Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Cody, Donald Trump, Mark Jindrak & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Cody, Donald Trump. Mark Jindrak & More
February 28, 2020

I came home from a lovely night with the fam and found these questions waiting in my inbox, courtesy of Michael D. And now, as I wait for the dryer to stop, it’s time to give a few answers. Let’s do this…

What do you think of the return of the XFL?

It’s a risky venture by Vince McMahon, but so far, so good. The ratings have been better than expected and the few games that I watched highlight clips of, they were pretty damn good. I think it’s a work in progress and isn’t going to make Vince any money in the short term of things, but I like what I’ve seen so far and I hope it succeeds.

What did you think about this week’s AEW performance from Cody Rhodes?

Cody showed once again why he is arguably the best and most consistent performer currently in AEW not named Jericho. He goes above and beyond in every match and promo and this week, he did it once more. He’s building a legacy that would make his father very proud.

How has WWE benefited from Donald Trump as President?

Aside from a few tax breaks that all businesses the size of WWE have gotten and Linda having a cabinet post for a brief time before resigning to go work on Trump’s reelection campaign, I don’t see any special favors or benefits for WWE having Trump as President that stand out all that much. It’s great bragging rights that the President of the United States is a member of your Hall of Fame, but there isn’t much more thus far.

Should WWE move its big Pay Per View events to another company’s streaming service?

If the money is right, hell yeah! If there was a chance to show the “Big 4” on NBC for example, WWE would be crazy to say no. So long as the shows are eventually part of the Network for the fans to go back and watch again, I can’t see any reason to not consider such a move.

What are your thoughts on the WWE requesting that NXT’s Rhea Ripley not get upper body tattoos?

While she’s under contract to WWE and being paid to be a character that works for that company, they have every right to maintain a degree of control over the character’s look and actions. If the star of a major TV show was to pop up suddenly with a face tattoo, the producers of the show would be mad and rightfully so. Same with WWE. There will be plenty of time for new tattoos in the future, but so long as she’s getting a paycheck from WWE, their request to not get any new tattoos that are visible should be honored.

Matt Hardy to NXT? Good idea or not?

I like the idea. Matt has a great mind for the business and in NXT, he would be a top name and draw, but still able to help build and promote the next generation. I’d love to see Matt down at the Performance Center helping teach the art of promos. That would be WONDERFUL and something he would excel at. I understand why Matt may be interested in going to AEW or somewhere else, but in the big picture of things, I feel that staying with WWE, as part of NXT, would probably be the best move career-wise.

Mark Jindrak has challenged HHH for a match at Wrestlemania. Thoughts?

It seems as though a lot of recent conversation is how Mark Jindrak was originally supposed to be a member of Evolution, but after HHH complained, he was replaced by Batista instead. And coming out of it all is now, Jindrak wants to wrestle HHH at Wrestlemania. And I say, why the hell not. Jindrak is an amazing performer and has been a major star in Mexico for years, wrestling under the name Marco Corleone. He’s a former CMLL World Champion and I’m sure has been on WWE’s radar for many years. So bring him in, let him and HHH wrestle and take it from there. It’s a rivalry that has a history, makes sense and gives Hunter a match for Mania. It also brings back Jindrak in a big way and makes him instantly a top name. Of course, Jindrak would have to sign a deal with WWE and be staying around for a while to make it matter, but if details could be worked out and Jindrak is wanting to come to WWE full time, this is a fantastic way to bring him back into the fold.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions for future columns are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and don’t forget to support your local Indy Wrestling and wrestlers. #FollowTheMovement. So long for now and I’ll see you at the matches.


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