Slater And The Beast (WWE Fan Fic)

Slater And The Beast  (WWE Fan Fiction)

Shortly after their encounter on RAW, Heath Slater has a conversation with Paul Heyman and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar…
Backstage at RAW, Heath Slater is sitting in the trainer’s room, getting medical attention. Moments earlier, Heath had interrupted “The Beast” Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, as they attempted to promote Brock’s upcoming match against “The Viper” Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

“You’re going to be all right”, the trainer told Heath as he placed the compress on the back of Heath’s neck. “Just take it easy for a few days if you can.”

“Thanks”, Heath told the trainer as he sat up, only to see Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walking into the room.

Heath quickly jumped up, his hands flexing into fists as he prepared for a fight.

“Relax”, Heyman said. “Just relax. I want to talk to you!”

Heath cast a weary eye at Brock, but allowed his fist to uncurl as he sat back down.

“What do you want, Paul?”

“Well”, Heyman began. “First off, I wanted to tell you that going out there, live on RAW, and cutting into my time, into Brock’s time, was either the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen or the craziest. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I explained it out there”, Heath said. “I was doing what I had to do.”

“Oh yeah”, Heyman sighed. “Have to feed the family, get that contract, etc. etc. I get all of that, but to purposely antagonize the Beast, Brock Lesnar… Was it worth it? Really?”

Heath stared at Heyman for a few seconds and said, “Yeah, it was! I knew I was going to get my ass kicked, but I made a statement. I did what I needed to and yeah Paul, it was worth it!”

Heyman stared at Heath and shook his head. Brock decided then to speak up.

“Slater, I looked in your eyes tonight and I saw a lot of things. Dread. Determination. But you know what?”

“What Brock?”, Heath asked.

“I didn’t see any fear. You were in there and you knew what would happen, but you stepped up and did what you felt you needed to do like a man. And I respect that!”

Brock reached out his hand towards Slater, offering a handshake. Slowly, Heath returned the gesture and shook Brock’s hand. The two men stood there in silence, staring at each other.

“You’ve been here in the WWE for a long time and mostly, you’ve been used as an enhancement guy, a comedy guy, a third stringer”, Heyman interjected, breaking the silence. “But I think you’re finally ready to break that glass ceiling and reach for the brass ring that Vince likes to talk about.”

“So does that mean you’re willing to take me on as a Paul Heyman guy?”, Heath asked, a small smile forming on his face.

“Let’s don’t get ridiculous”, Heyman shot back with a smile. “I am the representative and advocate for Brock and only Brock at this time.”

Heath’s smile started to falter a bit but then Heyman continued.

“But I think you just took a major step tonight towards moving to the next level. I’ll talk to Stephanie and Shane for you and see if we can’t help speed things up a bit. You’re finally ready! And if you ever need a little advice or help… well, maybe?”

“Thank you Paul”, Heath smiled, reaching out to shake Heyman’s hand.

Brock reached over and smacked Heath on the back, causing him to wince in pain.

“Go get dressed and meet me and Paul after the show. I’ll buy you a beer!”

Heyman and Brock walked off, leaving Heath sitting there. The trainer walked back over.

“What was all that about, Heath?”, he asked.

“I’m not totally sure”, Heath said. “But I think everything is going to be okay.”


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