5 Questions: Boundaries, Energy, Political Ambitions & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
Boundaries, Energy, Political Ambitions & More
December 22, 2021

This world is full of questions. Five good ones, I found on my Twitter timeline. And guess what? I’m going to try and answer them. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

What’s an important boundary to have with people? (Romantic, family, friends, colleagues.)

I’m a guy who needs a lot of alone time, to think, to recharge my batteries, to find my inner balance, etc. So I guess the main boundary for me would be that when I need to be to myself, back off and let me be. It’s simple, but necessary for my own stability and everyone else’s safety.

How do you balance your feminine & masculine energy?

I drink beer and chill with my cat, Mouthie. Or I go on Grindr or Facebook, make a call or connection, and get down and dirty, funky like a monkey, with a sexy guy. Works every time. Don’t believe me? If you’re a decent-looking guy and not an asshole, come over and I’ll show you.

What’s something that you deeply, desperately want—that you already have?

I want friendship and companionship and I’ve got it, but I keep pushing it away. I’ve got some amazing friends and associates and don’t have to be alone so often and so isolated, but I still push everyone away and thus, have to suffer the consequences of taking my desire for some me-time way past what’s necessary and to the extreme. I need my bro. I need my real family. I need a person just to sit and bullshit with. I need love. And I could have all of that if I was just more open and less me, damn it.

How do you prevent or recover from exhaustion & mental burnout?

I write, drink beer, drink Dews, and hold my cat in my arm as he sleeps.

If you were to run for a political office, what office would you run for first to establish a political career?

Me running for any kind of political office would be a disaster just waiting to happen. I don’t like crowds, don’t play well with others, and tend to speak my mind a bit too much to be politically correct and win any kind of election. But that being said, if I was to decide to do some kind of political stuff, I’d probably first just try to get appointed to some kind of board that oversees something. The ABC Board that governs over the ABC store would be perfect given that I’ve been working at the ABC store for nearly 8 years and know it as well as anyone, but that’s for after I leave that job and retire. The local School Board or a job as one of the County Commissioners would be good, but I think my comments on this site, on Facebook, and on Twitter would probably come back to bite me in the ass on that. It’d make for one hell of a campaign though and it wouldn’t be boring at all. Hell, I might one day give it a shot. If these medical issues keep up and I’m not able to return to work at my job, I’ll start looking into it. A man has to have something to do, right? And since I don’t think WWE is going to hire me as part of their Creative Team, politics could be a nice alternative. We’ll see.

And I guess that’s all for now. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have about this Q&A or anything at all, just feel free and drop me a line. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay good. I’ll see you at the ballot box. Merry Christmas.


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