Booking A Night Of RAW…

If you were given a chance to book a Monday Night Raw card, what would you book? – Maximum 6 matches.

This question was asked on the Jerichoholics Fan Page on Facebook ( and I just have to respond. I wish I could book an entire RAW show, complete with promos and segements, but this one only specifies the wrestling card itself. So what matches would I book? I’m going to put a few restrictions on myself and try to keep to the current storylines and build to Wrestlemania 27 that’s going on and answer this question as if Vince called me up and said “be here on Monday – you’re doing the last RAW before Wrestlemania. Steph and the creative folks will take take of the promos and other segments, but you get to be in charge of the six matches we’re showing on Monday night.”

Let’s open up with some build for the possible Intercontinental Championship match and have Miz wrestle against William Regal. Wade Barrett can do commentary at ringside and we can see Regal put on a wrestling clinic before Miz obviously gets the win.

Chris Jericho versus Heath Slater would be next up to allow Jericho to have a great match in preparation for his match against Fandango and also allow Slater and the 3MB some television time too. Jericho could cut a promo on Fandango before the match and tell “Junior” to watch and learn. Jericho wins.

Zack Ryder & Michael McGillicutty versus Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow versus The New Age Outlaws versus The Usos in a four corners tag match to determine the Number One Contenders for the tag team titles after Wrestlemania. Surprise time – I’d have Zack and Michael score the win and start getting the push they deserve.

Daniel Bryan versus Randy Orton – for no reason other than to have a great match… Dolph and his crew could sit and do ringside commentary. Kane would also come down to support his partner. Randy could win due to Dolph and friends getting involved, but then Randy could join the Hell-Np guys at the end and send the Ziggler Effect running.

Mini 10-Man Battle Royal to determine who will face U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro at Wrestlemania: Kofi Kingston versus Sheamus versus R-Truth versus Alex Riley versus Great Khali versus Santino Marella versus Bo Dallas versus Sin Cara versus Primo versus Chris Masters… Guess who wins? He’s a hero and making a return – he deserves it.

Six Man Tag as the main event: Mark Henry, CM Punk and Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter versus John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Ryback. Heels win – big brawl at the end to end the show.

And there you go – lots of matches and action, lots of potential good wrestling, the return of Chris Masters, the kind of main event that Vince loves promoting three big main event matches for Wrestlemania and the use of several great talents who rarely get TV time and deserve better. Add some backstage stuff with Vickie, the Divas, and HHH, as well as in-ring promos by Brock & Heyman, Undertaker and The Rock and you’ve got a great go-home show for Wrestlemania 27. At least I think so…


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