Customer Service

I was at work the other night when one of my co-workers made an observation. She asked “Do you ever look at the customers?”. I just kind of laughed and asked her to clarify. And she responded that I glance at the customers, then look mainly at the register and the money and the merchandise as I bag it up. I just laughed and made some kind of joke that I’m all about speed and getting the customers out and not socializing or making small talk.

And then a couple of nights ago, a customer noted the same thing. She bought some scratch-off tickets and then came back to cash them in (she won lots of money – congratulations!) – and when I cashed her tickets in for her, she asked me if I even remembered selling them to her. And yes, I did. It had only been ten minutes earlier and I think I surprised her by recounting exactly how much money she spent and everything that she had purchased a few minutes earlier, including her scratch off tickets, the pack of Newport 100’s in the box and the ice cup. She remarked that it seemed to her that I was only paying attention to my register and money and not the customers.

And so I started to think about it. And you know what? Those two, making those observations, are totally correct.

I generally don’t give the customer that I’m waiting on more than a passing glance or two (to make sure that they’re legal and old enough to buy whatever it is that they’re purchasing) and to see if I know them. I’m about speed and being professional, being polite, but hurrying the sale along so I can move on to the next customer and take care of business as quickly as possible.

Of course, there are exceptions. If it’s a good looking guy, I’ll take my time and provide plenty of eye contract and be sure to glance over (and admire) every inch of their sexiness. And if it’s someone I actually like or am friends with, I’ll slow down and talk for a moment or two before moving on to the next customer. But those are few and far between and generally, I’m all about speed and precision, being professional and polite, but nothing breaks my stride and it’s take care of the sale, take care of the customer and move on. That’s just me and how I am.

But anyhow, back to my rambling monologue. Tonight, at work, these observations were on my mind and I decided to slow down for a few minutes and actually look at my customers while I wait on them. Make the small talk and be friendly as well as professional.

Well, I looked at many, many, many of the faces that come into my store regularly. I saw details and expressions and emotions I’ve never seen before. And I realized something. There are some ugly ass-clowns that come into that store. There are some attractive folks as well, but for the most part… let’s just say I was not impressed. I think I was better off just taking the money and keeping the eye contact to a bare minimum. How would I describe some of these faces? Most are kind of plain or average, but then you have some that look like Frankenstein’s face after he just realized he stepped in dog crap and an M-16 stuffed up his nose to explode. Oh yeah, and with a bucket of vomit dumped over his head. Yeah… not even fugly because all the drugs in the world would make you want to have sex with these people. Bleh!

So bottom line is, if you’re an attractive male or a friend of mine… or just plain interesting and cool, I’ll look up and look at you. But for the rest, it’s just take the money, give them a glance to check for legality and get them the hell out. So far as eye contact and personal interaction goes, three words. “Don’t do deet!”… And believe me, I won’t!

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