12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas (Day 1): Lost Souls, Opera & Bing Crosby…

12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas (Day 1)
Lost Souls, Opera, and Bing Crosby
December 10, 2020

Welcome to my latest blog series, the 12 (Dougie) Days of Christmas. We’ve all heard the song, right? Twelve days and twelve very odd gifts from my true love, etc. Well, for the next twelve days, I plan on giving you twelve great ramblings of epic proportion, Dougie style. And there will be a Christmas touch added to each and every presentation. Why? Because since I can’t get a man, you’re my “true loves” and this is my gift to you. And because it’s what I do. I’ll still be doing the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A’s, the predictions for wrestling pay-per-views, the Ask Casper and Dear Dougie columns, so have no fear on that. I also, time allowing, have a few other things waiting to be completed. So all of that and twelve Christmas themed blogs as well. Damn, I must really love you guys. So let’s get started. It’s December 10, 2020 and this is the start of the Twelve (Dougie) Days of Christmas. And away we go.

So what are we writing about this cold and otherwise lovely morning? Roy Cooper, the much-beloved (rolls eyes) Governor of North Carolina is an idiot. A curfew? Really? Well, it didn’t work when my parents tried and I have news for our Governor. It won’t work now. Dougie is free elf so F.U.R.C. Now, on to the topics. We have Lost Souls, Opera and, from the Christmas version of the “Magic Bag”, we have Bing Crosby. And now that we know the topics, let’s do this.


Does anyone actually listen to opera music? It’s usually, from what I understand, a fat lady with big boobs and wearing a hat with horns on it, screeching in a loud and over-powering voice while rich people sit in the audience, their faces in shock and awe, as they whisper to each other, “What the fuck did she say?”. Supposedly, it’s all telling a story, put to music, like Broadway, but slightly more on the stuffy side. I remember three stars of opera, The Three Tenors, who had a concert series together a few years ago and that got plenty of mainstream attention. It was Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti. They were three rock stars for their time and made opera cool for a while. Well, cool for some people, but the fad quickly died and it went back to being a thing for rich, old, and supposedly cultured people instead of the general masses. Great voices for sure, but not all it’s cracked up to be either. I think for most people, the only opera we’ve been exposed to was Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd doing the whole “Kill the Wabbit – Wabbit Swayer” routine. I’ll share that video, but now, we’re moving on.

Lost Souls…

People that exist, but seemingly have no purpose. We get up every day and go through the motions, but are numb to the world around us. We smile and laugh on the outside, but are crying on the inside or even worse, feel nothing at all, but numbness and an empty void that needs to be filled, but we don’t know how or even want to try anymore. We are, but we’re not. We’re here, but the fire is gone and it’s all just nothing, but space and matter. It’s not a happy life or a sad life. It’s just what we feel, what we are, who we are, and how we are. It is what it is. ‘Nuff said!

Bing Crosby…

The legendary crooner, singer, and actor from years gone by. I’m not a big fan of Mr. Crosby, but I love the music he helped to create. Can a Christmas holiday pass without listening to Bing croon the song White Christmas? And for me, it’s his classic duet with David Bowie, doing The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth. Crosby also had a great movie career, working with Bob Hope, as well as starring in many westerns. He was the well-rounded consummate entertainer. He wasn’t much of a parent according to his kids, but it was a different era and time and I’m not going to judge that part of his life. So far as Crosby goes, I’ll just listen to him sing. He’s got a big head. Has anyone else ever noticed that? Watch the video with him and Bowie together and Crosby’s head is enormous. It’s freaking huge. I guess that helps the singing come out easier. What was I saying? The songs and talent. That’s what I think of and remember when I hear or see Bing Crosby (along with the big head). A true musical icon. Without Crosby crooning in the background, is it really Christmas?

And there you go. Day 1 in the books and only eleven more to go. I hope you enjoyed this and please, feel free with any questions, comments, or thoughts. I’ll see you tomorrow on Day two. Have a great day, stay safe, and have a Merry Christmas. And remember that for not only these twelve days, but every day can and should be excellent and awesome if you make it a Day of Dougie. Okay, that sounds weird. I’ll work on the endings. Take care and I’ll catch you later.


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