Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Miro, David Arquette, Repo Man & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Miro, David Arquette, Repo Man & More
December 29, 2021

Just a few more days and this year will be over. And what a year it’s been, not only in the real world but the wrestling world too. Who knows what’s happening next? We’ll have to wait and see, but let’s home for bigger and better than this past year has been. Now let’s talk wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it all starts right now. Let’s do this.

As a former watcher of WWE who finds the current output a joke, if you took over from VKM, how would you save and modernize WWE?

My first steps would be to get rid of the so-called “Creative Teams” that don’t know squat about pro wrestling and replace them with a team consisting of a booker, a few creative ex-wrestlers, and maybe one or two folks from the outside who may not have actual in-ring experience, but know and love the business and have sharp, creative minds. Next, the scripted promos would go and it’d be here’s the bullet points, but put them in your own words, for the wrestlers. And lastly, clean finishes in the matches and no more 50/50 booking. Make things make sense. That would be the start and then more things to follow as time goes on.

What do you want to see Miro achieve in 2022 outside of AEW (imagine him bursting out the other side of the forbidden door.)

Miro has gotten kind of lost in the shuffle at AEW so having him show up at Impact or the NWA and run wild would be awesome. I’d also like to see him reunited with his wife, Lana, who made a great valet at ringside and really compliments his character. I’d love to see how Miro does in Japan so maybe some NJPW bookings and hell, even a trip or two to AAA in Mexico, would be in order as well. Miro would work well as an AEW Ambassador for the other companies with some major ass-kicking for anyone who gets in his way. I’d love to see it happen.

Thoughts on David Arquette?

A decent actor who loves the sport of pro wrestling, made an impact in WCW because of a bone-headed decision by Vince Russo in order to promote a bad movie, experienced the dream of a lifetime coming true, and gave all the money earned to help some wrestling families in need. Then he was ragged and slandered for years, came back and worked Indy shows to pay his dues and prove his love for wrestling is the real deal and made a documentary in the process. I like Arquette and even though the thought of him as a former WCW Champion still rubs me wrong, I think he’s a good guy with a good heart and could be used to contribute a lot in today’s wrestling industry if he chose to do so. Just picture this. David Arquette as the AEW Commissioner. You’re welcome.

Who is going to be “the one” to end Roman’s reign?

If Brock doesn’t do it this coming Saturday at Day One, I’m thinking about a man named WALTER. Just imagine, Roman versus WALTER for the WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania. You’re welcome!

Do you think Becky has to be a heel since in real life she is married to Seth?

I guess it’s as good a reason as any, but I still think that WWE made a big mistake turning Becky heel. She should be more of a tweener, the female equivalent of Steve Austin, neither a face nor a heel, but just an ass-kicker instead. Sticking a label on her and forcing her to play the part is just hurting her character and doesn’t feel right at all. They need to just let Becky be Becky, regardless of who she’s married to.

Where do you rank Natalya?

I would rank Natalya somewhere near the upper mid-card in that she’s good in the ring, a solid performer, and reliable, but she’s not really viewed on the same level as Charlotte, Becky, Asuka, etc. She’s like Dolph Ziggler in a lot of ways in that you know the match will be excellent and worth watching, but it’s same-old/same-old and the excitement isn’t really there anymore. She needs to reinvent herself and make some subtle changes to pick up her game a notch or two or else she’s just going to be just there, filling a spot, but not really moving anywhere or having any kind of impact. It’s sad because she deserves better.

Who was your very first favorite wrestler?

I think it was the Mighty Igor. I was only like four years old when I started watching wrestling and this strong man-child was just amazing to me. And then later, I was a big fan of Blackjack Mulligan and Jimmy Valiant. I hated The Anderson Brothers but also felt strong respect as they were that damn good. And of course, I liked Rick Steamboat because let’s be honest here. Who didn’t like Ricky Steamboat?

Should Repo Man be the man to beat the Tribal Chief and become our new Universal Champion?

I would so love to see this happen. Talk about a major swerve. Can you see it now? Roman, in a good mood, decides to have an open challenge, and here comes the Repo Man. Roman is laughing and the bell rings. A surprise roll-up, a three count, and Repo Man is the new Universal Champion. Hell, it’s better than Goldberg again.

Who is the modern equivalent of Ricky Steamboat?

It’s a tough call, but for technical ability and smoothness in that ring, the best guy I can think of who is also just as smooth is Cesaro. WWE so misuses this man, but he is capable of having a great match with anyone and could easily be the top baby-face for WWE right now. Even when he’s a heel, the fans cheer and respect him because he is so good at what he does inside that ring. A certified wrestling machine and yes, the modern-day equivalent of Rick Steamboat in many ways, at least in my eyes, Cesaro.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have about the world’s greatest sport or anything at all are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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