Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Superstar Draft, AEW, EC3 & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Superstar Draft, AEW, EC3 & More
March 24, 2019

As I got home from an exhausting eleven-hour workday last night, I noticed that the awesome Jay from CT had blown up my e-mail with a list of very good questions for the Wrestling Q&A thingy. I also have several questions in the box from Matt and Jesse. So I’m doing Jay’s first and I’ll tackle the others this afternoon. You’ve been warned so watch for it. And now… are you ready? I said, “ARE YOU READY?”? DX does it so much better, but at least I tried. Let’s do this…

How are you feeling the build to Mania has been this year compared to years past?

It’s been okay I guess, but less than spectacular. My head knows that we have a big event in less than two weeks and on paper, it’s a solid show and I know, based on what has been revealed thus far, it’ll feature many good matches, but I haven’t felt the energy or excitement as of yet that I usually feel. The matches have been less than “dream match quality” and it just seems less than outstanding. I’m sure that for the next two weeks, the WWE will probably kick it into high gear and we’ll have Mania shoved down our throats repeatedly and maybe we’ll even get an actual dream match (Taker versus Sting) announced. I’m just speculating on that one, but I’m having faith. We’re looking at an event that may have as many as 17 matches if the rumors are true and yet, it’s just seeming like another show thus far. Maybe that will change over the next two weeks. I hope so.

With the “Superstar Shakeup” “Draft” or whatever WWE is calling it these days happening the week after Mania, which 1 star on SD and Raw do you think could use the fresh start by changing shows?

Howe about AJ Styles over to RAW and Baron Corbin over to Smackdown? Those are the first names that came to mind apart from Seth Rollins, but most likely he’ll be the Universal Champion so I doubt he’ll be moving brands. But Seth on Smackdown, away from his “brothers” could be a great move for him.

Do you think we’ve reached the point where fans are more interested in watching the women wrestle than the men (and how crazy is that to think about from 5 years ago where they were just an afterthought)?

If you look at the WWE scene, the biggest thing (period) is Becky and Ronda Rousey. Seth and Brock or any of the men’s feuds are stale and have a same old / same old feel about them but the women, they’re the stars of the show in WWE right now. Becky, Charlotte, Ronda, Asuka, etc, are the top talents in WWE and the most exciting characters. The men took their eyes off the ball and the women have taken over. It’s true, it’s damn true!

Do you think AEW will have a weekly t.v. show by the time they start up in May?

I’ve heard talk and rumblings that a show is in the works and AEW has ideas for one, but what exactly it will be and who will be involved and where it will air is all still up in the air right now. If they want to succeed and become and remain a major player in the wrestling industry, they’ll need to have regular TV and a strong presentation that hits the ground running. If everything isn’t ready to go by May, they’ll start off way behind the mark and then be forced to work from behind for quite a while. I think they’ll have something up and running by then.

Does AEW or XFL 2 have a better chance to succeed?

AEW has a better chance of being successful in my opinion. XFL 2 will, I believe, exceed expectations to start off with, but in the end, it’s Vince’s ego and money that are going to be keeping that deal moving along. AEW has the money behind it, some great talents attached and it’s actually a product that I give a damn about. While I don’t think WWE has anything to worry about and I also don’t think AEW will be as big as everyone seems to think (think more ROH than WCW), I think their chance of a long future and making money is far better overall.

How successful do you think EC3 will be on the main roster?

He jobbed to No Way Jose this past weekend on the house shows. I think that says it all. A great talent and he could be a big time player for WWE with all the tools, but until someone big gets behind him and a lot of changes and tweeks are made, I think we’re looking at a future of chilling in catering with Rhyno, Heath Slater and The Ascension.

Are you surprised “The Bar” has stayed a tag team for several years now?

Actually, I am because I thought that we’d see Cesaro with some kind of singles push by now. I like The Bar and they’re a good and solid team and this is a good place for Sheamus, who from what I understand has back problems, so it allows him a solid spot on the roster, but he doesn’t have to carry the matches or compete quite a much. As injuries and time have taken their toll, I think putting the two men together as a team was a good move and the fact that they’re still together just supports that.

Do you think Vince holds any animosity towards Jericho for signing with AEW?

While I think that Vince may have been annoyed at first, I don’t think he’s upset with Jericho at all. Vince is a businessman first and foremost and he can see what kind of opportunity that this is for Jericho, to be one of the biggest fish in a new pond rather than just one among many in the WWE. It’s not personal and if and when Jericho wants to come back to WWE, I’m sure he’ll be welcome with open arms and a big hug and pat on the back from Vince, going, “How you doing Pal? Welcome home!”.

Who would you like to see induct DX? What about Honky Tonk Man?

For DX, the person I’d love to see do the inducting would be Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Given the history between Bret and Shawn and Bret and DX in general, it would be extremely interesting. Jim Cornette would be another fun guy to induct the degenerates, but I can’t think of any actual reason for him to be part of it except for it would be fun to watch Corny bite his tongue again and again during the speech. Off the top of my head, the only name that makes sense and is a big enough name in his own right would be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. As for the Honky Tonk Man, the natural choice is Jimmy Hart, but I’m not sure how they get along in real life plus there is still that rumor that the Hart Foundation, including Jimmy Hart, may themselves be inducted. Jerry Lawler is Honky’s cousin, but they don’t get along well in real life so that leaves out “The King”. I guess the best choice, who would be on WWE’s radar, would be Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. He’s the man that Honky beat to originally become the longest running and “Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time” back on June 13, 1987 and he and Honky get along fairly well. Since Steamboat works for the WWE as an agent, he’s probably the easiest and most likely pick.

What is the bigger void for wrestlers to fall into never to be heard from again, 205 Live or Impact?

Impact Wrestling. At least on 205 Live, there’s a chance that you might get to work the Kick-off show for pay-per-views or if you impress the right person, eventually get moved to the main roster where you can go sit in catering with Slater, Rhyno, The Ascension and EC3. If you’re on Impact, you get to… what do you get to do besides wrestle on Impact? I’ve got nothing and while under contract to Impact Wrestling, neither do most of their talent’s immediate futures.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and especially any questions, if you’ve got them, I want them, are welcome. Until the next time, which should be later this afternoon, my thanks and love. I’ll see you fine peeps later. Take care.


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