An All-Diva WWE Pay-Per-View?

Recently, a question was put forth to the members of “That Wrestling Group” on Facebook. I wish I could find the post itself and paste it here so I could give proper credit to the gentleman who asked, but I scrolled up and down the group page and can’t find it. It’s just like Hulk Hogan in the WWE – vanished into limbo forever. However, the question asked about the possibility of the WWE at some point doing an All Divas pay-per-view or special. And I commented on it that perhaps somewhere down the road, I could see it happening, but I didn’t think that the WWE and NXT had enough female talent on hand to provide for a full show.

And then I started thinking about it. And the more I thought about it, I realized that I was wrong. With a little creative work and one or two names from outside the current Diva roster, it could be done and done well. And then I decided to do just that and book myself a WWE card using nothing but the female talents. I did bring in four names from outside the current WWE roster, but all four ladies I decided to use are in the WWE’s good graces and it wouldn’t take more than a phone call to assure these ladies’ participation. And only two are in active wrestling roles so their participation would be more to add star-power to the event than anything else.

So just imagine this. A two hour WWE special, live on the Network, called “Ladies Night Out!”

Brought in just for the evening, to act as the special “General Manager” for the event would be Vickie Guerrero. The ring announcer would be Eden and JoJo would handle all of the interviews. And calling the action from ringside would be Renee Young, Stephanie McMahon and special guest Rhonda Rousey.

Here is the card I’ve come up with…

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks (c) versus Charlotte

The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) w/ Alicia Fox versus Team Bestie (Trish Stratus & Lita)

Note: This match has been talked about and teased for Wrestlemania XXXII by both the Bellas and Lita so it isn’t too far fetched from happening. Just move it up a little bit, have a confrontation between Lita & the Bellas on either RAW or Tough Enough and that’s all it would take – the match would be on.

Paige & Becky Lynch versus Naomi & Tamina

Diva Street Fight
Lana versus Summer Rae (Dolph Ziggler and Rusev are both banned from ringside).

Natayla versus Bayley

Diva Battle Royal – Winner Gets A Shot At WWE Divas Championship
Alexa Bliss versus Carmella versus Devin Taylor versus Dana Brook versus Emma versus Layla versus Cameron versus Eva Marie versus Rosa versus Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) versus Sara Del Ray

Five matches and a Battle Royal. Two solid main event matches that would be almost certain to deliver, plus a strong match with Natayla versus Bayley. Paige & Becky could carry Naomi & Tamina to a good match and no one would really expect the Diva Street Fight to be good. It would be the spectacle / smoke & mirrors match of the night. Then round it out with the Divas Battle Royal which has a mixture of good workers and not-so-good workers. Throw the talents of Del Ray, who works as a trainer at NXT and Victoria, for name recognition and shock value and it’s a pretty unique and solid card from start to finish.

There are a lot of people that don’t think the ladies could work a show and carry an event on their own. Look at this card. Look at these matches? So, what do you think now?

Thoughts and comments welcome.

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