Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: My Qualifications, Legendary Ladies, Sonny Kiss & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
My Qualifications, Legendary Ladies, Sonny Kiss & More
March 1, 2020

Yes, it’s another Q&A, cause that’s what I do. More questions from a new reader, Kelly W. Thanks for joining the movement and for the awesome questions. And now, let’s see if I can provide any answers. Let’s do this…

Goldberg over the Fiend? Really?

I don’t much like it either, but the more thought I give this decision, the more it makes sense. Goldberg, for whatever reason, is over and his presence draws money and puts the proverbial butts in the seats. As good as he is, Bray Wyatt’s reign as the Universal Champion hasn’t set the world on fire and in my opinion, has been boring and forgettable. Bray is an amazing performer and I love the Fiend, but he’s not a good champion. That kind of character works better as an underdog and doing the chase, not being the top guy. A match with Cena, especially if Bray wins, will be far better than any rematch versus Goldberg. And a Goldberg match with Roman is new, fresh and falls under the topic of Dream Match and would be better too. I hate that Bray lost the title, but the two matches that we’ll be getting are far better and best for business.

What are your qualifications to write about professional wrestling?

I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling since I was literally in diapers going to live matches since I was four years old. I grew up living in North Carolina and watching Jim Crockett Promotions since day one. I spent two years having a rather successful Indy wrestling talent as a roomie and attended hundreds of live shows during that time and was able to meet hundreds of talents, work as a cameraman and ring attendant. I’ve been writing about wrestling since 2002, originally starting by covering International Wrestling for TheWrestlingInformer.net and then moved on to be a recapper for Sunday Night Heat, Monday Night RAW and Smackdown for the Informer and LordsofPain.net. I covered AWA Classics on ESPN for PWInsider for a time and have written, off and on, a column called “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” since 2002. So I’m a fan who’s been fortunate enough to be behind the scenes many times, privy to the backstage antics, who just happens to be opinionated and loves writing about the world’s greatest sport. And there you go.

Who would you consider the three best women wrestlers, pre-1980?

I would say Fabulous Moolah, not so much as the quality of her matches, but she was the “star” of women’s wrestling. Ann Casey, a former U.S. Champion and one of the most talented and incredible women to ever have stepped (bare)foot in that ring. Also a great writer and storyteller. And finally, former AWA Women’s Champion Penny Banner. A great talent and a true legend in that squared circle. Read her book, ‘Banner Days’. You will be impressed and realize, just as I did, how truly skilled this lady was. There were many talented women in that ring over the past century, but these three were the best of the best. Period!

Thoughts on Sonny Kiss?

I get playing characters and taking stereotypes to the extreme. Wrestling characters are best when you take real personalities and kick them up a notch or five and just go crazy with it. But then there is Sonny Kiss. He’s a very not-so-macho man who plays up every gay stereotype to the max and he just annoys the hell out of me. His signature move is using his legs to pull the wrestler’s face into his butt. It’s just stupid. Adrian Street did it right. Rico did it right. Orlando Jordon was a freak but did it right. Even Chuck and Billy did it right (sort of). But Kiss annoys the shit out of me. It’s not the gay thing. Hell, I’m gay. But even the guys on In Living Color’s “Men On Film” were more macho than Kiss is. It’s okay to act gay, but be tough. It’s okay to play up the sissy side and be a “brave coward” like Grand Wizard or Terry Garvin (in GWF). But what the hell is Kiss supposed to be? Just quit now and go away… please. I don’t get it or like it.

Favorite memory of Roddy Piper?

There are so many great Roddy Piper moments to consider and remember, but my personal favorite was an actual match that took place on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Piper was having issues with former NWA World Champion Jack Brisco over the Mid-Atlantic Championship. Piper wrestled Brisco and every move Piper made, every trick he tried, Brisco would respond by snagging Piper and taking him over in a headlock. Piper would freak and get crazy and there was Brisco, again with the headlock. A great match that told a great story and proved just how talented both these men were.

Should AEW have a six-man tag team championship?


If you were starting an Indy promotion and could snag three wrestlers from WWE, three from Impact and three from AEW, who would you recruit and hire away?

My three talents from WWE would be Kevin Owens, Buddy Murphy & R-Truth. My Impact talents would be Tessa Blanchard, RichSwann and TJP. And from AEW, I’d have Sammy Guevera, Orange Cassidy & Luchasaurus. And then, I’d fill out the rest of the roster with talented wrestlers from the local Indy scene such as Ethan Storm & Tazz Jackson, aka The Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew, The Fallen Artist Derk Douglas & The Monster Brad Branson, The Carolina Kidd & Carolina Girl, The Phoenix Michael Youngblood and several other local talents from the rosters of CAGE, Adrenaline Pro Wrestling & other local promotions. And then a few older / semi-retired talents like Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria), Lisa Moretti, The Main Attraction, Juventud Guerrera, Stevie Richards & the bWo to make appearances and round things out. Find some good talents to call the action and work behind the scenes and watch the money come in.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please talk at me and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care and don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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