WWE Payback Predictions: June 15, 2013

So I’ve got about twenty minutes before I have to leave for work. Hmmmm! Plenty of time to do this. So…

Tossing Salt – Worldwide News presents: WWE Payback Pay-Per-View Predictions
June 15, 2013

Let’s do this…

WWE Championship Match – Three Stages of Hell
John Cena versus Ryback

So we’ve got Cena and Ryback doing three matches in one. I think we’ll see Cena do the dreaded “five moves” and take the first match pretty quickly. Ryback will make the big comeback and win the “Ambulance Match”. And it all comes down to the Lumberjack match and Ryback has less friends than Cena so Cena gets some aid (from Zack Ryder – one of Ryback’s victims perhaps?) and takes the final pin to retain the gold.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: John Cena

World Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler versus Alberto Del Rio

If Dolph loses the title this quickly after coming back from his concussion, they may as well just terminate his contract and send him to TNA because that will be a major bunch of crap… period! Dolph and Del Rio have a great match and Dolph retains.

Winner and STILL World Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho versus CM Punk

The match of the night as both men will do their best to (with all apologies to Dolph) “show off” and steal the show. I think we’ll see the start of a double-turn as Punk moves more to “face” mode, while Jericho becomes more of the classic egotistical maniac we all know and love. And Punk wins.

Winner: CM Punk

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Shield versus Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

More problems between Bryan and Orton. Should be one helluva great match, but SHIELD retains.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield

United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose versus Kane

Kane is looking better now than he has in a while and the match will be good. Ambrose is amazing and a future World Champion – no doubt. Kane doesn’t need a belt and it’s too soon to take the belt off of Ambrose. He can make it mean something again. Ambrose retains.

Winner and STILL U.S. Champion: Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett versus The Miz versus Curtis Axel

Curtis takes out Miz and pins Barrett to become the new IC Champion and life is absolutely “perfect” as it should be.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Divas Championship Match
Kaitlyn versus AJ Lee

AJ is way over and great in her psycho-role. Kaitlyn, to be honest, sucks! AJ wins and we get a new champ.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: AJ Lee

and finally…

Sheamus versus Damien Sandow

Sheamus is kind of played out and on the downslide right now. Sandow is on the rise and it begins here. You’re welcome!

Winner: Damien Sandow

And I finish with six minutes to go. Gotta go to work now. Have a great day. Ubuntu! And you’re welcome…


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