Wrestling Q&A: Rousey, Zack Ryder, Taker at Mania & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Rousey, Ryder, Taker at Mania & More
November 25, 2018

Didn’t I already do this once today? Well, it’s either this or go watch YouTube and waste entirely the rest of the night. Or I could return a couple of the messages on MeetMe and Grindr. Nah, that would involve talking to people and maybe even actually interacting with people. Not today! So let’s do another Q&A while I ponder on whether or not to do a Day of Dougie special. I might, but I might not. But I will do this. It’s the Tossing Salt Wrestling Q&A. The questions are from Larry. The answers are from me. Let’s do this…

How would you rate Ronda Rousey’s first year as a WWE Superstar?

How can it be rated as anything but a major success. Ronda has taken to in-ring action very well and while, compared to some of the other ladies, her work isn’t quite as sharp, she’s found several things she can do well and does exactly that. She knows how to sell and knows how to make her opponent look strong when needed as well. She had a top notch match with Nikki Bella and that’s saying something to be sure. Ronda already had the name recognition and background to be a big star in WWE and she’s picked up on the rest very well, essentially the female version of Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar. So how would I rate her first year? So far, so good!

Should Roman Reigns’ illness be used as part of wrestling promos and stories?

If Roman is cool with it and doesn’t care, why should we? I personally would prefer to keep the mentions of Roman’s illness to a minimum, but whatever. It’s not my call.

Can Zack Ryder’s career be saved and could he be viewed as a serious wrestler?

At this point, after so many years of being considered a comedy wrestler and joke, turning Zack into a serious wrestler and top card contender would be… easy. Just have Zack have a realization that he needs to make some changes, cut a promo and maybe turn heel and gain a manager. Have him revamp and repackage his entire character and start winning, by any means necessary. If Ryder is serious and cuts out the clowning, the fans will come around and get behind him. All it takes is a new attitude and a few wins and the past will be forgotten and left behind as the WWE Universe embraces the new and improved Ryder.

Should all wrestlers in WWE be paid the same?

It’s a pre-determined sport and the winners and losers are determined by the writers and Vince McMahon so it doesn’t really make sense when you look at the big differences in pay between some of the talents. Why is John Cena worth 3 or 4 million dollars while Bo Dallas only makes 200 grand a year? Ryback has talked about this repeatedly and while I think that Ryback is a pinhead on most things, on this one, he’s absolutely correct. While I can understand the talents that are featured and used more often being paid more to a point, the differences are astounding and really not fair at all. Why not establish a more middle of the road base salary and then additional income can be generated by merchandise sales. If you’re over and put butts in the seats, the merchandise with your name on it will sell and you’ll make more money. But if you’re a waste of space in the eyes of the fans, you’ll still make a decent and respectable living regardless. WWE needs to do a total revamp of their pay system to be more fair and across the board for ALL WWE talents. It’s the right thing to do and since WWE sets the standards for the rest of the world of professional wrestling, it could and would totally revolutionize the business that we all know and love so well.

If not Shawn Michaels, who should Undertaker face at Wrestlemania?

Well, Bray Wyatt made his return to the WWE ring this last night at Starcade so he’s a possibility. A match against his “brother” Kane would be cool as well, but with Kane’s new job as a Mayor, I’m not sure how that would work out or if it’s even possible. Hell, just bring in Sting and let the two men, Sting and Undertaker, finally have that match we’ve been wanting for so long. That’s my answer. If no Heartbreak Kid, then give us Sting.

What would be your Mt. Rushmore of wrestling factions?

Factions come and go in professional wrestling, but the ones that stand above all the rest and are the greatest of the great and would top my own personal Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling Factions would be The Horsemen, Degeneration X, the nWo and finally Paul E. Dangerously (Heyman) and his Dangerous Alliance.

And there you go. Questions, comments, thoughts and anything else welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. And with that, I’m out of here. Don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling company and if you see the Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew (AC/DC), The Carolina Kidd, BD Productions (Branson & Douglas), Abdullah Jr. or any of the stars of the Carolinas on the card, be sure to attend and watch. Check out Brad & Derk on YouTube as well. And I’m like The Great Mephisto. I’m history. See you next time.


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