Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Shinsuke Nakamura, Lana, Big Swole & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Shinsuke Nakamura, Lana, Big Swole & More
December 1, 2020

Welcome to December and baby, it’s cold outside. It’s time to do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s get busy and it all starts now.

Will WWE ever work with AEW? Or will AEW get to work with NJPW?

Never say never, but so long as AEW remains any kind of threat to WWE and Vince has any say about the situation, would say it’s highly unlikely. As for New Japan, I can see the occasional AEW star working an NJPW show and vice-versa, but as to on a regular basis, that really isn’t very likely either.

What’s your favorite era of wrestling?

Obviously, the Monday Night Wars when both WWE and WCW were at their peaks and trying to defeat each other. And aside from that, the mid- ’80s and very early ’90s. I was a Crockett guy and the ’80s, for the Mid-Atlantic region, was prime wrestling excitement at it’s very best.

With Nakamura off tv for this long, do you believe there is still untapped potential with a “repackaging” in the King of Strong Style? Or is his run in WWE deflated and fans of his should just wait for his exit?

There’s an opportunity here to rebrand and repackage Shinsuke into a top guy again, but I doubt WWE will take advantage and do so. I think, to them, he’s scorched earth and if we want to see what he’s really capable of and working at his very best, we’ll probably have to wait until he is wished well in future endeavors and moves on to somewhere else.

What were your thoughts on Donald Trump in WWE?

I think, for the time frame and story he was used for telling, it was fine for what it was. Trump was a big celebrity personality and he versus Vince was a natural rivalry. I had then and have now no problems with the President’s role as part of the WWE.

Thoughts on the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

A solid show from start to finish. Drew & Roman had the best match, but no match was bad or groan-worthy. Well, maybe the Gobbly-Gooker segments, but the rest was good and I was entertained for the entire show.

The Undertaker has retired. Do you think this is permanent or will he be back?

I think it’s it so far as matches go in that ring, although I’m still thinking one last match at Wrestlemania would be nice to see. But so far as appearances on WWE programming go, it’s not over yet and he’ll be around for a few more years to come.

Lana was the lone survivor for the RAW women. Thoughts?

I guess it’s the start of a big push and a way to make up for the table spots. Now she and Asuka seem to have a tag team push going on so good for her. More power to them. Yay!

What were the reasons why TNA never got as big as WWE, NXT, and AEW?

I would argue that at its peak, TNA was bigger than AEW currently is and did better numbers than NXT ever has, but I get what you mean. People think TNA/Impact now and it’s more of an afterthought even though the shows are consistently good and entertaining. Poor management is the only reason I can come up with. Well, that and lack of a steady home with strong reach where the fans can find them. AXS is good to a point, but it’s not the USA Network or TNT by any means. I’d love to see TNA/Impact become big again, but they need a steady hand at the wheel, consistent support from a major backer, and a strong home base with wide appeal. And a solid breakout star that can draw the fans and make people give them another look. They’ve lasted longer than either WCW or ECW did and are still hanging in there and putting out some good matches every week. They just need to find a way to make casual fans take notice.

Thoughts on Big Swole?

A good look and good body, but her wrestling skills are still a little bit green for my tastes. She’s okay and with some experience under her belt, as well as some work on her promos, she could be a big player one day. I don’t like the name though. Wasn’t there a “Big Swoll” in WCW as part of the No Limit Soldiers? A big guy with big arms and no wrestling ability or skills. When I hear the name, that’s who I think of. Someone didn’t do their homework. But she’s a future star who’s on her way, paying her dues and building a career. It’ll be interesting to see how she develops in the months and years to come.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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