Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Little Jimmy, Sherri Martel, PN News, Tammy Sytch & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Little Jimmy, Sherri Martel, PN News, Tammy Sytch & More
February 26, 2020

Time is fleeting, but the questions keep coming. Maybe I shouldn’t have fallen back asleep this morning when the alarm went off. My bad! It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. The questions and there are a lot of them, come from Nicky G., Darren and The Cheese. Now let’s provide a few answers. Let’s do this…

Where does Sherri Martel rank on your all-time best managers/valets list?

I always liked Sherri and thought she was a big bonus for any wrestler who she was paired with as a manager or valet (or Macho Queen). She was average on the mic, but the way she would get physically involved and take bumps, that’s what made her so valuable and such a major asset. I know that Buddy Rose & Doug Somers were thankful for her presence and having her by their side is what made the heel turn for HBK and the entire “Macho King” run for Randy Savage so extra special. But my favorite (and the most forgotten) time of her career was when she was in the corner of Ric Flair during the initial battles against Hulk Hogan. That helped to take a great feud and elevate it to the next level even more so than it had already gone. She’s not “Top 5” for me so far as managers go, but she’s a definite contender for the “Top 10” of all time.

What is your opinion/thoughts on the latest reporting in which Sgt. Slaughter has been falsely claiming to be a US Vet for many, many years?

I’ve spoken about this before. Slaughter needs to come clean and admit that while he portrayed a soldier for years and is proud of the military and what they represent, he was not one of them in reality. Keeping kayfabe, especially for a wrestler from Slaughter’s era, was important in the day, but now, not so much. Just be honest, quit trying to portray a Vet and be straight up. There may be some backlash, but it would be best for everyone involved.

Does Little Jimmy belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

While I can’t see Jimmy being inducted into the Hall of Fame, nor would anyone else since he was R-Truth’s imaginary sidekick, I do hope that when Truth eventually goes in, he shares lots of “Little Jimmy” stories and gives his fake friend some of the credit.

Who do you think will be the Celebrity Wing inductee for the Hall of Fame this year?

Cyndi Lauper is the most obvious choice. Her not being a part of the Celebrity Wing of the Hall of Fame is a major oversight and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Regis Philbin is another natural and obvious choice as is the late, great Andy Kaufman.

Thoughts and memories of PN News?

A fat guy who was an average wrestler at best who was big for a couple of years in the early WCW. He was a “rap star” and liked to wear lime green and orange. He looked like a walking carton of Sherbert Ice Cream. He was fired from WCW for allegedly stealing money from people’s bags, but he denies that accusation. And his matches were just like rap music. They sucked! Yo baby, yo baby, yo!

What do you think is in Erick Rowan’s cage?

Based on the reaction of Mojo Rawley when he looked into the cage and also based on that whatever it was “bit” Rowan on the hand, I must assume that it is a replica of Tammy Sytch’s female parts. I saw the movie and my reaction was almost as bad as Mojo’s. And if that thing can’t bite, I’d be surprised. Or it’s a big spider. I like the Tammy answer better though.

The Revival versus The Enforcers (Larry Zbyszko & Arn Anderson) – who wins?

The fans because this would be an amazing match and a clinic for tag team wrestling from start to finish and bell to bell. Four of the very best doing what they do best. Who wins? Who cares? This would be the ultimate dream match for me.

Do you think that there will be a Money In The Bank style ladder match at Wrestlemania this year?

So far, we haven’t seen any indication of a match of this nature taking place, but WWE likes to get everyone on the card if possible and I can see Andrade being forced to defend the U.S. title in a multi-man match at Mania. I think somewhere on the show, we’ll see a match like this happen.

What is your favorite “Talk Show” about professional wrestling?

There are so many to choose from with Piper’s Pit, The Peep Show, The Cutting Edge, Miz TV, The Flower Shop and so many others. But I think my personal favorite was “A Flair For The Gold” with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Fifi the Maid, now Ric’s wife. It’s a classic and it didn’t last long, but go watch when the Hollywood Blondes, Steve Austin & Brian Pillman, were the guests. Just a great moment in wrestling TV history.

Tammy Sytch was released from jail and paroled earlier today. How long do you think it will be before she’s back in jail again?

All joking aside, I hope that Tammy will do well and find a way to get on with her life. She’s a trainwreck, or at least she was before it all imploded and she went to prison for the past year. Now it’s a new beginning and I hope that she realizes this and can make the adjustments and find a happy and productive life in the process. But I think that the first six months will be the test. If she can stay clean, stay out from behind the wheel of a car and most importantly, stay away from the bad seeds in her life, she has a chance. If she messes up and falls back on the old bad habits and goes back to jail, it’ll probably be within six months tops. I hope she doesn’t though.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and to everyone for the great questions. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line here at the site or my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com. Time to go now and do some work for a bit and pay a few bills. Back later with some predictions for Super Showdown. Until then, take care of yourself and each other. I’ll see you at the matches.



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