Anyone who has ever worked in customer service has stories to tell about rude customers, crazy moments and things that have to be seen to be believed. That’s just part of the job and when dealing with the craziness that is humanity, shit happens. It’s just that simple. I’ve personally been working with the public for well over thirty-five years and the stories I can tell (and will eventually). Lat night was one of those nights dealing with one of those people, the kind you hear about, but don’t quite care to know. It wasn’t anything major in the overall scheme of things, but it’s just something that happened and I want to get it out there and off my chest for a bit.

We had a girl come into the store last night. That in itself is not unusual since we have plenty of women and girls of all ages, all over twenty-one though and of legal age, and she had blue hair. That too, isn’t very unusual in this day and age and I only mention it because I can. She also wore stretchy pants, but unlike most of the people we see wearing stretchy pants, she could pull them off. She was a big girl, but not giant-sized big. She didn’t look like a stuffed sausage with hair, which unfortunately seems to be the major trend these days with stretchy pants and women with multi-colored hair.

But what made her stand out last night was that she was obviously starved to death and extremely hungry. She was carrying with her, and cramming it into her mouth, chewing loudly with her mouth open, a hamburger. Yes, instead of leaving her food in her car while she came in to make her purchases, she was smacking her lips, cramming as much of that burger down her throat as possible with each movement. Maybe it’s just me, but that just seems kind of rude to me. And shows a lack of upbringing and respect. I’ve seen much worse though and have had to wait on people before carrying around a dinner plate of food and cramming that stuff into their mouth while shopping, so just a burger isn’t that bad. It makes them look like pigs and hogs with no respect for themselves and others, but around here, unfortunately, that’s not anything new or uncommon. I personally would finish my food BEFORE I walk into the store or leave it in the car and finish it after I came back out of the store, but that’s just the way I was raised. To walk into a place of business, stuffing a burger into my mouth, smacking the lips loudly, chewing with the mouth open, and all of that, is something I would never do. Hell, she could barely even get her money out of her purse to pay for her purchase due to having to switch that cheesburger from one hand to the other to her mouth and back again. She couldn’t talk at the register, although she tried, because her mouth was crammed full of the burger. Just nasty and again, I say, rude and disrespectful as hell.

Not being in a mood for an argument, I just rang up her purchase, placed it in a bag, finished the transaction and watched her leave. She was jumpy, tapping her feet in impatience and obviously ready to get back to her Happy Meal waiting in the car, the part of that she hadn’t already consumed while walking around the store. She left and went out to her car. And then when she pulled away and left the parking lot, she had thrown her bag of trash, the remains of her hamburger, and the wrappers, in the parking lot. Just dropped it out of her window, with both me and my fellow clerk watching from the inside, and drove off.

Trash is trash is trash and while eating and looking like a hog in heat in the store is rude and bad enough, then dumping her trash in the parking lot, like it isn’t extremely obvious who it was, is just beyond disrespectful. That’s the problem with people today. Well, there are many problems with people today including lack of education, lack of motivation, bad attitudes, thinking the world owes them everything, etc., but lack of common courtesy and simple respect is top on the list. And this stupid young girl, who isn’t really all that young and is definitely old enough to know better than to litter like that, is a perfect example. Just damn ignorant and rude. Do we blame the parents? Society? I’m pretty sure that she surely would if called out because idiots like that don’t accept blame or responsibility. That would be adult and being grown. They’re not – they just think they are. A bunch of stupid, spoiled kids raised in an entitlement society where they can do anything without fear of any consequences or reason to show any kind of respect for anyone.

If I was to throw my trash in the parking lot, or walk into a business cramming a burger down my gullet while I did my shopping, I can honestly say that even now, and I’m a middle-aged, old fat man, my people would call me out and probably smack me down for being such a disrespectful ass. But people today… Oh vey! She’ll be back in the store soon enough though and even though the being a hog ins’t worth saying anything about, she will be hearing about throwing her trash on the parking lot and being a litterbug / stupid idiot. I can’t wait to see how that goes. I just hope that I’m working that night.

So word to the wise. Grow the hell up and leave your food in the car. Use a trash can to get rid of your trash. Quick smacking the lips and dyeing your hair blue shere it looks as if you have a bunch of snakes on your head having breathing problems. Get some manners, take off those stretchy pants and quit ruining my life. I think I need to go to work now so that’s all. That girl though… she belongs on “The List!”.

And I’m done for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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