I could have said no and probably should

I could have said no and probably should have
but I let the heart overrule the head
and gave in… again
I’m not mad at you
I don’t think I can ever be… really
but I’m tired of being taken for granted
I’m tired of being unhappy
I’m tired of being a means to an end
so what the hell am I supposed to do
I don’t freakin’ know
it’s not my responsibility
I can’t take care of you when I can barely take care of myself
but I still try
still say “yes” when I want to say no
and still try to be part of your life
when all I feel is alone
you mean a lot to me
you are a lot to me
I just don’t like the way I’m feeing right now
it would just be nice to be appreciated sometimes
instead of just a tool for your amusementImage

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