Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Kenny Omega, The Women of AEW, Arn Anderson & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Kenny Omega, The Women of AEW, Arn Anderson & More
August 14, 2022

Let’s talk about the world’s greatest entertainment, the world that is pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Meltzer, Scherer, Sapp, or Keller. Who’s the best in this group? Who’s the worst?

The worst “professional wrestling journalist” is easily Dave Meltzer. He makes shit up and lives, eats, & bleeds AEW. He doesn’t even pretend to be unbiased and did I mention he likes to make shit up? The best is Scherer and PWInsider, not because of Dave, but because of Mike Johnson, the other face of the site. I hate Dave’s politics and I unsubscribed from his site due to his Twitter posts, but Dave & Mike do make attempts to verify and double-source their news before posting on the site. Sapp is a bit full of himself and doesn’t like criticism. I called him out for one thing and he blocked me, but for the most part, the site he works for is decent, all except for Sapp’s overblown ego. And Keller? He’s decent as well. So the best is Scherer and PWInsider, mainly because of Mike Johnson, and the worst is Meltzer, hands down.

CM Punk returned on AEW this past week & it looks like Punk versus Moxley at AEW All Out. Thoughts?

I’m just glad that Punk is back and this should end up being a good match. I’m just wondering if and how MJF will return and make his presence felt. Punk should find a way to win and unite the AEW and Interim titles, go do a brief feud again with MJF to put the strap on him, and then step back to hopefully a round or two with Bryan Danielson, just because, while Mox can go some rounds with MJF. At least I hope that’s how it all works out.

Now all the H’s is in charge, what do you think next year’s Mania card will look like?

I think it will be a great card of two nights, lots of big matches with lots of action, and lots of professional wrestlers doing what they do best, wrestling.

How would you re-introduce Kenny Omega once he returns? The Trios tournament with the Bucks made sense for so many reasons, but if that’s not the case, do you put him straight into the World Title picture?

With someone like Omega, I’d immediately put him into the title picture, working an angle with CM Punk, if Punk still has the title after All Out and he’s not fighting MJF. I just had a thought. MJF shows up at All Out and causes a no-contest. So we still have two belts on two champions when Dynamite is taped that following Wednesday. Then we can have MJF fight with Moxley and Kenny Omega can come out and go after Punk, starting a good feud with them. So we get two good feuds for the price of one over the AEW and Interim Championships. This goes on for a while and the winners of each feud can fight to unite the titles at a future big event. MJF versus Omega would be a fun match to see.

What is one wrestling moment or match you wish you were in the building for?

Easy answer. WrestleMania III when Hogan & Andre fought at the Pontiac Silverdome. That would have been awesome.

Do you guys feel like returning from injury Cody Rhodes could be a good choice to dethrone Roman Reigns? Or is the spot better served for a superstar who is still moving up the ladder?

When he returns from his injuries, Cody needs to fight against Roman for one of the titles and win. It just needs to happen.

What needs to change for Tony Khan and the rest of the creative team (if there is one) to push the women’s division properly?

First off, he needs to get someone in there who can work with the women and help train them so they’re actually ready to work on TV and wrestle. There’s a lot of raw potential with the ladies of AEW, but compare the in-ring skills of the AEW women and the WWE women. It’s not even close. Both Fit Finley and Arn Anderson helped in this role in WWE and Khan would be smart to ask for their help if possible. Get the women trained and step up their in-ring and promo skills, and then maybe bring in someone to book the Women’s division who is not named Kenny Omega, so the matches and stories make sense. Both changes would help immensely.

Now Vince isn’t in full control of creative in WWE could you see tournaments make a comeback? King of the Ring? Mae Young Classic? And the return of Evolution or any all-women PPV, which I can’t believe they haven’t already.

I could definitely see a return of King of the Ring happening. The Mae Young Classic is a part of the NXT division so I expect we’ll see more of that as well. As for another WWE Evolution PPV, I’m surprised that they haven’t brought that back yet either. I’m hoping that with Steph & HHH in charge, both of who have a strong love for women’s wrestling, that will soon be rectified.

What is the wrestling hill that you will forever die on?

I will forever say, and I’m right, that the Four Horsemen are and will always be the greatest wrestling faction of all time. Diamonds are forever and so are the Four Horsemen.

Do you think Arn Anderson will return to WWE now that HHH is in charge?

I think that if Arn was to make that phone call and speak to HHH, he and his son Brock would be back at NXT tomorrow, with Brock getting the training he needs while Arn would be working as an Agent on the main roster. At his age though, and with the podcast as well, I doubt Arn would want to go back to the high-pressure job of working for WWE again. I could see him going back under a Legend’s Deal to ensure that Brock gets the proper training, but as a full-time employee, probably not. I have no doubt though that if he wanted to go back to WWE for some role, he would be welcomed with open arms by Triple H and Stephanie though.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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