Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Terry Taylor, Jeff Hardy, Matt Cardona & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Terry Taylor, Jeff Hardy, Matt Cardona & More
June 5, 2022

This column is better than you and you know it. Well, better than the other wrestling Q&A’s out there anyhow. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Does Terry Taylor belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Despite that awful gimmick we all remember so well, Taylor was also a champion almost everywhere he wrestled. He was also a very important talent behind the scenes for both WCW and the WWE. It’d be a nice condolence prize to make up for all of those comments he’s had to endure over the past few decades. I’d say yes to the WWE Hall of Fame and a big cock-a-doodle-doo as well.

No Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing? What the hell?

With nearly fifty talents performing on the show and thirteen or was it fourteen matches, running over five hours long, the Casino Battle Royal wasn’t needed. I’m sure they’ll make up for it at some point.

Jeff Hardy was pulled from a match on Dynamite and looked bad at DoN. Do you think he’s having a relapse?

I think Jeff’s body is telling him that he’s not twenty anymore and to slow the hell down. Jeff is not a young man anymore and his style, the fancy moves, and whatnot have taken their toll and are catching up. So no, he’s not relapsing to giving the demons control once more, but instead is just learning that even a Hardy Boy is only human.

Stokely Hathaway is All Elite. Thoughts? And what about Ember Moon?

For Stokley, I’m glad to see him there. He’s full of energy and life and is a traditional old-school manager that in a company full of factions, can be very useful in helping some of the talents get over even more and be noticed. As for Ember, she’s never really impressed me much and while she’s better than most of the AEW female talents, she won’t be long before she’s lost in the shuffle. Just another face in the crowd for the AEW roster.

So who is gonna be the one to dethrone Punk?

Well, since the broken foot has caused all sorts of chaos, I can honestly say that anyone is a possibility. Okay, maybe not The Butcher, but any of the top guys. I think the smart money for now though is either Ambrose or MJF.

What drew you to AEW and what is your opinion on how it differs from other wrestling promotions that you may watch?

What drew me to AEW is that it was new and different with a mix of talent, some I knew from the WWE, and some were brand new. I’m a wrestling fan for over fifty years and I love a variety of good wrestling so I was automatically interested. As for how AEW differs, there is a lot more chaos and a kind of wild nature to AEW that differs from WWE. WWE is overly produced and over-scripted, but AEW is to the other extreme, possibly too much. They need someone to coordinate and provide more control and tighten up their TV. AEW seems like they’re booking on the fly and it’s a mess at times, depending on who’s on camera and doing their thing. AEW needs a serious booker/producer to structure things and tighten things up. There is some good stuff to be sure, but comparing AEW and its production values to WWE is like comparing McDonald’s (AEW) to Chick-Filet. Both have good food, but Chick-Filet is organized and consistent, while McDonald’s is slightly crazy and you’re never quite sure what you’re going to end up with.

NWA World Champion Matt Cardona has torn his bicep and will be requiring surgery. Should he be stripped of the NWA Championship?

The NWA World Championship is still, to me, the top wrestling championship in the business, and Cardona has been so damn good in his role as the holder of the ten pounds of gold. But that being said, if Matt can not defend the title as scheduled, something has to be done. His next scheduled opponent is former NWA Champion Nick Aldis, so I’m figuring that the best thing would be to have Matt vacate the title, then allow Aldis to win the belt in a match with some of the other top contenders, maybe a Fatal-4Way, and then, when he’s recovered, Matt can go after Aldis to get back the belt “he never lost!”. I wish there was some way to keep the title on Matt, but unless they do the whole Interim Champion thing, like AEW is doing with CM Punk and I think is stupid, the NWA doesn’t really have a choice.

Who were your favorite enhancement talents (jobbers) regardless of promotion?

Growing up, it was Ron Ritchie, Steve Muslim, and Ricky Harris in the Mid-Atlantic region. Muslim went on to wrestle as Steve Travis in the WWF, while Harris became better known as Black Bart. Also, the Mulkey Brothers were really cool. I was also a fan of Mark Starr in WCW.

If you could bring anyone into the WWE as a surprise to wrestle and defeat Roman Reigns in their debut match, to blow up the internet, who would you bring?

To blow up the internet? Easy answer. Glen Gilberti, aka The Disco Inferno. The meltdowns would be epic, plus I’ve always been a fan of Disco’s and would love to see him have one last run. So Disco Inferno. There you go.

The Brainbusters (Arn & Tully) w/ Bobby Heenan versus The Blackpool Combat Club (Moxley, Danielson) w/ William Regal. Who wins?

The fans because this match would kick ass and be awesome. As for who gets their arms raised at the end of the match, diamonds are forever and so are the Horsemen, aka The Brainbusters. Arn and Tully with the win.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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