Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The New Day, Mike Tenay, Otis & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
New Day, Mike Tenay, Otis & More
June 30, 2020

Happy Birthday in Heaven to my Dad, Kenneth F. Maynard, who would have been 86 today. I love you & miss you Dad. RIP.

It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this…

Do you think The New Day should split up go singles wrestling?

I’ve always been interested in seeing what Xavier Woods can do by himself and wouldn’t mind seeing Kofi win another WWE Championship at some point either. I know Big E is the one that everyone seems so high on, but all three are good wrestlers and let’s be honest, the whole New Day gimmick is a little stale. I don’t think a permanent split would be good because they make far too much money as a unit in merchandising, but maybe a temporary split to pursue singles gold with the support of their partners would be interesting to see.

Did WWE cool Otis down?

It sure seems that way but with the insanity that is the current TV schedule and confusion behind the scenes, I think it’s more that he’s just lost in the shuffle. He still has the Money In The Bank contract so while he’s not getting quite the push right now that he was getting, I don’t think it’s a permanent thing.

Matt Cardona (AKA Zack Ryder) in AEW soon? He is really good friends with Cody. Do you think he would succeed in AEW?

I think Cardona would do well in AEW. I’d love to see him come in as a friend of Cody’s and then turn on him just so I could see him lay out his “friend” and then go, “You know it… bitch!”. Cardona is a good talent and knows how to get over if allowed to do so. While I think he may have plans for an Indy promotion of his own, I wouldn’t mind a bit if a stop in AEW was in his immediate future as well.

Would you like to see Cody, FTR, and Shawn Spears, with Tully and Arn reform The Four Horsemen?

It couldn’t be the Horsemen since WWE owns the rights to that name, but an assembly of these four men with Arn and Tully as their mentors would be interesting to see. I’d watch.

What’s the greatest tag team that never happened? I’m going to say, Bruiser Brody and Undertaker.

The greatest tag team that never happened? How about Harley Race and Bruno Sammartino? Or Bret Hart & Bobby Eaton? Hell, Miz & MJF just for the obnoxiousness alone.

Road Warriors versus Ric Flair & Greg Valentine. Who wins?

This would be a brutal and stiff match and so much fun to watch. My money would be on the former NWA Tag Team Champions who never lost their titles, but instead were stripped of them, Flair & Valentine.

How would you rank Mike Tenay as an announcer?

To be honest, he annoys me. I don’t know if it’s the voice or that he just looks creepy, but I’m not a big fan. He’s competent and knows his stuff and I’m sure that he’s well respected by his peers and has fans, but he’s just not my cup of tea.

The Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene) versus The Usos versus The Funks (Terry & Dory Jr.) versus FTR in a Fatal 4-Way match. Who wins?

A Fatal-4 Way would be confusing and crazy and fun to see, especially with legendary teams like this, but I think the numbers of people would work against the older teams like The Andersons or The Funks since they’re more used to classic style tag team wrestling. So it’s between the Usos and FTR. It’s a hard call, but I think the speed of the Usos would give them a slight edge and they’d come out the winners here.

What’s your top five Women’s wrestlers of all time?

My Top 5 of all time would be the legendary Ann Casey, Penny Banner, Lisa Moretti (Ivory), Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara), and Asuka.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please feel free and drop me a line. I want to hear from you. And with that, I have to go do some stuff before work. Yes, work before work. It’s a tough life, but it’s what I do. Until the next time, stay safe in these crazy times and watch out for yourself and each other. I’ll see you at the matches.



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