Music Review – Alice Cooper: Paranormal

Tossing Salt Music Review:
Alice Cooper – Paranormal
August 10, 2017

So what do you do if you’re a certified rock and roll legend, with over 40 plus years of music behind you, when you have the urge to make new music, but you’re not sure what the reception will be? Well, if you’re Alice Cooper, you just go for it and rock hard. And with his new album, the twenty-seventh studio album of his career, Paranormal, Alice has done just that. There is humor and sarcasm as only Alice can do it. There is a strong rock appeal that reminds me somewhat of the “Raise Your Fist And Yell” and “Constrictor” era, that can not and will not be annoyed. And there’s even some current news and events as Alice looks through the eyes of a transgender in the song, “Genuine American Girl”. This is truly an album that has something Alice for everyone who has ever been a fan of Alice. And it all rocks!

Reuniting with producer Bob Ezrin and bringing in a few friends, such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame, Roger Glover from Deep Purple and U2’s Larry Mullen Jr. was a great move by Alice to help expand the sound, put a new twist on things and take what was not originally going to be a concept album, but has a concept of “let’s show the world what Alice is all about” going on anyways. And the bringing it all together in a full circle is the original Alice Cooper band coming in for the final two tracks, “Genuine American Girl” and “You And Your Friends”. The last track is probably the grittiest song on the album, but it’s abvious that the magic that was once there with Alice, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith is still alive, well and as strong as ever.

This album truly has something for everyone from the hard core Alice fans of the glory days of the seventies to the people who got “trashed” in the 90’s, experience the “last temptation” or met Alice through Wayne’s World or even the movie “Dark Shadows” starring Johnny Depp. If you like Alice, you’ll like this album. And if you don’t like Alice or know who he is, listen to this album and you’ll end up changing your opinion and being a fan. It is that good. Is it the best Alice album ever? Probably not. I think that “The Last Temptation”, “From The Inside”, “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Alice Goes To Hell” are my choices for that particular label. But is it worth a listen? Absolutely . Try it – you’ll like it.

Recommended tracks include “Paranormal”, “Dead Flies”, “Fireball” and “Holy Water”. Hell, even the weaker tracks are pretty decent. Listen to them all. Listen to and enjoy this album. Not many old rockers approaching that dreaded “seventy” mark could come forward and put out an album of relevant, rocking, good songs at this point. Most would be content to rely on the old material and nostalgia. Most are not Alice Cooper though. He’s as relevant and strong as ever and the music just keeps getting better and better. But let’s be honest. What else would we expect? It’s Alice.

Rating: Four and 1/2 stars out of 5.

Comments and thoughts welcome.  #AliceRocks!


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