Music Fact or Fiction – July 1, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
July 1, 2017

It is time, once again, to take a trip on that “Ho’ Train!”. Okay, maybe not, but I just finished watching the Godfather on YouTube (the wrestler – not the movie) and I know I ain’t the only one. Or maybe I am? Anyhow, good morning. Are you ready to take that trip to the world of sounds, lyrics and bad hair? Not really? Me neither, but let’s do it anyhow. It’s “Music Fact or Fiction” where I “borrow” some statements from my friends over at and then comment on them with either “Fact”, if I agree with the statement, or “Fiction” if I don’t. Then I explain why. Let’s just do this, shall we?

A vinyl re-release of the Labyrinth soundtrack would be worth the purchase.

FICTION: While it certainly would be cool to have, I already have the original album and it’s just mainly collecting dust with the rest of my albums. I also have the CD version already. Bowie was a hell of a talent and great performer and the movie was great as well, but with the exception of the diehard fans and people looking for something special, it’d probably end up costing more money than it would bring back and probably isn’t worth the trouble. No offense to Bowie because he’s awesome, but a deluxe edition CD box set would be a better idea if they’re going to do anything.

You enjoyed Lorde’s new album Melodrama more than her first.

FICTION: I’ve only managed to hear a few tracks thus far and while the few songs I’ve heard are good enough, I can’t really get into them like I did for most of the stuff from the debut album a few years ago. It might grow on me or maybe I just haven’t heard that right track yet that really sucks me in, but so far, I think that the sophomore curse that unfortunately hits so many artists is still alive and well.

Drake’s new song ‘Signs’ was a disappointment.

FICTION: For it to be a disappointment means that I expected a lot out of it to begin with and I really didn’t. Drake is okay and has some songs I like, but all in all, I’m not a big fan of his and most of his music is just sort of “Eh” to me.

We will see a new Tool album this year.

FICTION: It’s already July and nothing yet. When everything like advertising, promotion, a possible tour, etc is taken into account that will be needed to promote the new album, whenever it is finished, plus the post-production work, etc, it’s not very likely that it’ll be out before 2018. Hell, we don’t even know how much of their new album is finished or already laid down on tracks. It may all happen, but I can’t see it.

The soundtrack for Baby Driver has an amazing selection of songs.

FACT: From what I’ve seen so far, there is Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Beck, The Beach Boys, Young MC, Blur, Danger Mouse, etc. An absolutely insane and eclectic mix of music of every genre and style. I’m loving it and producer Edgar Wright seems to have outdone himself putting this together.

The music video for Radiohead’s ‘Man of War’ was entertaining.

FACT: I had to watch it a couple of times to get into it, but I liked what I saw and it didn’t suck. And the song is awesome.

And there you go. That’s all for now. I wanted to write more, but I have to get ready for work. I leave here in twenty minutes for what will be a fun filled and extremely busy eleven hour day. Have a Happy 4th everyone and I’ll catch you later. Thoughts and comments are welcome.


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