Mending Bridges: Keeping A Legacy Alive

I just woke up from a very strange dream. That’s nothing unusual in itself. I often have strange dreams and I always wake up afterwards. Otherwise, I’d be not waking up at all and be dead and damn it, that would suck. I can’t remember much about this dream or the details, but I do know it was wrestling related and concerned one of the all time greats and legends of professional wrestling. I’m talking about the original “Rock”, one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, an original member and founder of the Four Horsemen and one of the greatest bookers of all time, Mr. Ole Anderson.

And my mind is racing a million miles a second here so bear with me. I think it’s time for fences to be mended and issues to be settled. I think it’s time for Vince McMahon and the WWE to make peace and pay homage / tribute to Ole Anderson. And although it wouldn’t be easy, especially when you consider Ole’s unique perspective on things and legendary stubborness. Ole is not the kind to forgive and forget and let things slide, as well all know, and there’s a lot of water under this very fragile bridge. But I think it would be “good for business” and good for everyone in general for the WWE to “reach out” and extend that olive branch. Bury the past and embrace the future. And here’s how I think it could happen.

It wouldn’t be easy. That’s for sure. But since the WWE managed to make peace with Verne Gagne (and buy the AWA library) and managed to make peace with Bruno Sammartino (and have placed Larry Zbyszko under a “Legends Contract”), it might be possible for this to happen as well. Of course, it might be easier to convince JBL to go to a pro-Obama rally, but it still could be done.

The first step would be to reach out to Ole Anderson and try to break through the wall’s that he’s built around himself in regards to having anything to do with the WWE. Vince screwed him over and tried to put him out of business. That’s a fact. But Ole survived and did quite well for himself afterwards and while I think Ole feels a bit of pride in that he’s the one man who never worked for Vince or came around to being part of the WWE package in some capacity, it’s time to put the pride aside and work on preserving the legacy. And for that, it would be better to work with Vince and the WWE rather than apart from them.

So the thing is to reach out to Ole. Have someone that Ole respects reach out, like Arn Anderson or maybe Rick Steamboat. Hell, even Bruno could do it at this point. Have that person break the ice and attempt to warm Ole up to just going to a WWE event and checking things out. Or maybe going to that new Developmental Training facility in Orlando and checking things out. I think Triple H could just reach out and try to form a bond of some sorts with Ole over the one passion they both share, professional wrestling.

Ole is a stubborn man, but if he is treated with the respect a man of his talents deserves, I think they could break through the walls and reach an understanding. Have HHH call Ole out of the blue at times and just ask for opinions on storylines and different talents. Ole might hate Vince McMahon, but he knows wrestling, he knows how to move a story along and make it exciting and he knows how to put butts in the seats. A mind that like, that booked two separate territories (Mid-Atlantic and Georgia) for several years, is too important to waste and needs to be tapped into and used.

So keep extending inviations, via HHH and Arn, to have Ole come tour the new facilities and come visit a RAW or Smackdown taping. Ask him for advice on the direction of the product. Have some of the wrestlers start using classic “Anderson” moves, like the slam on the arm in the hammerlock position or the cut off in the ring during a tag match and have the announcers credit it to the “legendary Anderson Brothers”. And invite Ole to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame as one half of the “Minnesota Wrecking Crew” along with Gene Anderson. Even if Ole doesn’t want to do it for himself, he would be hard pressed to turn down a chance to pay homage to his “brother” and long time tag team partner and would feel obligated to accept. And once that foot is in the door.

It’s all a minor thing in the overall scope of things, but it really irked me when the WWE inducted “The Four Horsemen” into the Hall of Fame and Ole wasn’t part of that group, even though he was an original Horseman and pretty much one of the catalyst as to why that group was formed. (Ole and his “cousin” Arn helping out their other “cousin”, Flair and eventually be joined up with by Tully and J.J.). Maybe we can’t take chemical weapons away from Syria or prevent Iran and North Korea from having weapons of mass destruction. Maybe we can’t get the “community organizer” out of the White House early and take back control of our country from his facist ways. Maybe we can’t all be treated equally and be true brothers and sisters to each other. But one injustice can be rectified.

Ole Anderson is a wrestling icon and legend. Love him or hate him, if you’ve watched wrestling in the past thirty years, you’ve seen some of his influence. He’s not the most lovable person in the world – he’s opinionated, stubborn, blunt and set in his ways, but that might just be what this business we love needs to help get some of the magic and mojo back. Ole has had an impact that very few can com close to touching and it’s time he gets the respect and honor that’s due.

It’s time for the feud between him and the WWE (aka Vince McMahon) to end. It can be done. I just hope that it is… and soon.

My opinion only, but I’m right. What do you think? Let me know.


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