Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Studio TV for WWE, Rob Gronkowski, Lance Archer & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Studio TV, Rob Gronkowski, Lance Archer & More
March 12, 2020

Greetings and welcome to a quick edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I’m Doug, your host with the most, and time is short today so we need to get to stepping. My thanks to Kenneth and Cheese for the questions. Let’s do this…

Should WWE start doing “studio shows” for RAW and Smackdown as opposed to arena events fur the duration of the Corona Virus epidemic?

As the NWA has shown with the NWA Power Series on YouTube, it’s a viable way to keep fresh and updated programming on television and present the product without having to use the stadium and arena events. A crowd of 50 or 100 fans in a small television studio is not nearly the risk for the Corona Virus as ten thousand screaming fans in an arena are and it’s still a live show with an audience for the wrestlers to play to and perform for. It’s an option that WWE would be smart to consider and could even help some of the more inexperienced talents learn to relate to and play to the crowd better as well.

Rob Gronkowski has signed with the WWE. Good thing or not?

It’s a good thing. Gronk, a good friend of Mojo Rawley, is a big name, a talented athlete, a former Super Bowl Champion and loves pro wrestling. And he’s only 30 years old so he’s in the prime of his athletic career. The pros of signing Gronk and giving him a chance far outweigh any cons that I can think of. This is a good signing by WWE.

Should WWE just air a “Best of Wrestlemania” this year instead of holding a live event?

It’s an option that can be considered, but I think it would end up being a bust. A live show or nothing at all should be the way to go and I hope that one way or the other, WWE is allowed to do just that.

The Hart Foundation versus Flair & Arn Anderson. Who wins?

Which Hart Foundation? The original with Bret, Neidhart and managed by Jimmy Hart or the later version of Harry Smith & Tyson Kidd, managed by Natalya? If it’s the latter team, then the two mainstays of the Horsemen would win. If it’s the originals, then we’d be singing “Oh Canada” at the end of the night.

Who has the greatest clothesline of all time?

Is it Stan Hansen? Is it JBL? Is it Hogan or one of the Road Warriors? Maybe Jake Roberts? The answer is none of the above. Go to YouTube and watch some videos of the legendary Masked Superstar, aka Bill Eadie. That, my friends, is perfection and the best clothesline of all time, period!

Jake Roberts’ protege has been revealed as Lance Archer. Thoughts?

I would have rather seen Brodie Lee, but Archer is a good wrestler and a good fit for a partnership with Roberts. He’ll do well and Cody is in for some damn good matches in the immediate future.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. And now, I have to go get ready for a road trip to the lovely city of Pinehurst, NC to have my foot measured for a Crow Boot. What fun! Any comments, questions or thoughts, please drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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