All The Lies Won’t Change A Thing… Just Saying!

The big news this week is that the newly elected Sheriff-Elect of Scotland County, Ralph Kersey, has been accused of “buying votes” and complaints have been filed with the North Carolina Board of Elections. In the words of WWE Superstar, The Miz, “Really? Really? Really? Really?”… Yes, it is just that ridiculous and stupid a charge. And anyone that knows Sheriff-Elect Kersey or has even spent a few minutes with the man knows this.

But that’s how it goes, especially in a place like Scotland County. Scotland County is a good place to live, most of the time, and the large majority of the people that live here are good, decent, friendly folk. But then there are those few others who stand out and like to cry, whine and complain when things don’t go their way. They just can’t deal with the idea that some people are actually honest and play fair. Some people say what they mean and mean what they say. Some people are sincere in their beliefs and thoughts and care about their community and fellow persons. Instead of being proud and glad that a person such as this is going to be the next Sheriff of Scotland County, they’d rather complain and tell lies and sing the praises of a man who reduced that position to one of shame and ridicule, a stain on the face of the county and a pimple on the ass of North Carolina by the antics and behavior of both his administration and personally, Shep Jones.

I’ve known Ralph for close to twenty-five years and I can truthfully say that what you see is exactly what you get. It’s simple as that. He’s honest, fair, respectful and a good person. He really does care about people and really does care about this community. We don’t necessarily agree on everything, but I know that good or bad, agree or disagree, Ralph will always be respectful enough to listen and will always say exactly what he thinks or feels. And really, in a position of public service such as the Sheriff of Scotland County, that’s exactly what we need and should desire. And I think most people do. That’s why he won the election and that’s why I know these allegations are such rubbish and trash… just like the people who made them.

When I call Sheriff-Elect Kersey a man of honor and virtue, I say it because I know it and mean it. And when I say that I feel that the soon-to-be former Sheriff, Shep Jones, is dishonest and crooked, I say it because I know and mean it as well. I know that he has his defenders who loudly proclaim “Shep Jones For Life” and will support anything he says and does, even if that includes sueing Scotland County and winning $25,000 of taxpayer money, plus an additional $18,000 for attorney fees and attempting to extort another $150,000 before the court slapped him down and said “No!”. And by the way, didn’t he physically assault then-Sheriff Wayne Bryant in his efforts to get fired from his job by doing the “chest-bump” thing? If any of us decided to do that to Sheriff Jones, we’d be locked away for life, but Jones violates the law and found a way to get personally rewarded for it. And it developed into a pattern that has continued and run rampant for the past eight years.

Just think of all of the scandals. Cars appearing from nowhere, an illegal slush fund to throw parties, buy liquor, buy jewelry and buy flowers from a flower shop that just happens to be owned by Shep’s wife, Sonya, deputies working without being legally sworn into office, etc. And that’s not even bringing up the large increase in crime and violence in the county, now ranked number one in North Carolina. This all falls on Shep and his administration. If things were better and he was an honest man doing his job and getting results, he would still be Sheriff. He’s not all of that though and his incompetence, as shown time and time again by the “administrative errors” have been revealed for the world to see.

But I’m getting off track here. Four persons are claiming that Sheriff-Elect Ralph Kersey went to the Washington Park store and bought votes. But the people working at the stores on the day in question saw no sign of Kersey in the store and let’s be honest. Ralph would stand out pretty prominently at that store. It’s a petty attempt at smearing the name of a good man and I’m positive that when all of the dust settles and this investigation of the lies and blatant B.S. is over, those who made these claims will be standing there with egg on their face and Sheriff-Elect Kersey will stand tall and proud as the Sheriff of Scotland County. And I hope and pray that these same people, who want to smear and besmirch the name of a good man, will face criminal charges and prosecution for their efforts. And then we can find out who the real source of this misinformation truly is, as if we don’t already know.

One last thing before I close. Isn’t it interesting that the same people who are making up these accusations about Sheriff-Elect Kersey “buying votes” don’t seem to have any problems with Sheriff Jones and his people, during the Sunday morning church services, allegedly offering people money if they take voters to the polls to vote for Shep. I’ve heard that the rate offered was $100 per 10 voters and this comes from a very reliable source. So that’s okay… and Sonya Jones allegedly hiring people to work at the polls is okay too. What’s the old cliche’ about the pot calling the kettle black? It’s do as we say, but not as we do, but that could very well be the tag-line for the entire Jones reign and administration as Sheriff. They do as they want and are above the law, but if someone stands against them or questions them, they’ll nickle and dime it to death and play all sorts of stupid games, both legal and not.

Let’s end it like this. The election is over and all the lies and deceptions in the world will not change the results. Ralph Kersey won. Shep Jones lost. As President Obama said to the people who bemoaned his re-election in 2012, “Get over it!”. Ralph Kersey will be our next Sheriff. He won by getting out the voters who want to see change in our county and who are tired of the scandals, the lies, the incompetence, the indifference and the apathy of the current administration. He played straight up, honest and fair, and ran a clean campaign. Make all the excuses and tell all the lies you feel you need to because we know the truth. And as one person said, “all of the distasteful tactics that was used in this election is sickening and I’m shame to say I live in Scotland County.” Just remember, the “distasteful tactics” were all on the part of Sheriff Jones and his followers and the way they were… and are still acting. It makes me “shame” too.  They need to grow up and get over it… really!

Think about it!

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