A Day Of Dougie: Margaritas, Ass Kissers & Bette Davis Eyes…

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day of Dougie

Margaritas, Ass Kissers & Bette Davis Eyes
December 28, 2021

Good morning and welcome to a brand spanking new Day of Dougie. Yes, a brand new spanking would be nice. I’ve been a bad boy. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I survived the Christmas holiday, and welcome to the show. Right now, I’m pondering on what to fix for breakfast, lunch by the time I actually cook and eat whatever I end up fixing, and waiting on a phone call. And since I have all of this free time and more importantly, actually feel motivated, what better to do than to rant, rave, and ramble for a bit. I’ll do the traditional drawing topics from the Magic Bag as well, but first things first. I have a question.

Should I drop the wrestling content from the site and focus on serious topics such as social issues, politics, etc., or should I drop everything else, but keep the wrestling? Or, the final option, should I just stay with things the way they are and keep on being me. I’m thinking about getting more serious and focused on the site in the days and months to come and make some changes. I may even just create another site and have one for the wrestling stuff and a separate one for the more serious topics. But I’ve been having fun for a long time now, but it’s time to get real and get serious. Any suggestions or advice, feel free to share and give me a shout. As they used to say with the Real World on MTV, it’s time to stop being nice and start being real. Let me know what you think.

And now, let’s do the patented Magic Bag thing and write about some randomness for a few minutes. I have the bag and the topics of discussion for today will be Margaritas, Ass Kissers, and Bette Davis Eyes. Ok, this one should be interesting, I hope. Are you ready to rumble? Let’s do this.


A lovely blend of alcohol, usually Tequila, Triple Sec, and lime juice. That for the traditional version although there are many flavors available and I’ve known of some people to use Rum instead of Tequila, but my question for them is why? If you use a good quality of tequila, which means NOT ElToro and NOT Two Fingers, it usually makes for a far better drink and also has more bang for the buck. Admittingly, I’m not a big mixed drink person. Well, I do mix everything with Pepsi or Coke, but if I’m drinking, my preference is just to do shots and then chase it with a cold beer, Bud Light preferably. But margaritas are good. They’re the perfect casual drink for chillaxin with a friend and catching a buzz without getting sloppy or too drunk. It’s such a cool song, Jimmy Buffett even made a song about them. And no, I won’t post the link to the song. I don’t like Jimmy Buffett. Sorry for that, but the song is still good. He’s just a clown-shoe. Maybe I should do a recipe? Nah, just go to the liquor store and buy a half-gallon of the pre-mixed stuff. Get a pint of Jose Cuervo to spike it up a bit. Mix, drink, and enjoy. You’ll be glad you did. Damn, I feel like drinking now. Let’s move on.


Everyone knows one and if you don’t know of one, you probably are one. While doing it in a literal fashion isn’t so bad sometimes and can even be considered foreplay with a sexy partner, I think this expression is more directed to the kiss-up at work that plays up to the boss, the consummate “yes man”, who doesn’t have an original thought in their head, but whatever the head person says or thinks, they’re all for it. Think of Patterson and Brisco on WWE TV with Mr. McMahon. That was a great parody of what ass-kissing is all about. Sometimes a little ass-kissing can be necessary and if done correctly, can go a long way, but the key is to pick your spot before you pucker up. Or better yet, be independent, be someone who has it going on so well that they don’t need to ass-kiss. In other words, don’t do dat! And if you have to do dat, make sure they at least buy you dinner first. Moving on.

Bette Davis Eyes…

Bette Davis was one of the greatest actresses of the 20th century and one of her most redeeming qualities was those eyes. Cold as steel as if they could see right through you, yet at the same time, beauty beyond compare. If the eyes are the window to the soul, Bette Davis gave you a window to confidence, power, and truth. I remember reading an interview with Kim Carnes, the woman who sang the song, Bette Davis Eyes, and she said that Miss Davis had a pillow on her couch that said, “No Guts No Glory”. That’s just perfect for the persona that Bette Davis presented to the world. She is a true Hollywood icon in every sense of the word and if you don’t believe me, just look into those eyes. Here’s the video of the song.

And I guess that’s all for now. My phone call is due at any time now so I’ll wrap this up. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Take care and be safe in this mad and crazy world. Be sure to let me know what direction I should take this site in the year 2022 and the ones that follow. Until the next time, I’ll be seeing you.
Take care.


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