Wrestlemania 37: Night Two – Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestlemania 37 – Night 2
Thoughts & Predictions
April 9, 2021

And now, are you ready to tackle Night2 of the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania 37? It’s the WWE and it’s the second night of what promises to be a solid and great show even if there still isn’t a sign of Bayley or Charlotte on the card. Maybe they’ll work the kick-off match if there is one, or we’ll see an appearance of one or the other at the end of the Asuka/Ripley match. Who knows. That’s something to think about later. Let’s tackle the here and now and that’s Wrestlemania 37, the Sunday night edition. My Gary Spivey wig is firmly in place and my inner Sister Cleo is ready to go. Let’s do this.

Triple Threat Match for WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (c) w/ Paul Heyman versus Edge versus Daniel Bryan

This one is hard to call. Roman has been doing an excellent job as the Universal Champion and just imagine how the “Head of the Table” would deal with losing his belt. Imagine how the rest of the family would react, especially if Jey Uso wins the Andre Battle Royal as I predicted? But he’s facing the ultimate comeback kid in Edge who was out of the business for nearly a decade and would make for the perfect storybook ending. And then there is Daniel Bryan, who has a fairy-tale story of his own and is looking for that perfect ending. It can honestly go in any direction and it would make sense for the ending. I think the intrigue of having Roman lose the belt gives the WWE the most stories to work with and is the most intriguing so we’re going to have a new champion. But is it Edge or Bryan? That’s the call and what the hell. Let’s have that big moment. Edge spears Bryan to get the pin and win the title.

Winner and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Edge

WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match
Asuka (c) versus Rhea Ripley

This might end up being the hard-hitting match of the night and one for the ages. It wouldn’t surprise me if WWE added Charlotte Flair to the mix at the last moment, but I’m hoping that they just keep it one on one with The Empress and Ripley. Asuka has been the champ for a while and while I’m perfectly content to see her remain champion for a long time, I think seeing her in a challenger role might freshen up her character a bit too. Let’s see a pissed-off Asuka chasing the gold for a bit. The match will be awesome and in the end, we’ll have a new champion. And then the real fun begins.

Winner and NEW WWE Raw Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley

The Fiend w/ Alexa Bliss versus Randy Orton

Will this match be live or pre-taped? It may even be the Cinematic event of the evening even though WWE hasn’t said anything about that idea one way or the other. I think this match will be a lot of smoke and mirrors and if the rumors I keep hearing are true, maybe even two “Fiends”. Say hello to Bo. I’d love to see this match cause The Fiend to be reborn as Bray Wyatt once more, complete with “family” of Alexa, Bo, and maybe a couple of others. Old is new and I want the return of the Wyatt Family. As for the match, it’s not the winner or loser that matters, but how the narrative is told and continues. I’ll say Randy gets the win and moves on to someone else afterward. And Bray is back, the Fiend is gone (for now) and long live the Wyatt Family.

Winner: Randy Orton

Nigerian Drum Fight For The WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big E (c) versus Apollo Crews

What the hell is a Nigerian Drum fight? I missed Smackdown for a few weeks and now, I haven’t a clue. I do like the way that Apollo seems to have found himself and is now getting a stronger push. It’s long overdue. As for Big E, his current run as the Intercontinental Champion has been okay but doesn’t really stand out in any way, shape, or form. It’s just there. I think it will be Crews who gets to experience a new day and new beginning as the new champion after this match. The Big E experiment is over and it’s time for WWE to move on.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Apollo Crews

Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn w/ Logan Paul

I’m sure that fifteen years ago, Owens and Zayn were probably riding in a car together and talking about one day facing each other at Wrestlemania. Well, dreams do come true and I hope that they’re given the chance to really go out and do what they do best, wrestle a fantastic match. Logan Paul is also part of this match and who really gives a damn? This is the Kevin and Sami show, period. It will be the dark-horse match of the night and it will be one for the ages. Owens should win since he’s the bigger star of the two, but this is WWE and I’d love to see a swerve. Maybe this is where Logan Paul figures into the equation.

Winner: Sami Zayn w/ Logan Paul

WWE United States Championship Match
Riddle (c) versus Sheamus

This match was kind of thrown together and seems last-minute booking, but what the hell. It should be solid and a good match. And Riddle retains his belt and remains United States Champion.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Riddle

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) w/ Reginald versus Winners Of The Tag Team Turmoil Match

Who did I predict to win the tag team turmoil match? Natalya and Tamina, I believe it was. It really doesn’t matter who wins that match though. When it comes to this match, the champions will retain their belts and stay champions. No, I don’t like it either, but it’s WWE and that’s how they roll.

Winners and STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

And there you go. My predictions for the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania 37. So what do you think? What are your predictions for this epic event? Let me know, along with any other thoughts, comments, or questions. I look forward to hearing what you think.

My thanks for reading. It’s time now to move on and head out. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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