I Think More Than I Forget (Part 2): Parasites, Allergies and Friends With Benefits…

I Think About More Than I Forget (Part 2):

So here I am, sitting up at 3:30 in the morning. I just finished watching “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”, a fantastic movie / musical starring Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, Dom Delouise, Jim Nabors and so many others. Yeah, it’s an exciting life. And now, since I’m not really tired and don’t feel like heading to bed just yet, I figure that this will be a good time to work on Part 2 of my 10-part blog series, “I Think About More Than I Forget”.

Yeah, I know I was going to write this for ten straight nights. Ooops! My bad! I guess I’ll be playing catch-up now, but life has been (is) crazy and most of it is involving stuff (work, friends) that I can’t or won’t talk about here (unless I’m really pissed off… lol). So I got distracted and this little blog-project was cast to the side. But I’m here now so…

As you might remember from my previous series, “Thirty Days of Dougie” and “Thirty (More) Days of Dougie”, what I’m doing is reaching inside what I refer to as “The Magic Box” and drawing out slips of paper with random topics written on them. I draw out three topics and that’s what I write about. It could be anything and everything and please know that nothing is off limits. That’s what makes this fun.

So are you ready? Let’s do this. My topics for today’s edition of “I Think More Than I Forget” are… “parasites”, “allergies” and “friends with benefits”. Oh wow, this one might be fun. Woo-hoo!

I could talk about bugs or roaches when I speak of parasites. I could talk about the so-called friends that are only there to take advantage and use a person for whatever they can get, yet can not be found when a little giving back is involved. I know that topic very well. Or I could do the Dr. House approach and talk about babies, since that’s what he refers to younglings as (and who doesn’t like Dr. House?). So where should I go with the topic of “parasites”?

Let’s talk about possums? Yeah, they’re nothing but scavengers, which is another name for parasites. They have long noses, lots of sharp teeth and look like giant rats on major acid trips. And they (or at least one of them) learned the hard way, “don’t mess with the infamous K-Mak or Dougie Fresh”. I don’t know where to go with this topic so I’ll move on.

Allergies are when you’re allergic to something… (duh!) I don’t think I have any major or real allergies. I don’t like daylight or commitment, but I think they qualify as phobias more than allergies. Pollen makes me sneeze, but so does feathers tickling my nose and for the most part, with pollen (and everything else), I can take it or leave it. So do I have any allergies to speak of? I don’t think so. Next topic.

Friends with benefits. This is something I am very familiar with and a strong advocate of as well. Some people believe that sexual contact and intimancy without “love” or “feelings” is wrong. And I don’t disagree with that, but if you’re my friend, then obviously, I must have some feelings for you. And what is wrong with friends helping each other out from time to time? If neither of us is in a committed, monogomous relationship and have that itch that needs to be scratched from time to time, why can’t a friend help out a friend and take care of that itch? Better a friend you trust and care for than some stranger off of Craigslist, right?

Simply put, I think “FWB” are a good thing. It’s not for everyone, but I’m hanging out with you already, confiding in you already and you’re already a big part of my life, would having intimate contact of some sort really hurt things? It’s just a thing, like hugging, massages or back / neck rubs. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s one of the ultimate bonding tools to really cement that relationship with your buddy or neighbor or drinking buddy. Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt and all stress / anxieties / problems go away for a little while.

So will I occasionally have “benefits” with my friends. Some, I will and some I won’t. That’s up to them and where they stand on the situation, but I generally feel that if I’m with a real friend, I want to do anything I can to make them happy and have a good time and if that requires getting naked or doing a little something / something, well it’s all good. If we’re friends and I think it’s the real deal, then anything goes… and I do mean anything. ‘Nuff said!

And this is short and kind of sucks, but then again, so do I sometimes. Wait, I’m not short. And as for the other part, if you’re cute friend who wants some benefits… lol. (Just kidding… or am I?) I think I’m going to close this up now. I have an edtion of “Wrestling Fact or Fiction” to write. Part 3 is coming up soon.


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