Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Arn Anderson, Virgil & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Arn Anderson, Virgil & More

April 16, 2022

Shaking more booty than the Disco Inferno on a night at Studio 54 with the Nitro Girls, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Charlotte totally made a fool out of Drew Gulak on Smackdown last night. What’s up with that?

Charlotte wanted to prove that she can make anyone submit, thus helping build for her “I Quit” match against Ronda Rousey at Backlash. It’s unfortunate that Drew Gulak was the one used as her foil, but it’s part of the job and for Drew, it was an opportunity to be on television and be used rather than sit backstage in catering all night. If he’s truly going to be used as an announcer from now on, it won’t hurt him any and could lead to better things in the future. He deserves better to be sure, but right now, it’s all about making Charlotte look bad-ass and it most definitely did that.

Who’s the better Booker? Tony Khan, Vince McMahon, or neither?

Currently, I’ll have to say, Tony Khan. But the only reason I’ll give him the nod here is that he’s more open to listening to the experienced wrestlers and talent in the development of their matches and their characters. Vince is stuck in a “my way or else) mindset and while there are a few people he’ll listen to, to a point, he’s far more resistant to going outside the box and trying new stuff. I think if Vince would delegate more authority to people in the company who know the business and can be trusted, people like Triple H, like some of the agents, and would allow his talent to have more input on their characters and rely less on the writers, he could quickly resume the top spot, But for right now, at the moment, I have to go with Tony on this one.

I just saw where Ric Flair posted a recent pic of Steve Mongo McMichael, who is suffering from ALS. Mongo looks bad. Thoughts on the former Horseman/ Super Bowl Champion?

I hate to see something like MLS happen to anyone and to see Mongo in the condition that he currently is in, especially when I remember what he was a few years ago, is truly tragic. And my thoughts? Mongo was a lousy in-ring performer when it came to professional wrestling, but he was a legit true bad-ass, a great character, and a great Horseman. I have much respect for the former Super Bowl Champion and wish him only the very best.

Had Arn Anderson would’ve stayed in WWF/WWE in 89, Do you think Vince would’ve given The Enforcer a title push?

Nope. Arn is a great performer and no one doubts that, but Vince likes flashy, over-the-top gimmicks, and larger-than-life characters. Arn was and is a wrestler, just trunks and boots, nothing more. In Vince’s then WWF, Arn would be a tag team guy or a mid-carder for life, nothing more.

The Mighty Igor versus Mark Henry. Who wins?

Two huge strong men who also wrestled, this would be a massive meeting of male flesh and wouldn’t be pretty, but would be incredibly fun to watch. I remember Igor from my childhood and videos of some of his classic fights against Bulldog Brower and The Masked Superstar, among others, can be found on YouTube. He’s also a former AWA World Champion. As for Mark Henry, we watched him grow and develop on WWE TV from his early days as a stiff, somewhat clumsy strongman to the Master of the House of Pain. He also had a run as the WWE World Champion. This one is a tough call. I think I’d go with Igor though. Henry is very impressive, but he only worked the WWE style and his wrestling education was limited. Igor worked all over the world and while his character was that of a simple-minded buffoon, he was truly anything but. Igor would win.

Virgil recently announced that he had suffered two strokes and was suffering from dementia and was asking fans for financial help. I also saw that Abdullah the Butcher has a GoFundMe and is asking for money to pay for a divorce and other legal fees. Do you think these are legit and what do you think about wrestlers asking fans for money?

I saw the posts that Virgil posted on Twitter and heard about the Abdullah situation and his Go Fund Me account on Facebook. And do I believe them? Honestly, I’m not sure what to believe. Both men are known for being, dare I say it, con men. Chris Jericho had Abby on his podcast and donated some money to the Go Fund Me, so I’m more likely to believe that one. And Virgil? I want to believe him, but my spider-sense says that something isn’t quite right, so to say I have my doubts is an understatement. I wish both men the best in getting better, getting their lives straight, or whatever the case may be. I hope I’m wrong about Virgil and he’s not up to shenanigans, but given his past and history, can anyone blame me for being suspicious?

And that’ll do it for now. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about wrestling or anything at all are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.



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