Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Dangerous Alliance, Billy Jack Haynes & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Dangerous Alliance, Billy Jack Haynes & More
June 22, 2019

More catching up in the Q&A department. These come from my buddy, Jesse. Let’s get busy and do this, shall we?

Brock Lesnar versus Bruno Sammartino – who wins?

Are we talking shoot or worked match? Doesn’t really matter either way. As powerful as Bruno was, Brock Lesnar is a physical freak with a great amateur background as well as skills in MMA and UFC Cage Fighting. It wouldn’t be an easy fight by any means, but in the end, the winner would be Brock Lesnar.

Does the “Dangerous Alliance” belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Paul E. Dangerously’s “Dangerous Alliance” was easily one of the top factions of the early 90’s and look at this group. Paul Heyman. Madusa. Rick Rude. Steve Austin. Bobby Eaton. Arn Anderson. Larry Zbyszko. With the exceptions of Heyman and Eaton, every single member of the Alliance is already in the Hall of Fame an with Paul E. and Bobby, as part of the Midnight Express, it’s not if they’re going in, but just a question of when. As a unit, they were strong and made an impact but really weren’t around long enough to be Hall of Fame material. Every member will be owning a gold ring and be called Hall of Famer, but not for their work as part of the Alliance. I just can’t see it happening.

Are you excited about WWE Stomping Ground?

We’re just hours away and it’s later tonight and so far, I’m just “eh” at most about this event. The wrestling will be solid and I’m sure there will be some moments, but will I bother watching it live or just wait until later after I’ve read the results and recaps? I still have no idea as of yet.

Can The Ascention be saved?

With the right motivation behind them and some good booking, they could easily become one of the top teams in WWE. It all falls on who the boss is and Vince McMahon is not a fan so they get buried. If HHH had the book, they’d be champions.

I just finished watching the Hannibal TV Interview with Billy Jack Haynes. Is BJH totally nuts or what?

The man has major issues and I’m not sure how much is legit and how much is a work, but I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him for any reason. That’s for sure.

Is Dory Funk Jr. still wrestling?

The last actual match I can find record of Dory wrestling is in Japan in June, 2017 where at age 74, he took part in a six-man tag team match, teaming with Fuchi and Ultimo Dragon to beat Nishimura, Masao Inoue and Soma Takao. Since then, I can’t find a record of him actually wrestling any matches, but he does continue to run and train wrestlers at his Funking Conservatory wrestling school in Florida and I’m sure he’s a hands-on-trainer for his students as often as he can.

Do you think that WWE will punish Matt Riddle for his twitter comments about Bill Goldberg?

Riddle is one of the hottest young guys currently in NXT and teamed up with Velveteen Dream to win a tag match at a NXT house show last night so it doesn’t look like he’s going to get any kind of punishment. He probably just got a lecture and scolding and then everyone has moved on, as they should.

Drake Maverick versus James Ellsworth versus Hornswoggle. Who wins?

The fans because this would be a fun match to see.

Word is that Randy Orton has refused to sign a new contract with WWE. Does this mean he’s AEW bound?

It just means right now that Randy is keeping his options open and is taking advantage of the presence of AEW, who would love to have “The Viper” as part of their roster, as part of his contract negotiations. I won’t believe Randy is heading to AEW unless we see him show up on an AEW show. I personally feel he’s WWE for life.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line. Don’t forget to watch WWE Stomping Grounds tonight. One of us has too… lol. Until the next time, later gators.


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