More Than I Forget (Part 3): Terrorists or Pawns?

I Think More Than I Forget (Part 3): Terrorists or Pawns?

Before I get starting doing my thing and looking into the “Magic Box” for a topic of discussion, I just want to briefly hit upon a couple of things. First off, they captured one of the guys responsible for the bombings in Boston and killed the other one. I’m glad they caught the guy, although admittingly, I am surprised that the second one, the younger of the two brothers, is still alive and wasn’t “accidentially killed” when he was aprehended. I guess someone didn’t get the memo. It would be far easier for the propaganda police to wrap things up and cover things up if both men were dead and there was no one left to answer any questions.

Yeah, I do feel that there is much more to this than what’s been revealed to the public. It’s more than just a couple of crazies who decided one day to set off some bombs and blow people up. I think they’re just idiots and stooges of a bigger plan and listening to higher-ups. Does that sound like a conspiracy theory? Well, that’s exactly what it is. I don’t have any kind of proof or anything except for a gut feeling, but more often than not, when the spider-sense starts to tingle, it pays to listen.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what I think or even what the actual truth is since we’ll never get to hear it. The mainstream media and press will blame everything on the teabaggers or the NRA and totally forget about the background of the older brother, that he was on a “terrorist watch list” and was supposed to be deported, but wasn’t. The backgrounds and terrorist leanings of those two men (oops, forgot that we can’t call anyone “terrorists” anymore) aren’t important. The lives lost and the injuries suffered are not important. It’s all about the spin and how each side of our political system can use this against each other to score propoganda points and to get their names and faces in the paper and on tv.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who suffered because of this cowardly act of terrorism and to the people of Boston, who have been hurt and suffered. And I’m even sending up a little prayer for the two idiots who caused this tragedy… because they will pay for what they were responsible for… and much, much more. I’m not denying or doubting their guilt and complicity. They were stupid and evil and hurt a lot of people and deserve to pay for those actions and what they did. But I just feel, in my hear and soul, that they’re just pawns in a much bigger game, the extent of which, I doubt we’ll ever truly know.

The FBI and government, led by Eric Holder, will cover up anything that might embarrass the government or else not contribute to their policy arguments and efforts to control and change our country. The surviving brother will be tucked away and totally isolated and hidden from view, and be forgotten about as the next tragedy or big news story comes along. Facts will be hidden and buried. The truth will be forgotten and so will this entire incident. At least it will if the government has their way.

I can’t wait to see what Glenn Beck has learned and will “expose” on Monday. I’m not a Beck fan and I think he’s a bit (okay, more than a bit) of a total nut-case in many ways, but he’s always able to back up his theories and statements with facts, slightly twisted as they may be. He’s never claimed “fire” when there wasn’t some sort of smoke pouring out and at least some flames. In today’s world of lies and crappy journalism, he’s as good as anyone else and better than most. And he claims that he’s learned about ties with these patsies (my word, not his) that lead up as far as the White House itself.

Am I surprised? Nope. Should anyone be? Nope? Do I think that people in the current administration are cold-blooded and ruthless and would be capable of killing and injuring innocents? You don’t even need to ask. Maybe Beck is just blowing smoke up our ass to get ratings? Who knows? But is it possible that some higher-ups in our Government might be the brains behind this tragedy? I’d take those odds and nothing would surprise me anymore.

I think I’m starting to ramble now so it’s time to move on and change the topic.

And you know what? Forget about the “Magic Box” and the “topic of discussion” for this blog. I’ve written enough and I have things to do. I’ll be back after work tonight.


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