Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – October 3, 2013

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
October 3, 2013

I think it’s time to do that “Fact or Fiction” thing again. As per usual, the questions come from the fine folks at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the answers… that’s just little old me. Let’s do this.

1. Daniel Bryan will win the WWE Title, again, at WWE Battleground only for it to be taken away from him.

FACT: I think it’s Daniel Bryan’s destiny to be the WWE Champion. But I expect to see HHH and Orton and company stretch this out as long as they can and pull a “Dusty-finish” of some sort to have Bryan win the match and title, but lose it once again due to a technicality. It’s wrong and insulting to the fans of Bryan and the WWE, but it keeps the feud and HHH / Steph power-trip alive for a few more months. And it may be the catalyst to bring Vince back as the anti HHH / Steph ringleader. I think they should go ahead and give Daniel a run with the gold, but I think that when it does happen, it will be later rather than sooner.

2. The current angle with the Rhodes family will be angle that leads to Cody Rhodes being a main eventer in WWE.

FICTION: I think Cody will get a short-term push from this angle and I think it will allow Dustin (Goldust) one more chance to shine. Both men have solid mid-card futures ahead of them, but as main-eventers and World Championship / WWE Championship contenders. I like Cody and would love to see him break that glass ceiling and shine, but he’s just lacking in something and doesn’t have “it”. Sad, but true.

3. Hulk Hogan is not signing a new deal with TNA.

FACT: That adventure is over and done. Hogan isn’t worth the money they pay him and he’s not going to settle for anything less so this relationship is coming to an end. Look for TNA to respectfully wish the Hulkster well on his future endevors.

4. You are BUYING the WWE Battleground PPV.

FICTION: I’m working that morning and going to the birthday party of the most awesome and incredible two-year old that afternoon. I’ll keep up with the match results on the computer, but I don’t have the time nor the money to spend on any pay-per-view not called “Wrestlemania”…

5. Viacom will purchase TNA within the next year so that they can control the property like they do Bellator Fighting Championships.

FICTION: It would probably be in the best interests of TNA if Viacon did purchase the company, but as Time Warner proved with WCW, wrestling promotions and companies are a unique species of business and don’t tend to fit in very well as part of a corporate structure. Wrestling attracts fans, draws ratings and puts butts in the seats, but not just anyone can run a wrestling company and deal with the unique personalities and situations that are the basis of pro wrestling. Either TNA will fix their problems and survive on their own or else they’re going to be a statistc and memory and Viacom won’t be able to fix that or save them.

6. The Miz has been a complete failure as a babyface.

FACT: As a face, Miz is just there and kind of boring. As a heel, where he can really shine and be obnoxious and get under peoples skin, he’s (wait for it)… AWESOME! He’s a natural heel and natural dick-head. Let him work to his strengths and be the superstar we all know he can be.

7. If Hulk Hogan does not re-sign with TNA, he is a lock to appear at WrestleMania 30 in some capacity.

FACT: As much as I hate Hogan, if he’s available to appear in some way, shape or form at Wrestlemania 30, he should be there. Wrestlemania was built around Hulk Hogan in the beginning, just as Starcade was built around Ric Flair. Hogan should be there. It’s only right.

8. MVP would be a welcomed addition to the TNA roster.

FACT: I’ve never been a big fan of MVP, but the guy is a good wrestler and has good skills. If TNA has the money and makes him an offer, he should take it and become a part of their roster. I think MVP, along with John Morrison, Carlito and Chris Masters would all be valuable additions to the TNA roster and could help in the rebuilding process for that faltering company. I think Carlito and Masters should be in WWE though, but MVP would be a good fit in either company.

And that’s all for me. Back later with predictions for the WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View. Have a great night.


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