Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mike & Maria Kanellis, The McMahons, The Midnight Express & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mike & Maria Kanellis, The McMahons, Midnight Express and More
June 22, 2019

Still playing catch up today. Thanks for Troy from Troy, NC for these questions. Now, let’s try and give a few answers. Let’s do this…

Are you surprised that Mike and Maria Kanellis have resigned with WWE?

They haven’t really been used in any manner for years and have been very vocal about the lack of use by WWE, but I guess the costs of a new baby and some fake promises by Vince McMahon won out in the end. Mike Kanellis is a great talent and Maria is far better than she’s given credit for as well so there are plenty of ways that WWE can use these two and push then in a strong, positive manner. Maybe they’re finally realizing that or maybe the Kanellis’ are just getting some easy money. Yes, I am surprised that they’re staying with WWE, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

Is Sami Zayn a future WWE / Universal Champion?

He’s a great talker and I can easily see Zami with some Intercontinental or U.S. title runs at some point, but mainly as a wrestler, I think tag team gold is more likely and being one of the top guys? Never say never in the WWE, but I don’t see it happening.

Is Carlito a future member of the WWE Hall of Fame?

Carlito is certainly one of the more memorable WWE superstars of the past twenty years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him one day make a return to WWE, but considering that he’s had the chance before and turned them down, it’s probably unlikely unless the money and offer is really good. He and HHH, from what I understand, don’t really get along very well and his career, while memorable, is on the fence so far as Hall of Fame worthy goes. I would say probably not.

What is more important in a wrestling superstar? Good in-ring skills or good character?

In the days of sports-entertainment, the character is what sells the matches, draws the fans and puts butts in the seats. Strong wrestling skills are important too, but let’s be honest here. Who’s drawn more money? Hulk Hogan or Dean Malenko. Hogan’s an exciting character and so/so wrestler, while Malenko is arguably one of the best in-ring technicians in the world ever. The best names are a mixture of both in ring skills and character, but if a person could only have one, the character matters more than the ability to do moves and wrestle.

Does Vince McMahon need to retire?

Maybe not fully retire because if Vince was to ever quit entirely, I think he’d wither away and die. Vince couldn’t handle retirement easily. But that being said, if he was to step back in the WWE and allow HHH full control while he (Vince) focuses on the upcoming XFL, that would probably be a great thing for all parties involved.

Will Shane McMahon eventually have a run with either the WWE or Universal Championship?

I think it’s inevitable the way things are going, but I truly hope not or if he does manage to win one of the titles, we get a Brock Lesnar cash in for the MITB contract within moments and Shane is destroyed and the belt quickly taken away.

What’s the best version of the Midnight Express? Eaton / Condrey, Eaton / Lane or Condrey / Rose?

I saw Condrey and Rose perform in the AWA and then come to WCW to fight Eaton and Lane in a quickly aborted classic feud. Eaton and Condrey were the first version that I saw and they were great as well. But the best version, in my opinion, was Eaton and Lane. Their chemistry and dynamic just worked magic and with James E. Cornette as their manager, they were easily one of the best tag teams of all time. So Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan get my vote as the best of the best.

Heath Slater seems to be better as a tag team wrestler than a singles. Now that Rhyno has left the WWE, who would you like to see Heath team with?

One of Heath’s best partners was Justin Gabriel, who now works in ROH as PJ Black. A wrestler with a style like Black’s currently in WWE is Ricochet. I think he and Heath could make a good team. Or maybe re-teaming Heath and Jinder, two members of the now defunct 3MB, to help Heath get some revenge against The Revival and Drew McIntyre for their attack on this past Monday would be something to consider. I just hope that WWE decides to do something with Heath and give him a bit of a push. After all, the man has kids, right?

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, about wrestling or anything for that matter, feel free to drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and stay just too sweet. Don’t forget, WWE Stomping Grounds in on tonight on the Network. Don’t miss it. Be there! And with that, I’m down and gone.


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