Alice Cooper: Ranking The Albums

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper. In fact, along with the box set “The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper” and several bootleg cassettes, I own 24 of the 26 albums, not including the live albums or “Greatest Hits” compilations. I have those too, but they’re not really considered “official” Alice releases. I also have several VHS tapes of Alice in concert and even own a VHS copy of the epic movie, “Monster Dog”. So with all of that in mind, I recently came across an article on some website where some ass-clown rated the entire Alice Cooper collection, all 26 albums, from best to worst. I’ll post the link to the article if I can find it again.

But needless to say, I don’t really agree with what he feels are the best… or the worst of Alice Cooper. And since I’m wide awake at 1:00am and getting bored with watching the tattoo shows on Spike TV, I decided to give my own take on the greatness and best to worst Alice albums. By the way, have I mentioned that I want a new tattoo. My birthday is coming up in July and if anyone wants to help buy me a tattoo for the celebration of my day of birth, I would not say no or object in the slightest. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I’m going to list the 26 albums of the great Alice Cooper from the worst to the best. It’s just a list, but what the heck? There are no bad Alice albums and I’ve enjoyed all of them to some degree, but there are definitely some I prefer over others. So let’s just do this, okay?

By the way, the first two albums, which will be listed as numbers 26 and 25, are only there because I don’t own them and haven’t listened to them in full yet, thus I really don’t have an educated opinion on them. The rest though, numbers 24 through number 1, are listed in the order that I prefer them and enjoy them, although honestly, my opinions change from day to day. All the albums are great in their own way and Alice is the man. ‘Nuff said. Now let’s make this list.

26. Dirty Diamonds
25. The Eyes Of Alice Cooper
24. Dragontown
23. Flush The Fashion
22. Pretties For You
21. Easy Action
20. Special Forces
19. Zipper Catches Skin
18. Brutal Planet
17. Along Came A Spider
16. Welcome 2 My Nightmare
15. Schools Out
14. Dada
13. Billion Dollar Babies
12. Lace & Whiskey
11. Muscle of Love
10. Constrictor
9. Raise Your Fist & Yell
8. Killer
7. Alice Cooper Goes To Hell
6. Hey Stoopid
5. Trash
4. Love It To Death
3. Welcome To My Nightmare
2. Last Temptation
1. From The Inside

And there you go. Alice Cooper – the Nightmare lives forever.

Have a great one.


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