A Dozen Days Of Dougie (Day 11): Imagine

Imagine a life where even the smallest interaction with others makes your stomach tighten up and your head spin
Imagine that every time the phone rings, you nearly jump through the roof and are overwhelmed with a major sense of dread
Imagine not walking out into your yard or going to the mailbox because neighbors are out in their yards and may speak
Imagine being anxious and tense every time you leave your house
Imagine having that feeling that everyone you see and meet and interact with is judging you and finding you lacking
Imagine that every conversation, be it in person, on the phone, via the internet or even text is an inquisition
Imagine that conversations with even the best of friends or family leaves you exhausted and drained
Imagine hating to be alone, but being so uncomfortable in the presence of others that there is no other option
Imagine being aloof and distant, not because you want to be, but you know no other way
Imagine all of that
Now try living it each and every moment of every day
I do
Explains a lot, doesn’t it?
‘Nuff said!


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