Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Big Swole, Tony Khan, Johnny Knoxville & More …

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Big Swole, Tony Kahn, Johnny Knoxville & More
January 3, 2022

It’s a new year and I am very pumped right now. Did you see WWE Day One Saturday night? Most of the show was so-so, but that main event? There’s a new WWE Champion in town and his name is “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. That match was damn good. Can we say title-unification at Mania versus Roman Reigns? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll see. But I’m excited now and what better way to celebrate than a new edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Big Swole complained in a recent interview about how AEW lacks structure and diversity. Tony Khan responded with comments about the many POC in AEW and the reason he didn’t renew Swole’s contract. Have you seen this? Thoughts?

While Big Swole made some legit comments about the way things are structured in AEW, that if you’re not pushing ideas and are naturally extroverted, you tend to be overlooked, the rest of her comments were off base.

AEW is many things, but it’s arguably the most diverse wrestling company in the world. Skin color and race don’t hold people back there. Attitude, work ethic, popularity with fans, and talent are the main factors. Swole came across as someone looking for an excuse as to why her contract wasn’t renewed and decided to play the race card.

And Tony Khan came back with all guns blazing. He destroyed her argument about diversity with names and facts and clarified that her contract wasn’t renewed because she wasn’t very good in the ring. Tony wasn’t as professional as you’d expect him to be in that reply, but Swole made it personal and was just blatantly wrong in so many ways, she deserved that verbal slap to the face.

None of this needs to be aired in public and over social media, but it was and I guess we’ll be hearing the fallout and ramifications for weeks to come, but to me, the bottom line is this. Big Swole tried to play the victim and lied about AEW and Tony Khan. And Khan gave her a receipt quickly and straight to the point, as he should have. And there you go.

Lio Rush is demanding an apology from Tony Khan in regards to his comments about Big Swole. Thoughts?

That was immediately after the news about Swole and Khan broke, but since then, Rush has changed his tune and claims he “talked to Tony and Tony is a great guy, very diverse, listens and understands, etc.” He opened his mouth, said some stuff, and then he realized he screwed up and backtracked fast. I guess Lio isn’t ready for Retirement # 2953 in less than two years and doesn’t want to have to go job hunting again. So Lio was mad and now he’s not. End of the story, but I suspect we’ll be seeing Lio job out to Marko Stunt a few times over the next few months. Or maybe he’ll get mad again and then go away. Either way, no big loss.

Should Sammy get another run with the TNT Championship?

It’s well known that I’m a Sammy fan and I think that he did a great job during his run as the TNT Champion, and I would love to see him again, at some point, wearing AEW gold. So Sammy as a two-time TNT Champion? Works for me.

Your thoughts on NXT merging the Cruiserweight and North American Championships?

The Cruiserweight Championship hasn’t really meant anything since the demise of 205 Live and the North American Championship? To be honest, I had forgotten it even existed. I’m assuming the idea is to take two titles that essentially mean nothing and merge them into a belt that will hopefully matter to the fans and be meaningful for the wrestlers of NXT. Works for me.

The Usos versus The Briscoes. Who wins?

This would be one hell of a great and fun match to see. Talk about fast-paced, hard-hitting, great teamwork, etc. This one would check all the boxes. It could easily go either way, but my money would go on the Briscoes. They are that damn good.

Johnny Knoxville announced that he’s taking part in the Royal Rumble. Thoughts?

Nothing against Knoxville as an actor, but he does NOT belong as part of the Royal Rumble match. His presence in the match, while it will generate some publicity, takes away a spot that should go to a WWE talent or surprise entry, not a B-List actor. If Knoxville wants to come to the Rumble, give him some tickets and let him sit in the front row as a guest. That would be fine. But as an in-ring participant? He’s not even an athlete so I would absolutely say not only no, but hell no.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care, stay safe, and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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