Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: AEW, Orange Cassidy, The Rock & Roll Express & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW. Orange Cassidy, Rock & Roll Express & More
June 22, 2019

More questions, from the great minds of Matt and Jesse. We’re playing catch up. Let’s do this…

What does AEW need to do to compete with WWE?

It’s pretty simple actually. Don’t worry about and try to be WWE, but focus on being AEW instead. Have good matches that make sense, good compelling story-lines and put out a quality product that attracts fans rather than insults them. If AEW can do this, they’re be okay and draw a strong audience and succeed.

What does WWE need to do to keep fans from defecting to AEW?

Exactly what I said that AEW needs to do in the previous question. Have a strong product with matches and stories that make sense and have some purpose behind them. Be consistent and make it so that fans can understand and get what’s going on rather than the usual jumbled mess we tend to get now. Give the wrestlers and other talent a purpose and a reason to be proud to be in WWE and stay motivated. Just build a quality product and keep it strong and the fans will stick around if it’s worth staying for. Otherwise, they’ll keep looking elsewhere.

Could Orange Cassidy make it in the WWE or one of the big companies on a full time basis?

I love me some Orange Cassidy and he’s found a great niche with his unique form of comedy matches, but on a daily or weekly basis, I think it would lose the appeal and charm after a short while and his chances of success would be limited. Cassidy is what we call a “special attraction” where he could be brought in for a match or event here and there and is definitely someone who is worth seeing, but too much exposure would kill the gimmick.

Thoughts on Kendall Windham?

The younger brother of Barry Windham and son of the legendary Blackjack Mulligan, Kendall was actually a good performer in the ring. He took a while to fill out though and early in his career, while in Florida, he looked like a stringbean Q-tip and that hurt his chances of success. But later in WCW, he had grown a little older, filled out a bit and was part of a good team with Barry and also part of the West Texas Rednecks so he did get better and more successful as time went on. I never really saw him as a main event level star though and I think it was mainly the big shadows of his father and brother that caused this. A good talent, but mid-card and tag team wrestler at best.

Should the WWE Women’s Division be given their own boss / general manager separate from the men?

The Women’s Division in WWE, which was so hot and on fire even just a few months ago, seems to be losing that momentum and needs something to kick things up a notch and get things moving again. The loss of Rousey, Nia and The Bellas have hurt and maybe a new face to help give the brand a distinct identity would help. It certainly couldn’t hurt. And I’m not talking about Stephanie McMahon. She’s old news and tainted merchandise right now. A name that has some respect and power behind it would work better. Vickie Guerrero would be okay, but how about someone like Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) or even Molly Holly. Regardless of who would be used, it’s an idea that couldn’t hurt.

The Rock & Roll Express. Obviously, Ricky was the talker / promo guy, but in the ring as a wrestler, who do you think was the better performer?

I think both men were great at different things and each had their role to play. Ricky is the better “seller” and can take a beating like no other before making that hot tag and then Robert is the “comeback kid” for the team, allowing the R&R Express to get into a position where they can use teamwork and secure a win. I can’t pick one over the other because they’re a fine tuned and well oiled machine and both parts need to work in sync to get the job done.

Is it time for John Cena to officially retire from WWE?

He pretty much has at this point and has become another “Rock” with the TV shows, the movies, etc. I don’t think we’ll ever see another long term John Cena program or match and his days as an active wrestler are over, but I don’t think he’ll ever actually say he’s totally retired from wrestling either. We’ll get the promos and the appearance at the random live event to keep Cena in the mix. He’s WWE for life and will probably always be so.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome. Now, it’s time to take a break and head to Wal-Mart. Pray for me, my friends. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.


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