there for one more time. It works and it will be the better match to draw in fans and sell the pay-per-view event. I’m not a big Cena guy, but I don’t think that Super-Cena is really to take that kryptonite bullet just yet. Look for lots of shenanigans by the J&J Security Team. Look for others to get involved. Look for Seth to dominate. And look for Cena to put Rollins through a table and take home that big win and the #1 Contendership for the WWE World Championship… cause that’s what he does.

Winner: John Cena

And there you go. My predictions for the WWE TLC pay-per-view extravaganza, tomorrow night on the WWE Network. Am I right? Am I crazy as a fruit loop looney-toon? We’ll see tomorrow night at the show. Thanks for reading. I’m Doug and I am out of here. Take care!