5 (More) Questions: Pot, Horses, Cheating & More…

5 (More) Questions
Pot, Horses, Cheating & More
November 25, 2018

People ask questions. I have answers. These come from the timelines of Facebook. The answers come from me. Let’s go for the gusto and do this.

Favorite character from the TV show, “Bewitched”?

That show had so many great characters. There’s Endora, the loving mother-in-law, Maurice, the father-in-law and lover of theater. Who can forget Aunt Clara and her collection of door knobs? Cousin Serena was always a hoot to be sure and no one could crack a joke like Uncle Arthur. And don’t we all have a neighbor like Mrs. Kravitz? It’s so hard to pick just one character from such a wild assortment of unique personas. I’ll go with the son, Adam. A young mortal child being brought up in this family and with that mean older sister, Tabitha, always picking on him. He was a little Darrin and for that, he’ll always have a soft spot in my heart.

Should pot be legalized?

It stinks. Let me get that out of the way. And while I understand how it can be medically helpful in so many ways, I don’t much care for it personally. So should it be legalized? So many heavy pot users I know seem to have the intelligence of a corn dog. Is it he grass they’re smoking or is it just that they’re naturally dummies? The jury is still out on that one, but I personally prefer to see it kept as it is, illegal. Allow people with actual medical issues to have prescriptions and use it as needed, but for the man on the street that’s just smoking to get high and feel good, just no. It’s mind-impairing and as I said to begin with, it freaking stinks. We have people come in the store daily that are reeking of smoking the wicked weed and it just hangs on them and stinks up the whole store. It’s so bad, the smell lingers sometimes for thirty or forty minutes after they’ve left. Roll the windows down when smoking, please. But bottom line is it is currently illegal. Smoking pot is a criminal act and everyone who smokes is breaking the law and is a criminal. I could care less, but that smell makes my eyes water and is just damn awful. So don’t do it and don’t legalize it. Smoke it in private if you must and be discrete about it, but don’t flaunt it and don’t smoke it around me… Period!

Do you ride horses?

Only if they’re on a Merry Go Round. Horses are beautiful animals and I love to watch them and look at them, but ride them? They have big teeth and can kick a guy’s head off. I’m not getting on anything that can do that. Better to just observe their beauty from a distance.

What is something that just amazes you and makes you go “Hmmmmm”?

How some people manage to dress themselves and survive each day. I deal with the public daily and while most people are relatively decent, there are some that come in and to say that their brain power and common sense are relatively non-existent would be an over-statement. Anyone who has ever worked in retail or fast food for any length of time can back me up on this. People will get the same thing daily, but every time they come in, ask where the product is. They can’t work a simple credit card machine and have to be shown, every single time. And listen to the conversations between these big brains, I can feel my own brain cells screaming in agony sometimes as I listen to these people converse back and forth. How they manage to get a Driver’s License, hold a job, or dress themselves each day astounds me. And they reproduce. Why? I used to wonder why my Dad would sometimes just sit quietly and shake his head, not saying a word while observing TV and the people around him. I don’t wonder anymore. Now I get it. These people are our future. We’re freaking doomed!

True or False: Cheating doesn’t start with sex. It starts with discussion.

Truth. Nothing happens unless a few words are exchanged first. Where it goes after that, it’s up to the people themselves. It all starts with a simple “Hello” though.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or any questions you’d like to ask, just holler at me and we’ll get ‘er done. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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